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So, let's be realistic. My term as minister of finance will most likely come to an end. I don't know when that is. I am now caretaker minister of finance. The coalition talks in the Netherlands may take quite a while, and during that period I will for sure continue as chair of the
Mar 22 2017
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Jeroen Dijsselbloem is associated, including Europeans, Greece, and bank. Most recently, Jeroen Dijsselbloem has been quoted saying: “As a Social Democrat, I attribute exceptional importance to solidarity. But you also have obligations. You cannot spend all the money on spirits and women and then ask for help. Don't be offended. It is not about one country, but about all our countries. The Netherlands also failed a number of years ago to comply with what was agreed. I don't see a conflict between regions of the eurogroup.” in the article Calls for Eurogroup President to resign after 'drinks and women' outrage.
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There will be a change in the policy mix, moving perhaps away from austerity and putting more emphasis on

It will take more time. People think that as there is a Eurogroup meeting next week we must have something worked out. But that has not been my

People think that because there's a Eurogroup next week we have to have it worked out. But that's never been my timeframe. It's unthinkable. The IMF must also be on

We made substantial progress today and are close to common ground for the mission to return to Athens the coming week. There is a clear understanding that a timely finalisation of the second review is in everybody's interest. We will take stock of the further progress of the second review during the next

The story that there's a crisis (is) roundly exaggerated. The next large payment that Greece needs to make (on its debt) isn't until this summer. But if I can give them a push today, that would be of course be very

We will take stock of the further progress of the second review during the next Eurogroup (meeting).feedback

So it's not like the IMF is saying 'leave the Greeks alone now and give them debt

It's surprising because Greece is already doing better than that report describes. At the end of the current (bailout) programme in mid-2018 we'll look again to see what's possible and what's necessary. But not

We don't yet know if that is going to happen. Europe must not sit back and blindly wait for what happens in the United States, but move ahead itself, also in the area of

We are not protectionists. We Europeans will continue to work on free trade. We will uphold the European standards that we have , labour protection, environmental protection etc. Yes free trade there are lots of opportunities out

I spoke to (IMF Managing Director Christine) Lagarde quite recently and she reassured me that the IMF has still strong intentions to remain part of the program and to take that step and to participate to the program in

It would be bad for Europe, but also bad for England, bad for the United Kingdom, to end up as a kind of tax paradise off the European coast. In the current climate, where we are working closely with the British to tackle tax evasion, it would be a crazy step backwards. The strict regulations we have are aimed to protect Dutch clients. The law already says that the strict conditions don't apply to international banks working from the

We need the large multinationals to pay more tax and that's a global issue that I'm raising everywhere...Big companies need to start paying taxes and acknowledge

We really need tax reform in Europe to get people a little more spending power - money in the pocket, to bring down the costs of labor – and at the same time, think of how to finance

Tax wage on labor in our countries is much too high - which is hindering job growth and recovery in labor markets - while at the same time large corporates, being helped by the Netherlands and other countries, are not paying enough. We need to rebalance

I'm happy to conclude that we have cleared the way ... to go ahead with the decision-making procedures for the short-term debt measures, which will be conducted in

This again confirms that we continue to work constructively together towards a sustainable financial and economic future for

I'm happy to conclude that we have cleared the way … to go ahead with the decision-making procedures for the short-term debt measures, which will be conducted in

It's in everybody's interest on both sides of the English Channel to have a smooth a process as possible that minimizes the threat to European financial stability and minimizes the disruption to the very many complex relationships that exist between European manufacturing businesses and their financing banks and so on in

If the U.K. wants to have full access to the internal market they will have to accept the rules and regulations that go with that internal

It's a democratic process and it doesn't really change the situation economically in Italy or in the Italian banks. The problems that we have today are the problems that we had yesterday and they still have to be dealt

The only thing that we know is that voters are much more on the move as they were some years ago and of course they're critical of the

Everyone who is sure about the outcome of the elections in the Netherlands, Germany and France will probably be wrong. It's very hard to

We will have to wait and see what the next political steps are, what the government will do and what the president decides. The Italian situation hasn't changed economically, the banks are not different today than they were

It doesn't really change the situation economically in Italy or in the Italian banks. It doesn't seem to require any emergency

The economic reality will be that, if you are not fully part of an internal market, then you will have extra costs to do business. There will be hindrances, there will be tariffs in some

I am absolutely sure that this is not going to be the outcome. The outcome will be that the UK is outside the internal

