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If you don't feel that internal 100 per cent passion for playing for England, then I'm jot sure it's for me to sell that to you.
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Jermain Defoe is a classic example. His whole life has been a desire to play for England from Under-16s all the way through. I don't think if you'd approached him to play for someone else he'd have done it. That's where I was with it too – I didn't get capped until I was 25 and I had no interest in playing for anyone else. I'm English and proud to be English and I think part of your identity as a national team has to be pride in the shirt. So, for me, the commitment has to come from the player.

I know the chairman has quite a vociferous view on it. I know Steve's an intelligent guy who's done a fantastic job for that football club but I'm not sure it's helpful [for him] to comment, like I wouldn't comment on his decisions.

I went to meet him before Palace played at Hull, at the team hotel, and we had a good chat because he was a player I'd picked for the Under-21s. I've never questioned his talent and it's nice to see him play with a smile on his face and having an impact. He [Parish] is passionate about his football and his players. I spoke to him during the process and he was keen to push that forward [Zaha for England] and I totally understand it. But the first opportunity I had as permanent manager I did go and speak to him [Zaha].

He's explosive in those tight areas and he's going to get better and better. It's a young team and Raheem is still improving all the time. He's got the hunger and the desire to improve. He's a ballsy player and I like that about him.

With creative players, they're going to try things. Sometimes those things are going to come off and sometimes they're not. He was a little bit tight in his back before the game and at half-time, so that was partly in my mind. Also, I felt we had Marcus and Jamie who would threaten in behind a bit more. Raheem probably likes to come and receive to feet a lot. At that stage of the game Adam [Lallana] and Dele [Alli] were playing well so that was the decision I took. He's a player we really like. We don't have a lot of players in the country who can beat people in one v one situations.

It's in our hands because the next two teams [in the table – Slovenia and Slovakia] have got to come here.

We'd have liked a bit more but I think really only one team came to win the game and it's always difficult to break down a packed defence as we did. We moved the ball a little bit too slowly and we didn't really get in behind them enough until Jamie and Marcus came on. I'm pleased for the two lads who got the goals - [it's a] great story for Jermain. I thought Jamie added something to us when he came on, both with his pressing and with his runs in behind. We've got individual players who will play better than they did.

There are times when you know you're going to win the game and you maybe don't hit the levels some of the players did against Germany. There've been some good things – two very young centre-backs, which is a plus for us in the way they defended. [Keane] has been a real bonus. Obviously we knew about him but you're never sure how he'll cope. To make a full debut away in Germany and play the way he did... today, he was excellent. We obviously know that going to Scotland will be a difficult game and Lithuania on the plastic [pitch] will be a different sort of test.

We've taken a step in the right direction. I'm pleased more about the culture we've started to set this week and the way we've started to work off the pitch.

I think we've got to look every time we get together as to who is in form. I don't know if we can have a distinct pecking order because players who are playing well deserve the opportunity. If we are going to be successful we have to have that competition for places. The reality is we will always lose players to injury – we're never able to pick a full cohort – so it's important we can call upon the likes of Jermain and that he can have the impact like he did today. If he scores like he is in the Premier League, there's no reason why he wouldn't be involved in 2018.

He was a bit tight in his back before the game and at half-time, so that was partly in my mind. With creative players, they're going to try things. Sometimes they'll come off and sometimes not. I also felt we had Marcus [Rashford] and Jamie who might threaten behind a bit more and Raheem likes receiving to feet. So that was the decision I took.

It was a great moment for him. He was thrilled to be back involved in the squad and he's enjoyed his week immensely. He's been a good senior professional to have around the team, both in terms of the way he's trained, his professionalism which has been great for the younger players to see and his finishing in training and then today, which we expected really. I would have put my house on him scoring at some stage against Lithuania. He's had a really positive impact on everybody. We've selected him on form. We've got really good competition for places. We need to have that.

