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We know the numbers are against us, and we are facing a big challenge.” said Gary Alejano on this article: Philippine lawmaker calls for Duterte's impeachment. This page contains 3 articles quoting Gary Alejano. Main topics on which Gary Alejano is quoted are purpose and killing. In addition you’ll find 5 quotes there. All these quotes are mentioned on this page and you can filter them by date and by topics.

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There's the church, schools, civil society and the many Filipinos who did not vote and do not support and not in favor of the policies under president Duterte.

We know the numbers are against us, and we are facing a big challenge.

Our goal with this complaint is to be a vehicle for Filipinos to have a voice to oppose and fight against the abuses and crimes of President Duterte. We know it's an uphill battle ... but we believe that many will support this complaint. But we still believe that impeachment would be fought not only inside the halls of Congress but also outside.

It is high time that President Duterte is punished for his sins against the country. We are of the firm belief that he is unfit to hold the highest office of the land and that impeachment is the legal and constitutional remedy to this situation. We are not staging a coup d'état or any other means to oust Duterte.

When will these killings stop? The purpose of the war on drugs is to stifle opposition and castrate dissent. It is working.

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