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On the flip side, however, you have a hardware industry that has largely not really been going anywhere in terms of innovation and in terms of new products.
Mar 16 2017
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I think the first part of this year is going to be entirely emotionally driven and determined on execution – whether that execution is done quickly.

After having a pretty strong rally, they've started to move sideways and are questioning what's going to happen, and so at this point we have to see Trump come in and start to execute on his plan.

I think the retail stocks right now are the canary in the coal mine. And I'm not sure that we'll necessarily see a turnaround.

There's still too much uncertainty left in the market. While there was definitely a response after the election just to finally get it done and over with, I think that that response is largely done. From now until the end of the year, the market is going to be looking for clues as to what's happening going forward.

On the whole … we're setting the stage for global rotation that will take the U.S. out of bottom and toward the top.

We actually think that this is going to continue to put pressure on earnings, and if that continues I think at some point we are going to have to reconsider the valuations that are put on this market.

Valuations are really priced for a much more optimistic outlook, and if we continue to slug along at earnings that are very pressured not only by energy, but also by the dollar, we think that could cause the market to reevaluate those multiples and we think that could take some real froth off the market.

It's more of a retail story, and that's where the issues are. The spending's just not coming in, and we're starting to see disappointments.

We still think earnings expectations are a little stretched.

Now depending on the outlook, we could grow into that, but we'd have to see some pretty serious growth to grow into the expectations that we have. I do think the market is well ahead of itself.

Just looking at their economic proposals, Clinton's proposal argues for higher revenues, for boosted tax revenues that are then cycled into fiscal spending that pushes into spaces where we really need investment, for example, infrastructure spending.

You could also see high-yield continue to perform. But basically, anything that will give investors the much-needed yield that they're desperate for.

While this has been a very good year for a lot of asset classes, a few things make me nervous.

Market complacency is waking up to the fact that it's going to be one or the other.

I do think they will go higher. The fundamentals support them; the fundamentals are rather scary fundamentals. ... We have seen an increase in conflict around the world, and that has not only increased U.S. defense spending, but it's also increased spending by its allies.

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