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We have this one opportunity that's provided by the Panama [Papers] and these new papers that have come out this week … we know the scale of tax avoidance is probably £7tn of wealth. We've got to do something about it because you and I and others are paying taxes in Britain to pay for the National Health Service, to pay for the universal credit, the necessary money, but the money is not available in sufficient amounts because of the amount of tax avoidance and tax evasion.feedback
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Nov 09 2017
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Gordon Brown is associated, including Jo Cox and Jeremy Corbyn. Most recently, Gordon Brown has been quoted saying: “First of all they have got to outlaw these tax havens, they have got to threaten to sanction them, they have got to punish them with, potentially, arrest warrants in some cases where people are breaking the law.” in the article Britain criticised by MEPs for failing to take action on tax havens.
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Oct 30 2017

Little has changed since the promise in 2009 that we bring finance to heel. The banks that were deemed 'too big to fail' are now even bigger than they were.feedback

Oct 30 2017

As I walked into the office, I didn't know if I'd still be there at the end of the day.feedback

Oct 30 2017

The Fraud Act 2006, which criminalises fraud by false representation, failing to disclose information and abuse of position, may be more relevant.feedback

Oct 30 2017

And often bankers are not being compensated for risk but rewarded for failure. It cannot be right that Fred Goodwin walked away with all of his past bonuses untouched, a tax-free lump sum … and even after he agreed to halve his pension it still was said to amount to £300,000 a year.feedback

Oct 30 2017

I fell short in communicating my ideas. I failed to rally the nation. We won the battle – to escape recession – but we lost the war – to build something better.feedback

Oct 29 2017

Banking should have been transformed, our international institutions refashioned, inequality radically reversed – and if we are to be properly equipped to face the next crisis this is still the agenda we must pursue.feedback

Oct 29 2017

The modern version of 'connecting' seems to increasingly include a public display of emotion, with the latter – authentic or not – seen as evidence of a sincerity required for political success. In a far more touchy-feely era, our leaders speak of public issues in intensely personal ways and assume they can win votes simply by telling their electors that they 'feel their pain'. For me, being conspicuously demonstrative is uncomfortable.feedback

Oct 29 2017

Too often, all we are hearing is the sound of voices like our own. The turnaround is so instantaneous that, for the luxury of sounding off, we often forgo the duty to sit and think. And because differentiation is the name of the political game – showing what divides you from your opponent, not what you have in common – achieving a consensus in a wilderness of silos is difficult, if not impossible.feedback

Oct 29 2017

The internet often functions like a shouting match without an umpire. Trying to persuade people through social media seems to matter less than finding an echo chamber that reinforces one's own point of view.feedback

Oct 29 2017

I knew something was wrong. My vision was very foggy.feedback

Oct 29 2017

While I did not predict the recession that exploded out of America and infected the world, I did immediately grasp the need to act with unprecedented speed.feedback

Jul 20 2017

Clearly, successive governments have failed in a duty of care. And that is a source of shame. Children were denied a childhood, an identity, a family and any sense of belonging. Many, some as young as three, were sent abroad, often having been falsely told their parents were dead.feedback

Jul 20 2017 - Sex

Bigger in scale, bigger in geographical spread, and bigger in the length of time that it went on undetected. I'm shocked about the information that I have seen.feedback

Jul 20 2017 - Commonwealth

In Australia, a national redress scheme may offer up to A$150,000 (£90,000) to abused migrants. It is for Australian and other Commonwealth countries to compensate for the failure to protect and prosecute when children came to their country.feedback

Jul 20 2017

We now know that the apology was only half the story, and we have yet to do something to remedy and to deal with the consequences of what is the other part of the story, which is as significant, perhaps more … the abuse of so many hundreds, perhaps thousands, of children.feedback

Jul 20 2017 - Northern Ireland

In the recent Northern Ireland Inquiry, compensation has also been recommended. At a minimum, we should match Northern Ireland in what would be a £40m fund for national redress.feedback

Jun 16 2017

And Jo has this in common with all of us. That we do feel the pain of others. And we do believe in something bigger than just ourselves.feedback

May 17 2017

There's no newspaper editor who has done as much for me in the last two years because my face is smiling in all these posters.feedback

May 13 2017 - Inequality

That is more poverty than even under Mrs Thatcher. Mrs May's Britain will have more poverty and inequality than even the poverty we saw in the Thatcher-Major years.feedback

May 13 2017 - Inequality

She says she wants to unite the country, she will create a country that is more divided economically and more socially polarised than at any time in our history in the last 50 years.feedback

