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They have to be rejected, because they are fundamentally un-American.
Mar 21 2017
Hillary Clinton has been quoted 1158 times. The one recent article where Hillary Clinton has been quoted is Hillary Clinton says she's ready 'to come out of the woods' at St Patrick's Day speech. Most recently, Hillary Clinton was quoted as having said, “I wrote this book for everyone who's ever wanted to speak up but has been told to quiet down - for everyone who's ever been made to feel less than.”.
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These are the words I live by. These quotes have helped me celebrate the good times, laugh at the absurd times, persevere during the hard times and deepen my appreciation of all life has to offer. I hope by sharing these words and my thoughts about them, the essays will be meaningful for readers.

The fact that our intelligence professionals are now studying this and taking it seriously raises some, grave questions about potential Russian interference with our electoral process.

This is part of a long-drawn strategy to cause us to doubt ourselves and to create the circumstances in which Americans either wittingly or unwittingly will begin to cede their freedoms to a much more powerful state. This is an attack on our country.

The idea that the Electoral College was supposed to overrule the tyranny of the masses clearly was not played out in this election.

Harry and Joe (Biden) may be stepping back from the daily scrum of politics, but I know I speak for them – as well as tens of millions of Americans – when I say that we are all counting on those of you who remain; counting on you to defend this institution that all three of us love so much, and the democratic values that it embodies.

But after a few weeks of taking selfies in the woods, I thought it would be a good idea to come out.

There have been a few times this past week where all I wanted to do was curl up with a good book and our dogs and never leave the house again.

I know that over the past week a lot of people have asked themselves whether America is the country we thought it was. The divisions laid bare by this election run deep, but please listen to me when I say this. America is worth it. Our children are worth it. Believe in our country, fight for our values and never, ever give up.

I will admit coming here tonight wasn’t the easiest thing for me. There have been a few times this past week when all I wanted to do is just to curl up with a good book or our dogs and never leave the house again.

There have been a few times this past week when all I wanted to do was just to curl up with a good book or our dogs and never leave the house again.

It's up to each and every one of us to keep working to make America better and stronger and fairer.

Donald Trump is going to be our president. We owe him an open mind and the chance to lead.

I congratulated Donald Trump and offered to work with him on behalf of our country. I hope that he will be a successful president for all Americans. This is not the outcome we wanted or we worked so hard for, and I'm sorry that we did not win this election for the values we share in the vision we hold for our country. But I feel I feel pride and gratitude for this wonderful campaign that we built together.

I'm glad that we're ending private prisons in the federal system. I want to see them ended in the state system. You shouldn't have a profit motivation to fill prison cells with young Americans.

We are going to fix our inner cities and rebuild our highways, bridges, tunnels, airports, schools, hospitals. We're going to rebuild our infrastructure, which will become, by the way, second to none. And we will put millions of our people to work as we rebuild it.

To all the women, especially the young women who put their faith in this campaign and in me: I wan't you to know that nothing has made me prouder than to be your champion. We have still not shattered that highest and hardest glass ceiling, but someday someone will and hopefully sooner than we might think right now.

I hope that he will be a successful president for all Americans.

Our responsibility as citizens is to keep doing our part to keep building that better, stronger, fairer America.

America "is more deeply divided than we thought.

We have seen that our nation is more deeply divided than we thought. But I still believe in America and I always will.

Mr. Trump accused me of playing, quote, the woman card. Well if fighting for women's healthcare and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card the deal me in.

I made a mistake using a private e-mail. And I had to do it over again I would obviously do it differently. But I'm not going to make any any excuses, it was a mistake, and take responsibility for that.

Of course Donald Trump is already making up lies about this, he is doing his best to confuse mislead and discourage the American people.

Now imagine Donald Trump sitting in the situation room making life or death decisions on behalf of the US.

Usually over, but I can live with under.

I have my side, and it works very well for us. I think he'll be happy to let me answer it.

It is the most humbling feeling because you know I know how much responsibility goes with this and so many people are counting on the outcome of this election what it means for our country and I'll do the very best I can if I'm fortunate enough to win today. Thank you.

I will be taking the earliest opportunity to speak to whoever the winner of that contest is and talking to them about the special relationship that the UK has with the US. That relationship spans a whole range of issues, not just trade but also dealing with terrorism, security matters and defense matters as well.

Tomorrow, you can vote for a hopeful, inclusive, big-hearted America. And our core values are being tested in this election. And I know that people are frustrated, a lot of people feel left out and left behind. There's fear, even anger in our country. But I've gotta say, anger is not a plan, my friends.

We chose to believe in a hopeful, inclusive, big-hearted America. An America where everyone has a place, everyone's included, everyone has the chance of living up to their own god-given potential.

We will have some work to do to bring about healing and reconciliation after this election.

Our core values have been tested in this election. The real question for us is what kind of question we want to be and what kind of future we want to build for our children.

The choice in this election could not be clearer. It really is a choice between division or unity, between strong and steady leadership or a loose cannon, between an economy that works for everyone not just those at the top, and an economy that is set up and run for those at the top.

We're just looking at maximizing our turnout operation everywhere and working in coordination, obviously, with other candidates in both the House and the Senate and governorships. But I'm really, I'm really excited about having a chance to make all these stops today.

I want to be the president for all Americans, those who vote for me and those who do not vote for for me because we have to heal this country and that's going to take everyone. We have to remember how to disagree without being so disagreeable.

Look we know enough about what he says and what he's done, you don't need to go through the litany of all the people he's insulted and demeaned but the bottom line is his vision of America is so dark and divisive. It's not the America I see as I travel around our country. I want us to have a vision that is hopeful.

It is a choice between division and unity, between strong, steady leadership and a loose cannon who could put everything at risk.

What he does off the court is to care for every child as though that child is his own. I will be on your side. I will fight for you.

This election is about doing everything we can to stop a movement to destroy President Obama's legacy.

If we come together with the common vision, common faith, we will find common ground.

You know, I'm not sitting here, some little woman standing by my man like Tammy Wynette.

I want you to say I voted for a better, fairer stronger America.

Jay memorably said something we should all recall: Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther could walk, and Martin Luther walked so Barack Obama could run, and Barack Obama ran so all the children could fly.

I want to make sure every voter in Florida spends these next seven days thinking about what's at stake. I am ready to serve if you give me the great honor of being your president.

I'm am going to introduce my priority legislation and this is at the top of that list. And then I'm going to work as hard as I can to make sure that we get it moved through the congressional process.

I want to be a president who helps everybody fulfill their God-given potential. And I can't do that unless on Tuesday we decide what kind of country we want to be. Will we reject a dark and divisive vision for our future?

I'm so happy this day has come. Happy for grandmothers and little girls and everyone in between. Happy for boys and men, too. Because when any barrier falls in America, for anyone, it clears the way for everyone.

Please take this energy out with you. Help us win Ohio.

When the middle class thrives, American thrives.

Think about what it will be to trust the nuclear codes to someone with a very thin skin.

Imagine he is taking the oath of office. Imagine having a president who demeans women, mocks the disabled, insults Latinos, African-Americans, Muslims, POWs, who pits people against each other instead of pulling us together – someone with a very thin skin who lashes out at anyone who challenges him.

He has spent this entire campaign offering a dog whistle to his most hateful supporters.

He has no idea, no idea about the strength of the black church, the vibrancy of black-owned businesses, the excellence of historically black colleges and universities.

If you add up all of the people and all the groups of people he has insulted and demeaned it makes way more than half of America.

And the truth is we really don't have to guess. We just have to look at everything he has said and done in his career and this campaign, it's a good preview of what would likely happen.

This state is in play for the first time in years.

I think it's time you had a new sheriff in town, don't you?

She believes everyone is safer when the "police respect the people they protect and the people respect the police who serve them.

I want to build on the legacy that President Obama has given us.

I am sick and tired of the negative, dark, divisive, dangerous vision and behavior from people who support Donald Trump.

But I can't just talk about all of the good things we want to do.

Then imagine him plunging us into a war because somebody got under his very thin skin.

When I think about what we now know about Donald Trump and what he's been doing for 30 years, he sure has spent a lot of time demeaning, degrading, insulting and assaulting women.

He thinks belittling women makes him a bigger man. He doesn't see us as full human beings.

Can we just stop for a minute and reflect on the absurdity of Donald Trump finding fault with Miss Universe?

It's prudent to imagine what could happen if we don't do our part and when in the future somebody asks you – maybe your kids or your grandkids – what did you do when everything was on the line, I want you to be able to say I voted for a better, fairer, stronger America.

In these last days, let's not get distracted from the real choice in this election and the consequences for your future.

There's going to be a very important effort for bipartisan cooperation together on this.

I'm not stopping now, we're just getting warmed up. We're not going to be distracted, no matter what our opponents throw at us.

We are 11 days out from perhaps the most important national election of our lifetimes. Voting is already underway in our country. So the American people deserve to get the full and complete facts immediately. The director himself has said he doesn't know whether the emails referenced in his letter are significant or not.

Looking back, it would have been better for me to use two separate phones, and two e-mail accounts. I thought using one device would be simpler, and, obviously, it hasn't worked out that way.

Voting is already underway in our country. Therefore it is imperative that the bureau explain this.

Donald Trump says he can still win and you know he's right.

We don't know what to believe. Right now, your guess is as good as mine, and I don't think that's good enough.

The director himself has said he doesn't know whether the emails referenced in his letter are significant or not. I'm confident whatever they are will not change the conclusion reached in July.

Let me say a word about the recent flooding in Cedar Rapids.

That means we have to work more closely with our allies and that is something that Donald has been very dismissive of. We're working with NATO, the longest military alliance in the history of the world to really turn our attention to terrorism.

Let's be real. As our first African-American first lady, she's faced pressures I never did, and she's handled them with pure grace.

Michelle reminds us to work hard, stay true to our values, be good to one another and never, ever stop fighting for what we believe in.

Trump is "the poster boy for everything wrong with our economy.

I am going to work as hard as I can over these next 13 days reaching out to as many people as possible. We can't take our foot off the gas – even for a short time. Every vote counts.

If I'm fortunate enough to be president, I will expect the government to conduct a very thorough analysis before making a decision.

The choice is yours as to what kind of country we want to be.

What Trump has done is to make it possible for people who had racist, sexist, and all kinds of prejudices and bigotry to put them right out there, a syndicated radio show based in New York City.

If we're serious about keeping our country safe, we also can't afford to have a president who's in the pocket of the gun lobby.

I bet some of you or maybe your parents or grandparents came from places where none of that was true.

Nobody should want to wake up on November 9 and wonder whether there was more you could have done.

I hope you will come out and vote because it's going to be a close election. Pay no attention to the polls. Don't forget, don't get complacent, because we've got to turn people out.

We can deploy a half a billion more solar panels. We can have enough clean energy to power every home. We can build a new modern electric grid. That's a lot of jobs. That's a lot of new economic activity.

He's basically declaring defeat before the battle has even started.

She could listen to Warren "all day" and praised her for the Trump tirade because "she gets under his thin skin like nobody else.

He refused to say that he would respect the results of this election, and that is a threat to democracy. The peaceful transition of power is one of the things that makes America America.

Unlike her opponent, Deborah has never been afraid to stand up to Donald Trump.

We've got to do the hard and maybe most important work of healing, healing our country.

Unlike her opponent, Debra has never been afraid to stand up to Donald Trump.

If he doesn't have the courage to stand up to Donald Trump after all of this, then can you be sure that he will stand up for you when it counts?

I understand that they need a president who cares about them, will listen to them and I want to be their president.

My name may be on the ballot, but the question really is who are we as a country, what are our values, what kind of a future do we want to create together.

I respect that. I want to answer them. I want to earn your vote.

But we know in our country the difference between leadership and dictatorship, right? And the peaceful transition of power is one of the things that sets us apart.

I saw where our opponent Donald Trump went to Gettysburg, one of the most extraordinary places in American history, and basically said if he's president he'll spend his time suing women who have made charges against him based on his behavior.

And unfortunately from my perspective, one that interferes with our ability to move forward with all the other issues. Therefore I oppose it.

