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That means that by paying off those credit card balances, the average cardholder is making a risk-free return of 16 percent. If you want to go from somebody who's being hurt by rising interest rates to somebody who can benefit from them, pay off this debt and then funnel that money into savings instead of pouring it into interest payments each month.
Mar 21 2017
The latest quote from Greg McBride is: “It's a great time to be shopping around if you have good credit and (can) lock in zero-percent introductory and balance-transfer offers. You'll see rates for both savings and auto loans trending higher, but it's not going to be a one-for-one correlation with the Fed. Don't expect your savings to improve by a quarter point or that all car loans will immediately be a quarter-point higher.”. It comes from the How Fed hike will affect mortgages, car loans, credit cards article. You’ll find on this page 26 articles with Greg McBride quoted on topics such as Fed and Americans. Greg McBride has been quoted 40 times in 26 articles.
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This single quarter-point move in interest rates will go largely unnoticed at the household level, but coupled with last year's hike, the cumulative effect could mount quickly if the Fed quickens the pace of rate hikes in 2017.

As long as the economy continues to progress, we will see more from the Fed and the cumulative effect is really meaningful.

Americans are finally limiting spending for a good purpose – to save money. This is the first time in four years that the top reason wasn't stagnant income.

Even smaller banks and credit unions are part of larger ATM networks that won't charge customers fees.

This is the type of routine personal finance maintenance that needs to be second nature, like fastening your seat belt.

Check your bank transactions every couple of days. Check your credit card statements every month.

When consumers and businesses are uncertain, that has an impact on spending and can ultimately restrain consumer growth.

People don't have a whole lot of extra money to throw around, and when you layer on the uncertainty of who is going to win the election, it is starting to take a toll on how consumers feel about where the economy might be headed.

There is no sense in bearing the risk of an adjustable rate when you can lock in a fixed rate at essentially the same level.

A quarter percentage point rate hike means your credit card rate will go up by a quarter of a percentage point within a few billing cycles. That's a little more of a headwind toward your debt repayment.

That's a little more of a headwind toward your debt repayment. They won't be around forever, particularly if the Fed continues to raise interest rates, so lock those in while you still can.

For people with good credit, car loans at banks and credit unions alike have never been lower. There are a bevy of sub 2 percent offers available.

More working Americans are saving more for retirement and fewer aren't saving at all. It's indicative of an economy where more people are working and people are earning more.

The Fed gave a very upbeat assessment of the U.S. economy, which is the first step toward prepping markets for another rate hike.

While cash investments are entirely appropriate for short-term needs, such as an emergency fund, they are completely inappropriate for long-term investment horizons.

The preference for real estate is well suited for investment horizons of more than a decade, but the apathy many investors feel towards the stock market is detrimental to achieving their long-term financial goals.

Depending on how much you need and when you need it, taking a personal loan may be advantageous. You want to cast a wide net and know what all your options are.

The rates being offered today, particularly by large national banks and credit unions, are some of the lowest ever seen.

The uncertainty in financial markets keeps the Fed on the sidelines.

If markets bounce back next week, mortgage rates will too. But if the sell-off continues, mortgage rates will continue to fall.

Mortgage rates are tumbling now and they're approaching record-low levels. If you're a borrower, don't wait to lock your rate as this opportunity may not last long.

Accumulating emergency savings requires establishing the habit.

Do not use them as a substitute for emergency savings. Having your own money means you control your own destiny.

A line of credit is open-ended, like a credit card. You have lots of flexibility in when and how much you borrow or repay.

Nearly 30 percent of Americans don't have any emergency savings at all. Every little bit you can squirrel away in a savings account acts as a buffer.

If you put yourself in hock to the boss, it's probably not a good place to go from a career standpoint.

The financial crisis came during millennials' formative years. It instilled in them smart habits we haven't seen in awhile.

This is but one illustration of why pouring extra money into paying down, or avoiding having to take, a low fixed-rate tax-deductible mortgage is not the optimal financial move.

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