May 12 2017

Despite a 35% rise in prices this decade, child benefit will have risen by only 2%. Housing benefit no longer covers the rent, heating allowances fail to cover the cost of fuel and crisis loans that used to cover cookers or beds have been dramatically slashed.feedback

May 12 2017

We are learning the hard way that social progress has to be fought for decade by decade.feedback

May 12 2017

More "economically divided and socially polarised than any other prime minister in living memory. There will soon be more people in poverty in May's Britain – 15.7 million citizens – than ever there were in Margaret Thatcher's Britain. And almost 1 million more children condemned to poverty than even in the darkest days of Thatcher-Major rule.feedback

May 12 2017

Think about that: one in every three boys and girls condemned to a childhood of poverty, every one of those children denied the necessities of life, the means of fulfilling their potential. That fact alone blows apart any Conservative claim to be the party of the many. But here's the most shocking fact of all. Two-thirds of the children now in poverty are from families where someone is working. Forget all the rancid Tory talk of 'skivers' and 'shirkers': these are men and women working hard, but on breadline wages – with their lifeline, tax credits, being systematically pulled away from them.feedback

May 11 2017

I'm proud to speak on behalf of three excellent local Labour candidates.feedback

May 11 2017 - Labour Party

Because you don't lose the courage to fight for what you believe in, you don't stand back and say this is now not for me, it's too difficult, that you continue to fight and support and champion what really matters to the future of this country.feedback

May 11 2017 - Labour Party

Ask yourself, is the National Health Service safe with the Conservative candidates, or the Ukip candidates, or the Liberal candidates in Coventry? Or is it safe with the people who have always fought for the health service, that supported the extra funding, that made the promises and want to see them kept, that will hold the Government to account on the National Health Service. I say to you, the National Health Service is safe only in the hands of Labour people who will fight every day. Politics does go in cycles, which we know. The test, however, is what we do in the difficult times.feedback

May 11 2017 - Labour Party

When Mrs May says she is for those people just getting by, the Conservative Party are walking by on the other side and ignoring these needs.feedback

Apr 19 2017

And girls will be the majority of those who lose out on education, and in conflict zones the vast majority of children will not have the chance of education.feedback

Apr 19 2017

We want to find out, for example, whether there's a case for an international criminal court for children's cases.feedback

Mar 18 2017 - Single market

That is the consequence of independence now. That is a more extreme and hard-line position to exit the British single market as well as the United Kingdom.feedback

Mar 18 2017 - Scottish independence

A new third option can unify our country and end the bitter and divisive yes-versus-no conflict that will continue to rip us apart. It is time to transcend the bitter division and extremism of an inflexible, die-hard conservatism at war with an intransigent and even more hardline nationalism.feedback

Mar 18 2017 - Scottish independence

The third option, a patriotic Scottish way and free from the absolutism of the SNP and the do-nothing-ism of the Tories, is now essential because post-Brexit realities make the status quo redundant and require us to break with the past. The status quo has been overtaken by events because unless powers now with the European Union are repatriated from Brussels to the Scottish parliament, the Welsh assembly and the regions, Whitewall will have perpetrated one of the biggest power grabs by further centralising power.feedback

Mar 18 2017 - Extremism

Tory and nationalist extremism should not rob us of a third option that can give the Scottish people more powers, offer honest answers about how we can pay for our public services and, faced with the post-Brexit threat to our employment and industry, address the urgent issue of how we create new jobs by exporting and trading successfully with Europe and the rest of the world. Most of all, a new third option can unify our country and end the bitter and divisive yes-versus-no conflict that will continue to rip us apart.feedback

Mar 18 2017 - Scottish independence

The patriotic way means that Scotland is not caught between a die-hard conservatism that denies the Scottish parliament the powers it needs and a hard-line nationalism that throws away the resources we secure from being part of the union.feedback

Mar 14 2017 - Scottish independence

What we have built together by sacrificing and sharing, let no narrow nationalism split asunder.feedback

Mar 14 2017 - Scottish independence

Scotland does not belong to the SNP. Scotland does not belong to the Yes campaign. Scotland does not belong to any politician. Scotland belongs to all of us.feedback

Oct 27 2016 - Syria conflict

The Security Council should ask the International Criminal Court prosecutor for an investigation into what is happening in Syrian schools and in Syria as a whole.feedback

Oct 13 2016 - Nigeria

We do not know how they will readjust, but one thing is for certain, their lives have changed forever.feedback

Jun 29 2016 - Labour Party

I don't think Jeremy Corbyn is going to stay. I think he's going to go.feedback

Jun 20 2016

The referendum was always about more than Europe; it was always about what kind of Britain we are and what we aspire to be.feedback

