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It has been involved in many accidents and each time the cause has been attributed to human error or the over intensive use of the aircraft. The grounding of the aircraft which is still in use by the Ministry of Defence is an understandably prudent measure, but I hardly think they will find any defects in a model which has been flying for 48
Dec 27 2016
The Tupolev 154 was the workhorse of civil aviation and military transport during the time of the Soviet Union and for several years after the end of the Iron Curtain.” said Giovanni Magi on this article: The story behind the Tupolev-154. This page contains 45 articles quoting Giovanni Magi. Main topics on which Giovanni Magi is quoted are Germanwings and Ministry. In addition you’ll find 54 quotes there. All these quotes are mentioned on this page and you can filter them by date and by topics.
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Food verification is regulated by the European institutions, and there are national agencies that perform research and analysis on products, conservation and production

Whoever fails to win the Pope's Harley Davidson can console themselves. Here at the Grand Palais, there'll be 50 other bikes up for auction and 150 vintage cars, all from major

For a month there won't be only beach and deck chairs here, but also exhibitions, concerts and sports activities. In short, everything you need without going to the

Unemployment is at record highs and at the same time governments are having to reduce the resources they can allocate to the protection of the unemployed. It's one of the paradoxes of a crisis whose effects are destined to last for some

The 48 works are being sold individually, but the auctioneers will favour bids for purchasing the entire collection in order to preserve its unique

The plan aims to stimulate employment, especially for young people in Europe. It comes on the same day that France announced record unemployment figures. Employment could turn out to be the testing ground for the Franco-German

The question is whether at the next conference, the climate will be different – and also whether the make-up of the government will also have

These are the two faces of France today: record unemployment on the one hand and jobs that remain empty on the other. A paradox that is weighing on the prospects for economic

The approval of the 'Marriage for All' law is therefore not the end of the matter. The controversy risks becoming a long-running political

To what extent does the economic crisis affect the international art

Television is experiencing a moment of profound transformation, from economic, artistic and technological points of view. Cannes, where TV movers and shakers have been meeting for 50 years, is the ideal place to understand the future of

Old-fashioned investigative journalism has caused a real political earthquake, a tremor that will have unpredictable consequences not only on the government in power, but probably the entire French political

The treaty on stability, coordination and governance – the budgetary pact signed in March 2012 – forces eurozone countries to put balancing their budget into their constitutions, making it illegal not to. You have been critical of the pact, was there really nothing good about it?feedback

Right now, high fuel costs are weighing heavily on airlines, even those like Air France-KLM that have embarked on major restructuring plans. The situation may be improving, but the outlook remains

The French government says employment is its priority. But everything suggests that, even if government policy is effective, there's still a long way to go before they come out of the economic

This concludes an international affair that has preoccupied France for seven years. Now we wonder how this happy ending was affected by the changes of leader in both Mexico and France, and the more cautious diplomacy of President Hollande than his

The 10th district of Paris houses a very large Kurdish community, which numbers nearly 150,000 people in France. It's a community profoundly shocked by this extremly violent

The store on the Champs Elysées on its own accounted for 20 percent of the Virgin Group's total turnover in France. For many years it's been the chain's most attractive megastore, but now there's the risk that it'll become the scene for a sad end for the famous

Silvio Berlusconi getting involved could radicalise everything. It's already looking like a lively campaign full of anti-European and populist slogans above all from the Northern League, and Pepe Grillo's Five Star movement. Mario Monti, if he runs, already has the backing of Europe's Popular Party and it seems the still-highly influential Catholic Church, and he could unite the centre, including elements from Berlusconi's own

All the polls say the centre-left Democratic Party will win in February. What's most likely after the election is that is that party boss Pier Luigi Bersani becomes prime minister and looks for an alliance with the centre, with perhaps Monti as economy and finance minister, or more probably as president, as there's an election in

Thinking back to the moment you learned the Norwegian committee had chosen the EU for the Nobel Peace Prize, what was your first reaction, your first thought?feedback

It wouldn't be the first time that the French government uses the technical solution of temporary nationalisation for reviving an industrial company. And in this case Hollande's government could have – and this is indeed a novelty – even the opposition's

Europe is in crisis, China isn't. No surprise then the Chinese come shopping in France. And in the aviation field which, due to the crisis is going through another, profound

The difficult ongoing transitions in Arab Spring countries, plus the weight that non-democratic countries impose on international markets, both represent a new challenge. One which this forum aims to analyse in order to contribute to a more peaceful international

The automobile trade is in crisis, but some manufacturers are trying to turn things around by launching new models and here is the ideal place to do

Although with the Hollande presidency we can no longer speak of the Paris-Berlin axis, this summit proves once again that an agreement between the two capitals is necessary if we want to find a solution to the eurozone's crisis and a common European approach to big international

The future of the airline depends on the application of this restructuring plan. Only a few years ago it was a world beater in terms of turnover – now it finds itself swamped by economic and financial

At the same time as the French government commits to helping the automobile industry, Peugeot Citroen says that after this major restructuring a page will be turned and the future will be brighter. But unions say the price paid for that restructuring is too

After the strike on Thursday, activity has resumed at the plant. Everyone is at work. The tone of the language is strong, the union considers Peugeot-Citroen's restructuring plan a declaration of war, but the climate still seems marked by a sense of responsibility and

The Socialist Party has conquered France. It has not only won the presidency but also the majority in the national assembly. The conditions are now in place to implement electoral reforms promised to voters. And that's what public expects

The new government has made defending jobs one of its top policy priorities. The economic crisis is giving them an opportunity to demonstrate

The interest aroused by Alexis Tsipras' visit to Paris confirms that the eyes of Europe are all focused on Greece and the new elections of June 17, elections that Tsipras said he is sure to

The candidates are now playing their final cards. The moment is approaching when voters once again go to the

Still the absence of Russia and China and the manner Moscow spoke about the talks suggest the unity needed to resolve the Syrian crisis is still very far

Whatever the result of counterterrorism operations and the potential impact on presidential elections, one thing is certain: the narrative of the French electoral campaign has

What psychological consequences could this have for everyone? First the terrorist acts, children being murdered, then relief, that the person responsible was identified, then the long negotiations….feedback

Although this eruption is much more 'powerful' than the one of April 2010, the ash is much heavier, and therefore it has a tendency to fall vertically and not drift away and spread with the

Flight planning deems it compulsory to embark carrying enough fuel to reach an alternate

If the technique was employed it's almost certain have contributed to the

The Tupolev 154 and the Smolensk military air base are not equipped for landings in zero visibilty conditions. Trying an approach several times on the same airport in poor visibility, which it appears, is what happened in Smolensk, is not normal procedure. Far from it, it's an operation pilots are warned to

Insisting on multiple approaches and probably descending below the minimum height required to avoid obstacles may be a sign the captain was under pressure to avoid a detour which would have inconvenienced his VIP

It was all about national prestige. The USA had already attempted a similar project, and the USSR had developed their own supersonic plane, the Tupolev 144, which was retired very soon after entering

There was also the pride in breaking records, achieving supersonic speeds, crossing the Atlantic in 3 and a half hours instead of 8 – and because of the difference in time zones, arrival time in New York was two hours earlier than departure time in London or Paris. So business people could fly out to New York for a meeting and fly back the same

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