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The British people made a decision to leave the European Union, and Labour respects that decision. The next steps along this journey are the most crucial, and if the prime minister is to unite the country, as she says she aims to do, the government needs to listen, consult and represent the whole country, not just hardline Tory ideologues on her own benches. Britain is going to change as a result of leaving the European Union. The question is how. There are Conservatives who want to use Brexit to turn this country into a low-wage tax
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The latest quote from Jeremy Corbyn is: “The direction the prime minister is threatening to take this country is both reckless and damaging. And Labour will not give this government a free hand to use Brexit to attack rights, protections, and cut services, or create a tax-dodgers' paradise. The prime minister says that no deal is better than a bad deal, but the reality is, no deal is a bad deal.”. It comes from the Brexit starting gun fired as Brussels receives official notification article. You’ll find on this page 80 articles with Jeremy Corbyn quoted on topics such as Britain, European Union and parliament. Jeremy Corbyn has been quoted 129 times in 80 articles.
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Last week, the prime minister twice accused me of wanting to bankrupt Britain by borrowing money to fund investment. But as every businessperson knows there is a world of difference between borrowing for capital spending and borrowing to fund the payroll and day-to-day trading or service delivery. And as any home owner who has ever had a mortgage knows, taking on huge debt can save you money in the long run. We should not be afraid of debt or

At the end of the second world war, the Labour government of Clement Attlee didn't say, oh dear, debt is 250% of GDP - let's park those grand ideas about public ownership, a national health service, building council homes or creating the protection of social security. No. They built a country to be proud of. They established the institutions that made our country fairer, more equal and stopped people being held

Our values of unity and solidarity are needed now more than ever. We know from previous occasions that some sick people have tried to sow division and hate. So please, look after each other, help one another and think of one

We have lost a much-loved colleague, a real talent and a dedicated campaigner for social justice and

What happened yesterday was an appalling atrocity. Today, we are united by our humanity, by our democratic values and by that human impulse for solidarity to stand together in times of darkness and

Martin played an immeasurable role in bringing about peace in Northern Ireland, and it's that peace we all want to

She was clearly elected on a pledge not to cut school funding and that's exactly what is

Donald Trump should not be welcomed to Britain while he abuses our shared values with his shameful Muslim ban and attacks on refugees' and women's

Sometimes spirits in the Labour party can run high. Today has been one of those

The appointment makes a mockery of the independence of the

No. One hundred and eighty seven countries don't feel the need to have a nuclear weapon to protect their security, why should those five need it themselves? We are not in the era of the Cold War any more, it finished a long time

We have a government U-turn, no apology and a Budget that falls most heavily on those with the least broad shoulders. Cuts to schools, cuts to social care and cuts to people with disabilities. That is the agenda of her

I do think we should set it within the context of the economic relationship with the rest of the UK, and the question of devolution of EU [powers] to English regions and to Scotland, and to parts of Scotland rather than just to the government in Holyrood, because the principle of regionalism is it goes to everybody within a region, not just to the central powers, and the SNP have a bit of a tendency to centralise things around themselves. Westminster blocking a second referendum would give the SNP exactly what they want – more

Kezia Dugdale is absolutely right to oppose a second referendum at Holyrood and to keep the pressure on Nicola Sturgeon to rule one out. However any hypothetical deal on a second referendum is highly premature as there would need to be lengthy negotiations around the timing and the question on the ballot paper, given the remain/leave precedent set in the EU

If a referendum is held then it is absolutely fine, it should be held. I don't think it's the job of Westminster or the Labour party to prevent people holding

Next week Nicola Sturgeon must rule out a second referendum and get back to the bread and butter

All of these negotiations would happen at a time when the SNP should be focused on education, where attainment is falling, on the NHS, which faces a workforce crisis, and on our economy which sees 220,000 Scottish children live in

I am publishing the detail of my tax return here, on my constituency website. I have made it clear that I think it is right for party leaders to be open and transparent about their tax

Our NHS is not in crisis because of overspending, it is in crisis because of underfunding. A crisis made down there in Downing

It is not the fault of the staff. It is the fault of a Government who have made a political

Those who actually love their country would never seek to divide

Labour will go further to reconnect with voters and break with the failed political consensus. Labour is determined that Britain will not turn in on itself but instead play a proactive and positive role in Europe's future outside the European Union but working with our friends and colleagues all across this

To win power to rebuild and transform Britain, Labour will go further to reconnect with voters, and break with the failed political