Jun 18 2016

Only by tackling the prejudice and hate that killed her can we do justice to the meaning of Jo Cox's life.feedback

May 23 2016

For the first time, we have a humanitarian fund targeting education. A fund that plans – not just for weeks or months – but for years in support of a child's development. And a fund with a contingency reserve allowing us to act when a crisis hits ensuring no begging bowl has to be circulated.feedback

Apr 14 2016

The Chibok girls are now a symbol of our apparent weakness to protect young lives.feedback

Sep 17 2014 - Scottish independence

Have confidence tomorrow, and have confidence enough to stay with all our friends. We've had no answers, they do not know what they are doing. They are leading us into a trap. Have confidence and say to our friends, for reasons of solidarity, sharing, justice, pride in Scotland, the only answer for Scotland's sake and for Scotland's future is vote 'no.feedback

Sep 07 2014

I want a Scottish parliament, I want stronger powers, and therefore I want change to make it stronger. But I also want to share our resources with the rest of the United Kingdom.feedback

Oct 17 2013 - Slavery

With this evidence, we can now plan the end of child slavery in our generation. If anybody is in any doubt that slavery is a thing of the past you must look at the Global Slavery Index produced by the Walk Free Foundation and Andrew Forrest. It exposes the horror and injustice of millons of people condemned to slavery in the 21st century. It is the most powerful call to action, and that action must be heeded by the international community.feedback

Oct 17 2013 - Slavery

Andrew Forrest and Walk Free's pioneering work to expose the full scale and horror of child slavery is a landmark moment in the struggle for children's rights. He has undertaken the vital work of revealing the full evidence that will allow us to campaign for children to move from exploitation into education, from oppression into opportunity, from slavery into school.feedback

Aug 09 2013

What we are going do is eliminate child labour, child marriage, child trafficking, what we also have got to do is hire teachers and build schools and it's my aim over these next two years, to really speed up the process of delivering an educational opportunity.feedback

Apr 05 2013 - Sanctions

We have agreed there will be an end to tax havens that do not transfer information on request. The banking secrecy of the past must come to an end. And we have agreed tough standards and sanctions for use against those who don't come into line in the future.feedback

Jul 12 2011

If I, with all the protection and all the defences and all the security that a chancellor of the exchequer or a prime minister has, is so vulnerable to unscrupulous tactics, unlawful tactics, to methods that have been used in the way that we've found – what about the ordinary citizen?feedback

May 12 2010 - Labour Party

My constitutional duty is to make sure that a government can be formed following last Thursday's general election. I have informed the Queen's Private Secretary that it is my intention to tender my resignation to the Queen. In the event that the Queen accepts, I shall advise her to invite the leader of the Opposition to seek to form a government. My resignation as leader of the Labour Party will take effect inmediatly.feedback

May 06 2010

The outcome of this election is not yet known. My duty is to play my part in Britain having a strong and stable government.feedback

May 05 2010

I believe that this election is not just a competition for votes, it is a contest for the values that we hold dear. It is about who we are, what we hope for, what we want for our families, what we want for our future.feedback

May 05 2010

Vote for kind of country you believe in and come home to Labour.feedback

Apr 07 2010

It's the same old Tories. Mister Speaker, to think he was the future, once. We are the government that has plans for the future. They have nothing to offer, only a Labour government can do it.feedback

Mar 10 2010

I believe there is now a real risk that if no action is taken globally, either the global imbalances which were the background to last year's crisis will re-emerge with a vengeance in 2011 and beyond, or the global economy will experience a lost decade of low growth and low employment.feedback

Mar 06 2010 - Taliban

Over the last few days, our British forces have been working with the Afghans, and the Americans have made huge advances clearing the area of the Taliban, making sure that people feel safer, so we have a strategy where we can strengthen the local Afghan people to be able to do the jobs we're doing and over time our British troop numbers can come down as a result.feedback

Feb 14 2010 - Taliban

This has been an effort that has involved hundreds of our troops, taking very brave and courageous action.feedback

Feb 05 2010 - Northern Ireland

After decades of violence, years of talks, weeks of stalemate, this is the day we have secured the future – a lasting peace, power being where it should be: in the hands of the people of Northern Ireland, the strongest answer to those who would bring violence back to our streets.feedback

Jan 28 2010 - Al-Qaeda

To those insurgents who refuse to accept the conditions for reintegration, we have no choice but to pursue them militarily.feedback

Jan 27 2010

We have looked at the dates for devolution of policing and justice. We believe together it is feasible for a cross-community vote at the beginning of March, to be achieved at the beginning of May.feedback

