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We know, from a certain source, that the process of fabrication of the samples taken is typical of the method developed in Syrian laboratories. This method is the signature of the regime and it is what enables us to establish the responsibility of the
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Apr 26 2017 Syria conflict
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Jean-Marc Ayrault is associated, including Aleppo and France. Most recently, Jean-Marc Ayrault has been quoted saying: “We know, from a certain source, that the process of fabrication of the samples taken is typical of the method developed in Syrian laboratories. This method is the signature of the regime and it is what enables us to establish the responsibility of the attack.” in the article Syria used sarin gas in Khan Sheikhoun - France.
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(The first stage) is not to go in ourselves, under the pretext that the US President may have a rush of blood to the head, and get onto a war

A new and particularly serious chemical attack took place this morning in Idlib province. The first information suggests a large number of victims, including children. I condemn this disgusting act. In the face of such serious actions that threaten international security, I ask for everyone not to shirk their responsibilities. With this in mind, I ask for an emergency meeting of the U.N. Security

The use of chemical weapons constitutes an unacceptable violation of the convention against chemical weapons and is another example of the barbarity that the Syrian people have been under for so many

It's a test. That's why France repeats the messages, notably to the Americans, to clarify their position. I told them that we need clarity. What's your position? The question is to know, yes or no, whether the Americans support a political transition in Syria, which means organising this transition, elections, and that at the end of the process, the question of Assad's departure is

First I would like to express all my solidarity for the victims and all my condolences to the Russian people. We do not know yet the causes, but we stand close to all those who suffer. That is why I want to express now my solidarity in the name of

If we want to defeat terrorism in Syria we don't just need to defeat Daesh, we also must fight its

We must say no to those who want to kill our democracy. We will not put up

This terrible violence wounds us, and strikes us in the heart, because we cannot but express first of all our solidarity, our affection and in particular with the victims. It's an incredibly violent attack, which targets people and in a symbolic place, that of the British parliamentary democracy, so it has meaning. We cannot but interpret it that

It's an attack of incredible violence and significance, targeting people in a symbolic place, that of the seat of British parliamentary

This kind of interference in French democratic life is unacceptable. The French will not accept anyone dictating their [electoral]

In view of the enormous challenges Europe faces, we must not ratchet down our ambitions for the common European project. The EU is far more than an internal

The meeting showed that Russians and Ukrainians had no other option, but to respect Minsk. They have no alternatives. We agree to meet quickly, perhaps in three weeks, to see if we can advance on the ceasefire, withdrawal of heavy weapons and exchange of prisoners. We need a lot of patience, because we can see a lack of will on either

The question is not funding NATO or changing budgets, but how Europe can ... improve its deployability without creating a European

It is important and absolutely instrumental for us to have a close dialogue with the United States on the Syrian issue and on many other

With Russia we have some serious points of disagreement and they have to be put on the table. It's not by making friendly statements that problems will be resolved. The deal must be completely respected by Iran, but it is out of the question to open up a new construction site for an agreement that was reached in difficulty. I sense that there was a difference of opinion or at least question

Between the campaign speech, the tweets and what I heard from Tillerson, it's the start of

We will not accept any interference whatsoever in our electoral process, no more from Russia by the way than from any other state. This is a question of our democracy, our sovereignty, our national

I'm coming as the defender of the accord, but to be vigilant and explain that they (the Iranians) must be irreproachable. We harbour real concerns about the U.S. administration's attitude towards this agreement. We want this agreement to be respected. It is in the common interest of the international community that it

We had hoped Iran would be less aggressive in the

Welcoming refugees who flee war and oppression is part of our

We wish for the success of today's meeting. But I don't know if we're going to reach a real agreement. We hope for negotiations to resume in

But it's not about punishing the United Kingdom, who says it's about punishment? I heard that expression used by my counterpart. In any case, it's not the position of

There will be no cherry picking. But there is no question of punishing the United Kingdom. That is not the position of

The best way to defend Europe, that's what Mr. Trump is inviting us to do, is to remain united, is to stand together and not forget that the strength of Europeans is their

The best way to defend Europe – and it is at Trump's invitation – is to say united, together as a

Our collective responsibility is now is to get Israelis and Palestinians back to the negotiation table together. (..) Because only dialogue allows us to achieve the two state solution and to bring peace and security to the Middle

