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We hope that the Asia-Pacific region can become a stable, prosperous and orderly region....where we are capable of managing differences and have the wisdom to resolve the
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Nov 10 2017
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Hua Chunying is associated, including South China Sea, Japan, and history. Most recently, Hua Chunying has been quoted saying: “Arabella as a small messenger of Sino-American friendship is deeply loved by the Chinese people. I believe it will also help to narrow the feelings and distance between the peoples of China and the United States.” in the article Trump’s granddaughter gets praise and sympathy for singing for Chinese president.
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Hua Chunying quotes

Aug 28 2017 - China

China will continue to exercise sovereignty rights to protect territorial sovereignty in accordance with the rules of the historical

Aug 28 2017 - China

Chinese frontier defense force continues to patrol in the Doklam area. The situation at the spot has changed, and China will adjust and deploy according to current

Aug 28 2017 - Unilateralism

The present problem in Venezuela should be resolved by the Venezuelan government and people

Aug 23 2017

We hope all sides can be brave enough to shoulder their responsibilities, show goodwill to each other and take correct actions to help further ease

Aug 23 2017 - China

What the United States has done is not helpful to the resolution of the issue and is not beneficial to mutual trust and cooperation between China and the United States on this

Aug 23 2017 - Sanctions

China especially opposes any country conducting 'long-arm jurisdiction' over Chinese entities and individuals. Measures taken by the United States are not helpful in solving the problem and unhelpful to mutual trust and cooperation. We ask the United States to stop the relevant wrong practices

Aug 21 2017 - South Korea

We think that South Korea and the United States holding joint drills is not beneficial to easing current tensions or efforts by all sides to promote

Aug 14 2017 - China

The North Korean nuclear issue and the China-U.S. trade issue are totally different and it is not appropriate to use one as a tool to keep pressure on the other

Jun 08 2017 - THAAD

We have said many times before that the United States deployment of THAAD not only is not beneficial for the resolution of the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue, it is also not good for regional stability. On this issue, China and Russia are agreed and have common interests. Of course China and Russia will continue to closely communicate on this issue, we will oppose the United States deploying THAAD in South

Jun 06 2017 - China

Other nations have no right to interfere in our judicial sovereignty and

Jun 05 2017 - South China Sea

We hope the relevant side can fully respect and support the efforts of countries in the region to maintain peace and stability in the South China Sea, and play a constructive role rather than the

Jun 02 2017 - China

China is willing to enhance cooperation with all sides to together advance the follow-up negotiations on details of implementing the Paris agreement and also advance its effective

Jun 02 2017 - Climate change

We will work with all relevant parties to safeguard the outcomes of the Paris Agreement, press ahead with the negotiation and implementation of the enforcement rules, and promote green, low-carbon and sustainable growth of the

Jun 01 2017 - Climate change

Climate change is a global challenge. No county can place itself outside of

May 31 2017 - China

We have no information about this. We haven't heard about this. We don't know where you got your information about

May 22 2017 - China

I am not aware of the details of that report. But I can tell you that China's national security organ is investigating and handling organizations, personnel and activities that endanger China's national security and interests and fully perform its duty with the authorization by law. I do not want to say more about the normal performance of duty by the national security

Apr 10 2017 - North Korea

We are playing close attention to the development of the situation on the peninsula. Under the current situation, we think all relevant sides should exercise restraint and avoid actions that could aggravate

Apr 07 2017

It is imperative to prevent the further deterioration of the

Apr 07 2017

I'm not in a position to judge what is on the top of the agenda. They can discuss the most urgent and pressing international

Apr 06 2017 - Human Rights

We strongly oppose any country disrupting China's judicial sovereignty and independence with the excuse of human

Apr 06 2017 - Mar-a-Lago

President Trump, after taking office, announced that Mar-a-Lago would be the winter White House. The U.S. proposal to hold the U.S.-China heads of state meeting there, I think, represents the importance that the U.S. side places on this meeting. China respects the U.S. side's

Apr 05 2017 - China

If we are serious about solving this issue, we need to tackle the root of it. We need to balance the interest of each side. China wants to make efforts with all sides involved, to make denuclearization a reality, and ensure peace in the

