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It is right that every so often the Government reviews its mergers regime to close loopholes where they arise and this is what these proposals do in the area of national security. No part of the economy is off-limits to foreign investment and the UK will continue to be a vociferous advocate for free trade and a magnet for global
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Oct 17 2017
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Greg Clark is associated, including UK and Britain. Most recently, Greg Clark has been quoted saying: “Artificial intelligence presents us with a unique opportunity to build on our strengths and track record of research excellence by leading the development and deployment of this transformational technology.” in the article Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell’s constituents most at risk of losing their jobs to robots.
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Oct 05 2017

I don't know which part of the weakness of the system it was but it clearly needs to be established. We need to look into it and find out what happened and make sure it can never happen

Sep 27 2017

There hasn't been because this aircraft does not compete with Boeing so we're confident that we will be able to demonstrate that and have this case

Sep 20 2017

The Government has been working hard with the unions to secure a sustainable future for Tata Steel in the UK, its 4,000 employees at the Port Talbot site and its supply chain. Today's agreement between Tata Steel and Thyssenkrupp is an important next step in establishing their shared ambition for Port Talbot as a world-class steel manufacturer, with a focus on quality, technology and

Aug 30 2017

Today's reforms will build on our strong reputation and ensure our largest companies are more transparent and accountable to their employees and

Aug 29 2017 - Vaccine

The life sciences sector is of critical importance to the UK economy and UK health and the Government is committed to continuing to help this sector go from strength to

Aug 17 2017

Ofgem has powers available that would allow it to address the problems in the market we now

Jul 25 2017

[This is] a landmark decision that is a vote of confidence in the workforce and in the determination of our industrial strategy to make Britain the go-to place in the world for the next generation of

Jul 24 2017

Upgrading our energy system to make sure it is fit for the future is a key part of our Industrial Strategy to deliver a smarter, more flexible energy

Jul 24 2017 - Clean energy

We know that in the future the potential for renewable energy is often limited by its intermittency. So we know the ability to store the energy ready for when it is needed is key to its deployment. Its work will quite literally power the automotive and energy revolution, where the UK is already leading the

Jul 23 2017

Joining together the research, development, application and manufacture of energy storage technologies – and specifically battery storage – is a huge opportunity for the energy sector and the automotive sector

Jul 23 2017

During the autumn... and as the negotiations move forward, we hope from their initial discussion, then that's the time to say more about

Jul 23 2017

For all our citizens to be able to look forward with confidence to a prosperous future, we need to plan to improve our ability to earn that prosperity. To enjoy a high and rising standard of living we must plan to be more productive than in the

Jul 20 2017 - Pollution

The UK-built Sentinel-5 Precursor satellite and the success of the Copernicus Programme demonstrates what we can achieve through collaboration with our European partners and the UK's vital role in the programme thanks to our Earth observation

Jul 03 2017

This government hasn't been afraid to take the decisions others have

Jul 03 2017

I will consider next steps when I have received Ofgem's proposed

Jun 29 2017

The UK and Rolls-Royce are known throughout the world as pioneers of advanced engineering

Jun 23 2017 - London

This product, which was manufactured between 2006 and 2009, has not been subkect to product recalls and this testing will establish whether any further action is required. I have made clear to the company that I will expect them to replace any item without delay if it is established that there is a risk in using

Jun 14 2017

We will get Ofgem to set an absolute

May 09 2017 - London

Championing high growth, innovative SMEs is crucial for the continued success of the UK economy. We are committed to ensuring that companies of all sizes can access finance to grow, scale-up and create high quality well-paid jobs across the

May 09 2017

I think there should be a safeguard so that if you are loyal to your supplier, if you are someone that doesn't perhaps have access to the internet and is not able to haggle with your shouldn't have the reality of paying through the nose for

May 09 2017

We've worked with industry to make it quicker and easier to switch supplier and nearly eight million people are now benefiting from better deals, but millions of energy customers continue to pay too

May 09 2017

I haven't switched, one of the reasons is... it is quite a hassle to do so. And in my view it shouldn't be necessary to have to switch, to have to go through the fuss, simply to avoid being ripped off. I think there should be a safeguard so that if you are loyal to your supplier, if you are someone that doesn't perhaps have access to the internet and is not able to haggle with your supplier, then you should pay a bit more than the best deals, but you shouldn't feel that your or shouldn't have the reality of paying through the nose for

May 09 2017

If the price of gas goes up in world markets then of course you would expect that to increase. If the price goes down, then you would expect the price to go down. That is why it is sensible to put it in the hands – and this is what the competition authority recommended for prepayment meters – of the

May 09 2017

No, that was a botched policy. They talked about a freeze, they even advertised it in a block of ice, and what happened after that was that the wholesale price of gas and electricity fell, and so if it had been introduced then people would have paid more than

May 09 2017

They were in two minds about whether that should be extended beyond that. The minority report felt this was not going to remove that detriment to consumers quickly enough. We are taking the same approach that the CMA to prepayment meters but doing what the minority report