The right call. Now it's time to make America a clean energy superpower.

Come to think of it, you know what would be a good number for a woman? 45.

I want to enhance benefits for low-income workers and for women who have been disadvantaged by the current Social Security system.

I have been for border security for years. But I want to put our resources where I think they're most needed: getting rid of any violent person.

Nuclear competition in Asia, you said, you know, Go ahead. Enjoy yourselves, folks.

That is not the way our democracy works. We've been around for 240 years. We've had free and fair elections. We've accepted the outcomes when we may not have liked them. And that is what must be expected of anyone standing on a debate stage during a general election.

The bottom line on nuclear weapons is that when the president gives the order it must be followed.

That's how Donald thinks. He's always looking … (for) conspiracy theories.

There's only one of us on this stage who's actually shipped jobs to Mexico.

Let's be clear about what he is saying and what that means. He is denigrating – he is talking down our democracy and I, for one, am appalled that somebody who is the nominee of one of our two major parties would take that kind of position.

He attacked the woman reporter. Called her disgusting, as he has called a number of women during this campaign.

They have hacked American websites, American accounts of private people, of institutions, then they have given that information to WikiLeaks for the purpose of putting it on the internet.

We've never had anything like this happen in any of our elections before.

The most important question of this evening is, finally, will Donald Trump admit and condemn that the Russians are doing this and make it clear that he will not have the help of [Russian President Vladimir] Putin in this election, that he rejects Russian espionage against Americans – which he actually encouraged in the past? Those are the questions we need answered.

I strongly support Roe v. Wade. I will defend Roe v. Wade, I will defend a woman's right to make her own decision.

This is one of the worst possible choices that any woman and her family has to make, and I do not believe the government should be making it.

I have made the cause of children and families really my life's work. That's what my mission will be in the presidency.

Well that's because he'd rather have a puppet as president of the United States.

It's pretty clear you won't admit that the Russians have engaged in cyber-attacks against the United States of America that you encouraged espionage against our people.

Well, Chris, let me respond to that because that is horrifying. You know every time Donald thinks things are not going in his direction he claims whatever it is is rigged against him.

That's because he'd rather have a puppet as a president of the United States.

She would put more money in the Social Security trust fund through increasing taxes on the wealthy and other methods and promised not to cut benefits.

I'm against it now. I'll be against after the election. I'll be against it when I'm president.

Trump "thinks belittling women makes him bigger. He goes after their dignity, their self-worth.

I think that's a message worth recalling today when so many hardworking American families, and I add European families feel like they're falling further and further behind, while they see, in their view, the playing field becoming more unlevel, and feeling as though it doesn't matter how hard they work because the game is rigged against them.

And if there are issues, if there's wrongdoing, people have to be held accountable and we have to try to deter future bad behavior, because the public trust is at the core of both a free market economy and a democracy.

So even if it may not be 100 percent true, if the perception is that somehow the game is rigged, that should be a problem for all of us, and we have to be willing to make that absolutely clear. And if there are issues, if there's wrongdoing, people have to be held accountable and we have to try to deter future bad behavior, because the public trust is at the core of both a free market economy and a democracy.

We used to be much better at this than we are now. Now, you know, everybody can't help themselves. They have to go out and tell their friendly reporters and somebody else: Look what we're doing and I want credit for it, and all the rest of it.

To have a no fly zone you have to take out all of the air defense, many of which are located in populated areas. So our missiles, even if they are standoff missiles so we're not putting our pilots at risk – you're going to kill a lot of Syrians. So all of a sudden this intervention that people talk about so glibly becomes an American and NATO involvement where you take a lot of civilians.

... And so you don't want to give them any more time to trivialize the importance of the issues than you have to give them.

What happened, how did it happen, how do we prevent it from happening? You guys help us figure it out, and let's make sure that we do it right this time.

Xi's experience of visiting Iowa in the 1980s "was a very important part of his own development.

It "sends a terrible message to so many people here at home and around the world.

I will be asking for your help. I need your help not just to win this election but to govern and to heal the divides that exist in our country right now. I do believe there isn't anything we can't do once we make up our minds to do it.

Bringing people together to solve problems is key to our democracy. There's no question about it. And I want us to do that in a spirit of mutual respect, listening to one another, having each other's backs.

So make no mistake, we do have to repair the damage which he has done, which we will do. But on both domestic and national security grounds, repudiating his candidacy sends exactly the right message.

She takes no satisfaction in seeing what Trump does because "it hurts me and it hurts our country.

The biggest supporters of a provocative North Korea has been the PLA. The deep connections between the military leadership in China and in North Korea has really been the mainstay of the relationship.

His campaign is promising more scorched earth attacks. Now that's up to him. He can run his campaign however he chooses. And frankly I don't care if he goes after me. I signed on for this. But I will defend and stand up for every other person or every other group.

She has "watched a lot of cats do a lot of weird and interesting things.

We cannot let this pessimism, this dark and divisive and dangerous vision for America take hold in anybody's heart.

I know how important it is that we stay focused on the concerns that people have, not on the demagoguery and distraction.

You know from the NBA, from Major League Baseball, from the NFL, they are coming forward and you know what they're saying 'hey not in our locker rooms, that's not what happens'. But he's not just insulted women, he's an equal opportunity insulter, he's insulted everybody.

That's all they have left – pure negativity, pessimism.

We cannot risk putting a climate denier in the White House…We need a president who believes in science.

Hurricane Matthew was "likely more destructive because of climate change.

Rising sea levels mean Matthew's "storm surge was higher and the flooding was more severe.

Trump spent his time attacking "when he should have been apologizing.

The whole world heard him talking about the terrible way he treats women. And last night, when he was pressed about how he behaves, he just doubled down on his excuse that it's just locker room banter.

His plan will give the wealthy and corporations the biggest tax cuts they have ever had, more than the Bush tax cuts by at least a factor of two. Donald always takes care of Donald and people like Donald and this would be a massive gift.

We've got to remain energy-independent. It gives us much more power and freedom than to be worried about what goes on in the Middle East.

There is a lot of very important planning going on, and some of it is to signal to the Sunnis in the area, as well as Kurdish Peshmerga fighters, that we all need to be in this.

We need some leverage with the Russians, because they are not going to come to the negotiating table for a diplomatic resolution unless there is some leverage over them.

Anything to avoid talking about your campaign and the way it's exploding.

I respect his children. His children are incredibly able and devoted, and I think that says a lot about Donald.

We need American Muslims to be part of our eyes and ears on our front lines. I've worked with a lot of different Muslim groups around America. I've met with a lot of them, and I've heard how important it is for them to feel that they are wanted and included and part of our country, part of our homeland security, and that's what I want to see.

We are not at war with Islam. And it is a mistake and it plays into the hands of the terrorists to act as though we are. So I want a country where citizens like you and your family are just as welcome as anyone else.

I want very much to save what works and what is good about the ACA. But we've got to get costs down.

He's disrespected and denigrated African Americans and Latinos, Muslims and POW's. People with disabilities and immigrants. He is an equal opportunity insulter if there ever was one.

OK, Donald, I know you're into big diversion tonight, anything to avoid talking about your campaign and the way it's exploding and the way Republicans are leaving you.

It's just awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law in our country.

He owes the president an apology. He owes our country an apology and he needs to take responsibility for his actions and his words.

She's hopeful that IS will be pushed out of Iraq by the time she's president.

We will have vetting and it will be as tough as it needs to be.

This is one of the most important issues in this election.

I feel it's my responsibility not to defend myself against his attacks because, really, been there, done that. I think it's my responsibility to defend everybody else against his attacks.

I actually think it makes sense. Because a lot of people know you have a front-row seat in watching what's going on in the world.'.

No bank is too big to fail, and no executive is too powerful to jail.

Her dream was "a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders.

And now, obviously, I'm kind of far removed because the life I've lived and the economic, you know, fortunes that my husband and I now enjoy, but I haven't forgotten it.

The people that know the industry better than anybody are the people who work in the industry.

New York is probably the leading site for contributions for fundraising for candidates on both sides of the aisle, and it's also our economic center. And there are a lot of people here who should ask some tough questions before handing over campaign contributions to people who were really playing chicken with our whole economy.

It is unsavory, and it always has been that way, but we usually end up where we need to be. But if everybody's watching, you know, all of the back room discussions and the deals, you know, then people get a little nervous to say the least. So, you need both a public and a private position.

I was dumbfounded, heartbroken and outraged that I'd believed him at all.

I hope that she is able to think about her future and construct a life that she finds meaning and satisfaction in.

My opponent insulted Miss Universe. I mean, how do you get more acclaimed than that? But it wasn't good enough.

I think America is going to be very impressed and really feel positive about Tim Kaine as our next vice president.

It is outrageous that eight years after a cowboy culture on Wall Street wrecked our economy, we are still seeing powerful bankers playing fast and loose with the law.

At the time of the worst financial crisis in Ohio in 2009, he would have let you twist and fall.

What does he want us to do, pay him to lose money?

There will be many places in America where fracking will continue to take place.

What kind of genius loses a billion dollars in a single year?

While millions of American families, including mine and yours, were working hard, paying their fair share, it seems he was contributing nothing to our nation. Imagine that. Not fair.

My friend Bernie Sanders was right yesterday when he said Trump reflects a 'distorted view of the American people and what this country is about. Trump represents the same rigged system he claims he will change.

It's Trump first and everyone else last.

Trump represents the "same rigged system that he claims he's going to change.

I hope to be elected president, but I know here in Ohio, LeBron will always be the king.

If you scam your customers, exploit your employees, pollute our environment, or rip off taxpayers, we will find ways to hold you accountable.

What I have proposed would be paid for by raising taxes on the wealthy, because they have made all the gains in the economy.

We've got to take action. We've got to start now, not tomorrow. Not next year, now.

Now we don't yet know all the details about the shooting, but we do know this family and this community is in pain. And therefore we pray for them and we pray for all families who have suffered similar loses.

While she worries about her two grandchildren, her worries "are not the same as black grandmothers" noting her daughter's children are related to a former president and secretary of state.

Our entire country should take a moment to really look at what's going on here and across America, to imagine what we see on the news and what we hear about, imagine it through our children's eyes.

There are some out there who see this as a moment to fan the flames of resentment and division. Who want to exploit people's fears even though it means tearing our nation even further apart.

What kind of a man stays up all night to smear a woman with lies and conspiracy theories?

You shouldn't have a profit motivation to fill prison cells with young Americans.

I'm glad that we're ending private prisons in the federal system. I want to see them ended in the state system.

Who gets up at 3 o'clock in the morning to engage in a Twitter attack?

Well, I'll do that. ... But I've been thinking about this for a long time.

Some might say, Well, hey, my gosh, you've only got 39 days to go, why aren't you out there beating up on your opponent and doing everything to get the vote out and all the rest of it?

$25 billion in government seed funding could unlock more than $250 billion and really get our country moving on our infrastructure plans.

I'm sorry, I'm looking at you. I don't see that. That in no way resembles the strong, vibrant America I know.

My opponent believes in what I call a strongman approach. He stood on stage at his convention and described a hopeless, broken nation.

And I think that's a shame, because national service has always been a bipartisan goal.

And he has consistently misled people in responding to questions about whether he was attempting to do business in Cuba.

I know so much of this campaign has been about, you know, whatever my opponent said and who he attacked and who he denigrates – and the list is long. But it's not about that, it's about you. It's about your families and your future, and each of us should be telling you what we intend to do in the job.

We're going to have to make it clear that we don't want to use the kinds of tools that we have. We don't want to engage in a different kind of warfare. But we will defend the citizens of this country.

We've got so many young people graduating with debt who aren't able to get started in their careers, aren't able to do the jobs like I could do because they have to get a job that pays as much as possible to begin paying their debt down. So we should and we will make public colleges tuition free for families earning less than 125,000 dollars a year.

Words matter when you run for president. And they really matter when you are president. And I want to reassure our allies in Japan and South Korea and elsewhere that we have mutual defense treaties and we will honor them.