Mar 29 2017 - China

The dividend, the well-being delivered by the corridor will benefit the people of both China and Pakistan, as well as of the

Mar 29 2017

We hope that Australia keeps in mind the broader picture of bilateral relations and continues to promote the relevant domestic process so the treaty can go into enforcement as soon as

Mar 28 2017

We hope that the EU can genuinely place an importance on China's reasonable concerns and

Mar 28 2017

We will continue to follow the development of this case together with our embassy in France and ensure the safety and legitimate right and interest of Chinese citizens and institutions in France. Meanwhile, we hope the Chinese nationals in France can express their wishes and demands in a reasonable and lawful

Mar 28 2017 - Malaysia

We hope that the relevant parties can appropriately resolve the issue via dialogue and

Mar 28 2017 - China

As for China deploying or not deploying necessary territorial defensive facilities on its own territory, this is a matter that is within the scope of Chinese

Mar 28 2017

We hope that our compatriots in France will make their complaints known in a reasonable and legal

Mar 22 2017 - Human Rights

China is always opposed to the efforts of any country to disrupt the normal case handling by Chinese judicial authorities at the excuse of human rights. You mentioned this expression of opinions by 11 missions in China. I believe this in itself is violating the spirit of rule of law. All sovereign states enjoy the independence of judicial affairs, and no country has the right to interfere with the independence of their judicial affairs. China has repeatedly expressed that China is a country under the rule of law and everyone stands equal in front of the law, and no one can rise beyond the

Mar 21 2017

China is concerned by the quality problems of some meat products in Brazil. We hope that the Brazilian side will conduct a thorough investigation of the case ... and take more stringent measures to ensure safe and reliable food exports to

Mar 20 2017 - Taiwan

We hope the U.S. fully recognizes the high sensitivity and serious harmfulness of U.S. arms sales to

Mar 17 2017

As a close neighbor of the peninsula, China has even more reason than any other country to care about the

Mar 17 2017

I think the proposal put forward by individual senators shows their arrogance and

Mar 17 2017

If the US or another country has a better plan, a better proposal, they can bring it

Mar 16 2017 - Japan

If Japan persists in taking wrong actions, and even considers military interventions that threaten China's sovereignty and security... then China will inevitably take firm responsive

Feb 01 2017

Chinese companies have from the very start upheld the holding of talks and consultations with Sri Lanka on the basis of one's own free will, equality and mutual respect according to market

Jan 25 2017 - Japan

China is willing to have friendly interactions with Japan,but will never tolerate flagrant provocations distorting the history and offending the Chinese people. Whoever does so shall pay the price for their unscrupulous

Jan 24 2017 - Trans Pacific Partnership

We think that in the present situation, no matter what happens, all should keep going down the path of open, inclusive, continuous development, seeking cooperation and

Jan 20 2017 - Taiwan

The aim is to use this as an opportunity to interfere in and damage Sino-US

Jan 18 2017 - Taiwan

China's position has already accurately and unmistakably been given to the U.S. administration and Trump's

Jan 16 2017 - Taiwan

Any person should understand that in this world there are certain things that cannot be traded or bought and

Jan 16 2017

Not everything in the world can be bargained or traded

Jan 16 2017

Whoever attempts to harm the one-China principle out of any motive or uses the principle as a bargaining chip will definitely be facing broad and strong opposition from the Chinese government and people, as well as the international

Dec 28 2016

China is firmly against any visit by Japanese cabinet members to the Yasukuni Shrine which worships class-A criminals in the Second World War. We once again urge the Japanese side to look squarely at and deeply reflect upon the past history of aggression, take a responsible attitude to properly handle relevant issues, and make tangible moves to win the trust of its Asian neighbors and the

Dec 27 2016 - Japan

Trying to liquidate the history of World War II by paying a visit to Pearl Harbor and consoling the dead is just wishful thinking on Japan's

Dec 27 2016 - Japan

Japan can never turn this page over without reconciliation from China and other victimized countries in Asia. Japanese leaders should stop being so evasive and dodging, and instead take a responsible attitude toward history and future, deeply and sincerely reflect upon the history of aggressive war, and draw a clear break with the

Dec 26 2016 - Taiwan

Our Liaoning should enjoy in accordance with the law freedom of navigation and overflight as set by international law, and we hope all sides can respect this right of China'

