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There's no hard data that you could point to that signals
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Jun 21 2017
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Jeffrey Gundlach is associated, including Fed and December. Most recently, Jeffrey Gundlach has been quoted saying: “Lower CPI (Consumer Price Index) in the next couple of months will be a cold bucket of water for the Fed tightening dreams. Commodities are super weak, with the dollar down year-to-date, no less.” in the article Gundlach says flatter Treasury yield curve could become a concern.
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Apr 15 2017 - Tesla

As a car company alone, Tesla is a crazy high valuation. As a battery company – one that expands and innovates substantially – maybe the valuation can

Apr 11 2017 - Tesla

As a car company alone, Tesla is crazy high valuation. As a battery company – one that expands and innovates substantially – maybe the valuation can

Apr 10 2017

Brinker Capital, highly regarded for their commitment to investors and skilled asset allocation, was an early institutional investor when we launched DoubleLine Funds in 2010. So naturally we look forward to continuing our strong, working relationship with Brinker Capital and are pleased to support the launch of their new fund

Apr 04 2017 - Tesla

With inflation falling in the months ahead, pressure for higher yields is reduced. The bear case will need another narrative because CPI (the consumer price index) will be back below 2 (percent). As a car company alone, Tesla is crazy high valuation. As a battery company - one that expands and innovates substantially - maybe the valuation can

Mar 23 2017

If the vote doesn't pass, or is postponed, it will cast a lot of doubt on the Trump

Mar 22 2017 - Obamacare

Surveys show that people believe the (Obamacare) repeal is the most likely part of Trump's agenda to be passed. So if you can't pass the repeal, everything else is in doubt for

Mar 15 2017

What's really important isn't the interest rate increase that we all know is going to happen. It is what happens with the Fed's

Mar 15 2017

The bond market is listening. The influence of the Fed has greatly increased and the market, it is getting kind of old school where the market listens to what the Fed says. Confidence in the Fed has really changed a

Mar 10 2017

When the Fed tightens more than once a year, historically it is very consistent with a flatter curve. The yield curve won't help the

Feb 27 2017

There is a stealth flight to safety going on. German bond yields are leading the way down. Gold is rising. Speculators remain massively short bonds and the market is going to squeeze them out. The bar was so low on Trump to the point people were expecting markets will go down 80 percent and global depression – and now this guy is the Wizard of Oz and so expectations are high. There's no magic

Feb 27 2017

I'd issue the longest maturity Treasuries that the market accepts. Start with 40-year, then keep extending if the market allows it. Do 100 if you can get there. The timing is good right

Feb 27 2017

Stocks are out of synch with the stealth flight to safety. Lots of hope built

Jan 24 2017

There was nothing conciliatory about it. You can see that Trump is unwavering from the themes he ran on. I am not taking profits because I think there is another leg up. There is a lot of demand and investors are committed to the idea that rates and inflation are rising. Sell hubris, buy humiliation. Assets that fall in price become unloved, humiliated. Assets that are up a lot in price have many supporters, even though the prices could be at a peak. It makes sense to start incrementally allocating out of the U.S. and into the

Jan 11 2017 - Dutch elections 2017

It would be best to avoid European assets because of upcoming French and Dutch

Jan 10 2017

All things being equal, the Fed will hike in

Dec 14 2016

We hate the market less. We are a little bit less

Dec 14 2016 - Bull market

I think above 3 percent is a problem. If the 10-year goes above 3 percent, you would also have to say unequivocally you have seen the end of the bond bull

Dec 01 2016

There is going to be a buyer's remorse period. The dollar is going to go down, yields have peaked and will move sideways, stocks have peaked as well and gold is going to go up in the short

Dec 01 2016

I am less defensive now on Treasuries and I am less negative on the 10-year Treasury note at a 2.35 percent yield than we were at 1.35 percent

Nov 14 2016

We've had a sentiment shift in the bond market. We've seen it, too. People have already started reallocating out of bonds and into

Nov 11 2016

If the Fed doesn't raise rates in December, they're never going to raise

Nov 11 2016

I think we've really (hit) critical resistance on yields at about 2.35 percent on 10s...we should get a tradeable rally off of those levels. If we don't, then things are in really big

Nov 11 2016

We have really critical resistance on

Nov 08 2016

We had a huge rally yesterday on the (FBI Director James) Comey flip-flop, flip-flop. I don't know if I'd call this a sell-off

Nov 08 2016

When Trump was just an asterisk in the polls, I said he was a tremendously undervalued

Nov 08 2016

Donald Trump has "massively outperformed" expectations during the presidential election

Nov 01 2016

I have been vocally bearish on Treasuries for months, and, being one of the most influential in the industry, it should not be a surprise that investor behavior is influenced by me. Lastly, we have had terrific performance in DBLTX since rates bottomed: we are up in a meaningfully down

Nov 01 2016

Even DoubleLine is having 'day in' and 'day out' flows. It is not an inflow day every

