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Jeffrey Levine has been quoted in 5 different articles. Most recently, Jeffrey Levine has been quoted saying, “You got a big bonus at the end of the year or you've just gotten married, and you're not aware of how high your income is.” in an article called This tax-season foul-up will cost you - and your Roth IRA. This is only one of 14 quotes from Jeffrey Levine. To see more examples Jeffrey Levine’s views and opinions, check out the section below. You can filter Jeffrey Levine's quotes by date and by topic to see, for example, what Jeffrey Levine said about IRA recently and in the past.

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You got a big bonus at the end of the year or you've just gotten married, and you're not aware of how high your income is.

Form 5329 is considered its own tax return, so the IRS can hit you with a failure to file penalty, plus accuracy-related penalties.

Some people do foolish things: 'If I invest the money and make 7 percent this year, and I beat the IRS's penalty, then I'm ahead.

If you've deliberately underpaid, the money should go someplace safe because this is a really short time horizon.

Unless you've had a major change in your life your deductions are similar year-to-year.

If your effective tax rate was 20 percent on average last year, check your allowances to make sure you're close to 20 percent now.

Psychologically, it's not a terrible thing to have a little bit of a refund. But if you overpay throughout the year, it's not the right move.

I think Republicans have been more apt to leave the stretch IRA rules in place, but this could be used as a bargaining chip [in budget discussions].

I could see something similar happening here, where it isn't a priority item on the agenda for the legislature and the president-elect. But if it's a bargaining chip, it might sweeten the pot a little for the other side.

With a stretch IRA, you give a young beneficiary the gift of long-term tax deferral.

After any life event, and especially a divorce, people should always be sure to review their beneficiary forms to make sure they still reflect their wishes.

If you let the money grow, you would get the deduction for the contributions, taxes on growth would be deferred, and withdrawals are tax free at a time when you're likely to incur medical expenses at a greater frequency.

We haven't had an issue with large HSA accounts, but could you see it? Absolutely. If you're getting close to the end, you would want to start pulling from that account. Don't leave it to a nonspouse beneficiary.

People think, I put the money in there for health expenses. I have a health issue, so I'll use the money now. That isn't the most tax-efficient use.

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