Jan 03 2010 - Somalia

We have been working with the Americans to strengthen counter-terrorism cooperations in Yemen. Yemen has been recognised, like Somalia, to be one of the areas where we have got to do more.feedback

Dec 11 2009

Global taxes will not be introduced unless all global financial centres are able to come behind them but I believe there's growing support for that.feedback

Nov 30 2009 - Afghanistan

Taking into account these special forces, the supporting troops and the increases announced today, our total military effort in Afghanistan will be in excess of 10,000 troops.feedback

Nov 20 2009

My thoughts are with the relatives of those people who are missing at the moment. My thoughts also are with the emergency services that are doing an absolutely brilliant job, the REF, RNLI, but all the police, ambulance, fire and hospital services who've been involved. And we want to do everything we can to help them in what have been one of the wettest and most difficult days in Cumbria that we have seen.feedback

Nov 17 2009 - Al-Qaeda

If at all possible we should set a timetable for transferring districts to Afghan control starting next year in 2010. It is only when the Afghans are able to defend the security of their own people and deny the territory of Afghanistan as a base for terrorists, that our strategy of 'Afghanisation' will have succeeded and our troops can come home.feedback

Nov 12 2009

We favour a tough but fair approach, rooted in a points system, under which we decide what category of skills are to be allowed into this country. This combines the flexibility and control that is right, with a continued commitment to strong borders and a rigourous enforcement of the laws against illegal immigration.feedback

Nov 12 2009

Immigration is not an issue for fringe parties nor a taboo subject. It is a question to be dealt with at the heart of our politics, a question about what it means to be British; about the values we hold dear and the responsibilities we expect of those coming into our country; about how we secure the skills we need to compete in the global economy.feedback

Nov 10 2009 - Afghanistan

Sadly the government of Afghanistan had become a by-word for corruption. And I'm not prepared to put the lives of British men and women in harm's way for a government that doesn't stand up against corruption.feedback

Nov 06 2009 - Afghanistan

I reject any suggestions that our efforts to tackle the terrorist threat abroad have distracted us from mounting the strongest possible defence against the threat at home. At present the biggest domestic threat continues to come from the mountains of Pakistan and Afghanistan, so it is right that our first line of defence is there.feedback

Nov 04 2009 - Taliban

The death of five brave soldiers in a single incident is a terrible and tragic loss. And I want to pay tribute, as the whole house will, to their professionalism, courage and service.feedback

Nov 02 2009 - Afghanistan

I've talked to President Karzai today. He wants to issue a manifesto that is a unity manifesto, an inclusive manifesto, for the Afghan people. And what we've talked about is how he must first of all show people how he is tackling corruption and he's getting the right people into government. Secondly he's got to build up the Afghan army and the police force which is a condition of us having troops in Afghanistan.feedback

Oct 30 2009

I think I am right to say that Britain has someone in Tony Blair who would make an excellent President of the Council of the European Union. I think that there are many people who are members of the Council that accept that and believe that to be true.feedback

Oct 14 2009

The combination of force levels, equipment levels and tasks that I'm setting out today follows the clear military advice from our chiefs of staff and from our commanders on the ground on implementing our strategy, reducing the risk to our forces and it's on this basis that I've agreed in principle to a new British force level of 9,500, which will be put into effect once these conditions are met.feedback

Sep 07 2009 - Libya

Over the coming weeks and months I can say that we will continue to step up our support by establishing dedicated foreign office support to the victims' campaign, we will appoint dedicated officers in the foreign office and our embassy in Tripoli will accompany the families and their representatives to meetings with the Libyan government to negotiate compensation.feedback

Jul 27 2009 - Taliban

What we have actually done is to make the land secure for about 100,000 people. What we have done is push back the Taliban and what we have done is start to break that chain of terror that links the mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan to the streets of Britain.feedback

Jul 06 2009

The world should be in no doubt that the writing is on the wall for tax havens, wherever they may be. So we are calling today for a March 2010 deadline for the introduction of sanctions against tax havens.feedback

Jul 06 2009

We have to increase bank lending, both of us are worried banks have yet to respond in full to the situation we have where industries are calling for help from the banks.feedback

Jun 19 2009

We are with others, including the whole of the European Union unanimous today, in condemning the use of violence, in condemning media suppression. What we want is to have a good relationship with Iran in the future, but that depends on Iran being able to show to the world that its elections have been conducted fairly and that there is no unfair suppression of rights and individuals in that country.feedback

Jun 17 2009

We could have universal services provided to every citizen in the country. They can get fast interactive broadband. That would mean that they can use all the services that are possible through out the country.feedback