His critics called him a dreamer. That he was – a lucid, eloquent dreamer until the very end. Thank goodness. Let those of us who loved him and love his nation keep his dream alive.

He actually bragged about gaming the system to get out of paying his fair share of taxes. In fact, I think there's a strong probability he hasn't paid federal taxes a lot of years.

So if he's paid zero, that means zero for troops, zero for vets, zero for schools or health.

The kind of plan that Donald has put forth would be trickle-down economics again. In fact, it would be the most extreme version – the biggest tax cuts for the top percents of the people in this country than we've ever had. I call it 'trumped-up, trickled down', because that's exactly what it would be. That is not how we grow the economy.

And if I had to do it over again, I would, obviously, do it differently. But I'm not going to make any excuses. It was a mistake, and I take responsibility for that.

What we hear from my opponent is dangerously incoherent. It's unclear exactly what he is saying, but words matter.

I think people saw last night that there were some very clear differences between us.

Anybody who's complaining about the microphone is not having a good night.

I think Donald just criticized me for preparing for this debate. And, yes, I did. And you know what else I prepared for? I prepared to be president. And I think that's a good thing.

Well Donald, I know you live in your own reality, but that is not the facts.

This is a man who has called women pigs, slobs and dogs.

He started his political activity based on this racist lie that our first black president was not an American citizen.

A man who can be provoked by a tweet should not have his fingers anywhere near the nuclear codes.

His (Trump) cavalier attitude about nuclear weapons is so deeply troubling. So a man who can be provoked by a tweet should not have his fingers anywhere near the nuclear codes.

Why won't he release his his tax returns? I think there are maybe a couple of reasons. First: maybe he's not as rich as he says he is. Second maybe he is not as charitable as he claims to be. Or maybe he does not want the American people – all of you watching tonight – to know that he has paid nothing in federal taxes.

The more we can do for the middle class, the more we can invest in you, your education, your skills, your future, the better we will be off.

He has a long record of engaging in racist behavior.

She "kind of assumed there would be a lot of these charges and claims.

If I had to do it over again, I would obviously do it differently.

You know what else I did? I prepared to be president.

Voters should use the first of three debates to assess "who can shoulder the immense, awesome responsibilities of the presidency" and who can "put into action" their plans.

This is not because we resent success. But when more than 90 percent of the gains have gone to the top 1 percent, that's where the money is.

Trump may not be "as rich as he says he is" or "maybe he's not as charitable.

It's time to rebuild our party from the ground up and if you make me the nominee, that's exactly what I will do. I hope you'll join me because we're building something that will last long after next November.

I can take it. I can take that kind of stuff. I've been at this and I understand it's a contact sport.

I assume he'll wear that red power tie. That's even more appropriate.

Our most cherished values are at stake. We have to stand up to this hate. We cannot let it go on.

You know Zach, those are really out-of-date questions. You need to get out more.

I am going to do my very best to communicate as clearly and fearlessly as I can in the face of the insults and the attacks and the bullying and the bigotry that we have seen coming from my opponent.

She knows that "even if you are totally opposed to Donald Trump, you may still have some questions about me. I get that. And I want to do my best to answer those questions.

We have two more names to add to a long list of African Americans killed by police officers. It's unbearable, and it needs to become intolerable.

This horrible shooting again, how many times do we have to see this in our country? In Tulsa, an unarmed man with his hands in the air, I mean this is just unbearable and it needs to be intolerable.

We know that a lot of the rhetoric we heard from Donald Trump has been seized on by terrorists, in particular, ISIS, because they are looking to make this into a war against Islam, rather than a war against Jihadists, violent terrorists, people who number in tens of thousands, not the tens of millions- they want to use that to recruit more fighters to their cause by turning it into a religious conflict.

We can't lose our cool and start ranting and waving our arms. We shouldn't toss around extreme proposals that won't be effective and lose sight of who we are. That's what the terrorists are aiming for.

Even if you're totally opposed to Donald Trump, you may have some questions about me. I get that. ... I will never be the showman my opponent is. And you know what, that's OK with me. I do spend a lot of time on the details of policy.

This is a fast-moving situation and a sobering reminder that we need steady leadership in a dangerous world.

We know that a lot of the rhetoric we've heard from Donald Trump has been seized on by terrorists, in particular ISIS, because they are looking to make this into a war against Islam rather than a war against jihadists.

We're going after the bad guys and we're going to get them, but we're not going to go after an entire religion.

I'm the only candidate in this race who's been part of the hard decisions to take terrorists off the battlefield. I have sat at that table in the Situation Room.

We're going after the bad guys and we're going to get them but we're not going to go after an entire religion.

Law enforcement officials are working to identify who was behind the attacks in New York and New Jersey and we should give them the support they need to finish the job and bring those responsible to justice – we will not rest until that happens.

I think it's always wiser to wait until you have information before making conclusions because we are just in the beginning stages of trying to determine what happened.

I've been briefed about the bombings in New York and New Jersey and the attack in Minnesota.

It's not about golf course promotions or birth certificates. It comes down to who will fight for the forgotten, who will invest in our children and who will really have your back in the White House.

We need ideas not insults, real plans to help struggling Americans in communities that have been left out and left behind, not prejudice and paranoia. We can't let Barack Obama's legacy fall into the hands of someone who doesn't understand that, whose dangerous and divisive vision for our country will drag us backwards.

Trump has spent years peddling a racist conspiracy aimed at undermining the first African-American president. He can't just take it back.

Leading the birther movement is deplorable. Attempting to say it 'did a great service' to the president who Trump attacked is asinine.

We know who Donald is. For five years, he has led the birther movement to delegitimize our first black president.

He's tried to reset himself and his campaign many times. This is the best he can do. This is who he is so we need to decide who we are.

Fighting for kids and families. That's been the cause of my life. It will be the passion of my presidency.

I confess, I'll never be the showman my opponent is and that's okay with me. And I'll tell you something else, people accuse me of all kinds of things, you probably have seen that, but nobody ever accuses me of quitting and I will never give up, I'll never walk away, no matter how tough the going gets.

We know who Donald is, for five years, he has led the birther movement to delegitimise our first Black president. His campaign was founded on this outrageous lie.

His campaign was founded on this outrageous lie. There is no erasing it in history.

I'm not great at taking it easy, even under ordinary circumstances. With just two months, sitting at home was pretty much the last place I wanted to be but it turns out having a few days to myself was actually a gift.

It's great to be back on the campaign trail. As you may know, I recently had a cough that turned out to be pneumonia. I tried to power through it but even I have to admit, some rest would do me good.

We need to stop him conclusively in November in an election that sends a message that even he can hear.

He was asked one more time where was President Obama born and he still wouldn't say Hawaii. He still wouldn't say America.

This man wants to be our next president? When will he stop this ugliness, this bigotry?

This is where bigotry leads, and we can't afford it, not here or anywhere else.

I'm really glad that I did finally follow my doctor's orders and take some days to rest instead of just trying to keep powering through, which I think is a common experience for people.

Next time you see Trump rant on television, think about all the children listening across America. Kids hear a lot more than we think.

I love to wave my arms, but apparently that?s a little bit scary to people. And I can?t yell too much. It comes across as ?too loud? or ?too shrill? or ?too this? or ?too that,?

I probably would have been better off if I'd just pulled down my schedule on Friday. I just didn't think it was going to be that big a deal.

The @NCAA is right to pull tournament games from North Carolina because of the anti-LGBT HB2 law. Discrimination has no place in America. -H.

Like anyone who's ever been home sick from work, I'm just anxious to get back out there.

I could feel how hot and humid it was. I felt overheated. I decided that I did need to leave. As soon as I got into the air-conditioned van, I cooled off, I got some water and very quickly I felt better.

What happened yesterday was that I just was incredibly committed to being at the memorial.

We're going to be releasing more information. I think it's fair to say we've already met the disclosure of past presidential candidates.

How stupid are the people of the country to believe this crap?

Well, it will be in the next couple of days. ... I just want to get this over and done with and get back on the trail as soon as possible.

You know, it is something that has occurred a few times over the course of my life. I'm aware of it and usually can avoid it.

Let's honor the lives and tremendous spirit of the victims and responders.

We'll never forget the horror of Sept. 11, 2001. Let's honor the lives and tremendous spirit of the victims and responders.

But that we've got to make sure that here at home, we're not opening doors to people who feel that somehow they want to be part of this global movement because Donald Trump has said it's a war between us and them, and that's pretty attractive to people.

Real strength is leveling with the American people and making it clear we will defeat ISIS.

Unfortunately there are people like that. And he has lifted them up.

He has built his campaign largely on prejudice and paranoia and given a national platform to hateful views and voices, including by retweeting fringe bigots with a few dozen followers and spreading their message to 11 million people.

It's deplorable that he's attacked a federal judge for his 'Mexican heritage,' bullied a Gold Star family because of their Muslim faith, and promoted the lie that our first black president is not a true American. So I won't stop calling out bigotry and racist rhetoric in this campaign.

I won't stop calling out bigotry and racist rhetoric in this campaign.

Last night I was 'grossly generalistic,' and that's never a good idea. I regret saying 'half' - that was wrong.

To just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump's supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right? The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic – you name it.

There are only 60 days left to make our case and don't get complacent. Don't see the latest outrageous, offensive, inappropriate comment and think 'well, he's done this time.

To just be grossly generalistic, you can put half of Trump's supporters into what I call the 'basket of deplorables'. Unfortunately there are people like that. And he has lifted them up.

Those are people we have to understand and empathize with, as well.

Every day that goes by this just becomes more and more of a reality television show. It's not a serious presidential campaign.

I think we have an opening here that we haven't had for the last several years that I intend to do everything I can to take advantage of.

North Korea poses a threat to the region and poses a threat to the kind of stable border relationship that China has always valued with North Korea.

I support President Obama's call to both strengthen the sanctions passed earlier this year with the United Nations and to impose additional sanctions.

It will be on the top of my list in dealing with China on how we're going to prevent what could very well be a serious conflict with North Korea.

Every day that goes by this just becomes more and more of a reality television show. It's not a serious presidential campaign, and it is beyond one's imagination to have a candidate for president praising a Russian autocrat like Vladimir Putin.

National security experts on both sides of the aisle are chilled by what they're hearing from the Republican nominee.

Get out and vote and make it clear we're not putting up with that.

I've made my share of mistakes. I don't know anyone who hasn't.

It's not a serious presidential campaign and it is beyond one's imagination to have a candidate for president praising a Russian autocrat like Vladimir Putin.

It suggests he will let Putin do whatever Putin wants to do and then make excuses for him.

And that's a hard path to walk. Because you need to protect yourself, you need to keep steady, but at the same time you don't want to seem 'walled off.' And sometimes I think I come across more in the 'walled off' arena.

I firmly believe that if you spent your life keeping the lights on for our country, we can't leave you in the dark.

Republicans are just in a terrible dilemma trying to support a totally unqualified nominee, I have no sympathy for them, it's their nominee.

What you didn't hear from Donald Trump last night was any plan to take on ISIS.

I would never comment on any aspect of an intelligence briefing I received.

We should make it a top priority to hunt down the leader of ISIS … and bring him to justice, just as we did with Osama Bin Laden.

Last night was yet another test, and Donald Trump failed yet again. We saw more evidence that he is temperamentally unfit and totally unqualified to be commander in chief. He trash-talked American generals, saying they've been 'reduced to rubble.'.

The United States of America does not invade other countries to plunder and pillage. We don't send our brave men and women around the world to steal oil. And that's not even getting into the absurdity of what it would involve – massive infrastructure, large numbers of troops, many years on the ground – of course, Trump hasn't thought through any of that.

Because it suggests he will let Putin do whatever Putin wants to do, and then make excuses for him.

Every Republican holding or seeking office in this country should be asked if they agree with Donald Trump about these statements.

I find it frustrating. But it's part of the landscape we live in.

Extremists "are saying, Please Allah, make Trump president of America.

That is a gift for ISIS and that is what Matt Olsen, who knows more about this than the Republicans trying to somehow muddy the waters, very clearly stated.

