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This would be significant at any time, but in the context of Brexit is even more important because it shows we are backing to the hilt the areas we know are core strengths for the British economy. The country of Newton, Darwin, Watson and Crick is determined to continue turning heads all over the world with British inventiveness and openness to
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Nov 03 2017
Too often, despite the innovation happening here in the UK, our uptake in the NHS and the process of getting new innovations and treatments to patients is too slow.” said Jeremy Hunt on this article: New 'fast track' drug plan will speed NHS access by up to four years. This page contains 50 articles quoting Jeremy Hunt. Main topics on which Jeremy Hunt is quoted are EU and Britain. In addition you’ll find 74 quotes there. All these quotes are mentioned on this page and you can filter them by date and by topics.
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Sep 10 2017

People should be able to access their own medical records 24/7, show their full medical history to anyone they choose and book basic services like GP appointments or repeat prescriptions online. I do not underestimate the challenge of getting there – but if we do it will be the best possible 70th birthday present from the NHS to its

Sep 06 2017

I feel we haven't exploited the tremendous skills that pharmacists have nearly as effectively as we

Aug 29 2017

A strong and growing life sciences sector ensures this, particularly as we negotiate our exit from the

Aug 27 2017

Hawking’s criticism of the direction of the health service is misguided. I think we are improving quality of care, and I want the NHS to remain state funded. I am afraid Professor Stephen Hawking, writing in the Guardian, is once again wrong in his characterisation of government policy towards the

Aug 19 2017 - Twitter

Stephen Hawking is brilliant physicist but wrong on lack of evidence 4 weekend

Jul 31 2017 - Antimicrobial resistance

Now I'm left wondering if I would have got better on my own anyway, and taking this course of co-amoxiclav (amoxicillin) has just fuelled global antibiotic resistance and triggered an allergy, which means I might not be able to take antibiotics

Jul 31 2017 - Brexit

But secondly, we are clear that we want Brexit to make Britain more global, and not more isolationist. That means a business-friendly Brexit that works for the NHS. It means that hospitals will still, after Brexit, be able to recruit people from overseas in the European Union as they do

Jul 31 2017

It could happen earlier than then but we want to make sure that businesses, NHS hospitals, everyone can carry on recruiting the people they need to continue to give the services that they

Jul 31 2017 - Brexit

The cabinet is absolutely united on two things. Firstly, we are going to deliver Brexit, because that's what Britain voted for, and we will leave the European Union in March 2019. And that means leaving with a deal that gives us control of our laws, our borders and our money, which is what people voted

Jul 31 2017 - Immigration

That will take a period of time to do that. But we recognise that hospitals recruiting from the EU is a very, very important part of what they do and we want to have a gradual transition into a new immigration policy that is voted on and decided on by the British people through parliament, which we can't do at the moment through the

Jul 31 2017

As we embark on one of the biggest expansions of mental health services in Europe it is crucial we have the right people in post – that's why we're supporting those already in the profession to stay and giving incentives to those considering a career in mental health. These measures are ambitious, but essential for delivering the high performing and well-resourced mental health services we all want to

Jul 30 2017

Today is the first step to address this historic imbalance in workforce

Jul 14 2017 - Commonwealth

Ranked the best healthcare system of 11 wealthy countries, the NHS has again showed why it is the single thing that makes us most proud to be

Jul 03 2017

Tens of thousands of patients across the country have already benefited from quicker diagnosis, precise treatment and care and we will support the NHS to continue its relentless drive to push the boundaries of modern science and benefit even more

Jun 28 2017

There are recommendations from the independent public sector review bodies which we are looking at and decisions will be taken at a fiscal

Jun 21 2017

I want to make the NHS one of the safest places in the world to give birth by halving rates of stillbirth, deaths in childbirth and brain injuries by

Jun 15 2017

I will make sure our conversation is reflected back to the Chancellor before we make that

Jun 15 2017 - Brexit

We need them, we want them to stay. They are part of the NHS family. It's an early priority for this Government to secure rights which we would like to be broadly the same as the rights that they have now - and I want to reassure them now that this will be absolutely top of our list as the Brexit negotiations start later this

Jun 15 2017

I have a great deal of sympathy for the case that many of you have made about pay - I think nurses do an absolutely brilliant

May 17 2017 - Labour Party

Any shred of economic credibility which Labour had left has now been buried by Jeremy Corbyn and his

May 16 2017

Although we have never seen anything on this scale when it comes to ransomware attacks, they are relatively common and there are things that you can do, that everyone can do, all of us can do, to protect ourselves against them. In particular, making sure that our data is properly backed up and making sure that we are using the software patches, the anti-virus patches, that are sent out regularly by

May 15 2017

There are things you can do that everyone can do (...) in particular making sure that our data is properly backed up and making sure that we are using the software

May 15 2017

Just 18 months ago nearly 20 per cent of our NHS devices were running on XP – that's been reduced to 4.7 per cent, so real effort has been

