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On the 60th anniversary of the treaty of Rome, and faced with an explosion of Eurosceptic nationalism, the EU stands at a crossroads. Radical reform is needed. Tomorrow, EU leaders past and present will gather in Rome to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the treaty of Rome, which established the European Economic Community, the forerunner to the European Union.
NEW Mar 24 2017
Guy Verhofstadt has been quoted 60 times. The one recent article where Guy Verhofstadt has been quoted is Isolated Poland threatens to spoil party at EU summit over two-speed Europe. Most recently, Guy Verhofstadt was quoted as having said, “The EU is a community of the rule of law. We must not stand aside and watch this any longer.”.
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The "days of U.K. cherry-picking and Europe a la carte are over.

Saying ... we are going to make a sort of free zone or tax haven of Great Britain, I don't think this is useful.

We shall never accept a situation in which it is better to be outside the EU and the single market than to be a member.

It is a first and important step in the building up of a pro-European coalition ... that is absolutely necessary with Trump, with Putin, with many other challenges Europe faces.

And that is absolutely necessary with Trump, with Putin, with many other challenges Europe faces. It is key we cooperate to reform our union.

Maybe I am a little bit naïve in these questions after more than 40 years of politics, that can happen. And it's not maybe my first mistake that I have made in my life, in my political life. When I see that number of these people are not going to pro-European groups for the moment, at this moment that we are speaking and debating, maybe it was not so a bad thing, it will weaken euroscepticism, weaken populism and weaken nationalism.

There are not enough guarantees to push forward a common agenda to reform Europe. There is insufficient common ground to proceed with the request of the Five Star Movement to join the ALDE Group. There remain fundamental differences on key European issues.

The worst thing that can happen is that we return to violence because of this.

Some things cannot wait until treaty change. Therefore, the ability to keep European citizenship for those who risk losing it will be on the table of the upcoming Brexit negotiations and will be discussed at the moment of the parliament's resolution, right after the triggering of article 50 in March.

He and other "Brexiteers" were "rats fleeing a sinking ship.

What makes it so hard for me, and I think the other group leaders and for everybody here in this house, is the way it succeeded (the Brexit). Absolute negative campaign. The posters of Mr Farage showing refugees like in Nazi propaganda because he copied it at that moment.

We need to further boost our investments in technology and innovation aimed at reducing our dependence on fossil fuels.

I am an optimist, I think that they are going to say yes, because they are not so stupid, to give up, first of all, the European Union which is economically important for them, and the City of London for example lives from the payments in euros, more than from the payments in pounds sterling.

And secondly I think foremost geopolitically, I think British citizens know very well, understand very well, that Britain without the European Union is in fact a dwarf on the world level. And the same is true for the European Union, the European Union without Britain is certainly not a strong continent that can compete with China, with Russia, with the US and other powers.

So I think it can be a win win situation. Let's give this special status to Britain and at the same time let's make an agreement in the future with the Treaty change, the Treaty revision, we go forward on the integration of the Union.

So it is time to solve it and to give a special status to Britain as they are asking for, and so that the other members of the EU can go forward in their integration because we need more integration, desperately, to solve the refugee crisis, to solve the security crisis, to strengthen our position on the geopolitical level, the problems with the euro.

So I think that with this deal we are preparing for the moment, we can avoid this.

No it is a specific solution for the request of Britain and my proposal and the proposal of the European Parliament is to give a special status to Britain, because that we have had that discussion for three decades.

I am angry because you are talking about reforms, but we never see concrete proposals of reforms…let's propose to end of privileges in your country, the privileges of the shipowners, the privilege of the military, the privilege of the orthodox Church in your country.

Our proposal, alongside Europol, is to create EurIntel. Something at the European level, which could gather and analyse information regarding facts and terrorist attacks.

You can do whatever investment you want in energy, in digital.. If we are at the same time not unifying these markets, and it is also still 28 different markets, it shall not work.

If we want to solve problems like climate change, like unemployment, like bad financial products coming from the other side of the ocean, we need European cooperation, we need a European Union [that is] stronger, that can defend its model against China, against India, against the US.

What we have to do is learn from Jacques Delors, Jacques Delors launched the internal market and that created growth for ten years in Europe! We can do exactly the same, we need to do exactly the same!

Without the banking union there cannot be an end to the economic crisis of today, because there is no trust between the banks for the moment in Europe, and the transfer of money between the banks and the real economy is blocked for the moment. So the banking union is the first thing to do.

We have only taken the decision within the European Parliament, that we have to suspend the SWIFT agreement, until we know exactly what is happening: what data is used by the American intelligence services, and if they are doing that within the framework of our agreements, or without the framework of the agreements.

I don't think that's right at all I think the majority of people know very well that if we want economic growth in the future, as well as jobs for young people, we need to have more Europe.

I'm calling for an Article 7 procedure to be opened. Article 7 of the EU treaty say that when we do not measures up to democratic values and principles, and fundamental rights, then member states can start debating, give recommendations and then even sanction the offending country.

What cannot happen is that this plenary session in Strasbourg is ending without a decision of this Parliament on the case of Hungary and without any action of the Commission and any action of the Council.

In fact, what is happening is that Mister Orban is laughing and joking with us by doing this.

But now we'll have a deficit at the European level as a means of fixing their national problems.

I think Hollande should try to convince his colleagues at the European Council to approve a budget for the future of the EU and to avoid bargaining down.

The clock is counting down to midnight for a permanent solution for the debt crisis.

There are too many provisions lacking clarity and certainty as to the way they would be implemented in practice.

I think it is very important that the political leaders in Europe and head of state, and heads of government, are condemning such initiatives. Because they are destroying really the spirit of the European Union.

Hungary is an example of what may happen wherever there is a concentration of crisis tendency with authoritarian means and a policy of nationalistic isolation.

I have here a document, a document of in total 30 breaches of the treaty. So to say that there's no problem today in Hungary, and that there is no big problem, I am astonished by that.

Mr Junker, Mr van Rompuy, Mr Rehn, Mr Barroso, the president of the European Central Bank… We have at least five people who are representing Europe! We need one! And that can only be a senior Commissioner that you have to appoint. Make him 'European Minister of Finance' and all this discussion on who is representing the euro is over!

I think that if the European Union together with the Americans had taken a very firm position from the outset in asking for Mubarak to leave, this violence would have been avoided.

The Roma are Eu-ro-pean citizens, citizens with full rights.

[It], rightly, wants the European authority to have the last word in this matter of financial markets. The entire financial crisis showed that national authorities do not work well, and that we need an authority at European level.

We need the screening by the EU of the national budgets before the final approval by the Parliaments, we need more powers for Eurostat.

What my conclusion is that it is absolutely necessary now to have a negotiation between the European Authorities and the US to find an agreement or maybe a treaty in which we define together what could be the necessary guarantees if we transfer personal data in our fight against terrorism.

All of us react with sorrow, disgust and even powerlessness to this news. It is impossible to work out what drives some people.

It is important to remember where the ideas of the extreme right can lead. I would also like to ask all communities to react with calm to this cowardly crime.

We must not let society be sucked into a spiral of violence and hatred. Our society has always been one of tolerance and things must remain that way.

He "regrets DHL's decision not to make the extra effort asked for in order to reduce the noise pollution levels.

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