Oct 18 2016

I would turn particularly negative if the S&P closed twice below 2,

Oct 17 2016

There seems to be sort of a battle royal going on with the market kind of dipping below 2130 but unable to close below that level. I would turn particularly negative if the S&P closed twice below

Oct 17 2016 - Federal Reserve

It seems to me that Janet Yellen doesn't really want to raise rates, at least not very

Oct 14 2016 - Federal Reserve

I think she is concerned about the trend of economic growth. GDP is not doing what they

Oct 14 2016 - Federal Reserve

Yellen is thinking independently and willing to act on what she

Oct 14 2016 - Federal Reserve

GDP Now keeps fading away. If we get only 1.9 percent GDP for third – and fourth quarters – we are looking at only 1.5 percent GDP this

Oct 14 2016 - Federal Reserve

I'm still defensive but one notch less than maximum negative on

Sep 29 2016

I would just stay away. It's

Sep 29 2016 - Deutsche Bank

It's too binary. The market is going to push down Deutsche Bank until there is some recognition of support. They will get assistance, if need

Sep 22 2016

It seems clear that Mr. Trump has

Sep 22 2016

If he does a good performance, I think he's going to pull ahead in the polls … in a definitive

Sep 21 2016

When the next recession comes - and it will - all those categories are going to get

Sep 21 2016

When you see pivots like this, that means something else is

Sep 21 2016

But something interesting did happen at the BOJ and that is they sort of admitted that they're not getting the results that they're hoping for from negative interest rates and indeed they might want to steepen out their yield curve and get to positive interest

Sep 21 2016

You would get a different kind of mentality about policy and interest

Sep 21 2016 - Japan

There's a growing awareness in Europe and Japan and I think indeed in the United States that these policies have not generated the results that they were designed to

Sep 21 2016

I think December is a huge 'who knows?feedback

Sep 13 2016 - Japan

The Japanese yen rallied since rates went negative in Japan. The Nikkei (stock average) has gone nowhere, and the economy has not

Sep 13 2016

I have learned from my 35 years in the investment business that when people say something will never happen, it means, it's about to happen. If you watch very carefully, interest rates have already secretly started to

Sep 13 2016

I think central bankers are learning this fact with accumulation of the evidence of markets and will abandon negative interest rates in favor of another form of stimulus -- fiscal stimulus, some call it helicopter money. And I think it will

Sep 13 2016

This is very bond unfriendly. If you own bonds, fiscal stimulus is not

Sep 09 2016

They want to show that they are not guided by the

Sep 09 2016

The Fed wants to show, at some point, that they can't be replaced by WIRP (World Interest Rate Probability). The only way they can do that is to tighten when WIRP is below

Sep 08 2016

I think the Fed is irritated about this WIRP (World Interest Rate Probability)

Sep 08 2016

The Fed is going to say 'we are not controlled by the WIRP, we are not controlled by the market. We are going to tighten even if the WIRP is below

Aug 22 2016

For a quarter century, Bonnie was my trusted colleague and dear friend. She was honest and direct, with a sardonic wit perfectly matching her investment skepticism helping shape the DoubleLine

Aug 01 2016

The yield on the 10-year yield may reverse and go lower again but I am not interested. You don't make any money. The risk-reward is

Aug 01 2016

The Fed is out to lunch. Does the Fed look at what's going on in the economy? It is

Jul 27 2016

[The] long bond continues to want the Fed to tighten. Been that way for two

Jul 13 2016

They know single digits is like a fire

Jun 24 2016 - Bear market

Gold is a play in a bear market in

Jun 24 2016

I think that this vote corroborates the anti-establishment sentiment that's out there; it's probably incrementally positive for Donald Trump's wind in the sail. I think this is a capital preservation market. People, they want

Jun 24 2016

In Britain, they were never really in the [EU] ever; they never adopted the euro currency. When you think about it, it's no surprise to see they were the first to give it

Jun 24 2016

Yes, I am surprised. It suggests the public mood for change is even greater than I

Jun 17 2016

I've never believed in an exit, or '

Jun 17 2016

The policies that they're implementing don't have the consequences that they're looking

Jun 17 2016

You cannot put out a fire by pouring gasoline on

Jun 17 2016

When you go to negative interest rates, you do not stimulate consumption, you necessitate saving. You cannot fight deflation with deflation. Negative interest rates are the definition of

Jun 17 2016

Trump is "bonds negative and stocks

Jun 14 2016

The Fed is confused and their confusion spills into investor

Jun 14 2016

Central banks are losing control and they don't know what to do ... just like the Republican establishment and Donald

May 04 2016

Trying to fight deflation with deflation is like trying to put out a burning house by pouring gasoline on

Mar 08 2016

Gold is the anti-banking system. Negative rates are bad for the banking

Jan 15 2016

Remember how everyone felt when the market dropped over 350 points just yesterday? You'll feel more scared before

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