Nobody directs or inspires attacks against the United States and gets away with it.

And my opponent was for the war in Iraq. He says he wasn't. You can go back and look at the record. He supported it.

We are not putting ground troops into Iraq ever again. And we are not putting ground troops into Syria.

I have taken my responsibility for my decision. He refuses to take responsibility for his support.

Steadiness, an absolute rock steadiness, mixed with strength to make the hard decisions.

They know they can count on me to be the kind of commander in chief who will protect our country and our troops, and they know they cannot count on Donald Trump.

We have a lot of ties between the United States and the Philippines. And I think it's very important that we have a relationship, but there has to be a certain level of respect that is expected on both sides.

He clearly has something to hide. We don't know exactly what it is, but we're getting better guesses about what it probably is.

He should not be trying to talk up or talk down the economy, and he should not be adding the Fed to his long list of institutions and individuals that he is maligning and otherwise attacking.

A man who is so wrong about our veterans isn't right to serve as commander in chief.

I think we're up to 89, but who's counting?

There's so many things that are questionable about that and the IRS certainly though so and said it was illegal and fined Trump for that set of facts.

He didn't raise it, so he did choke. He didn't know how to even communicate effectively with a head of state. And I think that's a pretty clear outcome from that trip.

There's so many things that are questionable about that and the IRS certainly thought so and said it was illegal and fined Trump for that set of facts.

It's a world-renowned charity because of the work that my husband started and many, many people helped him with… He started this great work. He has made it his life's work, after the presidency. And he has said, if I am so fortunate enough to be elected, he will not be involved. And I think that is appropriate.

I'm very proud of the work that the Clinton Foundation has done.

I'm going to continue to focus on what we're doing to create jobs here at home.

We're just going as hard and fast as we possibly can to be organized for turning out the vote, because we've always thought this was going to be hard, and that's why, you know, I'm not worried, I'm just working.

I heard now that we've got this great plane, that Donald Trump actually invited his press on his plane where I'm told he even answered a few questions.

The fact that our intelligence professionals are now studying this and taking it seriously raises some grave questions about potential Russian interference with our electoral process.

I often quote a great saying that I learned from living in Arkansas for many years: If you find a turtle on a fencepost it didn't get there by itself. I think it's quite intriguing that this activity has happened around the time Trump became the nominee.

We are facing a very serious concern. We've never had a foreign adversarial power be already involved in our electoral process. ... We've never had the nominee of one of our major parties urging the Russians to hack more.

He can try to fool voters into thinking somehow he's not as harsh and inhumane as he seems, but it's too late.

We are going to have to take those threats and attacks seriously.

Trump "has generally parroted what is a Putin-Kremlin line.

He can try to fool voters into thinking somehow he's not as harsh and inhumane as he seems but it's too late.

Everyone at State knew she had a private email address because it was displayed to anyone with whom she exchanged emails.

Over the past year, we've seen far too many examples of drug companies raising prices excessively for long-standing, life-saving treatments with little or no new innovation or R&D.

I think it's important that we move to our comprehensive immigration reform, but at the same time, stop the raids, stop the round-ups, stop the deporting of people who are living here doing their lives, doing their jobs, and that's my priority.

It certainly takes more than trying to make up for more than a year of insults and insinuations by dropping in on our neighbors for a few hours and then flying home again.

People have to get to know that they can count on you, that you won't say one thing one day and something totally different the next.

People have to get to know that they can count on you, that you won't say one thing one day and something totally different the next. And it certainly takes more than trying to make up for a year of insults and insinuations by dropping in on our neighbors for a few hours and then flying home again.

You don't build a coalition by insulting our friends or acting like a loose cannon. You do it by putting in the slow, hard work of building relationships. Actually it's just like building personal relationships - people have got to know they can count on you - that you won't say one thing one day and something totally different the next.

Getting countries working together was my job every day as Secretary of State. It's more than a photo-op. It takes consistency and reliability. And it certainly takes more than trying to make up for a year of insults and insinuations by dropping in on our neighbors for a few hours, and then flying home again. That is not how it works.

The United States is an exceptional nation. We are also an indispensable nation. We are the indispensable nation.

When we say America is exceptional ... it means that we recognize America's unique and unparalleled ability to be a force for peace and progress. When America fails to lead, we leave a vacuum.

This election shouldn't be about ideology. It's not just about differences over policy. It truly is about who has the experience and the temperament to serve as president and commander in chief.

That's outrageous. It's just the latest troubling example of a company taking advantage of its consumers.

I've laid out the best I could, the specific plans and ideas that I want to pursue as your president because I have this old-fashioned idea. When you run for president, you ought to tell people what you want to do as their president.

There has to be a greater fee on extraction while we do everything we can to transition to clean, renewable energy and energy efficiency.

I am reaching out to everyone, Republicans, Democrats, independents, everyone who is as troubled as I am by the bigotry and divisiveness of Donald Trump's campaign. She was asking "fair-minded Americans to repudiate this kind of divisive demagoguery" at the Nov. 8 election.

The de facto merger between Breitbart and the Trump Campaign represents a landmark achievement for the 'Alt-Right.' A fringe element has effectively taken over the Republican Party.

Candidates can reasonably disagree on how to run the country, but that's not the campaign that Donald Trump has been running, and I am reaching out and asking fair-minded Americans to repudiate this kind of divisive demagoguery.

The work has been not only transformational, it has really been in line with American interests and values. And we're going to do everything we can to make sure that good work continues.

The United States faced a "moment of reckoning. He's taking hate groups mainstream and helping a radical fringe take over one of America's two major political parties.

We need that kind of leadership again. A fringe element has effectively taken over the Republican Party.

This is what I need more of in my campaign. So when a tweet gets under his skin and he wants to retaliate with a cruise missile, maybe cooler heads will be there to convince him not to. Maybe. But look at who he's put in charge of his campaign.

Don't be fooled. He may have some new people putting new words in his mouth, but we know where he stands.

This is not conservatism as we have known it. This is not Republicanism as we have known it.

I know some people will want to give Trump the benefit of the doubt. They hope that he will reinvent himself - that there's a kinder, gentler more responsible Donald Trump waiting in the wings somewhere ... But the hard truth is, there's no other Donald Trump. This is it.

Trump has "built his campaign on prejudice and paranoia," which is "taking hate groups mainstream.

That's outrageous – and it's just the latest troubling example of a company taking advantage of its consumers. It's wrong when drug companies put profits ahead of patients, raising prices without justifying the value behind them.

He is taking a hate movement mainstream. Trump is "very much peddling bigotry and prejudice and paranoia.

I think on the one hand it's a serious chance for Americans to tune in. But you've got to be prepared for, like, wacky stuff that comes at you and I am drawing on my experience in elementary school. You know, the guy who pulled your ponytail.

If they load students up with debt for programs that don't lead to good paying jobs, students and taxpayers should not be the only ones left holding the bag.

Way too many dreams die in the parking lots of banks. In America, if you can dream it, you should be able to build it.

We were all pretty excited about the balloons. That's one of the things I enjoy about my husband is that he enjoys so many things and balloons is one of them.

I don't know why they are saying this. I think on the one hand it's part of the wacky strategy. On the other hand, it absolutely makes no sense.

She will visit flood-damaged Louisiana when "the presence of a political campaign will not disrupt the response.

We need to work together to bridge our divides, not stoke even more divisiveness.

We're going to tax the wealthy who have made all of the income gains in the last 15 years.

I am proud to be the granddaughter of a factory worker and the daughter of a small-business man and standing here before you.

Can you imagine Michael Phelps or Simone Biles or all these other great American athletes in their locker rooms saying: 'Well I don't know. I am to afraid to go out and compete'? No, they get out there, they compete, they do their best, they demonstrate the kind of spirit that we want from all Americans.

When Joe and were deciding where to have our first campaign really, there really was only one answer.

Oh Joe, I hope you know how much not just Scranton but America loves you and your family.

Anyone willing to sink so low, so often should never be allowed to serve as our commander-in-chief.

If Team USA was as fearful as Trump, Michael Phelps and Simone Biles would be cowering in the locker room afraid to come out to compete.

He'd pay a lower rate than millions of middle-class families". Trump would "give trillions in tax cuts to big corporations, millionaires, and Wall Street money managers.

He hasn't offered any "credible solutions" to America's economic challenges.

He refuses to do what every other presidential candidate in decades has done and release his tax returns.

Well, Donald Trump wants to give trillions in tax breaks to people like himself. I want to invest in our veterans, our kids, and our police officers. You can judge for yourself about our values.

Trump's plan amounted to repackaged "trickle-down economics" written by economic advisors consisting of "hedge fund guys, billionaire guys, (and) six guys named Steve. Now, they tried to make his old, tired ideas sound new.

We're going to stand up for small business and help create more of them to create more good jobs here and across America.

We don't want to unduly alarm people. We want people to be informed.

Don't be fooled, There is no other Donald Trump. What you see is what you get. He is still the same Donald Trump who makes his shirts and his ties overseas instead of in the United States. He is the same Donald Trump who refuses to pay his bills for small businesses and working people.

Bizarrely once again, he praised Russia's strongman Vladimir Putin, even taking the astonishing step of suggesting that he prefers the Russian president to our American president. Now, that is not just unpatriotic and insulting to the people of our country, as well as to our commander in chief. It is scary.

Classified material has a header which has 'top secret, secret, confidential. Nothing – and I will repeat this, and this is verified in the report by the Department of Justice, none of the emails sent or received by me had such a header.

We are not interested in economic plans that only help the top 1 percent.

You know that old saying: Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

I have said throughout this campaign I am not going to raise the taxes on the middle class, but with your help we are going to raise it on the wealthy.

Now, they tried to make his old, tired ideas sound new. He wants to basically just repackage trickle-down economics.

Amiri had been in America "of his own free will. He is free to go.

There is no doubt that when Putin came back in and said he was going to be president, that did change the relationship. We have to stand up to his bullying and specifically, in Syria it is important.

There was no way Assad would pass such a test. The opposition would never consent to him.

She "may have short-circuited" when she incorrectly claimed that FBI Director James Comey said her answers to the bureau about her use of a private email server were "truthful.

I did not email any classified material to anyone on my email. There is no classified material.

And so what we have here is pretty much what I have been saying throughout this whole year and that is that I never sent or received anything that was marked classified.

Just maybe when I'm actually running for a job there is a real benefit from those on the other side with trying to stir up as much trouble as possible.

I wish Donald Trump could meet with all of you and see what you are making here. I really would like him to explain why he paid Chinese workers to make Trump ties... instead of deciding to make those ties right here in Colorado.

We have to get the RFS back on track in a way that provides investors with the certainty they need, protects consumers, improves access to E15, E85, (ethanol blends) and biodiesel blends, and effectively drives the development of cellulosic and other advanced biofuels.

A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons.

I will be a president for Democrats, Republicans, and independents. For the struggling, the striving the successful. For all those who vote for me and for those who don't. For all Americans together!

Director Comey said my answers were truthful, and what I've said is consistent with what I have told the American people, that there were decisions discussed and made to classify retroactively certain of the emails.

Warren and I will dance in the streets of Omaha together! Maybe if we're really lucky he'll wear his Elvis costume again!

One doesn't know where the bottom is. It's hard to imagine anyone who has ever run to be president of the United States saying any of what he's said. This is a time to pick country over party.

For Trump to both encourage that and to praise Putin despite what appears to be a deliberate effort to try to affect the election I think raises national security issues.

We are visiting places that prove what Americans can do. This country and our people have what it takes to get ahead and stay ahead if they have the leadership that gives us that chance.

We are going to say 'no' to unnfair trade deals, we're going to stand up to China.

Let's repeal laws like the Hyde Amendment that make it nearly impossible, make it nearly impossible for low-income women, disproportionately women of color, to exercise their full reproductive rights.

I don't recognise the country that Donald Trump describes. I don't recognise the mean spiritedness, the bigotry and the blustering and the bullying. I don't recognise that, because that is not who we are as Americans.