A two-state solution is the only possible

Both parties are very far apart and their relationship is one of distrust – a particularly dangerous situation. Our collective responsibility is to bring Israelis and Palestinians back to the negotiating table. We know it is difficult, but is there an alternative? No, there isn'

France is still determined to hold a conference in Paris to reaffirm the necessity of a two-state

France calls on each side, in particular the regime and its supporters, to be responsible so that this resolution is implemented without delay and a lasting ceasefire is put in place across the

I call on the United Nations to use without delay all the mechanisms to establish the truth of what is happening in Aleppo so that the international community does not let these crimes remain

What peace do they want? The peace of cemeteries? Negotiations must start again, the opposition is ready to negotiate without

The battle for Aleppo is not aiming to defeat terrorism but to try to eradicate all political opposition, and they aim above all to use violence to shore up a dictator who is

The first thing we must do in Aleppo and across all of Syria is stop the fighting, the bombardments and allow access for humanitarian

The goal is to liquidate the opposition, much more than to fight the Al-Nusra Front, like we

We have to recreate the conditions for a two-state solution and we are determined more than ever to do everything to implement our initiative. The sooner the

There is a logic of total war with incredible brutality of the Assad regime that aims at conquering useful Syria. It's a dramatic situation that will only get

It would weaken the objective of resolving this conflict and would be a victory to those who endangered the security of a

Abandoning the Minsk accords would be a mistake for our strategic

France is taking an initiative to confront the strategy of total war by the regime and its allies, who are taking advantage of the uncertainty in the United

We will make clear our desire for strategic autonomy and to use the tools that will allow us to

We are in permanent contact with him (Bertrand) via our embassy. We are doing everything we can to get him

What is happening is shocking and completely unacceptable. France demands the release of this

Europe must not wait for the decisions of others. It should defend its interests and its strategic role in the

Let's stop talking about disarray, I don't really understand why people are getting agitated. Isn't it a chance for Europe to pull itself together?feedback

We are going to need to understand what the new president will want to do. What is going to happen to the Paris climate change deal? On the Iran nuclear deal? These are key questions that we are already asking

And France is an ally of the United States. We are therefore a key partner, and we need to work together for stability and peace in the world, and for a world which tackles the key issues facing

We don't want a world where egoism

Turkey has a right to defend itself, but not at the cost of the rule of

It's a very good example of what we're going to do together, to win contracts in third country markets and in all kinds of sectors. It's a model that we support everywhere, including in Africa and

Hinkley Point is a very good example of what we're going to do together, to win contracts in third markets and in all

Who is responsible? In any case it is not the opposition because you need planes to launch bombs. It's either the Syrians - the regime of (President Bashar) al-Assad - or the

We know it will be long and difficult (because) the national reconciliation process is taking time to come into effect, securing the north is slow and terrorist groups continue to destabilize the region by carrying out attacks on Mali's borders at the entrances to other countries like Niger and Ivory

France remains committed as long as the jihadist threat continues to weigh on the future of these countries. What message would we be sending if we envisaged a reduction of our effort? We do not have the right to abandon our African brothers at the exact moment when they need us the most to consolidate the fragile

We can't let Islamic State reconstitute itself or strengthen to create an even more dangerous hub. We have to prepare

Our priority is not to enter in a cycle of sanctions just for the sake of sanctions. Our priority and determination is to convince everybody to stop bombing Aleppo and to allow access for humanitarian aid as quickly as possible, and to resume the political process as soon as

We have international laws, we the International Criminal Court (ICC), France will contact the ICC's general prosecutor to see how she can start investigations. International laws

These bombings - and I said it in Moscow - are war

We do not agree with what Russia is doing, bombarding Aleppo. France is committed as never before to saving the population of

Do you, yes or no, want a cease-fire in Aleppo?feedback

And the second pillar is access for humanitarian aid. We're not giving

The first one is the cease-fire and no fly zone over

The urgency today is the cessation of hostilities and to end the massacres in

The constitution must be respected, a date must be fixed for the elections and a real national dialogue needs to really take place. Mr Kabila does not have the right to stand for re-election and he needs to set the

I know it has raised questions, particularly in France, but it represents an opportunity for the future of an entire