Jun 16 2009

Taking into account national security considerations, as the Franks inquiry did, for example what might damage or reduce our military capability in future, evidence will be held in private.feedback

Jun 08 2009

What would they (the public) think of us if ever we walked away from them at a time of need. We are sticking with them.feedback

Jun 06 2009

If I didn't think I was the right person, leading the right team then I would not be standing here. I have chosen a cabinet who are likewise committed to serving the nation first and foremost.feedback

Jun 04 2009

The past few weeks have been difficult for every member on every side of this House. I think people have got to recognise in the politicking that goes on that there have been enormous pressures on people, and while the public have been angry there have also been family pressures on members of this House.feedback

May 19 2009

I believe we need to look much more deeply at how parliament works so that it functions as an open, transparent, modern parliament, in which the Britsh people can have not just trust, but have pride.feedback

May 19 2009

We cannot do this just in Westminster, it must be a process that engages citizens themselves, peoples of all parties and none, of all faiths and no faith, from every background and every part of the country. We will come forward with proposals in the coming weeks for how we can take this forward.feedback

May 11 2009

I want to apologise on behalf of politicians of all parties for what has happened in the events of this last few days.feedback

Apr 30 2009

The flag of 20 Armoured Brigade will be lowered as British combat patrols in Basra come to an end and our armed forces prepare to draw down.feedback

Apr 28 2009 - Afghanistan

I'm pleased to welcome Poland's decision to send an additional 400 troops to Afghanistan. They will provide vital reinforcement to protect Afghan democracy through the elections.feedback

Apr 09 2009 - Al-Qaeda

Mr Quick has made his apologies. I spoke to him this morning and he was very concerned that his apology was made for a blunder that happened. I think we must not forget that the police have been successful in carrying out their arrests and, of course, what happens in the next few days is a matter for the police inquiries.feedback

Apr 03 2009 - G20

This is the day the world came together to fight back against the global recession. Not with words, but with a plan for global recovery and reform.feedback

Apr 02 2009 - G20

G20 countries have announced and are now implementing the largest macroeconomic stimulus the world has ever seen. We are in the middle of a unprecedented fiscal expansion which will, by the end of next year, amount to an injection of five trillion dollars into our economies.feedback

Apr 01 2009 - British Petroleum

It is at times like these that we remember the risks and dangers that people have to undergo to meet our energy needs.feedback

Apr 01 2009 - G20

What all these challenges have in common is that none of them can be addressed by one country or continent acting alone, none of them can be met and mastered without the world coming together and none of them can be solved without agreed global rules informed by shared global values.feedback

Mar 28 2009

We need new rules of the game for this global order. Markets without rules cannot work, a world without rules will not work. We've got to re-shape the rules that govern both markets and states for the future. But secondly, these rules have to be based around values.feedback

Mar 27 2009

This is a crisis that was created and spread by the irrational behaviour of white, blue-eyed people who thought they knew everything, but now show they knew nothing.feedback

Mar 24 2009

I want to see a globalisation that is open, free trading and flexible, but which is also reforming, inclusive and sustainable. That is the message, at these most testing of economic times, that Europe can send to, and shape with, the rest of the world.feedback

Mar 21 2009 - IMF

We will discuss what the European Council has been discussing, the action that we can take all together to return the global economy back to growth and to invest in the future and the decisions that we have made today and the extra money that is being released will help ensure that we do everything in our power to return the world economy to growth at the quickest possible opportunity.feedback

Mar 20 2009

The financing gap for emerging countries this year is up to 800 billions, so it is not an issue just for emerging countries. Because of the risk of contagion, this is an issue for every country in the world. It is vital that we increase the resources available to the international institutions so that they can intervene to stop the crisis spreading, to stabilise economies, and return the global economy to growth.feedback

Mar 16 2009

We do not want the responsible, sensible majority of moderate drinkers, to have to pay more or suffer as a result of the excesses of a small minority.feedback

Mar 11 2009 - Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland today we are seeing a degree of unity amongst the political parties that some people thought that they would never see in their lifetimes.feedback

Mar 10 2009 - Northern Ireland

These are murderers who are trying to distort and disrupt and destroy a political process that is working for the people of Northern Ireland and I know the response of the people of Northern Ireland: they want peace and the political process to move forward; they do not want a return to guns on the streets.feedback

Mar 10 2009 - Northern Ireland

I believe that all the political leaders of Northern Ireland have made it absolutely clear there will be no return to the old days. They want to move forward from the dark days of the past. I would urge anybody who knows anything about these two incidents that have now taken place to tell the police so that we can hunt down the culprits.feedback