President Trump has torn up international agreements on refugees, he's threatened to dump international agreements on climate change, he's praised the use of torture, he's incited hatred against Muslims, he's directly attacked women's rights. Just what more, does President Trump have to do before the Prime Minister will listen to the 1.8m people who have already called for his state visit invitation to be withdrawn?feedback

Would he have been able to lay the foundations of a trade deal? No. Would he have got a 100 percent commitment to NATO? No. That's what Labour has to offer this country. Less protection for British citizens, less prosperous, less safe. He can lead a protest, I'm leading a

We will support Article 50 being triggered, we have made that very, very clear. That is the result of the referendum and we have to respect

We need to find out exactly what his intentions are in the long run and how much the U.S. parliamentary system is going to protect fundamentals of rights and

Theresa May should have stood up for Britain and our values by condemning his actions. It should sadden our country that she chose not to. After Trump's hideous actions and May's weak failure to condemn them, it's more important than ever for us to say to refugees seeking a place of safety, that they will always be welcome in

Can I urge her to stop her threat of a bargain basement Brexit. A low pay tax haven on the shores of Europe. It won't necessarily damage the EU, but it would certainly damage this country, businesses, jobs and public

We will not block Article 50. All Labour MPs (members of parliament) will be asked to vote in that direction next week, or whenever the vote comes

She makes out this is a negotiating threat to the 27 EU countries, but it's actually a threat to the British people's jobs, services and living

He appears to be making a sort of threat to the European community, saying 'well, if you don't give us exactly what we want, we're going to become this sort of strange entity on the shores of Europe where there'll be very low levels of corporate taxation and designed to undermine the effectiveness or otherwise of industry across Europe. It seems to me a recipe for some kind of trade war with Europe in the future. That really isn't a very sensible way

What we are also looking at is the inequality of the grotesque levels of difference between the average wages paid in our society and the sort of telephone-number salaries paid at the top end of it and we have growing levels of inequality on that. I think, certainly, the salaries that are paid to some footballers are simply ridiculous. I think some of the salaries paid to very high-earning top executives of companies are utterly

Labour supports fair rules and reasonably managed migration as part of the post-Brexit relationship with the EU. The right to work here would be something that would be negotiated because that clearly cannot be put down yet until we know what the terms are of single market

The health service is at breaking point. But this crisis is not due to an outbreak of

This is a national scandal. We should not have to rely on the Red Cross to provide the basic care the people of this country need. I am demanding that the prime minister comes to the House of Commons on Monday and sets out to the British people how she plans to fix her failure on the

What's so impressive about Cuba is the education and the health services. I think the legacy of Castro will be that, but will also be this enormous figure on the world stage. The one who campaigned against apartheid, and the one who brought a different language and a different set of

There must be transparency and accountability to Parliament on the terms of

When will the prime minister abandon this shambolic Tory Brexit and develop a plan that delivers for the whole

Under my leadership, Labour has taken greater action against anti-Semitism than any other

I don't think it's democratic and I don't think it's sustainable at all. This is a huge political issue, it's the most significant economic issue facing Britain in my or your lifetime and I think at the very least parliament should be fully

Let's wipe that slate clean and get on with the work we have got to do as a party

We have much more in common than that which divides us. As far as I'm concerned, let's wipe that slate clean from today and get on with the work we've got to do as a

This is a problem that many passengers face every day on the trains, commuters and long distance travellers. Today this train is completely ram-packed. The staff on the train are absolutely brilliant, working really hard to help everybody. The reality is there's not enough trains, we need more of

You'd obviously try to avoid that happening in the first place, you would build up a good dialogue with Russia to ask them and support them is respecting

I would not take a decision that kills millions of people, I do not believe the threat of mass murder is a legitimate way to go about dealing with international

If we want a nuclear weapons-free world, this is an opportunity where we can start down that

We will be campaigning on all the things that matter. The inequality and poverty that exists in this country. The need to end the privatisation of our National Health Service. The need to give real hope and opportunity to young people all across this country. That is what Labour exists to

We have a duty now to reshape and rebuild an economy for the future, one that protects social and employment rights, and (to) deliver a country in which prosperity we create is shared by all. Therefore I urge the PM and whoever his successor might be, that what our economy needs now is a clear plan for investment and not further austerity and cuts to public

I was democratically elected leader of our party for a new kind of politics by 60 percent of Labour members and supporters, and I will not betray them by resigning. Today's vote by MPs has no constitutional

He would not resign and would run in any new leadership contest. I regret there have been resignations today from my shadow cabinet. But I am not going to betray the trust of those who voted for me – or the millions of supporters across the country who need Labour to represent

What I'm totally amazed by is that in the past 24 hours 140,000 people have said they do not want the Labour Party to spend the next two months debating the

