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We're not going to burden the banks with literally hundreds of billions of dollars of regulatory costs every
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NEW Aug 23 2017
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Gary Cohn is associated, including U.S., Trump, and bank. Most recently, Gary Cohn has been quoted saying: “Right now we've got this massive set of regulations built to regulate all banks as [if] they're equal. We may be able to tailor regulations for different aspects of the financial markets and different aspects of the financial institutions.” in the article With alumni in the White House, Goldman sees an opening.
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Jun 29 2017 - Trump Presidency

We do not think 3 percent GDP is that lofty of a goal. We think we're setting very realistic

Jun 29 2017 - Trump Presidency

We were going to get to tax reform if this passes or it doesn't pass. We are on a tax reform agenda when we come back in September when the August recess is over. We will be 100 percent engaged in tax

Jun 29 2017 - Obamacare

We would love to cut some of the taxes that are in the Obamacare

Jun 14 2017

No, I have a great job right now. Serving the president has been a dream come true. I come into work each day and I'm very excited to be in the White

Jun 07 2017

Yesterday was actually a very good day for us on tax reform. We agreed on the schedule, we agreed on our objectives and we agreed on a time frame. We're all on board to do it this

Jun 05 2017 - Trump Presidency

We're really moving into the modern decade of technology in air traffic control. It's a system where everyone benefits from

Jun 03 2017 - Trump Presidency

It doesn't matter who you are, whether you are farmer in the Midwest, or a mother driving your kids to and from school, or a worker or a college kid flying back and forth to school, you're affected by

Jun 03 2017

He came here to learn. He came here to get

Jun 02 2017 - Fracking

The price of natural gas because of the technological advances we've had in the United States, and all the fracking development in what we've done to create an abundance of natural gas, has made the price of coal less favorable today. That could change very

Jun 02 2017 - Trump Presidency

At some point in the cycle, coal will be competitive again. We want to be in the coal business because we know there's a cyclical nature to all these commodity prices. And when coal is the feedstock of choice, we need to have that feedstock to be globally competitive. But I did get caught off guard when [Blankfein] started tweeting last

Jun 02 2017 - Trump Presidency

I'm confident that Congress will get the ceiling raised, on Friday, addressing what's become a yearly will-they-won't-they discussion as conservatives threaten to default on the federal debt to try to rein in government spending. At the end of the day, the deficit ceiling has to be raised. This is money that the Congress appropriated. They chose to spend the money. In a perfect world you would love to have a clean debt ceiling. But if we need to get things attached to get it through, we'll attach

Jun 01 2017

Coal doesn't even make that much sense anymore as a feedstock. Natural gas, which we have become an abundant producer, which we're going to become a major exporter of, is such a cleaner fuel. Compliance with the terms of the Paris accord and the onerous energy restrictions it has placed on the United States could cost America as much as 2.7 million lost jobs by 2025, according to the National Economic Research Associates. This includes 440,000 fewer manufacturing jobs – not what we

Jun 01 2017 - Trump Presidency

If you think about how much solar and how much wind power we've created in the US, we can be a manufacturing powerhouse and still be environmentally

Jun 01 2017 - Terrorism

Coal doesn't even make that much sense anymore as a

May 31 2017

If those things collide, growing our economy is going to win. The president ran on growing our

May 30 2017 - Trump Presidency

He said they're very bad on trade, but he doesn't have a problem with

May 27 2017 - Trump Presidency

There was a very frank exchange of views but he's not made a final decision on Paris. He continues to study the issue. We had a very robust

May 27 2017

That was a big topic, where many of the European leaders talked about these global agreements ... without the United States it's sort of missing a big gap when you take the biggest economy

May 27 2017 - Syria conflict

We're not going to comment on Jared. We're just not going to

May 27 2017 - Trump Presidency

I don't know. What you're asking me to do is tell you what's inside the president's mind. I'm not qualified to do that. One thing you have to admit. I'm not sure that's

May 27 2017 - French election 2017

They understand where we are, we understand where they are and it's most important that we continue to work

May 27 2017 - China

The president, since he left New York [he later corrected himself to say Washington] has been dealing with foreign leaders, he's been dealing with jobs, he's been dealing with economic growth, he's been dealing with diplomacy, he's been dealing with unfair trade, he's been dealing with Paris [climate agreement], he's been dealing with China. His agenda has been overflowing. He's been fully consumed with what's going on