Mar 10 2009

This attack has not happened because of the failure of the political process; it is in many ways because of the success of the political process that people are working together and a small number of people want to disrupt something that is working.feedback

Mar 09 2009 - Northern Ireland

What I have seen this morning is the unity of the people of Northern Ireland and its political parties. They stand united behind peace and the political process that they have been building for many, many years, that they are going to continue working together and they want to send a message that the political process will not and never will be shaken. In fact the political process is now unshakeable.feedback

Mar 08 2009 - Northern Ireland

No murderer will be able to derail a peace process that has the support of the vast majority of the people of Northern Ireland, and we will step up our efforts to make sure the peace process is one that lasts and endures.feedback

Feb 26 2009

Nobody can support very extensive pension arrangements at a time when the bank is both losing jobs of its employees and at the same time reporting major losses.feedback

Feb 23 2009

We decided that the international institutions should have at least 400 billion euros to enable them, not just to deal with the crisis, but to prevent crisis.feedback

Jan 23 2009

We are fighting this global recession with every weapon at our disposal. And I think people will know that in addition to interest rate cuts, VAT cuts, what we've done for pensions and for child benefits, which have been raised, and also what we're doing for public works (infrastructure renewal). We're doing everything we can to take us through what is a global banking crisis.feedback

Jan 19 2009

This not help for banks, but help for businesses and families, by providing the capital to ensure credit for businesses and families and to raise demand in the economy.feedback

Jan 19 2009 - Gaza strip

We recognise that this ceasefire must mean that actions are taken against arms smuggling and arms trafficking. And we have written to you, Mr. Prime-Minister (Olmert) to say that we will do everything to help stop the supply of arms by land and by sea.feedback

Jan 18 2009 - Gaza strip

This fragile ceasefire has got to be followed immediately, if it is to be sustainable, by humanitarian access which we have asked for, by troop withrawals, by an end of arms trafficking, by the opening-up of the (frontier) crossings, by the end of rocket attacks, and hopefully by the beginning of serious negotiations that will lead to a final settlement.feedback

Jan 14 2009

This is real help for business now. It is targeted and focused, it is funded and it is additional to what has been done before.feedback

Dec 20 2008

We have agreed today that the mission will end no later than 31st of May next year.feedback

Dec 18 2008

The fundamental change of mission which I described in this House last summer will take place, at the latest, by 31 May 2009. At that point, we will begin a rapid withdrawal of our troops, taking the total from just under 4,100 to under 400 by 31 July.feedback

Dec 13 2008 - Taliban

I've come here to show solidarity with the Afghan people and to remind us all that the reason why 41 countries are in Afghanistan in support of the democracy of Afghanistan, is that we will not allow the Taliban or terrorists to defy the democratic will of the Afghan people.feedback

Dec 11 2008

I hope broadcasters remember that they have a wider duty to the general public and of course it will be a matter for the television watchdogs when the broadcast is shown.feedback

Dec 08 2008 - Carbon

A digital, low carbon, environmentally friendly Europe, highly skilled to face the challenge of the world, is something that I believe is the vision that we have got to put forward.feedback

Nov 16 2008 - G20

We agreed on the need for major reform of the international financial system. And it is necessary to give confidence that we are cleaning up the system, based on the principles of transparency and accountability, better regulation, integrity and international co-operation.feedback

Nov 15 2008 - G20

I think you will all find interesting that on fiscal policy we have agreed to use fiscal measures to stimulate domestic demand to rapid effect. In other words a coordinated and concerted stimulus through the use of budget measures to support demand in our economies.feedback

Nov 11 2008

My central argument this evening is that the alliance between Britain and America – and more broadly between Europe and America – can and must provide leadership in this.feedback

Nov 05 2008

This is a moment that will live in history, as long as history books are written. I've talked to Senator Obama on many occasions and I know that he is a true friend of Britain, and I know that the values we share in common and the policies on which we can work together will enable us as two countries to come through these difficult economic times and build a safer and more secure society for the future.feedback

Oct 30 2008

And I urge banks not to change the terms and charges for existing lending to small and medium-sized enterprises.feedback

Oct 13 2008

In extraordinary times, with the financial markets ceasing to work, the government cannot just leave people on their own to be buffeted about. For savers, for small businesses and for homeowners, we must, in an uncertain and an unstable world, be the rock of stability upon which British people can depend.feedback

Oct 10 2008

It is totally unacceptable behaviour. We are taking legal action against money that has been moved out of Britain into Iceland. We are trying to freeze the assets of the Icelandic companies here. It is a responsibility of the Icelandic government, but we recognise also that there are issues for local authorities and we are talking with local authorities today to see what we can do to help them.feedback