Not because we resent success. Because when more than 90 percent of [income] gains have gone to the top 1 percent, that's where the money is. And we are going to follow the money.

The truth is, through all these years of public service, the 'service' part has always come easier to me than the 'public' part. She's driven by the Methodist motto: "Do all the good you can.

A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man you can trust with nuclear weapons. I get it that some people just don't know what to make of me. My job titles only tell you what I've done. They don't tell you why.

Whatever party you belong to, or if you belong to no party at all, if you share these beliefs, this is your campaign. I will be a President for Democrats, Republicans, and Independents.

Most of all, don't believe anyone who says: 'I alone can fix it.' Those were actually Donald Trump's words in Cleveland. And they should set off alarm bells for all of us.

We will not build a wall. Instead we will build an economy where everyone who wants a good job can get one. And we'll build a path to citizenship for millions of immigrants who are already contributing to our economy.

I have heard you, your cause is our cause, our country needs your ideas, energy and passion. That is the only way we can turn our progressive platform into real change for America.

The Russian people, like people everywhere, deserve the right to have their voices heard and their votes counted. And that means they deserve fair, free, transparent elections and leaders who are accountable to them.

In memory our children, we are imploring all of you to vote this Election Day.

We are clear-eyed about what our country is up against. But we are not afraid.

If you're looking for a kind of pessimistic, downbeat vision of America, we're not your folks. We do not buy into that dark, divisive, image that was presented at the Republican convention last week.

The Floridian will serve as "honorary chair" of her campaign's 50-state program and continue to serve as a surrogate for her campaign nationally and in Florida.

I have to say that Senator Tim Kaine is everything that Donald Trump and Mike Pence are not. He is qualified to step into this job and lead on day one. And he is a progressive who likes to get things done.

We must not turn our backs on each other. We must not be indifferent to each other. We must all stand together to reject violence and strengthen our communities.

There is no justification for violence, for hate, for attacks on men and women who put their lives on the line every day in service of our families and communities. Today's devastating assault on police officers in Baton Rouge is an assault on all of us.

She was following the events in Turkey "with great concern. We should all urge calm and respect for laws, institutions, and basic human rights and freedoms - and support for the democratically elected civilian government.

Every American stands in strong solidarity with the people of France, and we say with one voice: We will not be intimidated. We will never allow terrorists to undermine the egalitarian and democratic values that underpin our very way of life.

When I was secretary [of state] I started the first ever international group to deal with global terrorism and to bring everybody to the table.

There has been a reluctance on the part of some of our friends in Europe in sharing information for example like airline passenger lists. In Europe, one of their problems is and they need to address is they don't share enough information across their own borders. We need strong, tough diplomacy starting with our friends.

I don't know who created 'Pokemon Go,' but I'm trying to figure out how we get them to have 'Pokemon Go To the Polls.

We should be excited about seeing women there [in leadership] and absolutely it's worth celebrating. But, in and of itself, it's not enough.

The many stories of people training their replacements from some foreign country are heartbreaking. I want to see companies have to do more to employ already qualified Americans.

The idea of a comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship that I would envision is one that would deal with a lot of these concerns. I don't want to mix that with other kinds of changes in visas and other concerns that particularly high-value technical companies have. In fact, I think keeping the pressure on them helps us resolve the bigger problem, and then we can look to see what else, if anything, can and should be done.

We have more work to do to finish our long fight to provide universal, quality, affordable health care to everyone in America.

I will call for white people, like myself, to put ourselves in the shoes of those African American families ... who fear every time their children go somewhere. I'm going to be talking about white people.

I think everyone understands that we have some very deep divides in our country and if we don't start addressing them – and that's a matter of urgency and it's not just for some people to do it, but it's for all of us to do it – then I believe that we will find ourselves in an even worse downward spiral.

White Americans need to do a better job of listening when African Americans talk about the seen and unseen barriers you face every day… Let's put ourselves in the shoes of police officers, kissing their kids and spouses goodbye every day and heading off to do a dangerous job we need them to do. We are unfortunately in the grip of some very divisive and hateful rhetoric.

Americans "have to be honest, all of us, in facing implicit bias that all of us, unfortunately, may still have.

She is mourning the officers killed "while doing their sacred duty to protect peaceful protesters.

Something is profoundly wrong when so many Americans have reason to believe that our country doesn't consider them as precious as others because of the color of their skin.

What he did here in Atlantic City is exactly what he'll do if he wins in November.

Isn't he supposed to be some kind of amazing businessman? So it's fair to ask, since he is applying for a job, what in the world happened here?

If your governor would start doing his job instead of following Donald Trump around holding his coat, maybe we could really get New Jersey's economy moving again.

American families are drowning in debt caused by ever-rising college costs, and it is imperative that the next president put forward a bold plan to make debt-free college available to all. My New College Compact will do just that.

Trump's casino bankruptcies and numerous complaints against him by contractors showed he cannot be trusted to set economic policy from the White House. He makes over-the-top promises and says if people trust in him, put their faith in him, he'll deliver. Then everything falls apart, people get hurt, and Donald gets paid.

He's written a lot of books about business, they all seem to end at Chapter 11. Go figure.

I feel very privileged because I've known the President in many roles, as a colleague in the Senate, as an opponent in a hard fought primary, and as the president I was so proud to serve as secretary of state.

When you've been in the eye of the tornado for as long as I have, I know there's a lot of incoming fire, I accept that.

Today's attack in Istanbul only strengthens our resolve to defeat the forces of terrorism and radical jihadism around the world. We must deepen our cooperation with our allies and partners in the Middle East and Europe to take on this threat.

No one has thought more about or lost more sleep over the lives that we lost - the four Americans - which was devastating.

Trump "proves every day he's not in it for the American people, he's in it only for himself.

One year ago, love triumphed in our highest court. Yet LGBT Americans still face too many barriers. Let's keep marching until they don't. -H.

Mayors show up. You do your job. The American people show up and do their job. We should expect nothing less from the United States Congress. Instead of solving problems, Washington is too often making them worse.

They could vote down Judge Garland but instead they refuse to act. I think that is part of what is driving the frustration on the part of so many Americans. Let's have a vote. We're a democracy. Either vote somebody up or vote somebody down.

Leaders in Congress refuse to act on a wide range of issues that really matter to American working families. I know we can respect the Second Amendment and make common-sense reforms. Yet Congress is paralyzed. Not a filibuster in the Senate, not a sit-in in the House could convince the leadership to move forward. I really believe the American people deserve better.

Coming back as secretary of state after all that we've done in the last year to try to pull ourselves out of this economic downturn is very exciting.

I think it's an understatement to say Americans face a choice in November. When people say the game is rigged, the best evidence is the (U.S.) tax code. It is riddled with scams, loopholes and other special breaks.

Let's make sure that Wall Street, corporations and the super rich pay their fair share of taxes.

If elected president, I'm going to make sure you hear, You're hired!

It's safe to say that the TPP won't be perfect - no deal negotiated among a dozen countries ever will be - bit its higher standards, if implemented and enforced, should benefit American businesses and workers.

He's going after me personally because he has no answers on the substance. All he can try to do is try to distract us.

Every day we see how reckless and careless Trump is. He's proud of it. He's written a lot of books about business. They all seem to end at Chapter 11.

He made a fortune filing bankruptcies and stiffing his creditors. The United States of America doesn't do business Trump's way.

Just like he shouldn't have his finger on the button, he shouldn't have his hands on our economy. He's written a lot of books about business. But they all seem to end at chapter 11.

Just like he shouldn't have his finger on the button, he shouldn't have his hands on our economy.

He could bankrupt America like he's bankrupted his companies. Ask yourself: how could anybody lose money running a casino? Really.

I'm looking broadly and widely and I'm gonna begin to really, you know, dive into thinking hard about this. I'm gonna be looking, first and foremost, as to who I believe could fulfill the responsibilities of being president and commander in chief.

I'm not going to get into the specifics on the platform. The discussions about that are just getting underway and we have a lot to talk about.

Without mentioning Trump by name. We should be intensifying contacts in those communities, not scapegoating or isolating them.

It is disrespectful to the people who were killed and wounded and their families. And it is yet more evidence that he is temperamentally unfit and totally unqualified to be commander in chief.

Prejudice, paranoia and partisanship are not a plan, and will not protect anyone.

We don't need conspiracy theories and pathological self-congratulations.

These are demonstrably lies. But he feels compelled to tell them because he has to distract us from the fact he has nothing substantive to say for himself.

As a mother, I can't imagine what those mothers are going through. No matter how many times we endure attacks like this, the horror never fades.

Well, look, I've got to just jump in here because, honestly, Sen. Sanders is the only person who I think would characterize me, a woman running to be the first woman president, as exemplifying the establishment.

The attack in Orlando makes it all the more clear, we cannot contain this threat, we must defeat it.

We know the gunman used a weapon of war to shoot down at least 50 innocent Americans.

How many more of these mass tragedies do we have to live through? We need to get these weapons of war off the streets.

Turning against the Muslim American community is not only wrong, it's counterproductive and dangerous.

It matters what we do, not what we say…. All of this talk and rhetoric isn't going to solve the problem. she uses terms like radical jihadism.

This is a man who has called women pigs, dogs and disgusting animals, it's kind of hard to imagine counting on him to respect our fundamental rights.

This election isn't about the same old fights between Democrats and Republicans, they'll be there, don't worry. But this election is profoundly different. It is about who we are as a nation.

Warren has emerged as a weapon of war against Donald Trump.

It's just such a treat because over the years of knowing each other, we've gone from fierce competitors to true friends.

His (Trump's) whole campaign has been one long insult to all those who've worn the uniform to protect our most cherished American values and a man who is so wrong about our veterans isn't right to serve as our Commander-in-Chief, and when it comes to fighting ISIS (so called 'Islamic State') he has been all over the map, you would have to literally map it out.

He, very early on, allied himself with Putin's policies. I mean to pull out of NATO for goodness sakes. Right? And he furthermore has praised Putin, he seems to have this bizarre attraction to dictators – including Putin.

It's classic behavior by a demagogue. We've seen it many, many places and times in the world, and that's why I think it's so dangerous.

I feel very good about the campaign we ran. It's time that we move forward and unite the party.

He always had opinions which he freely expressed. I never really ever had any information about him engaging in bigotry and prejudice until he took up the cause of the birthers against President Obama, which is really so bizarre.

When it doesn't work out I know that feeling, it is a hard one and it takes time to really work through it so we are reaching out through our campaign to his campaign.

Thanks to you, we have reached a milestone. We all owe so much to who came before.

We should lift each other up, not tear each other down. To be great, we can't be small. We have to be as big as the values that define us.

It's been an incredible journey. My supporters are passionate. They are committed. They have voted for me in great numbers across our country for many reasons. But among those reasons is their belief that having a woman president will make a great statement, a historic statement, about what kind of country we are, what we stand for. It's really emotional.

I am so focused on all the states that are voting tomorrow. That is my singular focus. I know there is a lot of work still going on. It's not over until it's over, and tomorrow is a really important day, particularly here in California.

@RealDonaldTrump's bigoted comments about a Latino judge are so disgusting, even other Republicans are offended.

She looks "forward to campaigning with the president and everybody else.

We're going to have a very contentious campaign, because I'm going to point out at every single moment that I can why I believe the Republican nominee should never get near the White House.

People around the world aren't used to seeing an American presidential candidate who's "so loose with the truth, so divisive.

I believe absolutely that he's not only unprepared to be president, he is temperamentally unfit to be president. He doesn't, he doesn't really have ideas, he just engages in rants and personal feuds and outright lies, something that our country cannot afford in a commander-in-chief.

This is not someone who should ever have the nuclear codes. It's not hard to imagine Donald Trump leading us into a war just because somebody got under his very thin skin.

Donald Trump wants to strip the U.S. government's power to apply rules to payday lenders, abolish this critical consumer watchdog, and roll back the other Wall Street reforms that we put in place after the financial crisis.

This is just more evidence that Donald Trump himself is a fraud. He is trying to scam America the way he scammed all those people at Trump U.

