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In that case, which would mean calling a fresh election, as the constitution demands, I ask you to elect Nicolas Maduro as president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.
Mar 05 2013
Hugo Chavez has been quoted 50 times. The two most recent articles where Hugo Chavez has been quoted are Washington's diplomatic tiptoe with Caracas and Chavez arrives in Cuba for cancer treatment. Most recently, Hugo Chavez was quoted as having said, “The oil is still flowing from Venezuela to the United States. Venezuela needs it to sustain its economy. Under Chavez the Venezuelan economy has been very dependent on oil, as it was before, and the United States is the main consumer, the main market, even though they have tried to diversify. It is just that everything is set up to favour the United States.”.
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All that it's like an orchestra. On one side there's the royal Spanish court and on the other side there's Washington. And finally there's the court of Human Rights, which the other day dedicated nearly 300 pages to us. And that is no coincidence, it's all orchestrated. Behind all that of course is the Yankee empire.

The English continue to threaten Argentina but times have changed, dear Queen. This is not 1982 anymore. If Argentina is attacked, you can rest assured it will not be alone like it was before.

In the streets they are saying – if the climate was a bank, you would have already saved it. And I think that's true.

We know that the state of Israel is, a murderous arm of the Yankee empire.

You have to prepare for the rupture of relations with Colombia because its going to happen… there is no chance of a way back or an embrace with Uribe, no, no its impossible. Those seven yankee bases are a declaration of war against the Bolivarian revolution and that's how we see it, as a declaration of war.

This barbarity threatens to take us back to those times, which should be dead and buried, when armed coups were common in this part of the world.

The activities of this company, water and gas injection, are all now under the control of the state, or rather under the control of the Venezuelan people.

We have witnessed what was unthinkable a few years ago – the government of the United States changing directions.

There's no excuse not to end sanctions on Cuba. Everyone wants him to, I'm sure that even the American people want him to do it. There's no excuse for him not change history – he has an enormous opportunity.

I am sure President Obama, just like me, doesn't have any complexes that would prevent us from extending our hands to each other. I'm grateful for his gesture.

In the United States or in Cuba? Who has the democracy-meter to measure that? Is it true that there's more democracy in the United States than in Cuba? I have no doubt in saying that there's more democracy in Cuba than in the United States.

Let the expropriation process for Cargill begin. Also, let there be a legal investigation, because its operations is a flagrant violation of everything we have been doing.

The victory today is a victory for all Venezuela. A victory for those who did not vote and for those who vote no. Even if they do not accept defeat and do not understand that it is a victory for Venezuela, they are part of Venezuela.

How the people sing today. How our people sing. Watch out! Watch out! The sword of Bolivar advances through Latin America.

To the new governors of Miranda, Zulia and Nueva Esparta, who've been elected, I, as head of state, congratulate them and recognise their triumph.

Russia has sufficient capacity to ensure its presence in various parts of the world. Their ships might show up in Asian, African or Caribbean waters. I will not be surprised. If Russia's armed forces want to be present in Venezuela, they will be given a warm welcome.

Civilised Europe has opened the door to legalised barbarity. We should put together possible answers and ask the European government to do some thinking about it.

We will not send Venezuelan oil to any country which applies this directive, I repeat, Venezuelan oil will not go!

We must march together towards political autonomy, South America is politically much more independent as a region than it was ten years ago. We must move forward towards full autonomy.

Venezuelan oil will not go to the countries that apply this shameful directive. I'll say it now, Venezuelan oil will not go. There will be no agreement with these countries.

They say we are to blame for the price of oil. They are the ones to blame in the first place, for their wastefulness, their consumption. It's not OPEC. They want to demonise OPEC before the world. They want to turn the world against OPEC.

I won't say anything else because she is a lady.

Although it will bother some people, I say the FARC and the ELN are not terrorist bodies. They are armies, true armies that occupy space in Colombia.

I think this is a great Christmas present, especially for the relatives of Dr Clara Rojas and her son, Emmanuel.

Let the United States government know that if the Tenaza plan goes ahead on Sunday, Monday or whenever, there will not be a drop of oil for the United States of America.

This will give us the body, nerve and skeleton for southern integration, for the union of South America, not only between Venezuela and Brazil.

The barbarians are those who assault Iraq and destroy it, the way they continue to destroy the Iraqi people today.

We ask the president of the United States to rectify his proposals. He is manipulating and misleading the world. Never, ever, will ethanol, or biofuels, be a substitute for petrol.

Today the head of the empire is going around trying to extinguish the blaze. He won't be able to. Not this empire, nor a thousand empires will put out the Sandinista, Bolivarian, popular freedom flames rising up from these lands.

We came here first and foremost to make proposals, and to continue our discussions about, and to approve, agreements, programmes and projects, which will strengthen real integration, the integration of South America. But we are also here to contribute to something that we consider an absolute necessity – reforming Mercosur.

Fatherland, socialism or death – that is my oath.

It's very simple. It's like when you employ someone and the contract is up, or if you have an arrangement, like when you give someone the right to clean your house for a month, and when that time is up you are not happy, and you decide not to renew the contract or the arrangement. It's very straightforward.

All of those things that were privatised will be nationalised. We are recuperating all that was social property.

It seems the Devil is very upset. I know how to take care of myself and the Lord will protect me and you all will protect me as well.

Cuba being here means we have the presence of a fellow historical country, a country that has a lot to give in the social, geopolitical and economic areas.

Evo, we know this battle is hard, you can always count on our support for that battle here, in the United Nations, in the Organisation of American States, and in the world to defend the coca farmers, who are being demonised.

Because of its internal problems, Ecuador has had to suspend production of its oil. They have asked us to lend them oil and Venezuela will cover the Ecuadorian government's commitments.

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