May 27 2017 - China

His views are evolving, he came here to learn and get

May 26 2017

It was a very robust

May 26 2017

I think his views are evolving. He came here to learn. He came here to get smart. His views are evolving which is exactly as they should be. His basis for a decision ultimately is going to be what's best for the United

May 26 2017

The last levels we put out in the Paris agreement were levels that would be constraining to our economic growth. But then you get into the whole discussion on Paris, is it non-binding, is it not non-binding, can you change your levels, how easy is it to change your levels. Coal doesn't even really make that much sense anymore as a

May 26 2017 - Trump Presidency

Can be a manufacturing powerhouse and still be environmentally

May 26 2017 - Trump Presidency

I think he's leaning to understanding the European position. Look as you know from the U.S., there's very strong views on both sides. Both sides are running ads. So he knows that in the U.S., there's very strong opinions on both sides, but he also knows that Paris has important meaning to many of the European leaders. And he wants to clearly hear what the European leaders have to

May 26 2017 - Trump Presidency

We will have a very robust discussion on trade and we will be talking about what free and open

May 26 2017 - Trump Presidency

It's time for him to have an intimate discussion and understand their issues but, more importantly, for them to understand our

May 26 2017 - Trump Presidency

There was a lot of what I would call pushing and prodding, I think the president learned how important it is for the United States to show leadership. His views are evolving. He came here to learn. He came here to get

May 26 2017 - Trump Presidency

If those things collide, growing our economy is going to win. He wants to understand how we can bring back manufacturing, bring back jobs, but still be environmentally friendly, but not have a restriction enforced upon us that makes absolutely no

May 26 2017 - German economy

He said they're very bad on trade, but he doesn't have a problem with Germany. He said his dad is from

May 14 2017

The first thing we're going to do is we're going to permit an LNG export facility in the

May 02 2017 - Trump Presidency

We could be and should be the largest exporter of L.N.G. in the

May 02 2017

This is a middle-class tax bill. We're eliminating the deductions that were added to the tax legislation over the years to favor the wealthy. The wealthy have deductions. Middle-income people and lower-income people don't have

May 02 2017

The median income in the United States today is about $56,000. You take the $24,000 away from the $56,000, you've got taxable income of $32,000. At a 10 percent rate, that's $3,000 of

May 01 2017 - Obamacare

This is going to be a great week. We're going to get health-care down to the floor of the House. We're convinced that we've got the

May 01 2017

We're convinced we've got the

May 01 2017 - Trump Presidency

We're going to get the health care bill to the floor of the House, I'm very

May 01 2017

This is going to be a great

May 01 2017

We are going to cut taxes for businesses to make them competitive and we're going to cut taxes for the American people, especially low- and middle-income

Apr 27 2017

We are going to double the standard deduction so a married couple wouldn't pay any taxes on the first $24,000 income they earn. So in essence, we are creating a zero tax rate – yes, a zero tax rate – for the first $24,000 that a couple

Apr 27 2017 - Trump Presidency

This is quite an historic day for us, and one that we have been looking forward to for a long

Apr 27 2017

We will be back to you with very firm

Apr 26 2017

Homeownership, charitable giving and retirement savings will be protected, but other tax benefits will be

Apr 26 2017

In 2017, we are still stuck with a 1988 corporate tax. This isn't going to be easy. Doing big things never is. We'll be attacked from the left, we'll be attacked from the right. But one thing is certain. I would never bet against this president, he will get this done for the American

Apr 26 2017

We know this is difficult. We know what we're asking for is a big

Apr 21 2017

The one place we're going to permit in the northwest, it's been turned down twice

Apr 21 2017 - Japan

The first thing we're going to do is we're going to permit an LNG export facility in the northwest. Just think of the transport time from the northwest to Japan versus anywhere else. Then we've got to put facilities on the East Coast to get from the East Coast to

Apr 20 2017

Using dynamic scoring may allow us to get to a permanent solution. We would like a permanent

Apr 13 2017

We are going to cut flight times down fairly dramatically. We are going to cut the experience down. We are going to cut tarmac time

