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Why do I feel so much like Sigourney Weaver? We want to do something uniquely Amazon. If we can find that idea, and we haven't found it yet, but if we can find that idea, we would love to open physical stores.
Mar 25 2017
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Jeff Bezos is associated, including Amazonians, U.S., and customization. Most recently, Jeff Bezos has been quoted saying: “Why do I feel so much like Sigourney Weaver? We want to do something uniquely Amazon. If we can find that idea, and we haven't found it yet, but if we can find that idea, we would love to open physical stores.” in the article Amazon Wants to Crush Your Store With Its Technology Might.
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We mostly tried to roll out what worked well for us in Japan, Germany, the U.K., Spain, France, Italy, the U.S., etc., and it needed more local market customization. If you want me to give one meta-lesson, it's that one.

The reason is that people in the industry thought that what we were doing was so damn weird.

I believe it's incredibly important that we humans go out into space … We need to do that to preserve the Earth.

We've always focused on customer obsession versus competitor obsession. We want to be customer-focused.

That's what closes the loop from the business angle.

If you become a Prime member you buy more from us.

One of the great issues of our age is going to be privacy. People don't think about it, but if you have a mobile phone in your pocket, it has microphones on it, and those microphones are under software control. And I would posit to you that just about any nation state in the world worth its salt can put a computer virus on your phone, anytime they want, and listen to everything you say from your cellphone.

We've done something a little unusual with Echo. It would be no different from your phone, but we went one step further than what's done on a phone. When you hit the mute button on Echo, that red ring comes on that says the microphone is turned off. That mute button is connected to the microphone with analog electronics. You have to come physically tamper with the device. You couldn't do it with a computer virus.

The core of the company is customer obsession, as opposed to competitor obsession. Customers are always dissatisfied. They always want more. And so they pull you along, if you're trying to serve them.... customers are always pulling you.

The fact that it's always on, you never have to charge it, and it's there ready in your kitchen or your bedroom or wherever you put it, the fact that you can talk to it in a natural way – removes a lot of barriers, a lot of friction. It's easier than taking your phone out of your pocket. And what people have found over and over again is that removing the tiniest amount of friction from ordinary activities ... it improves customers' lives.

And there are other countries where if you criticize the elected leader you might go to jail – or worse, you may just disappear. And the appropriate thing for a presidential candidate to do is to say, I am running for the highest office in the most important country in the world. Please scrutinize me.

We have freedom of speech in this country, written into the Constitution. But except for our norms and our behaviors – the stories we tell ourselves as a nation– it's just a piece of paper.

It is too divisive to say, If you have this political opinion, you can't sit on my board.

Peter Thiel is a contrarian, first and foremost. You just have to remember that contrarians are usually wrong.

We're adapting to the local model. Amazon does its own deliveries in India, a different model than in the U.S. where it relies on third-party services.

We really like that business. I encourage you to shop early and often.

It's very gratifying that the world's premier launch companies are choosing our engines.

The article doesn't describe the Amazon I know or the caring Amazonians I work with every day … I strongly believe that anyone working in a company that really is like the one described in the NYT would be crazy to stay. I know I would leave such a company.

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