That period is behind us. We do not want ... to interfere in countries' internal

Every time, they respond to me that it's the political solution. But to have trust in that we need to look at the acts – and the acts are military ones up until

It is up to the Security Council to act under Chapter 7 to condemn these attacks and sanction perpetrators. It is a moral duty and an obligation for the international community which wanted to ban chemical

Is there still a chance this ceasefire will be effective? I can't answer that

Bombing is continuing. Aleppo is still threatened. The population is starving. And there is a humanitarian convoy that is attacked and there are dead. This is the reality. One must denounce this

What counts is the date of the elections. If the elections keep getting postponed it means that Mr Kabila wants to stay in power by all

The Libya situation is worrying and worsening. The offensive by Haftar is not taking us in the right direction,. There is a real chance that we are going backwards in

The Russian-American accord is particularly fragile, but this must remain a glimmer of hope. It is the only basis on which the international community can (proceed).feedback

We have to hold on to this accord and keep it alive at all costs so we need to get over the events of the last few

Our message is that we are mobilized and that we do not resign ourselves. We will have an ambitious tourism promotion

France continues to follow carefully developments in Gabon. The constitutional court has been asked to examine the provisional presidential

It must examine these with transparency and impartiality and all means must be put in place to ensure the respect of its principles and establishment of the sincerity of the

We are Africa's partners but we do not want in any case to intervene in countries' internal affairs. That would be disrespectful of

Within the framework of a political process, there's no room for violence. I'm calling, therefore, all parties to exercise the utmost restraint to avoid additional

We are working with our partners in the U.N. Security Council, notably the United States and Britain, on a resolution condemning the attacks under Chapter 7. This means sanctions against the perpetrators of these crimes and those responsible for these

You know his style, how he behaved during the campaign: he lied a lot to the

We cannot accept a military dictatorship but we also have to be careful that the Turkish authorities do not put in place a political system which turns away from democracy ... The rule of law must prevail ... We need authority but we also need

(The coup attempt) is not a blank cheque for Mr Erdogan. There cannot be purges, the rule of law must

I always speak with Boris Johnson with the greatest sincerity and utmost frankness. I think that's how we make progress. And as far as France is concerned, the goal is to make sure that there is no uncertainty regarding future relations between the UK and Europe, so the sooner the negotiations start, the better it will

There are questions that are being asked and we will ask them. It [Turkey] is partly viable, but there are suspicions as well. Let's be honest about

There cannot be purges. The state must be able to function. Those who tried to violate Turkish democracy must be pursued within the framework of the rule of law. It's not for an arbitrary power to carry it out, it's democracy which must thrive, be

I am not at all worried about Boris Johnson, but ... during the campaign he lied a lot to the British people and now it is he who has his back to the

Did you all see what his style was like through the campaign? He lied a lot to the British. Now, it's him with his back against the wall to defend his country and to clarify his relationship with

It's a situation of absolute emergency. A ceasefire has to happen for the United Nations special envoy to Syria Mr de Mistura to do his job, today he's not able to. Our objective is clear, there won't be a military solution in Syria, there can only be a political solution. We have to reinforce our cooperation with all the parties that can contribute to

We have to give a new sense to Europe, otherwise populism will fill the gap. The EU could not wait for Cameron to depart in October before the exit process

It's in Britain's interest and in the interest of Europeans not to have a period of uncertainty that would have financial consequences, and that could have economic and political

Of course a new prime minister must be appointed, that will probably require a few days but this is quite

We have to agree between the 27 to say that after a certain date this episode is

Negotiations have to go quickly in the common

They must designate a new prime minister, which would certainly require several

It is up to us to recreate this spirit. All the European countries that subsequently joined after overthrowing dictatorships and embracing

There must be a political initiative from the international community to create conditions to appease the situation and return to

These bombings, this violence (in Syria) creates tomorrow's jihadists. So we must stop the massacre but also this spiral that only strengthens

I called my Egyptian counterpart and I told him that I could not remain indifferent to a situation that impairs freedom of the press... I regret this Egyptian

There were several possible causes. At this very moment all scenarios are being examined and none is being given greater

If they had been involved in the crash, it would be very odd for them to have sent that video rather than boasting of the