Trump "actually said he was hoping for the crash that caused hard working families in California and across America to lose their homes, all because he thought he could take advantage of it to make some money for himself.

We're going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.

On CBS, Face the Nation" this month I've made it clear that I'm more than ready to talk to anybody, anytime. And I've encouraged all of (my staff) to be very forthcoming.

They handed me that letter and I'm going to read every single word of those letters because each of the mothers is telling us something that we all need to hear – not just about their tragedies but about our country. The sisterhood that is here is so overwhelming in its love and I'm grateful to see all of you and it in action.

Unlike Donald Trump, I will not pander to the gun lobby. We will not be silenced and we will not be intimidated.

Unlike Donald Trump, I will not pander to the gun lobby. We will not be silenced and we will not be intimidated. Parents, teachers, and schools should have the right to keep guns out of classrooms, just like Donald Trump does at many of his hotels, by the way.

Whatever differences we may have, they pale in comparison to the Republican nominee. I am absolutely committed to doing my part. But Sen. Sanders has to do his part.

She knows "how hard this job is" and added that she had "concluded he is not qualified to be president of the United States.

I'm going to let him run his campaign however he chooses.

The leading Republican contender is the man who led the insidious birther movement to discredit the president's citizenship. And when he was asked in a national television interview to disavow David Duke and other white supremacists who are supporting his campaign, he played coy. We cannot let Barack Obama's legacy fall into Donald Trump's hands.

I am more determined than ever to carry on this campaign, until everyone has had a chance to make their voices heard.

We need to preserve existing public lands and add more public lands. But we certainly should not be giving in to this ideological argument from the right that we need to put more public lands in private hands. I don't agree with that.

I have a lot of empathy about this. You know, I ran till the very end in 2008.

Her campaign "ran hard" in Indiana but quickly added "I'm really focused on moving into the general election.

We cannot let Barack Obama's legacy fall into Donald Trump's hands. We can't let all the hard work and progress we have achieved over the last seven and a half years be torn away.

He doesn't represent me and does not represent my party.

If fighting for women's health care and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the 'woman card,' then deal me in.

Whether you support Sen. Sanders or you support me, there's much more that unites us than divides us.

If you are a Democrat, an independent or a thoughtful Republican, you know that their approach is not going to build an America where we increase opportunity or decrease inequality.

I am thrilled to be here in Philadelphia with all of you. And I am delighted to be in this beautiful setting on this spring evening, because it makes us all feel like there will be a new beginning, doesn't it? If you vote for me tomorrow, I will stand up and fight for you and for our future through this campaign and into the White House. Let's go seize the future together.

If you want to be president of the United States, you've got to get familiar with the United States. Don't just fly that big jet in and land it and go make a big speech and insult everybody you can think of.

Trump keeps saying things like, You know, I didn't really mean it. It was all part of my reality TV show. Running for president will be on your screen. Well, if we buy that, shame on us.

Don't take it personally, because it can knock you to your knees if you take it personally.

To launch personal attacks, to try to intimidate and degrade somebody else, is off limits. And we have to be strong about this.

To all the people who supported Senator Sanders, I believe there is much more that unites us than divides us.

They helped prove "once again, there's no place like home.

You've proved once again there's no place like home.

I love New York. And this has been a joy during the last two weeks, to be here all over the state.

I love New York and this has been a joy during the last two weeks to be here.

We're not taking anything for granted. Tell your friends and your family, everyone, to please vote tomorrow.

There is something wrong, my friends, when the median wealth for black families is a tiny fraction of the median wealth for white families. When African Americans are still more likely to be denied a mortgage. Something is wrong when black kids get arrested for petty crimes, but white kids who do the same things don't.

No, I intend to have the number of delegates that are required to be nominated.

I don't know why he's saying that. But I will take Bernie Sanders over Ted Cruz or Donald Trump any time.

To all the voters and volunteers who poured your hearts into this campaign: Forward!

I don't know what the calculation is by Trump and others but I'll tell you this: They are selling Americans short.

Our campaigns are trying to reach an agreement about that. We've offered dates and we've done it over the last several weeks, so we've been trying to figure out when we could do this. But there's a lot to talk about. I'm confident that there will be.

I am a proud Democrat and I support Democrats up and down the ticket, always have and always will.

They don't understand that I've got a plan to defeat ISIS and it requires actually working with other nations, including Muslim nations that have to be part of our coalition.

There are still a lot of barriers holding back African Americans and black women in particular, so a gathering like this filled with so many powerful, strong women is a rebuke to every single one of those barriers. All of our kids, no matter what zip code they live in, deserve a good teacher and a good school, a safe community and clean water to drink.

Everybody gathered here peacefully, it was wonderful, everyone was so nice, it really does bring hope and unity to the Bronx.

I am so sick, I am so sick of the Sanders campaign lying about me. I'm sick of it.

Donald Trump is showing us exactly who he is and we should believe him. But let's remember this, all the Republican candidates want to make abortion illegal.

New Yorkers took a chance on me, and I will never forget that. You have always had my back, and I have always tried to have yours.

We need a president who is passionate about this, seeing it as a top priority because women's health is under assault.

To think that this is an issue that is not deserving of reaction just demonstrates a lack of appreciation for how serious this is. This goes to the heart of who we are as women, what kind of rights and choices we have, it certainly is as important as any economic issue.

Oh, I know, the Bernie people came to say that, we're very sorry you're leaving.

What Donald Trump said was outrageous and dangerous. I'm constantly taken aback at the kinds of things that he advocates for. Once again, he has showed us who he is.

America's problems can be solved by "building walls" and "banning people based on their religion," New Yorkers know better.

We are on the path to the nomination and I want Washington to be part of how we get there. ...It's important to show up at this caucus on Saturday.

Only the United States can mobilize action on a global scale. Throughout our history, we have stared into the face of evil and refused to blink. Walls will not protect us from this threat. We cannot contain ISIS. We must defeat ISIS.

Slogans aren't a strategy; loose cannons tend to misfire. If Mr. Trump gets his way, it will be like Christmas in the Kremlin. It will make America less safe and the world more dangerous.

I'm also very proud to have won Arizona tonight. This is a contest between fundamentally different views of our country, our values and our future.

It's unrealistic to say we're going to completely shut down our borders to everyone. That would stop commerce, for example, and that's not in anybody's interest.

Some things aren't negotiable. And anyone who doesn't understand that has no business being our president.

We've had dark chapters in our history before. We remember the nearly 1,000 Jews aboard the St. Louis who were refused entry in 1939 and sent back to Europe. But America should be better than this. And I believe it is our responsibility to say so.

We need steady hands, not a president who says he's neutral on Monday, pro-Israel on Tuesday, and who-knows-what on Wednesday because everything's negotiable.

If you see bigotry, oppose it, if you see violence, condemn it, if you see a bully, stand up to him.

Our next president has to be ready to face three big tasks: First, can you make positive differences in people's lives; second, can you keep us safe; third, can you bring our country together again.

Relieved Atlantic drilling is now off the table. Time to do the next right thing and protect the Arctic, too.

I have always been committed to bringing back manufacturing. And I'm the only candidate, on either side, who actually has a plan to do that.

I'm not bringing people to fever pitches of incredible admiration. But whenever I have a job, I do it well.

I know you have to trade with the rest of the world. He just is reflexively against anything that has any international implications.

I am not a natural politician, in case you haven't noticed, like my husband or President Obama.

You don't make America great again by getting rid of everything that made America great.

We are better than what we are being offered by the Republicans.

He has to make his own decisions, but I look forward to continuing to work with him.

I think Donald Trump's bigotry, his bullying, his bluster, are not going to wear well on the American people. We have to end the divisiveness, we have to unify the country.

Giving immunity to gunmakers and sellers was a terrible mistake. Because it removed any accountability from the makers and the sellers.

We have got to make America whole. Diversity is a strength not a weakness. If we see each other's humanity, if we lift each other up when we stumble, we can keep moving towards that more perfect union.

And I can tell you this: We're going to work for every vote.

This is the same security review that has been going on since last spring. I'm happy that everybody now has been cooperating and giving information because I think that will finally end this and show that only appropriate steps were taken. I know that the Republicans were engaging in a lot of wishful thinking, but this is not anything people should be worried about.

What we need in America today is more love and kindness. Instead of building walls, we're going to break down barriers and build ladders of opportunity and empowerment.

Instead of building walls, we are going to break down barriers and build ladders of opportunity and empowerment. The stakes in this election have never been higher and the rhetoric we're hearing on the other side has never been lower. Trying to divide America between us and them is wrong, and we're not going to let it work.

The rhetoric has never been lower. It might be unusual for a presidential candidate to say this, But I believe that what America needs today is more love and kindness.

I'm just speaking out against bigotry and bullying wherever I hear it, and I hear a lot of it from the Republican candidates. They seem to have forgotten completely about issues and they are now running their campaigns based on insults.

What we can't let happen is the scapegoating, the blaming, the finger pointing that is going on on the Republican side, which not only sets a bad example, which as the congressman said, at least my mother would have said stop it. But it really undermines our fabric as a nation.

We are not taking anything and we are not taking anyone for granted.

That's too many deaths. Too many young lives cut short. Something is very wrong.

You shouldn't say that unless you can really deliver it. The numbers don't add up. It's wrong to make those promises.

Americans are "right to be angry," but also hungry for what she calls "real solutions.

There's so much more to be done. The truth is we aren't a single issue country. We need more than a plan for the big banks.

We're in this together. This is your campaign and it is a campaign to break down every barrier that holds you back. We're going to build ladders of opportunity in their place so every American can go as far as your hard work can take you.

Some may have doubted us but we never doubted each other.

We need comprehensive immigration reform with a path to full and equal citizenship. If Congress won't act, I'll defend President Obama's executive actions – and I'll go even further to keep families together.

The Republicans in the Senate and on the campaign trail who are calling for Justice Scalia's seat to remain vacant dishonor our Constitution.

Well, I know journalists have asked who you do listen to on foreign policy, and we have yet to know who that is.

When we talk about criminal justice reform … we also have to talk about jobs, education, housing and other ways of helping communities of color.

The kind of criticism that we've heard from Senator Sanders about our president, I expect from Republicans, I do not expect from someone running for the Democratic nomination to succeed President Obama.

I know I have some work to do especially with young people but like I said earlier this week even though they're not supporting me, I am supporting them. I know what its like to stumble and fall.

People have every right to be angry but they're also hungry, they're hungry for solutions. I will work harder than anyone to actually make the changes that make your lives better.

For those of you who are still deciding, still shopping, I hope I can close the deal.

We would like to see those tax returns wouldn't we? My husband and I put out I think about 33 or 34 years worth, if you're interested. He doesn't even respect the American people enough to do what every other presidential candidate has done for decades and release them. It's time for Trump to stop hiding.

It will put the nominee into the spotlight. I've been vetted. There's hardly anything you don't know about me.

I really don't think these kinds of attacks by insinuation are worthy of you. If you have something to say, say it directly.

If I'm so fortunate to be the nominee, the first person I will call to talk to about where we go and how we get it done will be Sen. Sanders. Sometimes in these campaigns, things get a little bit out of hand. I happen to respect the secretary very much.

It's time to end the very artful smear that you and your campaign have been carrying out.

Let's not be, in an unfair way, making an accusation or making an attack about where I stand and where I've always stood.

Good ideas on paper are important, but you've got to be able to translate them into action.

I know that they tend to favor their neighbors. That's the pattern, the history of the primary. And Sen. Sanders is a neighbor.

She is "so proud I am coming to New Hampshire after winning Iowa" and adds, I've won and I've lost there and it's a lot better to win.

I don't know which ones they have plucked out to fail to disclose and we have called for all of them to be released. This doesn't change anything about the fundamental facts. I never sent or received any e-mail marked classified. I take classified information very seriously.

None of it will stick if it's not a voting issue, and as you go to caucus Monday night, please think about this.

There was never any information sent or received that was marked classified to me. I just don't see it as anything that will in any way cause any voter – a voter with an open mind – to have any concerns.

