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Jennifer Garner has been quoted 5 times. The two most recent articles where Jennifer Garner has been quoted are Timberlake, Alba bring seriousness to Teen Choice Awards and 'Miracles from Heaven' arrives in US cinemas. Most recently, Jennifer Garner was quoted as having said, “Don't give up hope.”.

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I wasn't scared of doing a movie that had faith at its centre, as long as it wasn't preachy – because I don't feel like we have any right to tell anyone else what to believe or how to believe in any way shape or form.

They're both real directors. They are not joking around. They're not all about the camera. That stuff they have so down that it's almost like they don't even have to think about it. And they are performance obsessed. And they are tough and they give a lot of really tough notes and it's heaven to be on either one of their sets. And I hope that I have a year again where I work for both Reitmans.

I don't know what the coping strategies are. I just know that there's no way for us to stay ahead of what they're going to know and what they're going to see and learn. And so it's just about communication, I guess. I mean, how do you deal with it? For me it's just about trying to set some boundaries, having communication, and trust.

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