The date that I can announce today that allows everyone to participate is June

Our common goal is to implement this declaration, there is no point simply having another declaration. It has to be respected by all the parties as quickly as

It is not Daesh (Islamic State) that is being attacked in Aleppo, it is the moderate

I think we must unify our efforts. before the end of his mandate (President Barack) Obama will take an

We must do all we can to fight against the human smugglers and arms

These actions of the Syrian regime, which are putting the Geneva negotiations in peril, must

The number of people welcomed is still extremely insufficient compared to our commitments and we will need to redouble our

We decided to relocate a part of the refugees that are in Greece to France and we want to participate on the implementation of the accord with

There is an urgency to put in place a real political transition. That will be at the heart of negotiations. a return to the previous status quo was not

The conflict is getting worse and the status quo cannot

I promised that the work will begin before the end of the month. All ideas and any wish to help is welcome and our objective is to collate everyone's efforts into a global package of incentives and guarantees, to present it to the Israelis and to the Palestinians at an international conference to take place before the end of the

Their perpetrators will be held to

France is concerned by the situation in Gabon, it wants the vote of the Gabonese people to be respected, and believes that if necessary the result should be contested through a judicial process and not through violence. And to send a strong signal of transparency. We're also asking that the election results be published polling station by polling

If these two conditions are not met, then the negotiation process is bound to fail, which we do not

Where the Front National is ready to prevail in the second round, the left and the right are responsible for creating the conditions to prevent

Racist attacks are unacceptable … I vehemently condemn them and I am more than ever at Christiane Taubira's

If a mistake has been made the expulsion order will be annulled and the family will be allowed to return to have their situation

There is no question of France acting alone. The President of the Republic is working on persuading and bringing together a coalition as quickly as

On wednesday there will be a debate without a vote, because in law the ultimate decision can only be taken by the president of the republic alone, once the coalition is formed, to lead an action which will send this strong message: It is no longer possible for the dictator Bashar Al Assad to use chemical weapons in Syria against his own

It is essential that the UN carries out an investigation that is transparent and fast so the truth can be established. Once the investigation has been completed we expect a firm decision from the international community. The Security Council and the international community cannot allow such crimes against

Jérôme Cahuzac lied. He lied to the president of the republic and the prime minister. A politician must be blameless, more than any other citizen. Politicians should set an example and they should first and foremost comply with the

The government is very committed to respect the independence of the justice system. The Justice minister made a statement which was perfectly justified after certain comments from UMP party politicians which are disgraceful coming from politicians of the French

France is responding to a request from the President of Mali, and within the terms of the UN Charter. We have the support of the international community, most notably that of the African

France wants to contribute this way to stop the terrorist menace, which is not only threatenng Mali and Africa, but which is also a threat to France and

Those who are seeking exile abroad are not those who are scared of becoming poor, it's because they want to get even richer. Let me tell you something: if we want to resolve the problem of poverty and social inequality we must make political

Tonight I can announce there will be no layoffs at Florange. The Mittal group has committed to investing at least 180 million euros in Florange over the next five years. The Florange facility's future has been secured and will not have a negative impact on similar sites in

France and Germany agree that we must do more in the field of economic-political cooperation, especially in the eurozone. We want a strong France, and France wants a strong Germany so we will become a strong

These 20 billion euros will come from 10 billion euros of extra cuts in public spending, and 10 more from restructuring VAT, and environmental

The government has no intention of handing out gifts like this without return

Formally, you will be asked to vote on the ratification of the Treaty, but through the vote I'm asking you to show your support for the new European

In this Europe whose orientation is changing, France has a particular role to play… and what we're doing today with the budget is a major policy move, an act of confidence, an act of

The pledges made by the president can now be realised and the harmonious work of all the branches of public power will be assured. You have confirmed your desire for change. The government, to be named this week, will act effectively to bring about the economic renaissance of our country, supported by our majority in the Senate and parliament. With this, we can deliver long-term

We have always said, and we will say it again today, that we will take this battle to the end. This (going to the Constitutional Council) is part of the political

The decision is clear – the heart of the bill has been cancelled. And there is still the problem of funding for the arts which has not been

It is too late for the prime minister to talk about dialogue. He has ignored the unions, the demonstrators and his opponents here. Nobody believes him

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