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He had decided to see things through to the end. From what the soldiers say, he wanted to make use of the weapon to shoot people and kill them. I think this is the initial analysis of this individual's behaviour.
Mar 18 2017
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which François Molins is associated, including Kalashnikov, Paris, and investigator. Most recently, François Molins has been quoted saying: “Everything suggests that he wanted to take the Famas so there would be deaths and to shoot people.” in the article Paris Orly Airport attacker wanted to kill, die for Allah.
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I can tell you that on the police side we fired almost 5000 certain places the building was in danger of collapsing and we had to slow down the investigation so that we could prop up certain walls to let the investigators continue to work in safety.

Faced with the atrocity of these crimes, we are more determined than ever in our fight.

In his statements, which I deem far-fetched, he indicated that he planned to rob the passengers, then smash a train window and escape by jumping out.

Investigations will aim to ascertain the origin of the weapons seized, Ayoub el Khazzani's movements and the ties he may have forged, help he may have benefited from and his source of finance.

His home was searched which led to the discovery of three Kalashnikov assault rifles, an empty charger, three empty cartridge belts, bullet proof vests, and tactical body armour, police armbands, yellow police tunics, a camcorder and a camera, a computer and a hard drive, 2,000 euros in cash and telephone hardware, SIM cards, and documents in Arabic mentioning the terrorist organisations al Qaeda and Islamic State.

So far investigations have mainly advanced on what I would call the Coulibaly aspect and not on the Kouachi aspect.

We have to note the similarity of the four cases – in the modus operandi, how he was dressed, and the munitions too. Plus the fact that it was a lone aggressor in each case gives us a clue.

This death was not provoked by a shock to the head when the victim fell to the ground, but from head and facial traumas caused by punches. It was a chance encounter; some left-wingers taunted some far-right supporters, and then they found themselves face to face in the street.

I can only underscore the violence of the extremely rapid attack on the soldier. And the fact that the intention at the time was to kill seems very obvious as the perpetrator did not hesitate.

In terms of dangerousness and preparations, we've not seen any like this since 1996.

This is clearly a dangerous terrorist cell. It remains unclear if those who carried out a grenade attack on a Jewish grocery outside Paris last month are still at large.

These investigations have helped uncover a network, perhaps you could call it a cell. All these people – born in France and with French citizenship -are linked with the radical Islamist movement.

The protagonists of these two cases have never met each other.

While it seems certain that he was behind the killings, investigations are continuing and from now on will focus on looking for any accomplices who may have either convinced him to carry out these deeds, or provided him with the means to do so.

(Merah) had planned to commit another act, this very morning, targeting a soldier which – if what he says is true – would have happened after he left home this morning, and which would have involved killing a soldier who he had identified.

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