We can't allow the financial service center for Europe and the euro zone to be outside Europe and the euro zone and to go its own way in terms of rules and regulations, requirements etc. Simply ... we can't allow that to

If you choose to leave the EU, you basically choose to be outside the single

I don't think he is being realistic and fair to the British electorate on what's

The outcome of the process should be that we have good quality standards for internal models and in the individual cases of some banks it may lead to higher capital

Here is a financial institution which needs to be restructured and strengthened and needs to bring in new capital and we cannot then have an even bigger amount of capital being pulled out by the American authorities. That is really counterproductive to put it

Let's hope it is an opening bid. These kinds of fines are completely oversized, and they are damaging to financial

If the message remains the 'hard Brexit,' if that is really the way the British government wants to proceed, you can't be surprised that the pound will go down. I think that is what is

I think the effects of Brexit have yet to trickle down. We are still in the process of trying to understand

Here comes the American authorities that says 'Oh, you collected new capital, we'll take that out as a fine'. Don't get me wrong. Deutsche (Bank) has been involved in all kinds of scandals. They need to take their sanctions, but they need to be fair and effective and the last thing we want is for fines to threaten financial stability of the European banking

I think really we should discuss it ... I will bring it up here at the IMF meetings. There is a limit to what you should and could do in relation to financial stability and as soon as you come close to that you're overstating

The bottom line is, and the big companies have to realise this, times are changing and new times will ask them, make them, pay taxes in a fair

You need to pay your taxes in a fair way. Part of that would be in the U.S., part of that would be in Europe. So get ready to do

Summer is over. We really need to restart and pick up on the time lost. And the Greek minister, our Greek colleague, was I think convinced there was a joint interest for all of us to keep this on track. It has very much to do with trust, trust of course between us, trust in the IMF… but also trust from the outside world in Greece and the Greek

I think, in the end, it will be the British economy that is damaged most, which I don't hope for but, I mean, this is my

The "sooner we can sort out this problematic situation the

The worst thing we could do is allow more instability into the EU. Alas, the British have chosen

It was difficult because we are asking a lot of the Greeks, the IMF was asking a lot of us, and we were asking quite a lot of the IMF to step back

We achieved a major breakthrough on Greece which enables us to enter a new phase in the Greek financial assistance programme. This is stretching what I thought would have been possible not so long

This is very good news – already this part of the agreement of today is very good news, because it shows that the programme is fully back on track and Greece has done a lot, delivering a lot and we are making good progress

Some are worried (public disclosure) will damage the competitive advantage of

We came to the conclusion that the policy package should include a contingent package of additional measures that would be implemented only if necessary to reach the primary surplus target for

Debt is a discussion we've not had before. The only thing we had was a promise that if the Greeks would commit fully and deliver on the program we would look at, if necessary, further debt

Mr Draghi has to do his work in independence and that means us politicians really restrain ourselves in comments and opinions. He has to take decisions that are good for the euro zone as a whole within his mandate and that's exactly what the ECB is doing and the more we refrain from comments the more effective he can

We now have much stricter rules for who pays the bill if banks go wrong, and it's not the taxpayer. For that reason, investors are looking much more critically at banks, and that is leading to a correction on equity

We must first make the banking union stronger in my view. Capital requirements should go up further in coming years. That would strengthen confidence in

Since 2008 we have been sitting continually in crisis mode in our heads even when you can see from the real economy that we are emerging from it. Banks are much stronger, balances are much stronger and they have been cleaned of bad

We should have the discussion now about what we should do in 2018 if Greece fully complies with the programme. So a semi-automatic trigger

So I'd like in the next Eurogroup to have a full and formal agreement on

The way forward I propose is that we look at what we can do in the short term, what can we do to reprofile debt, phase out some expense loans quicker and replace them with cheap

Time is limited we need to complete that first set of milestones. It needs to be done very quickly and also some of the prior actions for example regarding the governances of the banks, the future governance, needs to be sorted out, so there is a lot of time pressure, but also on the optimistic side a lot of work has been done and is being

If implemented with determination, the deal will allow the Greek economy to return to

I would certainly be very happy if the talk about Grexit could stop and we could talk about getting Greece back on track and that is what we aim to do with this

Rather than a fire sale, privatisation will be pursued slowly in order to ensure better returns are

Massive support from the Greek parliament is certainly helpful. It does provide more credibility for Greece. but we'll have to look at the total financial outcome, especially the financial support that will be necessary in the coming

