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Gus Faucher has been quoted 10 times. The one recent article where Gus Faucher has been quoted is US Federal Reserve raises interest rates to 1%. Most recently, Gus Faucher was quoted as having said, “There isn't much bleed over into mortgage rates; it's mostly the short-term borrowers.”.

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An improving economy, in particular a tighter labor market, will put upward pressure on inflation throughout 2017.

I think the concern, in terms of why the Fed is raising rates now, is that inflation is picking up. The unemployment rate is 4.7% and that's putting upward pressure on prices. We have slower labor force growth because of the ageing of the baby boomers, [and thus] slower productivity growth in terms of output per worker. That has reduced the potential for long-run growth, it's reduced inflationary pressures, and I think rates in the future will be lower than they have been in the past.

There isn't much bleed over into mortgage rates; it's mostly the short-term borrowers.

The increase in the unemployment rate came about from both more people working and more people looking for work – a positive.

Trade was a big boost to growth in the third quarter, that's going to reverse. Consumer spending, business investment and housing will add to growth, so we will still see a solid improvement in the fourth quarter.

Overall inflation is accelerating as energy prices and the U.S. dollar have stabilized since the spring. Stronger wage growth from the tight labor market will also help push up inflation over the medium term.

This kind of data are consistent with what the Fed is looking for in terms of the labour market and economic growth. If we get more data like this, that will suggest we are likely to see an interest rate increase, most likely in December.

The industrial side of the U.S. economy remains under pressure.

Consumer spending will continue to lead economic growth in 2016, as more jobs, rising wages and house prices give households more money to spend.

The labor market is on a solid footing. Layoffs are low, hiring is good, and workers who do lose their jobs are finding new ones quickly.

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