Dec 23 2016

If you have no definitive proof, then it is very hard for you to judge where the attacks really come

Dec 22 2016 - Taiwan

How can the 'one China' principle be traded for money? The Chinese government has never traded away its

Dec 22 2016 - Taiwan

As two major powers with broad mutual interests, cooperation is the only correct

Dec 22 2016 - Drones

There is a bit of over-reading, or a bit thinking about it too much: 'was it a misjudgment or orders from higher up'? But if you read the answer from the defense ministry spokesman, the facts are really simple and

Oct 17 2016

China's door has always been open to the Philippines, and I think you've also noticed that President Duterte has many times said he wants dialogue with China and his positive desire to appropriately resolve relevant

Sep 08 2016

We should be highly alert against the mischief-making intentions of people who spread such groundless information in such

Sep 08 2016

What I can tell you is that the situation in waters near Huangyan Island remains unchanged and China hasn't made any new

Sep 07 2016

We hope the relevant individuals can stop hyping up this kind of information, and stop sowing discord and

Sep 07 2016

I can tell you that there has not been any change to the Huangyan Island situation. China has also not taken new

Sep 02 2016

We hope the relevant side, when issuing such reports or opinions, can more objectively and fairly comment, seeking truth from the facts, on China's development and investment

Sep 01 2016

She "did not understand the relevant

Aug 30 2016 - Espionage

Based on our understanding, Phan-Gillis, because of her suspected crimes of espionage, has been charged according to law by the relevant Chinese department. China is a country ruled by law. The relevant Chinese department will handle the case strictly according to

Jun 23 2016 - South China Sea

The number of people supporting China rises by the day, so I have no way of giving you a precise figure. The actual number was not the most important thing. As long as you have an objective and impartial position, as long as you understand the main points of the history of the South China Sea and the essence of the so-called 'arbitration case', any unbiased country, organization or person will unhesitatingly chose China's just

Jun 22 2016

At present, the situation on the peninsula remains very complex and severe. We think that the relevant party should avoid doing anything to further worsen

Jun 21 2016

We hope that this conference can make a meaningful inquiry into the relevant cooperation issues in northeast

May 26 2016 - South China Sea

China is resolutely opposed to individual countries hyping up the South China Sea for personal

Mar 22 2016

Chinese official ships advised the illegally stationed Philippine trawlers to leave, in accordance with the law, but they refused to

Feb 09 2016

When pursuing its own security, one country should not impair others' security

Jan 06 2016

North Korea should stop taking any actions which would worsen the situation on the Korean

May 26 2015 - South China Sea

We believe Chinese people on both sides of the Strait have a duty to jointly protect China's territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests and safeguard the stability of the South China Sea

May 15 2014

We call upon Japan to respect the reasonable and deep concerns of the other regional countries, maintain a path of peaceful development, earnestly face up to and deeply reflect upon history, and play a constructive role in maintaining regional peace and

May 14 2014

I think this is perfectly obvious […] I'm afraid it is difficult to deny Vietnam's role as

Oct 29 2013

We acknowledge that some violent terrorist incidents have taken place in some areas of Xinjiang. I believe any country facing such incidents would do what the Chinese government has done by opposing and firmly cracking down on them in order to preserve social stability and ensure the safety of the lives and property of people from all ethnic

Jun 28 2013

We hope a certain country can stop irresponsible attacks and accusations against China, start with themselves and take practical action to strengthen mutual trust and cooperation, and jointly safeguard peace and security in cyber

Jun 28 2013

As to who masterminded it, local people are still

May 07 2013 - Palestine

We support Palestine and Israel resolving their differences and disputes through peaceful talks. China's hosting of state visits by leaders of the two countries is part of our efforts to promote the peace process in the Middle

Mar 06 2013 - Venezuela

President Chavez was a great leader of Venezuela, and a good friend of the Chinese people, who made significant contributions to pushing forward friendly and co-operative Sino-Venezuelan

Feb 13 2012

We are still lacking a high level of understanding and trust. I notice there are some suspicions from different voices on the EU side towards China's rescue of the euro. We know that there are some (who are) demanding that China should do more to help Europe, while there are some saying: 'Is China coming to buy up Europe?' So, we are quite

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