I guess the ideal world for all our players is they are playing regularly at a high level. The flip-side is we don't have a huge pool of players to pick from, so we have to balance off a few different things. I can't constrain myself on selection entirely but I know ideally what I'd like to have. His performances and his goalscoring form this season have counted for him.

I'll not eulogise over the performance but it's job done. The group is in our hands, which is the most important thing. We still have a lot to do. The home games are the important ones in terms of direct opposition in positions two and three. But we know what Scotland will be like and we have to play on a plastic pitch in Lithuania. And we have to keep improving with every performance. But the overall week has been positive. The players can see the direction in which we want to head. For sure we'll play better than we did today.

We had nine players and Harry Kane and Danny Rose and others had to have treatment and Wayne the same. It was no problem. The more important thing for me was those guys felt they'd been invited.

They're both in very good moments. Jamie [Vardy], the last two games for us, Spain and Germany, has set the tone for the performances from the front. The way he presses and runs in behind defences. And he's in good form for his club. Equally Jermain is scoring goals for his club, doesn't get too many chances, but he's a deadly finisher. If called upon, I have every faith that he'll score goals. No question.

Maybe some people might see 'boss' as a sign of respect, but you can call someone 'boss' with zero respect. And you can call someone by their name with more respect. To me it makes no difference. It's a slightly archaic thing we have in our game, boss. In football it's ingrained. We do it because we do it. But why do we do it? For me it's no issue at all.

Some people question a goalkeeper being captain but I did it with Jack Butland with the Under-21s and in the end you are looking for the professionalism and his impact during the week, not just on the matchday.

Joe Hart will captain the side. I had to think seriously because we've got a squad now where there are some emerging leaders. I've talked before about sharing responsibility around the squad and even some of the youngest players who have just come into the squad have been able to talk openly in front of everybody, which is a great sign. Joe is our most-capped international. I think he has shown great maturity in the way he has recovered from his own disappointment last summer and it's a good moment for him.

He's playing well with his club; his performances with us have been excellent. I think he's respected by everybody in the group.

I have to have a mentality that the friendlies have to serve a purpose. It would be easy just to view them as games that have to be won, and then you don't risk, don't try things and you don't give people opportunities. Would we make all the changes we did in another scenario? In a game like that, that's the purpose, if you don't put lads in, you'll never find out about them. Performances like Michael Keane's are a real plus, the margins are fine.

Is that the last question? It helps if you have won World Cups and European Championships, doesn't it? I think people [in England] recognise those who have made 100 caps, we have always given presentations for that, and people acknowledge the contribution they've made.

To be honest, I didn't hear what was said but it has been mentioned to me.

To be honest, I didn't hear what was said but it has been mentioned to me. Our travelling support in terms of number and the way they back the team is brilliant. We would encourage them to do that in the right way at all times.

I'm sure we will [use it again], it's a great option for us to have, I think a lot of the players are playing it at their club, which helps. We've also got some intelligent footballers in there, and it's pleasing for me, because I think we needed that ability, and we showed it. It's great for the two young ones at the end to get a feel of international football. Really pleased with Michael Keane, I think he had an excellent debut and can be very proud of that; he used the ball very well, defended well, and throughout the team there were some good performances. We've lost to a fairy-tale goal.

We've go into that formation for the first time. We've gone in off the back of the lads playing Saturday, Sunday, we've had a cool down and then one day where everyone's been out on the training pitch. It's difficult to play in a new formation and have everyone grasp it straight away.

It puts football into perspective. We are conscious that part of our identity as a nation is that we carry on in moments like this.

He is playing a slightly different position for Everton in the last few weeks. He is playing on the right but drifting into the number 10 slot which is where he does his best work. I think physically he looks in slightly better condition and Ronald Koeman has talked quite publicly about the things he has asked him to do. I just think he is in a better moment as an individual player and playing with confidence.