Oct 08 2008 - HSBC Bank

Not only will we do this in Britain – 250 billion guaranteed – but I talked to my European colleagues over the last few days and I have hopes this can become a wider scheme that other countries will take up, and I hope that we will show that we have led the world in changing the terms and conditions in which we can help renew the flow of money in the system.feedback

Oct 08 2008 - HSBC Bank

We will do everything in our power to maintain our public services and increase jobs in our economy, to protect the savings and deposits of the citizens of this country.feedback

Oct 08 2008 - HSBC Bank

The problems that started in America have now hurt every banking system in every continent in the world.feedback

Oct 04 2008

The message to families and businesses is, as our central banks are already doing, liquidity will be assured in order to preserve confidence and stability.feedback

Sep 23 2008

I did not come into politics to be a celebrity or thinking I would always be popular. Perhaps, that is just as well… if people say I am too serious, quite honestly there is a lot to be serious about.feedback

Sep 18 2008

We've taken the right, the decisive and the tough decision that was necessary to protect the stability of the financial system and to protect the depositors and we've done so, as with Northern Rock, because it was necessary to get the financial system moving forward today.feedback

Sep 11 2008

We have made a provision for a total of six million households to be insulated between now and 2011 and another five million households will receive help with other energy saving devices. The government will make further provisions if the demand is greater.feedback

Sep 02 2008

Home owners need to know that we'll do everything we can to keep the housing market moving forward, help with stamp duty, help with first time buyers, help to build more social housing, help to take unsold properties off the housing market and help with people who get into difficulties.feedback

Jul 20 2008

I understand the obstacles but I also understand that there are great opportunities and I have urged everyone to seize the opportunities that now exist and to move forward to a peace settlement that is both viable and lasting.feedback

Jul 14 2008

Too many people don't feel safe in their streets or sometimes even their homes as a result of the behaviour of a minority. We need to make it absolutely clear to everyone and especially to young people that in our country there are boundaries of acceptable behaviour – that it is completely unacceptable to carry a knife.feedback

Jun 21 2008

The judge has now replied that he expects to give his judgement next week and of course that fits in with our timetable where, having had the royal assent we have to go through all the different procedures before ratification and so ratification will not take place until after we have had the judgement from the judge.feedback

Jun 16 2008

And so today Britain will urge Europe, and Europe will agree to take further sanctions against Iran.feedback

May 13 2008 - Burma

We now estimate that two million people face famine or disease as a result of the lack of co-operation by the Burmese authorities. We are doing everything we can to make aid and assistance available. It is now for the Burmese authorities to respond to what everyone is saying all over the world. The eyes of the world are now upon Burma.feedback

Jan 18 2008

We want Britain to be the number one destination of choice for Chinese business as it invests in the rest of the world. And I believe that the new level of partnership will raise the level of investment from Chinese firms into Britain and raise the amount of trade between our two countries.feedback

Nov 21 2007

And I have announced the inquiry not simply into HMRC but that the Secretary to the Cabinet will look at every government department and agency.feedback

Oct 25 2007 - Taliban

We have put the Taliban on the defensive by the combined efforts of everyone. At the same time our strategy for the future is development, defence and diplomacy, all three working together.feedback

Oct 24 2007 - United Nations

We are absolutely clear that we are ready, and will push for, further sanctions against Iran. We will work through the United Nations to achieve this. We are prepared also to have tougher European sanctions.feedback

Oct 23 2007 - Kurds

We believe that action within Iraq, working with the Iraqi government, with our allies, including the USA, is the way we can deal with this problem. We are aware that action has to be taken to prevent groups moving from Iraq into Turkey, and threatening the lives of Turkish citizens.feedback

Oct 08 2007 - Iraq

We plan from next spring to reduce force numbers in southern Iraq to a figure of 2,500.feedback

Oct 02 2007

I believe that the 30,000 strong security force being trained up are capable of discharging these responsibilities for security, and that allows us to make other decisions about British troops.feedback

Sep 13 2007

We have agreed an intense and immediate testing of animals and that is already taking place. That is why we have also agreed an immediate and extensive zone of protection.feedback

Aug 23 2007

Since (the Home Secretary) Jacqui Smith and I took over the responsibilities that we've had, we have been urgently working to examine what more we can do to deal with the problems of guns and knives, of gangs in our country and more generally the problem of youth disorder.feedback

Aug 10 2007

We also want to make sure that the rural economy can move, not only back to normal but prosper. And that is why compensation will be paid quickly to farmers in infected ares and we have gone beyond the statutory requirements to include clean-up costs.feedback

