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These nominees deserve at least an up-or-down vote. But Republican filibusters deny them a fair vote and deny the president his team.feedback
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We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Harry M. Reid is associated, including Donald Trump, Senate, and information. Most recently, Harry M. Reid has been quoted saying: “I think it's going to be good for them. By that time, there will be a lot of people on it that have already signed up. It'll be fine.” in the article 41 of the 50 counties where insurance rates rose the most since 2012 voted for Trump.
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By confirming that the new emails were meaningless, today's letter underscores the irresponsibility of Director Comey's original letter.feedback

I led the fight to get you confirmed because I believed you to be a principled public servant. With the deepest regret, I now see that I was wrong.feedback

Your actions in recent months have demonstrated a disturbing double standard for the treatment of sensitive information, with what appears to be a clear intent to aid one political party over another.feedback

The clear double-standard established by your actions strongly suggests that your highly selective approach to publicizing information, along with your timing, was intended for the success or failure of a partisan candidate or political group.feedback

The public has the right to know this information. And yet, you continue to resist calls to inform the public of this critical information.feedback

The Republican leadership in both houses are marching in lockstep with Donald Trump.feedback

It should lead to our being able to move forward on this continuing resolution. There are a couple of other outstanding issues. But I think they should be able to be resolved.feedback

Democrats have been clear that Congress should not leave Flint and other lead-tainted communities out of any (stopgap spending) negotiation that includes emergency disaster funding.feedback

I will bet that Obama's veto will not be sustained.feedback

So what does that make the rest of us? Suckers, unintelligent, dumb?feedback

Our colleagues across the aisle will point to partisan excuses, but the bottom line is this: There's no excuse not to pass these bills.feedback

Republicans have deadlocked our entire system of justice because of the Republican Senate's dysfunction.feedback

We are not doing anything into next year and every Republican should be aware of that right now.feedback

He has not backed off. He is somebody who has been unrelenting in recognizing that climate change is not a scientific hoax.feedback

Those Republicans should call on McConnell to confirm Garland, not hold the Supreme Court seat for someone as "radical and unfit" as Trump, a New York businessman who has never held public office. They spend a lot of time these Republicans, spending a lot of energy trying to separate themselves from Donald Trump. But as long as they're holding a Supreme Court seat open for him, they're his minions. They're his enablers.feedback

I would think that she and all the people around her would say, Why do we need to rock the boat here? Let's get him confirmed quickly and move on to the next one, whenever that comes.feedback

This shouldn't be hard. Donald Trump is a sexist and racist man who insults Gold Star parents, stokes fear of Muslims and sows hatred of Latinos. He should not be president and Republican leaders have a moral responsibility to say so?feedback

Despite his outstanding record and qualifications, Republicans have obstructed Judge Garland's nomination in a way faced by no other Supreme Court nominee in our nation's history.feedback

It's not going to help him that much, no matter who he picks.feedback

Republicans have no desire to work with us to get a bipartisan Zika funding bill to the president – now, or any time in the future. It's all been a charade. Republicans are interested in one thing only: attacking Planned Parenthood.feedback

It's going to be good for the country, good for Indiana to have him back.feedback

They'll force yet another failed vote on this cynical legislation and then pack their bags for the longest Senate vacation since 1954.feedback

This economic crisis is a humanitarian disaster.feedback

If we have a Republican governor in any of those states, the answer is not only no, but hell no. I would do whatever I can, and I think most of my Democratic colleagues would say the same thing.feedback

It's a mockery of how Congress should treat an emergency.feedback

She should make up her mind and not be a hypocrite.feedback

Republicans should be embarrassed, but they're not.feedback

It's always the same. After each tragedy, we try, we Democrats try to pass sensible gun safety measures. Sadly, our efforts are blocked by the Republican Congress who take their marching orders from the National Rifle Association.feedback

If they have something that's decent we'll work with them. this is not the end" of the issue for Democrats.feedback

If Republicans believe that a man who believes in religious and ethnic tests for federal judges is fit to be president of the United States, they must explain why this is an acceptable position.feedback

McConnell is leading his Senate over the cliff. And I am telling everybody that's watching this, the senators aren't going to allow that.feedback

Now it's time for Republicans to undo what they've done by denouncing Donald Trump. Trump is the GOP's Frankenstein monster. If the Republicans fail to stop Donald Trump, he'll tear the party apart even more than it is now.feedback

I think that my work with her over the years has been something that I have looked upon with awe. She was the first lady. She started the trend toward looking to do something about health care. She understood the issue well, she was the front on the health care during that administration.feedback

One hundred thousand people in Flint, Michigan, have been poisoned, and Republicans do nothing" to help them. Nine thousand little children ... have been poisoned. Still, Senate Republicans refuse to help.feedback

We're willing to make difficult concessions as part of a balanced comprehensive agreement but will not agree to cut social security benefits as part of a small or short-term agreement, especially if that agreement gives more handouts to the rich.feedback

I think they should take all the uniforms, put them in a big pile and burn them and start all over again.feedback

As one market analyst said today, quote: 'there is a significant risk of downgrade with an agreement that ties further cuts to another vote only a few months down the road' close quote. It appears to me at this stage that the Republicans are more interested in embarrassing the President than doing what is right for the country.feedback

This is indefensible and everyone should be outraged.feedback

He is a dictator. He can do a lot of things – he, through the form of government they have. Maybe I shouldn't have said dictator but they have a different type of government than we have and that's an understatement.feedback

The bell that just rang isn't the end of the fight. It's the start of the next round.feedback

Affording to live a healthy life isn't about politics or partisanship or polling! Mr. President, it's about people. It's about life and death in America. It's a question of morality, about right and wrong.feedback

The American people have a right to be frustrated with the economic crisis that they face and we share that with them. But inaction is not an option which is why we worked expeditiously and in a bi-partisan manner to stop a bad situation from getting even worse. It is my expectation the House of Representatives will follow suit.feedback

For those who've voted to block debate to protect President Bush, Americans now know they want to stay a failed course in Iraq. They want more o the same. They support escalation. The Senate is not done with his issue. It's too important to be brushed aside.feedback

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