We can't duck the issue of immigration, clearly it was a factor. We need to start an open and honest

We all have a responsibility, in this House and beyond, not to whip up hatred and sow

Where we see hatred, where we find division, where we see intolerance, we must drive it out of our politics and out of our public life and out of our

We've lost a wonderful woman, we've lost a wonderful member of parliament, but our democracy will go on. As we mourn her memory, we'll work in her memory to achieve that better world she spent her life trying to

The whole of the Labour Party and Labour family – and indeed the whole country – will be in shock at the horrific murder of Jo Cox today. Jo died doing her public duty at the heart of our democracy, listening to and representing the people she was elected to

We need to have a strong message that we can actually stand up to defend workers' rights but also to deal with the huge challenges of global refugee movements and protect the freedom of people in Britain to live and work and retire abroad, so that we maintain that link with the rest of the

You cannot build a better world, unless you engage with the world, build allies and deliver change. The European Union, many warts and all, has proved itself to be a crucial international framework to do that. That's why we are backing the Britain to remain in Europe campaign and I hope you will

There is now one rule for the super rich and another for the rest. I'm honestly not sure Mr Speaker that the Prime Minister fully appreciates the anger that is out there over this injustice.The truth is that the UK is at the heart of the global tax avoidance industry, it's a national scandal and its got to

This week the publishing of the Panama Papers drives home what more and more people feel, quite simply it's this; It's one rule for the rich and one rule for everybody else. And it's therefore high time that we got tough on tax

You may not like everything we say but when it comes to big decisions on the economy, infrastructure, skills and

We have to do our best – all the countries in Europe, including Britain – to reach out and help these children and help these people. These are children who want to learn, want to develop their lives, want to contribute to the society for all of us. That surely is a simple human message that we can all reach out to. And I want to say a big thank you to all the volunteers that are here

I decided to invite Donald Trump on his visit to Britain to come with me to my constituency because he has problems with Mexicans and he has problems with Muslims". he wanted to let Trump talk to those who attend the mosque and see the "great diversity" in Britain's

I want to see a more democratic Europe, a more socially just Europe, a fairer Europe, but I do not think that is achieved by leaving. Our party conference voted that we should remain in the European Union, but that we should campaign on the agenda of a more social

Yes, I would and I made that point very clear in parliament on many occasions indeed. This is a crisis, facing ordinary people. Those ordinary people deserve support and the humanitarian sympathy of all of

I am not really sure what he wants to achieve. The background to this is not about the negotiations he is conducting here, it is about the arguments within the Conservative party, of large numbers of people who don't want to be in the EU, don't want anything to do with Europe at all. And his wing of the Conservative party that does not want to leave Europe, but that essentially wants a free market Europe, rather than a social justice

We believe that austerity is a political choice, not an economic choice. If the European Union wants to succeed it can't go on impoverishing the poorest people in the least well-off countries in

We cannot just allow the lives of all of us to be dominated by free market economics. There has to be something different. That is about full employment, about social solidarity, about opportunities for young people, about decent, fair working conditions across the

I am not really sure what he (Cameron) wants to achieve. Because the background to this is not about the negotiations he is conducting here, it is about the arguments within the Conservative party of large numbers of people who don't want to be in the European Union, don't want anything to do with Europe at

These are the values I was elected on. A kinder politics, a more caring society, these are Labour values, they are our country's values and we are going to put these values back into the heart of politics in this

According to the script, Socialists and Social Democratic parties were in decline. Social Democracy itself was dead on its feet. Yet something new, invigorating, popular and authentic has

One of my first acts as the leader of the party will be to go to the demonstrations this afternoon to show support for the way refugees must be treated and should be treated in this country. They are human beings just like you, just like me. Let's deal with the refugee crisis with humanity, with support, with help, with compassion, to try to help people who are trying to get to a place of

We cannot be content with the state of the EU as it stands. But that does not mean walking away, but staying to fight together for a better

We have grown enormously; we have grown enormously because of the hopes of so many ordinary people for a different Britain, a better Britain, a more equal Britain, a more decent

We have got a great team. Majority of women in the shadow cabinet for the first team in history. It's a great team.

It showed our party and our movement is passionate, democratic, diverse, united and absolutely determined in our quest for a decent and better society, that is possible for

We believe the prime minister has been negotiating the wrong goals, in the wrong way, for the wrong reasons. For all the sound and fury, the prime minister has ended up exactly where he knew he would be: making the case to remain in Europe, which is what he always intended, despite (a) renegotiating spectacle, choreographed for TV cameras over the whole

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