He is a player who really affects the game around the penalty box. He has great creativity but also power around the penalty area. That is important, especially if you are playing against teams who are banking up or packed defences. You need players who can maybe beat someone one-to-one and he has the strength, the power and the guile to do that. But also the other day against West Brom a couple of lovely floated passes and chips over the defence. He is quite an instinctive player and also exciting.

It is never nice to lose and I am not someone who is overly pleased in defeat but I have to be really pleased with the way my players have played individually and in terms of the tactical system. The way that worked and their ability to adapt quickly was excellent and, until the goal, I thought we were the better side. I am very pleased with what we learned, the manner of the performance and the only bit we missed was the finish. We should have had the game won but I am very pleased with what we did.

Dele and Adam, and also Jesse Lingard, are fantastic at finding space between the opposition's midfield and defence. In the past, maybe creative players didn't always have the work ethic those two have. They cover a phenomenal distance, which allows you to get pressure on the opposition. I think it is very exciting for what we can do moving forward.

It has been pointed out to me. The travelling support, in terms of numbers and the way they back the team, is brilliant, and we would encourage them do that in the right way at all times.

That drives me on as much as anything. The need to start recognising where we really are.

I thought he was excellent in the game against Chelsea last week. He makes powerful runs behind defenders and you can ask Gary Cahill how much of a problem that is. I liked his mentality when we had him for 10 days with the Under-21s. His mentality was very mature, very humble. He wants to learn, wants to improve, has a good view on the game and for a young player I think he has intelligent input when you ask him tactical things. He is not afraid to voice that, even among older players.

They will judge us on the performance. They want an England team that is proud to wear the shirt – a team that is playing with calculated aggression and positive about what they do. We have to be tactically savvy because that's an area of the game where we have to be at the top end if we want to succeed. And we have to be adaptable. The game is constantly evolving, with different problems at different times, and as a player now you have to be able to adapt very quickly.

That has to be the ultimate aim because then that drives your behaviour. I think that is crucial because that is the mind-set we need to win.

They get the players to present the opposition analysis, rather than it being fed by the coach… and of course he (Jones) has a winning mentality – he is constantly asking for more. They were 18 games unbeaten and I saw his quote saying 'we are nowhere near ready to win the World Cup'. He recognized what the end looks like and what the environment needs to look like.

I think over the last 10 years there has been emphasis on a more technical type of player and then I think the diversity of our country has now given us strong, powerful athletes as well. I think it is a really interesting period for us in terms of the types of players that are coming through.

I guess where I believe we can head and the mindset I think we need to do that. Plus the realities of where we are and I don't mean that as this individual squad but us as a country.

Whatever you're doing, whether you're analysing the opposition, whether it's nutrition, recovery - which are key things in an international environment - if that isn't the best possible and that applies to all the staff because if we are going to have a world-class team we are going to need a world-class support system – it means we have to challenge each other to deliver the very best. I think that is crucial because that is the mindset we need to win.

Look at Spain. We're an island, we've got to get off the island and learn from them. We need to look in the mirror and change the way we do things tactically, physical preparation, our style of play and mentality. We've had success in every other sport in our country. We're probably the missing piece. The culture in rugby I think we can take something from.

Ideally you would have liked them there but the reality was club commitments. So no drama.

I guess to highlight the difference they (Germany) postponed the start of the Bundesliga because they got a team in the Olympics. We can't even get a team in the Olympics. So that's the collaboration they have.

We've probably got some work to do in terms of the connection between the DFB (German Football Federation) and Bundesliga is immensely strong and the opportunity for the young German players to play in the League, there is a real buy-in on that.

It was just a tackle, a nothing sort of thing really. It is very unfortunate for him and a huge disappointment because he has been playing very well and he has had some injury difficulties in the past. We have respectfully sent him back to his club and we will know more once he has had scans and an X-ray over the next 24-48 hours. We have to have half an eye on Sunday because that is the key game this week, but also we want to have a really good go at this. You want to win every game you go into and if you can win a game like this it gives everyone a bit more belief and confidence.

