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The fight against Islamization and the EU will be tougher, stronger and far more effective now, being the second strongest political power.
Mar 17 2017
Geert Wilders has been quoted 70 times. The one recent article where Geert Wilders has been quoted is Dutch vote halts far-right's 'Patriotic Spring'. Most recently, Geert Wilders was quoted as having said, “When we started the party twelve years ago, the Party for Freedom, we couldn't have hoped that we would become the second biggest party of the Netherlands. Leave all other parties behind except for the VVD, we got one and a half million votes , which is a great victory.”.
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The message is that many people want to regain national sovereignty, they don't want to be dependent on the political elite whether that is in their own capitals or in Brussels. I think that many European people believe we should regain national sovereignty - that we should be in charge of our own immigration policy and our own fiscal policy. We should not spend money on foreign countries or foreign people when at the same time we neglect our own people.

It will be a very interesting day, a lot is at stake in Holland and I hope of course we'll win but whether we win or lose I think we put our mark on the elections so far. But it's a sunny day, I hope a lot of people go and vote, it's the most important think for democracy and I hope my party does well but we have to wait and see.

Every day we're confronted with the mess of this. This is your scum. I hope you'll learn lessons, because to what has your policy led?

Whatever the outcome of the election today, the genie will not go back into the bottle. Despite what the elite wants, politicians are getting strong who have a totally different concept of what the people want them to do.

Movements like mine in France, in Germany, in Austria and Italy, we were getting stronger in the last few years even before Donald Trump came to office.

Stay away, this is our country. This is Holland, so stay away. And I hope the Dutch government will be a little bit more tough and tell them that they are not welcome to lobby here, we are not a country where foreign people who support people like Mr. Erdogan to give him even more power and give him more autocracy.

Leave us alone, lobby in your own country, and stay away. Mr Erdogan is a mere dictator. We would not allow lobbying for North Korea or Saudi Arabia in our country either.

The Koran really, for instance if you look at anti-Semitism, the Koran has more anti-Semitism in it than Mein Kampf, the book of another totalitarian violent ideology. So rather I would have no Koran at all as we in Holland at least have outlawed Mein Kampf as well.

Islam...might be dressed up as a religion. I believe that the Koran and the Islam more especially might be dressed up as a religion. It has a holy book, it has a temple. It has Imams. But in reality, it is not so much a religion but an ideology.

I rather would have not Koran at all as we in Holland at least have outlawed Mein Kampf as well. It might be in some part highly symbolic, still it would have an enormous effect to do so. If one country is tougher on its immigration policy than the other, then the most immigrants go to the country with the softest immigration policy.

If I were prime minister today, I would declare that at least until mid April, when they have this referendum in Turkey, I would call the whole cabinet of Turkey persona non grata for a month or two.

I think that coming here to advocate a change of the Turkish constitution that will only strengthen the Islamo-fascist leader Erdogan of Turkey more than Parliament, Turkish parliament, is the worst thing that could happen to us.

Mr Rutte is right, there is a very big chance the PVV will be the biggest party in the Netherlands after the elections. But I don't agree with what he says that we do wrong kind of populism. We say what people want to hear when it comes to immigration, integration, Islam, problems which are real.

I can hardly remember what it's like to cross the road alone. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. But at least I know why I do what I do. My mission is to make sure the Netherlands, unlike my own life, remains free.

My god, I had no idea. How much more is there I don't know?

If a Dutch person driving in a car drives five miles too fast, he will be fined within a minute whereas the Moroccan scum in Holland – once again, not all are scum, but there is a lot of Moroccan scum in Holland who makes the streets unsafe, mostly young people and they are not taken seriously.

Not all are scum, but there is a lot of Moroccan scum in Holland who makes the streets unsafe. If you want to regain your country, if you want to make the Netherlands for the people of the Netherlands, your own home, again, then you can only vote for one party. Despite all the hate and fear-mongering of the elite both in Britain and Brussels, people took their fate in their own hands. I think that will happen in Holland, in France, Austria and in Germany.