Aug 05 2007

The whole strategy is to contain, then control and then eradicate this disease. So the first priority has been, having identified potential sources of the disease, it's now to find the transmission mechanism and that's why the health and safety executive is now first of all at the Merial company and then at the whole research establishment, looking at what they can find. And I hope we can get results in 48 hours.feedback

Aug 04 2007

I can assure people, in farming communities and in the rural communities, in every part of the country, that we are doing everything in our power to look at the scientific evidence and to get to the bottom of what has happened and then to eradicate this disease.feedback

Jul 30 2007 - Extremism

Terrorism is not a cause. It is a crime. And it is a crime against humanity and there should be no safe haven and no hiding place for those who practice terrorist violence or preach terrorist extremism. Ladies and gentlemen, in Iraq we have duties to discharge and responsibilities to keep.feedback

Jul 26 2007

I want to see the water works getting moving again very quickly. I'm interested to know how we are moving the civil engineering effort there. But in the meantime we will get more tankers in, we will get more Bowsers in, we wil get more regular filling of them and at the same time more bottled water will be provided.feedback

Jul 23 2007

I wanted to come here this morning to give my support and sympathy to all those who have suffered as a result of the floods, and the emergency which has happened, and those who have been displaced from their homes.feedback

Jul 23 2007

We have raised the amount we have spent on flood defences from 450 million euros a year to 900 million euros a year. That has been utilised by the Environment Agency. Now we intend to raise it still further over the next few years, to 1.2 billion euros a year by 2011.feedback

Jul 11 2007

We must deliver new and better opportunities in education, in employment, in the provision of housing and healthcare.feedback

Jul 09 2007

The work of the next few months (is) to ensure what were 'red lines' for Britain are in detail part of the treaty and if that were the case, then I would see no reason to recommend to the British people that there should be a referendum.feedback

Jun 28 2007

This will be a new government with new priorities, and I have been privileged to have been granted the great opportunity to serve my country.feedback

Jun 27 2007

For parents wanting affordable childcare, we will meet the challenge of change. For families and pensionser who want and NHS that is there when they need it, only we can meet the challenge of change. For people wanting a stronger democracy, we will meet the challenge of change.feedback

Jun 27 2007

I will invite men and women of goodwill to contribute their energies in a new spirit of pulbic service to make our nation what it can be. This is my promise to all of the people of Britain. And now let the work of change begin.feedback

May 17 2007 - Labour Party

I am truly humbled that so many of my colleagues have nominated me for the leadership of the Labour Party… and I formally accept the nomination, the responsibility it brings and the opportunity to serve the people of Britain.feedback

May 17 2007

Sometimes as many of you here know, the length of my answer left very little time for more questions, but I am learning and to build trust in our democracy I am sure that we need a more open form of dialogue for citizens and politicians to genuinely debate problems and solutions.feedback

May 17 2007

I will work hard for you, this is who I am and I will do my best for all the people of Britain. Thank you very much.feedback

Mar 22 2007

I hope that we're going to get a resolution of some of the financial problems which will create the basis for the resumption of the executive.feedback

Jan 18 2007

What has come out of the British public's reaction to this programme, as well as the Indian newspapers and Indian public's reaction to this programme, is that we both want to bear out commitment to these great values of tolerance and being fair to every individual and to send a message that where discrimination or racism is practised that is unacceptable.feedback

Oct 14 2005

Europe and America should get together and have a position, that is an agreed position, so we can progress the trade talks even before we arrive in Hong Kong and believe that is the growing view in America and Europe.feedback

Sep 13 2005 - OPEC

The first action we must take is to tackle the cause of this problem, ensuring concerted global action is taken to bring down world oil prices and to stabilise oil markets for the long term. Because this is, at root, a problem of demand outstripping supply, OPEC must respond at its meeting on 19 September to rising demand by raising production to meet rising demand.feedback

Jul 12 2005 - Single market

Today was the first council meeting under the UK presidency. The meeting considered, in particular, key elements of economic reform, building of the reform of the stability pact, completing the single market through our commitment to long term structural reform founded on greater flexibity. The council considered the need to set time-tables for further market liberalisation, a more independent competition policy and the reform of state aids.feedback

Jul 12 2005

Our research, our action to try to identify money transaction which are taking place across borders has given us vital and important information about what potential terrorists and terrorists are doing.feedback

Mar 16 2005 - OECD

Britain is today experiencing the longest period of sustained economic growth since records began in the year 1701. And the foundation of this Budget is our determination to maintain British stability and growth.feedback

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