My approach will be distrust and verify. We should anticipate that Iran will test the next President. They'll want to see how far they can bend the rules. That won't work if I'm in the White House.

I have a detailed and targeted plan to immediately put a stop to inversions and invest in the U.S., block deals like Johnson Controls and Tyco, and place an 'exit tax' on corporations that leave the country to lower their tax bill.

She is using her voice not only to sing and inspire us through that ? she's using her voice to reach out to so many people who need a little bit of help themselves.

We have had a city in the United States of America where the population, which is poor in many ways and majority African-American, has been drinking and bathing in lead-contaminated water. And the governor of that state acted as though he didn't really care.

We now have driven costs down to the lowest they've been in 50 years.

One out of three African-American men may well end up going to prison. That's the statistic.

It would be a mistake to really thrust our country into another contentious national debate about how we're going to provide quality, affordable healthcare to everybody.

She's "prepared" and "ready" for the presidency.

These are important steps that make the United States, our allies, and the entire world safer. I congratulate President Obama and his team, and I'm proud of the role I played to get this process started.

America is better because of @POTUS' leadership. Proud to call him my friend. Let's build on his progress.

I do not think the raids are an appropriate tool to enforce the immigration laws. In fact, I think they are divisive, they are sowing discord and fear.

If the United States takes the lead in organizing a regional coalition to respond to this crisis, I believe we can make a serious difference.

It proves yet again that he is temperamentally unfit to be president and commander-in-chief.

The next president "has to build on that progress_not rip it away.

I worry greatly that the rhetoric coming from the Republicans, particularly Donald Trump, is sending a message to Muslims here in the United States and literally around the world that there is a 'clash of civilizations', that there is some kind of Western plot or even 'war against Islam', which then I believe fans the flames of radicalization.

We need to have a resolve that will bring the world together to root out the kind of radical jihadist ideology that motivates organisations like ISIS.

I was the boss of ambassadors in 270 countries. I was the boss of ambassadors in places like Afghanistan, where shortly before I visited one time, the embassy had been under brutal assault by the Taliban for hours. I am very well aware of the dangers that are faced by our diplomats and our development professionals. There was never a recommendation from Chris Stevens or anyone else to close Benghazi.

I would imagine I have thought more about what happened than all of you put together. I have lost more sleep than all of you put together. I have been wracking my brain about what more could have been done or should have been done.

This epidemic of gun violence knows no boundaries, knows no limits of any kind. How many people have to die before we actually act, before we come together as a nation?

Price gouging like this in the specialty drug market is outrageous.

The United States will never allow you to acquire a nuclear weapon. As president I will take whatever actions are necessary to protect the United States and our allies. I will not hesitate to take military action.

I'll hold the line against Iranian noncompliance. That means penalties even for small violations.

By now, the outcome in Congress is no longer in much doubt. So we've got to start looking ahead to what comes next: enforcing the deal, deterring Iran and its proxies, and strengthening our allies.

The Cuban people have waited long enough for progress to come. Even many Republicans on Capitol Hill are starting to recognise the urgency of moving forward. It is time for their leaders to either get on board or get out of the way.

It makes no sense that we couldn't come together to keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers, or people suffering from mental illnesses, even people on the terrorist watch list.

You brought our country back. Now it's time, your time, to secure the gains and move ahead. And you know what, America can't succeed unless you succeed.

This epidemic of gun violence knows no boundaries, knows no limits of any kind. How many people have to die before we actually act, before we come together as a nation?

In fact, the State Department had the vast majority of those anyway because they went to what are called 'dot gov' accounts.

A vote in 2002 is not a plan to defeat ISIS. We have to look at the threats we face right now.

I don't think it was particularly progressive to vote against the Brady bill five times.

The numbers just don't add up, from what Senator Sanders has been proposing.

A progressive is someone who makes progress. That's what I intend to do.

Americans need a champion and I want to be that champion.

Whatever it takes. Look, she works out every week. She is strong. She is doing great, as far as I can tell she's in better shape than I am. She certainly seems to have more stamina now. And there's nothing to it.

The freedom to speak out & to connect is a fundamental right. The people of Turkey deserve that right restored.#TwitterisblockedinTurkey.

This Index will help us find answers. It also reminds us that trafficking in persons is a crime that affects every country in the world, that all governments have a responsibility to deal with this problem and that no government anywhere is doing enough.

I urge leaders around the world to view this Index as a call to action, and to stay focused on the work of responding to this crime, even if your country receives a positive rank. Now we know the Index isn't perfect and can't answer every question about modern slavery, but this is an important starting point.

We want to reset our relationship and so we will do it together.

President Abbas took a step in the wrong direction this week. We opposed his resolution but we also need to see that the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank still offers the most compelling alternative to rockets and permanent resistance. So particularly in light of today's announcement let me reiterate that this administration, like previous administrations, has been very clear with Israel: that these activities setback the cause of a negotiated peace.

I hope we will continue working to find a way forward and make stronger trade and investment ties a major strategic goal of our transatlantic alliance.

Now we have to focus on reaching a durable outcome that promotes regional stability and advances the security, dignity, and legitimate aspirations of Palestinians and Israelis alike.

We found the video that is at the core of this series of events offensive, disgusting, reprehensible. But that does not provide justification for violence.

The people of Egypt, Libya, Yemen and Tunisia did not trade the tyranny of dictator for the tyranny of a mob.

To us, to me personally, this video is disgusting and reprehensible. The U.S. government had absolutely nothing to do with this video. We absolutely reject its content and message. America's commitment to religious tolerance goes back to the very beginning of our nation.

The US doesn't take a position on competing territorial claims over land features but we believe the nations of the region should work collaboratively together to resolve disputes without coercion, without intimidation, without threats and certainly without the use of force.

I have won elections and I have lost elections. When you lose an election and when your supporters see you lose an election, it's important that they have to see that the process was fair. And that's what we hope for here, for our friends in Kenya.

We do believe that it is not too late for the Assad regime to commence with planning for a transition, to find a way that ends the violence by beginning the kind of serious discussions that have not occurred to date.

We support democracy, but democracy has to mean more than just elections. It has to mean that the majority will be protecting the rights of the minority. And here in Egypt we are committed to protecting and advancing the rights of all Egyptians, men and women, Muslim and Christian.

The United States will be your friend and your partner, we are not even imagining abandoning Afghanistan, quite the opposite: we are building a partnership with Afghanistan that will endure far into the future.

We have confronted the Russians about stopping their continued arms shipments to Syria. They have from time to time, said that we shouldn't worry – everything they are shipping is unrelated to their actions internally. that's patently untrue. And we are concerned about the latest information we have that there are attack helicopters on the way from Russia to Syria, which will escalate the conflict quite dramatically.

We do not believe Iran would have come to the table had there not been sanctions and pressure. We do not believe Iran will peacefully resolve this unless the pressure continues.

In that regard we are also encouraged by the official statement issued today by the Chinese government confirming that he can apply to travel abroad for this purpose.

As part of our dialogue, the United States raises the importance of human rights and fundamental freedoms because we believe that all governments do have to answer our citizens' aspirations for dignity and the rule of law and that no nation can or should deny those rights.

We remain firmly resolved that the regime's war against its own people must end for good and a political transition must begin. Assad will have to go and the Syrian people must be given the chance to chart their own future.

An incident like this is inexplicable and certainly caused many questions to be asked.

North Korea has agreed to implement a moratorium on long range missile launches, nuclear tests, and nuclear activities at Yongbyon including uranium enrichment activities.

We are evaluating the outcome of the legal proceedings. We'll have more to say after we have finished that analysis and gathered as much information as possible.

I speak directly to those who are supporting Assad, including members of his security forces. Their continuing to kill their brothers and sisters is a stain on their honour. Their refusal to continue this slaughter will make them heroes in the eyes of not only Syrians, but people of conscience everywhere.

We will encourage the international community to impose further sanctions, including travel bans and asset freezes on people inside and outside the TFG who seek to undermine Somalia's peace and security or to delay or even prevent the political transition.

This response from the Iranian government is one we have been waiting for, and if we do proceed, it will have to be a sustained effort that can produce results.

As I said at the United Nations on Tuesday, to block this resolution is to bear responsibility for the horrors that are occurring on the ground in Syria.

To date the evidence is clear, that Assad's forces are initiating all of the attacks that kill civilians. But as more citizens take up arms to resist the regime's brutality, violence is increasingly likely to spiral out of control.

I want to express my total dismay at the story concerning our marines, who I have the highest respect and admiration for, but I share completely the views expressed by Defence Secretary Leon Panetta earlier today. I join him in condemning the deplorable behaviour that is reflected in this video.

I want to express my total dismay at the story concerning our marines. Anyone found to have participated or known about or having engaged in such conduct must be held fully accountable.

Instead of taking responsibility, what we hear from President Assad in his chillingly cynical speech yesterday was only making excuses, blaming foreign countries, conspiracies so vast that now it includes the Syrian opposition, the international community, all international media outlets and the Arab League itself.

This systematic degradation of Egyptian women dishonours the revolution, disgraces the state and its uniform and is not worthy of a great people.

Hopefully we can work with the Russians, who for the first time at least, have recognized that this is a matter that needs to go to the Security Council. It's just we have differences in how they are approaching it, but we hope to be able to work with them.

Democracy is the goal. That has been the goal from the very beginning. Yet we know that it has been a long and very difficult path that has been followed. We do see openings today.

We are not at the point yet that we can consider lifting sanctions that we have in place, because of our ongoing concerns about policies that have to be reversed.

We will support a process of democratising that respects the rule of law, that respects the rights of minorities and women and young people. Groups that want to undermine democracy or subvert it are going to have to be dealt with by the Libyans themselves.

It reflects an intolerance on the part of the regime and its supporters and it is deeply regrettable that we have the Assad regime continuing its campaign of violence against its own people.

We condemn this unwarranted attack in the strongest possible terms. This inexcusable assault is clearly part of an ongoing campaign of intimidation aimed at not only American diplomats, but diplomats from other countries, foreign observers, who are raising questions about what's going on inside Syria.

We believe that this announcement by the government of Israel approving the construction of (1,100) housing units in East Jerusalem is counterproductive to our efforts to resume direct negotiations between the parties.

We continue to believe and are pressing the point that the only way to a two state solution – which is what we support and want to see happen – is through negotiations. And no matter what does or doesn't happen this week it will not produce the kind of outcome that everyone is hoping for.

We continue to call and work for their immediate release – it is time for them to return home and be reunited with their families.

Assad is standing in their way. For the sake of the Syrian people, the time has come for him to step aside and leave this transition to the Syrians themselves and that is what we will continue to work to achieve.

His (Obama's) executive order immediately freezes all assets of the government of Syria that are subject to American jurisdiction and prohibits American citizens from engaging in any transactions with the government of Syria or investing in that country.

We urge those countries still buying Syrian oil and gas, those countries still sending Assad weapons, (…) to get on the right side of history.

I am confident that Congress will do the right thing and secure a deal on the debt ceiling, and work with President Obama to take the steps necessary to improve our long-term fiscal outlook.

And as you do what you must to bring your economy back to health, you will have the full support of the United States.

Until an interim authority is in place, the United States will recognise the TNC as the legitimate governing authority for Libya and we will deal with it on that basis. In contrast the United States views the Gaddafi regime as no longer having legitimate authority in Libya.

If anyone, including President Assad, thinks that the United States is secretly hoping that the regime will emerge from this turmoil to continue its brutality and repression, they are wrong. President Assad is not indispensable and we have absolutely nothing invested in him remaining in power.

I think what that that symbolises for many Syrians is the total collapse of any effort by the Syrian government to work with and listen to their own people.

There is absolutely no evidence that anyone at highest level of the Pakistani government knew that Osama bin Laden was living just miles from where we are today. And we know that al Qaeda has been a source of great pain and suffering.

Clearly on our agenda is looking for the most effective ways to deliver financial assistance and other means of supporting and helping the TNC (Transitional National Council) opposition.

The sanctions that were announced are intended to show the Syrian government that its behaviour and actions are going to be held to account and they must begin taking steps to respond to the legitimate aspirations of their people and respect the rights of their people.

