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Gary Heminger has been quoted 9 times. The two most recent articles where Gary Heminger has been quoted are U.S. refiners give mixed reviews of GOP-backed border tax plan and Marathon CEO says consumers will bear brunt of any border tax. Most recently, Gary Heminger was quoted as having said, “If it were to pass, we'll be able to be flexible. We'll be able to move the price onto the consumer.”.

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This drop-down of additional high-quality logistics assets to MPLX represents the first of several drops expected to occur in 2017, and is an important part of our plan to unlock the value of our midstream business for investors.

If it were to pass, we'll be able to be flexible. We'll be able to move the price onto the consumer.

Refiners are going to have pass any incremental costs on to the consumer. I am very confident that we will be able to do that just as we did when crude prices were $100-$147.

Even if border adjustments were to happen, I think Marathon is in one of the best positions because of the logistics infrastructure.

We believe by the end of the first half that the global supply of crude can be in balance and might even be a little bit of a supply deficit as we go into the second half of the year.

I believe it has a chance to stick as long as the technical agreements that are going to be put together here over the next couple weeks really come in to where they stated they would be today.

I am very confident that the president-elect is very intelligent, he is surrounding himself with very intelligent people that understand the economics of the oil and gas industry.

Despite a challenging quarter, we remain optimistic as we move forward into 2017, given the signs of market rebalancing and sustained strong demand.

This data is a bit in arrears into getting into either the [Department of Energy] and even some of the [American Petroleum Institute] data.

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