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I say this every year at Villanova, we can't take it for granted. It's so special to be a part of it. Every time you win and you get a chance to advance, cherish it. You're playing the best teams in the country. You're going to come down to games like this. We had a game like this against Kansas last year and we came out of the good side of it. We had a game like this against N.C. State last year, and we had a shot to win it and we missed it.
Mar 19 2017
Jay Wright has most recently been quoted in an article called Associated Press. Jay Wright said, “You got to give them credit. It's great execution, great job, great coaching job, and that's how you win and lose these close games.”. Jay Wright has been quoted a grand total of 43 times in 20 articles.
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I think pressure is pressure, so you want to embrace it and try to allow it to make you better. You're a 1 seed, and so you're supposed to win it if you're the 1 seed, right? It's all about how you handle that, and I think having that pressure last year and having pressure this year, I think makes it a little bit easier to handle.

I'm not really looking forward to leaving right away. But it hits you with reality, you're in it. We're going to be in Buffalo tonight and we're playing and it's on.

After '09, she was telling me, Yo, you're trying to be everything everybody wants you to be, and you're not being yourself, and you're not being true to your coaches and your players'. And I was like, Come on, man. We went to the Final Four.

That doesn't go in, I'm not a bad coach; these aren't bad guys. We win it, that doesn't make me a great coach either. Now, my next challenge is: We better be humble about this and understand it's not just us.

You can hear people saying, This is the beginning of the end. These guys are crumbling.

There's less fear of failure than when you're building a program the first time. We thought, and we talked about it as a staff: If we fail, we're going to fail our way with good guys that believe in Villanova. We're not trying to emulate Kentucky or Kansas. . . . It was kind of cathartic.

That felt like we were 13-19 heading for 8-22. It felt like we were going in the wrong direction.

It was easy to get 'em, and we just took 'em. We recruited them on the basis of just being pros, and then when they got here, we tried to talk to them about our family, our culture. They were kind of looking at us like, Wait a minute. This isn't what I signed up for.' And that was on me.

I think we got outplayed tonight. We just found ways at the end. Great players make great plays. We just had players that gutted it out and defensively we had some great stops. Eric Paschall on that last play did a great job on Delgado. That's not easy. It's purely talented players making plays at the end of the game.

Josh recognizes that's his time to come off and look for threes. It was just really smart on his part. That was big because we had gotten some stops, but were having a tough time scoring.

It was as powerful a moment as we had experienced at any point in the season.

I had never done it before, and I'm not doing it this season. That's what I wanted to do. But you meet with the publisher, and they said, I'm not sure 40 homilies can be successful. We talk to the players a lot about how we're family. We want to try and keep our business within family. I always talk to the guys about that. Then after that, I go out and write a book.

I definitely consider myself a spiritual guy. I don't know how that comes across, but I do. In the book, I think it comes through. It really showed how much all of us were dialed in to each other. Father Rob would normally ask me before he does something like that. Or we would discuss it. But he came to me first and I thought, wow, I'm cool with this but are we ready for this? Is this team ready for this together? But it was so natural. Coming out of that, I think we all realized, we're on another level of togetherness here.

With the entire crowd on its feet and barely half a second left in regulation, Kris raised up in his textbook form and released the ball.

Bad execution on our part. He's a stud. Certain guys, you just know physically they can handle the minutes.

Every day we don't get him in practice, it looks worse for getting him back.

You've got to put a whole 40 minutes together. Sometimes you get on the road and a team gets hot. If you don't finish the 40 minutes, they'll get you.

It was great to be No. 1. I'd much rather be No. 1 than three.

There's a lot of challenges to it, but mostly we are always trying to concentrate on the next game, trying to get better, because it's most important where you end up.

I think what happened the year before carries all the weight, maybe. I always look at it each week, but I don't analyze the voting.

They made pretty much every shot, so that was pretty challenging.

It's not (a concern) because of the versatility of everybody.

After you lose a game at any time, you're always a little curious about how your team comes back. But I wouldn't say I'm worried.

They just did more than us tonight. I don't think it was a specific play here or there. Over the course of the game, hitting a shot here, making an extra pass there, they did a better job than us.

Having three seniors really helps. Jalen is an old soul. It's like having another senior out there. We have veteran guys that are not going to be impacted by the moment and the pressure.

What I always try and say is, I judge where our program is by what we do in the Big East. If we're at the top of the Big East, I think our program is in good shape. The season is judged a lot of different ways. But in terms of where our program is, where we are among our peers, if we're competing for regular season championships, competing for Big East tournament championships, I'm good.

They prevented us from getting those guys involved. They played really good team defense. I was impressed.

We know it's just another challenge in front of us. It's great for everybody else, the fans. It's a great honor. It's not going to do us any good. Understanding the challenge is what's going to help us.

It's always got to be one game at a time but it's even more so because everybody's on another level when they compete against you. We talked about that last year. I don't know if any of us really realized what that was like. Hopefully, when we talk about it now, the players have a good understanding.

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