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There was a period of months during Monica Lewinsky when I could have set my hair on fire and I would not have gotten on television. It's a
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Oct 30 2017
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Grover Norquist is associated, including creation and job. Most recently, Grover Norquist has been quoted saying: “She he may not be able to get the size or scope of what she's looking at, but this process isn't about getting everything in this specific bill. It takes time, and there will be more than one plane out of Casablanca on taxes.” in the article On taxes, Trump is an eager salesman - but the policy action is on Capitol Hill.
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Aug 17 2017 - Carbon

What is that Taylor Swift song? We are never, ever, ever getting back together? This is never, ever, ever going to

Aug 17 2017 - Carbon

This time there is money for promoting that this idea might happen

Aug 08 2017 - American politics

I would argue he's taken a more pro-conservative stand on gun rights, on home schooling, on judges than past Republican presidents. If you want to do a purity test, Reagan and Bush would not have passed on a lot of a things. Trump changes the world on behalf of

Aug 02 2017 - Trump Presidency

You want the structures that deliver people, votes and enthusiasm – and he understands that. Where's Trump been the most solid? Taxes. He's never going to raise taxes. Pro-life, he gets that. Home schoolers, he listens to them. And guns. He's good on

Jul 31 2017 - Republican Party

All you need to get is one Senate vote, and McCain's argument for not voting for health-care reform … I don't think that stands. He needs to decide what he does want

Jul 31 2017 - Obamacare

We can walk and chew gum at the same time. One does not interfere with the other. These are on two separate tracks. There's a trillion dollars of tax hikes in Obamacare, a trillion dollars over each decade. The more of those tax hikes you can get rid of when you reform and replace Obamacare, the better off you are for lower tax rates. I think it's entirely likely they come back and get that extra vote and move forward there on some health-care

Jul 26 2017

What you are hearing from the administration is that they are sensitive to the Democrats' critique of any tax cut for rich people. I think he's just being

Jul 14 2017

There are some politicians who wanted to spend more money and they got what they wanted, which damages economic

Jul 12 2017

There's a tax cut coming, so we'll get this. This is three-dimensional

Jul 02 2017

At 15 percent, Swiss bankers will move here. What you need is not an explosion of spending. And you need the economy to grow faster than the size of the

Jun 30 2017 - Republican Party

It would be a bad idea to leave job-destroying taxes in the code for a second longer than

Jun 30 2017 - Republican Party

The faster we get the capital gains tax down, the faster we'll get further growth and investment. And we need jobs, jobs, jobs if the Republicans would like to see themselves hold the House and the Senate in

Jun 30 2017 - Republican Party

You'd have to see what the whole thing looks like. But it'd be hard to see how you could have a bill that was pro-growth and job-creating if you took this section out of

May 30 2017 - Trump Presidency

This is a huge deal to speak to the people who brung you to the

May 30 2017 - Trump Presidency

Everybody who hates Trump wants him to stay in Paris. Everybody who respects him, trusts him, voted for him, wishes for him to succeed wants him to pull out. I kept my

May 01 2017 - American politics

There is no need – and no excuse for a tax hike. We can have more roads at lower prices if Congress repeals destructive laws and rules it itself established for sordid

Apr 26 2017 - American politics

This is a thing of beauty, a thing of wonder. Growth, growth, growth!feedback

Apr 22 2017

Unlike the 3D chess problem of what might a parliamentarian agree on healthcare, it's all linear and moves right or left on tax

Apr 21 2017 - General Motors

A lot of business income is taxed at the individual level, through subchapter S corporations, partnerships and so on. Both of those rates will come down by 43 percent. It's not just General Motors and Boeing that finds this exciting. It's ten plus million self-employed

Apr 21 2017

That makes us competitive with the rest of the

Apr 21 2017 - American politics

It is probably going to look a lot like what Trump talked about in the campaign merged with the Republican House proposal, which was co-authored by the Trump people. So, we know Trump in the campaign talked about taking the 35 percent corporate rate down to 15 percent. That will go at least to 20, maybe to 15 – that could be the surprise next week. But at least to 20. It will also include something that both the House Republicans and Trump made a commitment on, and that is the business

Apr 18 2017 - Immigration

Trump's regulatory regime is Reaganite. His tax cut is Reaganite. He's more aggressive than Reagan on labor issues. We're working with the administration on the major economic stuff, so I feel very comfortable with the way they're going. The guys who make that case are a fringe. I don't think Trump will respond to that. You get tax cuts and growth, and a lot of the challenges that people have on both immigration and trade become much less of a challenge, in terms of voters' levels of grumpiness. I am completely

Apr 18 2017

I'm with you 100 percent. I'm with you 100 percent. I'm with you 100

Apr 18 2017 - Trump Presidency

Half the country lives in a completely red state, OK? This is a wave that Trump caught–it's not a tsunami he created. He didn't say hated. Which I wore at Burning Man! I have the picture! They have more tattoos than I do. I have no tattoos. It's none of the government's goddamned business if it makes your nose fall off!feedback

Apr 18 2017

There's a guy we worked with who went to every vaping shop in Wisconsin, reminding them that Senator Johnson was the number-one defender of

Apr 13 2017 - NATO

The budget he's put out is an incredible budget. He's pushed hard to abolish Obamacare. The tax bill he put forward is Reaganite in all it's forms, so I'm looking at a guy who did exactly what he said he was going to do on every big issue. Both on China and NATO, he rattled the cage and got movement in the direction that he wanted and, at least as of now, NATO is behaving they way he wants to and the Chinese might be more helpful in

Mar 31 2017

We told the speaker that we think we can find the votes needed to pass this bill. We are optimistic. The speaker said, This is still doable, and it's our goal to get it done while we work on tax reform on a parallel

Mar 14 2017

[That] means those House Republicans who think it's not conservative enough and some senators … can take $300 billion in reduced deficits and cut other taxes in order to earn support that wasn't there. There's a lot of wiggle room that didn't exist before the

Mar 10 2017

He is making people feel loved and appreciated and part of the

Feb 23 2017

Damn near the entire conservative wish list on tax policy is in his (Trump's) tax

Feb 23 2017

He sits in a room with Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan. Is there a bad a deal to be made with those three in the room? A deal between those three will, I think, always make me

Feb 22 2017

He sits in a room with Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan. Is there a bad a deal to made with those three in the room? A deal between those three will, I think, always make me

Feb 08 2017 - Carbon

Now that the GOP can repeal all the anti-energy, anti-job regs--the Left offers to trade those regs for a carbon tax. Nice try.

Jan 24 2017

Could it be improved? Absolutely. There are lots of areas that you could actually make this tax cut even better. But right now, as a package, it will either pas or be improved on, an dit should be done in the next six

Dec 19 2016

While they may deem repatriation for some of the money that's overseas and tax it now, it would be never taxed again. We'll become a normal country that taxes things within its borders, and doesn't tax income

Dec 01 2016

A buyback is investing in your own company. That's certainly an awfully good sign if companies are saying 'I think the economy is so good I want more of my

Dec 01 2016

These are two powerful drivers of new investment, job creation and increasing productivity, which allows wages to

Oct 16 2012

Democrats want a bigger government and they want higher taxes to pay for it. The Republicans want a smaller government and they don't want to raise taxes to pay for it. What would a compromise look like? There is no compromise. The Republicans want to go west, the Democrats want to go

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