Apr 06 2017

He's spending an enormous amount of time on trade and taxes. Those are two big

Mar 17 2017

I'm going on to a spectacularly new

Mar 15 2017

Unfortunately, we have no alternative but to reinvest in our military and make ourselves a military power once

Mar 13 2017

We will see what the score is. In fact in the past, the CBO score has really been

Mar 13 2017

If you're on Medicaid, you're going to stay on

Mar 13 2017 - Trumpcare

The people who are just above Medicaid but still have difficulty buying their own premiums will…have the ability to use [Health Savings Accounts] to pay for their…healthcare on a tax-advantaged

Mar 13 2017

This number reaffirms everything that we're trying to

Mar 12 2017

We will see what the score is, in fact in the past, the CBO score has really been meaningless. They've said that many more people will be insured than are actually insured. But when we get the CBO score we'll deal with

Mar 12 2017

We are offering coverage to everyone. If you are on Medicaid today, you're going to stay on Medicaid. If you are covered under an employee-sponsored plan, you're going to be continued to be covered under an employee-sponsored plan. If you fall into that middle group, we're going to provide tax credit so you can go out and buy a

Mar 12 2017 - Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve is an independent agency and they operate as such. They have their economic data, which they look at and they are trying to always modulate economic growth with inflation, with the work force. I think the Federal Reserve has been doing a good job in doing that. The Fed will do what they need to do. And we respect the powers of the

Mar 12 2017

Chris, we don't think so. If you're on Medicaid, you're going to stay on

Mar 12 2017

If you're on Medicaid, you're going to stay. The expansion is not going to change. There is a roll-off period, there is a period of transition, and we're very confident that the period of transition is going to

Mar 10 2017

We care about the deficit. We care about revenue. We're going to have to be revenue neutral over a 10-year period. Yes, we're going to be able to use dynamic scoring. We are working on a bunch of interesting

Mar 10 2017

Clearly a good February is part of the number. When you look at what's ahead of us, what's built into the system, we have a huge backlog of hiring that we already know about. We're very excited about what's ahead of

Feb 16 2017

We think it is a bad rule. It is a bad rule for consumers. … This is like putting only healthy food on the menu, because unhealthy food tastes good but you still shouldn't eat it because you might die

Feb 03 2017

The one thing I know for sure we're going to get to the right

Feb 03 2017

Banks are forced to hoard money because they're forced to hoard capital and they can't take any risk. We need to get banks back in the lending business. That's our number one

Dec 14 2016

We're trying to solve it with domestic policy. It's not going to

Dec 12 2016

We've withdrawn from some businesses and withdrawn from some opportunities out there in the world because we decided we shouldn't do that type of business because the brand and the reputation was too

Dec 09 2016

We're all listening to what he's saying, we're all listening to what he's doing. We're all cautiously optimistic. We're waiting to see what happens. As we get more clarity, the markets will

Dec 09 2016

It's the cumulative effect when you look at regulation. No one regulation by itself has had a bad effect. In fact, many of the regulations have had positive effects. It is the cumulative effect of many of the regulations that we put on the market community that have had an effect on the

Dec 09 2016

I am building the case for rates going up for the right reasons. That said, I am concerned how much U.S. rates can dislocate from the rest of the world, and I think that's a big

Dec 09 2016

The reality of the world is we have a soaring dollar and the effects on that soaring dollar are just starting to be

Nov 15 2016

I do think that part of the regulation we've gone through has inhibited our ability to transmit that capital....On the other hand, remember U.S. banks today are the strongest banks in the world.... that's a huge competitive advantage for U.S. banks and I don't want to lose

Nov 15 2016

As central banks start to flood the market with liquidity, we need to be able to transmit that into main street – to entrepreneurs... to small and medium-sized

Nov 15 2016

In an unclear environment, people did not want to own banks. People are starting to migrate toward those asset classes that they think may benefit.... banks are one of those. We're starting to see some rotation out of technology names where people were comfortable owning them, into bank names, into drug names, into industrial

Nov 15 2016

We are part of a global monetary system today. And we've got many other major central banks around the world still with a zero interest rate policy, and quantitative easing. If we dislocate from other central banks around the world, we will see that in the value of the dollar. The question, to me, is, How strong can the dollar be until that starts having unintended consequences in the U.S. economy?feedback

Oct 07 2016

I don't think we're getting closer to the

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