He makes powerful runs in behind defenders and you can ask Gary Cahill how much of a problem that is. And a lot of that game he had to play on his own and carry the fight. I liked his mentality when we had him for the 10 days we had him with the under-21s. His mentality was very mature, very humble. He wants to learn, wants to improve, has a good view on the game and for a young player I think he has intelligent input when you ask him tactical things. He is not afraid to voice that, even among older players.

During the game we have to make decisions on what is right for Sunday, of course. We had 14 or 15 players who played on Sunday and I had no idea where they were physically until training today. We will assess them tonight [Tuesday] and go from there. Some have had different loads and some played midweek with big matches as well, so there is a bit of balancing to do. And individually one or two knocks, Raheem missed training so we have to assess things like that. I thought he was excellent in the game against Chelsea last week.

I think there are opportunities to affect things tactically, there are opportunities to affect things in terms of our physical preparation, the style of our play and the mentality that we bring if we want to be a team that is challenging the best teams in the world.

We are ranked 14th in the world at the moment. We can't keep turning around and saying if only we had done a little bit better in this one game. We have to look at the bigger picture and bigger trend of performances and I am not sure we have always looked at ourselves in the mirror as closely as that … but that's what we have to do as a football nation. We have to seriously say what is needed to improve.

I have said to every department in our organisation, If you had a blank canvas and could do anything you wanted in terms of physical preparation, what would it look like?' I want new ideas and new ways of thinking. We have haf success in every other sport in our country and we are almost a missing piece in that. That is a great driver but we know it is the hardest one to succeed in and if we do succeed it will have the most impact on our country and the people.

We're going to have a meeting with all the players about what we feel the next 18 months will look like. He [Rooney] will be there.

I'm so used to watching the yellow ticker going round then I'm sat in Brazil [in 2014 when England were left out of a highlights montage of previous tournaments] and I'm not seeing us. It was quite a stark reality of where we are.

I always say being an island saved us in 1945, I'm not so sure it's helped us ever since. You guys travel around Europe and around the world and see those big clubs, work in those big matches and other sporting events, you have a broader perspective of it.

Sometimes within the game we don't do that. Joe Hart as an example has had a brilliant experience [at Torino], he's taken a hell of a lot from seeing another league, living abroad, broadened his horizons, recognises some of the things he had that he hasn't now got in terms of training facilities. I think he'll come back a more mature goalkeeper and a more mature person. I think we've got to broaden the horizons because the lads see one league, they see Sky Sports News , they think we're the centre of the earth and we're not. That's what hit me.

Other countries are quite happy to say nice things to us and then they pack us off home at a certain stage [of a tournament] and think, Good, we've got rid of them. That's how it feels to me and I don't like it.

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, unfortunately you've not been selected Theo, happy birthday to you….

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, unfortunately you've not been selected Theo, happy birthday to you…. He has scored a lot of goals for his club. He has obviously played a lot with England. I didn't see him featuring in the games this week so in terms of having him in the longer squad, I wanted to look at one or two other players I don't as much about. That is a really tough call on him and one I don't expect him to be chuffed to bits about but, as I say, I wanted to look at a couple of others.

He is still very much in our thinking. If he keeps playing well for his club there is no reason he can't force his way back in as Michail Antonio and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain have done this time.

I didn't want to just look at his age and think he's finished with England. I think you get young players with a point to prove and older players with a point to prove. I think he still feels that. I think he warrants the call-up. You need senior players within that to educate some of the younger ones, to show them some of the things they need to learn and also the competition's important. It can't be a comfortable environment where people think they are going to be in every time.

I think there's huge potential, I think there's a lot of hard work ahead. I was really pleased that our performances progressed and improved as we went through those four games, as we were able to work in more detail with everybody. And I think at all age groups there are exciting England players coming through.

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