I think that Mr. Gaddafi knows what he must do, there needs to be a cease-fire, his forces need to withdraw from the cities that they have forcibly taken at great violence and human cost. There needs to be a decision made about his departure from power.

NATO is well suited to coordinating this international effort and ensuring that all participating nations are working effectively together toward our shared goals. Gaddafi's troops have been pushed back, but they remain a serious threat to the safety of the people.

I think it is very important that this not be a US-led effort because this comes from the people of Libya themselves, this does not come from the outside.

The United States continues to watch the situation in Libya with alarm. Our thoughts and prayers are with those whose lives have been lost and their loved ones and we join the international community in strongly condemning the violence as we received reports of hundreds killed and many more injured.

The status quo is simply not sustainable, so for all our friends in the region including governments and people, the challenge is to help our partners take systematic steps to usher in a better future where peoples' voices are heard, their rights respected and their aspirations met.

What will eventually happen in Egypt is up to the Egyptians. But it is important for us to make very clear that as a partner of Egypt, we are urging that there be a restraint on the part of the security forces.

A Hezbollah-controlled government would clearly have an impact on our bilateral relationship with Lebanon. Our bottom lines remain as they always have been. First we believe that justice must be pursued and impunity for murder ended. We believe in Lebanon's sovereignty and an end to outside interference.

We would hope that China would work with us to send a clear, unmistakable message to North Korea that they have to demonstrate a seriousness of purpose in ending their provocative actions.

Australia and the United States will continue to work together to establish an international commission of inquiry to hold those leaders of Burma accountable for human rights violations, continuing persecution of ethnic minorities.

I hope that today you see that future we believe in for you. A future where you're part of Europe, a part of the transatlantic community and you're part of a nation that is working together to improve the lives of all of the people.

These drug cartels are now showing more and more indices of insurgency.

First we will implement new country-specific sanctions aimed at North Korea's sale and procurement of arms and related material.

We continue to call for Russia to abide by the August 2008 ceasefire commitment signed by President Saakashvili and President Medvedev, including ending the oocuption and withdrawing Russian troops from South Ossetia and Abkhazia to their pre-conflict positions.

We stand ready to help both Armenia and Azerbaijan achieve and implement a peace settlement. We know this will not be easy, but we think it is the necessary foundation for a secure and prosperous future.

I think it is fair that these are the most significant sanctions that Iran has ever faced. The amount of unity that has been engendered by the international community is very significant.

This morning Iran's president offered the same tired, false, and sometimes wild accusations against the US and other parties at this conference. But that's not surprising. As you all heard, Iran will do all that it can to divert attention away from its own record and to attempt to evade accountability. Now is the time to build consensus, not to block it.

We were committed from the beginning to reset the US-Russia relationship because we saw it as essential to making progress on our top priorities from counter-terrorism to nuclear security and non-proliferation.

We know that the demand for drugs drives much of this illicit trade, that guns purchased in the USA as we saw some of the examples outside, are used to facilitate violence here in Mexico, and the United States must and is doing its part to help you and us to meet these challenges.

New construction in East Jerusalem and the West Bank undermines that mutual trust and endangers the proximity talks that are the first step towards the full negotiations that both sides say they want and need, and exposes daylight between Israel and the United States, that others in the region hope to exploit.

There are differences in our relationship, we know that, we raised them and we have had very frank conversations about them. But they are raised within a context of an overall approach that looks for ways to narrow the areas of difference and disagreement.

We are engaged in a very active consultation with the Israelis over steps that we think would demonstrate the requisite commitment to this process. And it's been a very important effort on out part as well as theirs because we know how hard this is.

What the Prime Minister (Netahyahu) has offered in specifics of a restraint on the policy of settlements, which he has just described, no new starts for example, is unprecedented in the context of prior to negotiations.

We are so grateful for what Chile did in Haiti. Your rescue teams were among the very best in the entire world. And we want to help Chile who has done so much to help others.

We still believe there is a different path for Iran to take but we want the world united in sending an unequivocal message to Iran that we will not stand idly by. The supreme leader, the president, the parliament is being supplanted and that Iran is moving toward a military dictatorship.

We must also support the efforts by the government of Afghanistan to separate the extremists of al-Qaeda and the Taliban from those who joined their ranks not out of conviction but out of desperation.

Countries that restrict free access to information or violate the basic rights of Internet users risk walling themselves off from the progress of the next century. Now the United States and China have different views on this issue, and we intend to address those differences candidly and consistently, in the context of our positive, cooperative and comprehensive relationship.

That's a good sound. That means good things are coming and helping the people of Haiti.

I want to speak directly to the Haitian people through the Haitian media. We are here at the invitation of your government to help you. As President Obama has said, we will be here today, tomorrow and for the time ahead.

The United States is offering our full assistance to Haiti and others in the region. We will be providing both civilian and military disaster relief and humanitarian assistance.

In that region, the spillover effects from instability are directly impacting on neighbours. Obviously, we see global implications from the war in Yemen and the ongoing efforts by al-Qaeda in Yemen to use it as a base for terrorist attacks far beyond the region.

In the context of a strong accord…the United States is prepared to work with other countries toward a goal of jointly mobilising 100 billion dollars a year by 2020 to address the climate change needs of developing countries.

We need to form an even stronger partnership to bring down the walls of the 21st century and to confront those who hide behind them.

This is a pivotal moment for Iran. Acceptance fully of this proposal we have put forward , and that we are united behind, would be a good indication that Iran does not wish to be isolated.

We commit to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Pakistani people in your right to fight for peace and security. We will give you the help that you need in order to achieve your goal.

We commit to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the Pakistani people in your fight for peace and security. We will give you the help that you need, in order to achieve your goal.

I am very hopeful that we will see a resolution in line with the constitutional order in the next several days.

President Obama and I believe that it is this cooperative relationship and acceptance of shared responsibility that is really at the core of the 21st century relationship between US and Russia. One example of that is the work that our technical experts are doing on the START agreement to cut our nuclear arsenals to demonstrate leadership from the two largest nuclear powers in the world.

I want to be clear that when it comes to the important issues of devolution, of policing and justice, that is a decision for this assembly to make. My hope is that you will achieve what you have set out to do, to complete the process of devolution.

We want to see a serious effort by Iran to discuss the nuclear issue and we are also looking for Iran to recognise that they are at a turning point, they have a choice to make.

I just think it is absolutely wrong to release someone who has been imprisoned based on the evidence about his involvement in such a horrendous crime.

There's been an understanding between the Swiss government and our government over the ongoing litigation concerning UBS. Our governments have worked very hard on this to reach that point, so we're very pleased that the announcement was made this morning.

We obviously hope that the outcome reflects the genuine will and desire of the Iranian people.

That is part of our alliance obligation which we take very seriously. So we hope that there will be an opportunity for North Korea to come back into a framework of discussion within the six-party process.

Until we have tested within the timeframe set forth by the president where we think this engagement is going, I'm not sure that adding new unilateral sanctions is really that helpful.

We are committed to Iraq. We want to see a stable, sovereign, self-reliant Iraq, but we know we are coming into office when there is a transition underway. The prior administration agreed to withdraw our troops, and we support that.

I don't know that we need very many or more European troops, some countries have already said they intend to send some troops but as I say there are so many different ways to participate. The training of the Afghan National Army is just as important as troops from a European country because the faster we can stand up a well equipped, well trained Afghan National Army the sooner our troops can come home and the sooner the Afghans can attend to their own security.

The Mexican government made clear to us its urgent need for additional helicopters to take on the drug traffickers and we are responding and I'm pleased to announce that the Obama administration, working closely with Congress, intends to provide more than $80 million in urgently needed funding for Black Hawk helicopters for Mexican law enforcement.

I want to commend the entire leadership of Northern Ireland as well as the Irish and British governments for the constructive statements and their strong resolve in the face of this attack.

With regard to the Syria-Israeli peace track, I offered my appreciation to the Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister for the leadership role that Turkey has played in bringing Syria and Israel together.

We think this is a fresh start, not only to improve our bilateral relationship, but to lead the world in important areas, particularly in respect to nuclear weapons and nuclear security.

We cannot afford to waste energy or resources, we all must be focused on the same agenda. I pledged American support for EU initiatives to build a single energy market and to diversify gas supplies. EU leadership and unity were pivotal in resolving Russia's recent gas cutoff to Ukraine and Europe and that leadership may be needed again in the future.

It does not mean that we don't respect the opinions of others who see it differently, but from my perspective and from the perspective of the Obama administration, time is of the essence.

It is important that the United States always underscore our unshakable, durable, fundamental relationship and support for the State of Israel.

I know that it can be done. I believe that with all my heart. The timing of it will depend on human effort and political will on all sides. It is not either or, it is everyone.

The US and China will build an important partnership to develop and deploy clean energy technologies designed to speed our transformation to low carbon economies. These technologies are essential both to spur sustainable economic growth in our countries and to contain the increasingly urgent problem of global climate change.

The United States is committed to pursuing a positive, cooperative relationship with China, one that we believe is important for the future peace, progress and prosperity for both countries and for the world.

We are all on the same team and it is America's team, and we have in the leadership of President Obama someone who wants us to reach out to the world, to do so without illusions. I get up every morning thinking about what I must do to make this world of ours safer and more prosperous and to make our country all that it can be.

I believe with all my heart that this is a new era for America.

Our goal will be to do everything we can to pursue, through diplomacy, through the use of sanctions, through creating better coalitions with countries that we believe also have a a big stake in preventing Iran from becoming a nuclear weapon power.

I believe that American leadership has been wanting, but is still wanted.

I move Senator Barack Obama of Illinois be selected by this convention by acclamation as the nominee of the Democratic party for president of the United States.

It is time to take back the country we love. And whether you voted for me, or you voted for Barack, the time is now to unite as a single party with a single purpose.

Barack Obama is my candidate and he must be our president.

I know him very well. And I know he has been on the front lines of the fight for social and economic justice his entire time in public service, so I am asking you to work as hard for Senator Obama as you worked for me.

It has been an honour to contest these primaries with him, just as it is an honor to call him my friend. And tonight I would like all of us to take a moment to recognise him and his supporters for all they have accomplished.

Because this race is so close, still separated by less than 200 delegates out of more than 4,400, neither Senator Obama nor I will have reached that magic number when the voting ends on June 3rd, and so our party will have a tough choice to make: who is ready to lead our party at the top of our ticket?

I am more determined than ever to carry on this campaign.

The Republicans want eight more years of the same. They see tax cuts for the wealthy and they say why not more. They see nine trillion dollars in debt and say why not trillions more. They see five years in Iraq and say why not a hundred more. Well, they have got until January the 20th, 2009, and not one day more.

After seven years of a president who listens only to the special interest, you are ready for a president who brings your voice, your values and your dreams to your White House.

I want the New York team to win both. That's where I am focused.

The difference between the politician and the statesman is that the politician looks to the next election, and the statesman looks to the next generation. So I want this election to be about the next generation.

Now, together, let's give America the kind of comeback that New Hampshire has just given me.

The oil companies, the drug companies, the health insurance companies, the predatory student loan companies have had seven years of a president who stands up for them. It is time we had a president who stands up for all of you.

I want especially to thank New Hampshire. Over the last week I listened to you … and in the process I found my own voice.

Together we will restore pride in America, get back to making progress and yes, make history together.

When it comes to Iran, I took a stand for aggressive diplomacy and one of my opponents made a different choice. He did not show up for the vote.

I am here to tell you poverty and growing inequality matters. Healthcare matters, the people of the Gulf Coast and New Orleans matter, our soldiers matter, our standing in the world matters. Our future matters and it is up to us to take it back, put it into our hands and start marching towards a better tomorrow.

I am worried about the future of our country and I want to help put it back on the right course so that we can work together to meet the challenges that confront us at home and abroad in order to secure a better future for all of these children.

At this point I would settle for just admitting that we're on the wrong course while we try to figure out what to do next. Let's have that debate in the Congress and in the country.

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