Look at the Islamization, how we let terrorism into the country. How we let the Moroccan scum go ahead without us doing anything against them.

We want to make the Netherlands ours again, to close the borders and keep all the money we give to foreigners, it's billions, to Africa for development, to Brussels, to Greece, to asylum seekers in the Netherlands. We will stop it and give all that money to the Dutch people living in the Netherlands.

Yesterday, a new America. Today – hello Koblenz – a new Europe!

The people of the west are awakening. They are throwing off the yoke of political correctness. This year will be the year of the people ... the year of liberation, the year of the patriotic spring.

Three PVV-hating judges declare Moroccans a race and convict me and half of the Netherlands. Insane.

I will continue to speak the truth regardless, including about the Moroccan problem, and no judge, politician or terrorist will stop me.

It is an enormous incentive that Donald Trump won the election yesterday for all of us freedom-and-patriotic-loving people.

Trump winning proved to me that people are fed up with politically correct politicians who are concerned and involved with issues that regard themselves but not those that are important to the public.

What happened in America can happen in Europe and the Netherlands as well.

It is a travesty that I have to stand trial because I spoke about fewer Moroccans. It is my right and my duty as a politician to speak about the problems in our country.

Next Monday, the trial against freedom of speech begins.Against a politician who says what the politically correct elite does not want to hear. This trial is a political trial, in which I refuse to cooperate.

I believe that the offspring will be that other countries like my own country, the Netherlands, where the majority of the people want the 'Nexit' or at least a referendum about a possible 'Nexit' as well, that will come as well. I'm trying to achieve the same in the Netherlands next year.

Hurrah for the British! Now it is our turn. Time for a Dutch referendum!

It is time for a new start, relying on our own strength and sovereignty. Also in the Netherlands.

I didn't say all Moroccans should leave the country, or all Moroccans are no good, but I spoke about fewer Moroccans because that's what I want and with me millions of Dutch citizens. I don't hate anyone and I don't spread hate. I reject everything that has to do with discrimination.

Why did I speak about fewer Moroccans? The honest answer is because I want fewer Moroccans in the Netherlands.

Well, as long as the parliament exists, well there should not only be one point of view heard, which is the sound of the europhiles in Brussels today.

So I ask you what do you want in this city more or less Moroccans?

It's not just a religion as so many people mistakenly think. It's primarily a dangerous and totalitarian ideology.

Let the Dutch voter decide what they think about the best politics now. We have good ideas about it now.

I'm a happy man. We have a mandate to govern here in Almere, and that's what we'll try to do, here and in The Hague. I guess my colleagues will start tomorrow.

Freedom of speech is very important in the Netherlands and it will take a lot to change that.

I think being here today in the United Kingdom is a victory. It's not so much a victory for myself, I'm not that important, but it's a victory for the freedom of speech. I have a problem with the Islamic ideology, the Islamic culture, because I believe that the more Islam we get in our free societies, the less freedom we will get.

We really had a strong message that we don't want to spend our money in Romania and Portugal but here in Holland. We never want Turkey to join the European Union, and we don't want this large European super-state. And secondly, because a lot of people are very much against this current government, are very fed up with it, we are a very strong and prosperous and positive alternative to that.

We want more of the Netherlands and less of Europe. These billions must come back to the Netherlands. It is no longer a question of giving them to French and Polish farmers or for new Romanian or Portuguese motorways.

The message was to speak clearly, to speak honestly about issues we have in the Netherlands, not just with high taxes and high crime, but with the problems we face with the multi-cultural society, with the Islamisation of the Netherlands, and I said, well, there is enough islam in the Netherlands.

I fear the tsunami of islamisation coming to Europe and the Netherlands and Islam is a violent religion and the Koran is a violent book, so we should stop inviting more Islam to the Netherlands. I believe and I make a distinction between the religion and the people, I don't believe in a European, I don't believe in a moderate Islam – Islam is a wrong religion – but I do believe in people, so I think that we should now try to invest in all the moderate Muslims that fortunately are in a majority already in the Netherlands.

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