May 09 2017

It shouldn't be a politician deciding this is going to the price of energy – that was another fault of the Ed Miliband proposal. Ofgem are the experts in this, they should be given the power to set this safeguard tariff to make sure people are not ripped

May 09 2017

Labour's was a very crude policy. It was to directly intervene by politicians setting the tariffs. What we have responded to is a two-year investigation by the CMA that there is £1.4bn a year on average of overcharging. What we are acting on is a diagnosis from the competition authority that says that from the standard tariffs, the default ones that people are transferred to, people are being overcharged by £1.4bn a year. That is what the competition authority said. I think we have got a duty to act. So we are going to bring a cap for those default tariffs, so people can't be over

May 08 2017

We will act on our commitment to intervene when the energy market fails to treat people in a fair and reasonable

Apr 19 2017

If the competitors in this industry don't see this as behaviour that is damaging consumers, I do - and I will act. The response will be muscular and strong and will apply to all of the companies who are disadvantaging

Apr 19 2017

We will have to reflect on timing. For consumers who aren't able to be so active or so fleet of foot, they are being milked. It's in no one's interest at all to partition functioning

Apr 06 2017 - Immigration

How that comes about over the next two years, we will argue our position, the Premier League will argue their position and the Government will listen to both and I suspect a sensible compromise will be

Apr 06 2017 - Immigration

What we want to do is find a sensible way round that works for a post-Brexit Britain, that works for employment law and the Government, and works for the Premier League and works for the FA. For that compromise to work, it will be somewhere in the middle. It won't be an open-door policy, it won't be no foreigners. It will be, Let's let world-class Premier League teams bring in world-class players but not average international

Mar 30 2017 - Driverless cars

Companies around the world are making major investments and this offers long-term value for the UK as we punch above our weight. If the UK doesn't take this opportunity, many other countries

Mar 30 2017 - Driverless cars

We need to trial it carefully but this is life-saving technology. It would be wrong to convey this as inherently risky technology. Human error is a more 'dependable' source of accidents and fatalities and this has got to be a well tested, demonstrated and regulated. We don't want to get back to waving red flags; we can get it right and need to get to a common-sense application of technology that will save

Mar 27 2017

We have a responsibility to ensure that the NDA's decisions reflect its legal obligations, including under procurement law, that further risks to taxpayers' money are contained and that robust arrangements are put in place to deliver this essential decommissioning programme. Taxpayers must be confident that public bodies are operating effectively and securing value for money. Where this has not been achieved such bodies should be subject to rigorous

Mar 27 2017

This was a defective procurement, with significant financial consequences, and I am determined that the reasons for it should be exposed and understood; that those responsible should properly be held to account; and that it should never happen

Mar 22 2017 - Carbon

Our iconic black cabs are famous across the world. The London Taxi Company's impressive new factory and R&D facility showcases the innovation that makes the UK a world leader in the development of new automotive technologies. Through our ambitious industrial strategy, we are committed to building on our strengths and taking advantage of the opportunities the new low-carbon economy

Mar 16 2017 - Toyota

As we prepare to leave the EU, this government is committed through our industrial strategy to ensuring the UK remains one of the best places in the world to do business and we are able to help businesses seize on economic

Mar 16 2017 - Toyota

Our automotive sector is one of the most productive in the world and Toyota's decision to invest £240m upgrading its Burnaston plant is a further boost to the UK auto sector. Toyota is one of the world's largest car producers and this inward investment underlines the company's faith in its employees and will help ensure the plant is well positioned for future Toyota models to be made in the

Mar 14 2017 - Unilever

We have taken the opportunity to look at our arrangements to make sure they are kept up to date. We have said we would do that in the context of mergers, particularly if it relates to critical infrastructure, as outlined by the Hinkley Point C decision [to build a new nuclear power station with funding from China]. So we will be setting out some proposals in the weeks

Mar 06 2017 - Opel

The context clearly is nothing to do with Brexit. This is a restructuring of the organisation. And in my discussions with PSA, actually the chief executive has said today that Brexit isn't an essential driver of this, and we want to have the best possible trading relationship with Europe, but in any event Carlos Tavares has said there are opportunities

Mar 06 2017 - PSA Group

We will continue to engage and work with PSA in the weeks and months ahead to ensure these assurances are kept and will build on the success of both sites for the long

Mar 06 2017 - PSA Group

The government welcomes the assurance by PSA that they will respect the commitments made by GM to Vauxhall's employees and pensioners. We will continue to engage and work with PSA in the weeks and months ahead to ensure these assurances are kept and will build on the success of both sites for the long

Mar 06 2017 - PSA Group

We've said that by being part of the UK automotive sector, all of the benefits of that in terms of research and development, in terms of trading, in terms of the expansion we see through the industrial strategy of the supply chain, will be available to all such companies. The fact that plants are going to be judged, as they tend to be in the automotive sector for new models, on the basis of their competitive efficiency is a strength for us in this country, because our automotive plants are the strongest in the