May 09 2017

When children are in urgent need of support from the NHS it's vital that they get fast, high-quality care – and clearly in some of the cases highlighted this simply has not

May 07 2017

Well, you'll have to ask them why they chose to do that. But I think the answer is very clear that they are trying to leak reports that undermine Theresa May's position. That must be the presumption and what we're saying is that they should not be doing that, because it's an election for the British people to decide. We've got 27 countries lined up against us. Some of them appear to think that for the EU to survive, Britain must

May 07 2017 - Brexit

Is that enough considering the brilliant work that they do? I think many people would say they want to pay them more. I think they do an incredible job. If you want more money to go into the NHS – and this government recognises we will need to put more money into the NHS and the social care system because of the pressures we face – then the question is how you get

May 07 2017 - Brexit

We've got 27 countries lined up against us. Some of them appear to think that for the EU to survive, Britain must fail. If we don't get a good Brexit outcome, and we don't protect the economic recovery, the jobs that so many people depend on, whose taxes pay for the NHS, if we get a bad Brexit outcome, that would be a disaster for the NHS. We've been very clear that no deal is better than a bad deal. I'm saying that a good deal would be best for the NHS, but obviously, a bad deal would be the worst possible outcome for all our public services. It would be bad for the

May 03 2017

The conviction of Ian Paterson, and recent disclosures about the seriousness and extent of his malpractice, are profoundly shocking. A highly qualified medical professional, with a duty of care for his patients, totally neglected that duty and instead performed unnecessary procedures on a huge number of women. As a result I have agreed that, if returned to Government, we will hold a comprehensive and focused inquiry to ensure that any lessons are learnt in the interests of ensuring patients are protected in

Apr 27 2017

It is a given that over coming decades we will need to put more into the health and social care system … if we want a high quality healthcare service, yes, we need to continue investing

Apr 26 2017 - Brexit

The country listened to what they said and voted to leave the EU. I am absolutely certain that if we get a good outcome from the Brexit negotiations, there will be more money for the NHS because our economy will be

Apr 17 2017

I think we are letting down too many families and not intervening early enough when there is a curable mental health condition, which we can do something about when a child is eight or nine, but if you leave it until they are 15 or 16, it's too late. I think this is possibly the biggest single area of weakness in NHS provision at the moment. There are too many tragedies because children develop eating disorders or psychosis or chronic depression, which is then very difficult to put right as they get

Apr 17 2017

There are big problems with the capacity in CAMHS services, but it's not just there, but what happens in schools. Very few schools have a full-time CAMHS

Apr 11 2017

Standardised packaging will cut smoking rates and reduce suffering, disease and avoidable

Mar 26 2017

500-900 pharmacies will close. We cannot know exactly how individual pharmacies will be affected by the funding reductions and there is a risk that some pharmacies may close as a result of these changes, although this has never been our

Mar 26 2017

I as Health Secretary, the Government and the NHS let down

Mar 15 2017

We agree with the committee that every death by suicide is a tragedy which has a devastating effect on families and communities. We are taking action to ensure we quality assure every local plan so they reach the most vulnerable people – and local authorities now are supported by record mental health funding, with big developments in the availability and quality of crisis care services as a

Mar 10 2017

Every death from sepsis is a tragedy, yet too often the warning signs are

Mar 10 2017

We need to get far better at spotting sepsis across the NHS and this advice shows how vital it is for clinicians to treat life-threatening symptoms as soon as

Dec 06 2016

We are committed to having the closest possible trade links with the

Dec 06 2016

Our past successes as a nation over many centuries has been because we've been one of the greatest trading nations on the planet, you've seen that in this region with the great success of Hong

Dec 30 2014

I am satisfied having done that the procedures, the protocol, the things we have been practising for months and months have now kicked

Jun 26 2014

Today's reports show that in reality he was a sickening and prolific sexual abuser who repeatedly exploited the trust of a nation for his own vile

Jul 16 2012 - Olympic Games

We will have a safe Olympics, yes we needed a few more people from the army than we planned but that was always part of our contingency and people do look forward to a safe and successful

Jul 16 2012

I suppose it's that moment just before a huge party starts, and you walk around the house and you're checking all the rooms, and all the food is ready to be served and basically our plans are in place and it's very

Jul 15 2012

I suppose it's that the moment just before a huge party starts and you walk around the house and you check that all the rooms are tidy and the food is in the oven and ready to be served and basically our plans are in place; and we are just very excited about it. We have 204 countries here to see the very best of Britain and to have a wonderful

May 31 2012 - Fox

I was sympathetic of the

May 01 2012

I will be handing over all my private texts and emails to my special advisor to the Leveson Inquiry and I am confident they will vindicate the position that I handled the BSkyB merger process with total

Apr 25 2012 - Fox

I am totally confident that when I present my evidence, the public will see that I conducted this process with scrupulous fairness

Jul 12 2011

It will mean that the Competition Commission will be able to give further full and exhaustive consideration to this merger, taking into account all relevant recent

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