Mar 06 2017 - Opel

Vauxhall has a long history of success in this country and we are determined to see that continue. The government welcomes the assurance by PSA that they will respect the commitments made by GM to Vauxhall's employees and

Mar 06 2017 - Opel

We will continue to engage and work with PSA in the weeks and months ahead to ensure these assurances are kept and will build on the success of both sites for the long term. The prime minister and I have been in close contact with the PSA Group and General Motors and they have been clear this deal is an opportunity to grow the Vauxhall brand, building on their existing strengths and

Mar 03 2017 - Opel

My personal commitment and the commitment of this government will be unbounded to make sure the future of the workforce will be

Mar 03 2017 - Opel

I will of course work with all the groups, including the trade unions, including the workforce, to make that case, if new owners there are to be, to those new

Feb 24 2017 - PSA Group

We discussed how PSA's approach is to increase market share and expand production rather than close plants. I was assured that the commitments to the plants would be

Feb 24 2017 - PSA Group

There was also recognition that members of the Vauxhall pension fund will be no worse

Feb 22 2017 - PSA Group

There was a recognition, which I emphasised, of the contribution to the performance of Vauxhall, of the two plants and indeed the other operations that they have in this country. They are efficient, they are successful and there was a clear recognition of that by

Feb 20 2017 - PSA Group

One of the points the PSA executives made to me was that since the new management of PSA has been in place, they have taken some pride in having part of their strategy not to close

Feb 16 2017

There is some way to go in discussions between GM and PSA but I was reassured by GM's intention, communicated to me, to build on the success of these operations rather than rationalise them. We will continue to be in close contact with GM and PSA in the days and weeks

Feb 09 2017

I look forward to hearing more about (Liberty House's) expansion plan. We want to work with the steel industry to transform and upgrade their sector as part of the (government's) Industrial

Jan 26 2017

Tim Peake's Principia mission inspired a generation, and showed just how far science can take

Dec 14 2016

There are apects that are commercially confidential but they are not permanently so. So my intention would be to release the letter as soon as the particular commercial confidentialities for the firm are no longer

Nov 29 2016

This government is unequivocally and unashamedly pro-business, but we hold business to a high standard in doing so. It's right ask business to play its part in building an economy that works for

Nov 29 2016

I want them (CEOs) to be paid in line with performance and one of the concerning aspects is not just has pay increased at the top ... but actually it has substantially outpaced the performance of the underlying

Nov 29 2016

It is available for companies ... we're not going to make it happen. But I think what we do want to do is to give a stronger voice to workers on

Nov 24 2016

This is very much with a view on the medium and long term horizon rather than a countervailing response to Brexit. It's not that kind of short-term

Nov 21 2016

(Norton) had been declining with the declines in PC market share. This acquisition brings $660 million in revenue to the consumer business and returns it to longer sustainable

Oct 31 2016

In our negotiations to leave the EU, we will emphasize the very strong common ground that there is, especially in the automotive sector, between ourselves and other EU member states, in ensuring that trade between us can be free and unencumbered by

Oct 30 2016

Carney "has done a tremendous job, a fantastic

Oct 30 2016

Our objective would be ensure we have continued access to the markets in Europe and vice versa without tariffs and bureaucratic impediments, and that is how we will approach those

Oct 27 2016

If they expand their production facilities, often the local enterprise partnership for example would make improvements to road

Oct 27 2016

The conversations we have had with Nissan and other companies in other sectors have all been about reinforcing the absolute determination of this government to make sure that Britain not only stays competitive but is even more attractive for

Sep 15 2016

The Government will now be able to prevent the sale of EDF's controlling stake prior to the completion of construction. This agreement will be confirmed in an exchange of letters between the Government and EDF. Existing legal powers, and the new legal framework, will mean that the Government is able to intervene in the sale of EDF's stake once Hinkley is

Sep 15 2016

It's important that the right balance between welcoming foreign investment and ensuring that it serves the national interest is made. That is exactly what these changes will achieve. The investment will secure seven per cent of the UK's electricity needs for 60 years, helping replace existing nuclear capacity which is due to be decommissioned in the decade

Aug 16 2016 - Clean energy

The U.K.'s offshore wind industry has grown at an extraordinary rate over the last few years, and is a fundamental part of our plans to build a clean, affordable, secure energy system. Britain is a global leader in offshore wind, and we're determined to be one of the leading destinations for investment in renewable energy, which means jobs and economic growth right across the

Jul 29 2016

Nuclear energy was "an important part of the mix" for the U.K.'s energy supply. The government will now consider carefully all the component parts of this project and make its decision in the early

Aug 11 2015

What we are saying is that we have to crack down on those rogue landlords that exploit the immigration system by deliberately renting properties to people who don't have the right to be in this country. In future, they will have to check whether someone is able to reside in this country and if they willfully flout those rules then it will be a criminal

Dec 10 2014

The stakes are pretty high, and there really is no substitute for eyeballing people, getting to know them, and establishing an agreement that

Mar 12 2013

Our view is that at this time we should follow the international approach, to press for countries to have a power to set a higher ratio for 2018 following a review in

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