All of this needs to be done in a matter of days, as we have very little

The first step will send the Eurogroup a new request letter for ESM support and as soon as that comes in, hopefully tomorrow morning, we will have a conference call from the Eurogroup to formally start the process of dealing with this

We have repeatedly explained that there's little time left and how hugely important it is; especially for the Greeks. On the other hand, I'm also not getting impatient. There is only a deal possible if this plan fits together

I would be open to consider disbursements cut into parts which we've done before in programs. But it would have to be on an agreement on the whole thing first, implementation well of the ground

I only heard about one country where the cabinet had a meeting to talk about 'Grexit' and that was the British

I think this agreement (last) Friday and hopefully the progress we will make today and in national parliaments in the course of this week will also contribute (help) to restoring trust between all parties and help to get the recovery of Greece back on

This list is not a new MOU (memorandum of understanding) or a new agreement. This list is just an indication of the kind of reforms that they would like to push, like to replace and also the ones they would like to continue. So it is going to take time to really get into the details and to design a new contract or agreement that will carry us on for four

If the Greeks commit to what we have agreed with, then, and if necessary – now, these words 'if necessary' refer to the debt sustainability, it's too early to say – we've always said we would come back to debt sustainability issues after the completion of the fifth [bailout] review and that is still

We have already done a lot to lift the debt burden for Greece over the last couple of years, in terms of interest, maturity and the length of the

We need to get this done, we need to – as soon as possible – finalise this review. One month is too short was the general understanding, also from the troika institutions. Two months can be

I do respect France very much, and it is up to France to draw up the budget and to send it to the commission. but they have to realise that flexibility doesn't mean anything

It's a day we will also talk about economic policy that is necessary to get that growth to Europe, there is more potential than we are achieving at the moment, growth rates are low and unemployment is dragging behind. We have to pick up the speed of

They have to hold onto the trust they have from the markets and the trust requires further

The Greek government is implementing, or committed to undertaking in the near term, important reforms that will enhance Greece's growth potential, create job opportunities, and spur

The Parliament has to realise that for the member states it's very important to have some elements in an intergovernmental agreement for example including the start-up and the filling of the fund and the use of the

These two countries are an example of how a programme can work, and should work. So I think that's a good sign. Of course at the outstart of the whole crisis management of the euro zone this was all new, it was all 'terra incognita', it all had to be worked out, and we've now had two good experiences, successful experiences, and I think that's very

After having climbed in the last two years, the unemployment rate in the euro-area is now stabelized since march at around 12%, which is of course far still too high. It's too early therefore to be complacent, we need to carry on with all our policies with resolve – and that's what we're going to do!feedback

Greece needs to carry out further work….to fully implement the required prior actions, before July 19, so that when national procedures are concluded, the next EFSF (European Financial Stability Facility) disbursement of 2.5 billion can be

Political stability is crucial to keep countries on track, to work on the programs. Any political instability will lead to postponement of decisions. So, I am very glad that the Portuguese coalition is once again ready to continue their

I hear positive signals about the investment climate, business climate; and I think that hopefully, over the course of next year, we will once again see the start of economic recovery throughout the eurozone, but certainly also in

In the Eurogroup, there is great appreciation for the way that Portugal takes on these challenges, knowing how hard it is; knowing that the economy is showing more problems than we anticipated. So, that is the basis for our

Secondly, the necessary measures should be implemented to the liberalisation of closed professions and to enhance competition in products and service

We must, while we are discussing the Treaty change, work on the other building blocks. The banking union cannot wait. There are a number of elements that have to start: the single supervising mechanism can start, the capital requirements have to be put in place, we have to work on a resolution

The Troika and the EFSF have proposed to increase the maximum average maturities of the loans by seven years in order to smooth the redemption humps and reduce the refinancing needs of both

I would like to emphasize that none of these measures will effect deposits below 100,000 euros. There should be no doubts about that. We reaffirmed today the importance of fully guaranteeing these deposits in the European

In the present situation, I think that there is definitely a systemic risk, and I think that the unrest of the last couple of days has proven this

As a Chairman you have to find the compromise between the different countries, between the different perspectives and goals that we set out together, and therefore this decision was not stopped by me because it was a compromise, which brought together the different interests, the different goals that we

The Eurogroup considers that in principal financial assistance to Cyprus is warranted to safeguard financial stability in Cyprus and the euro area as a whole by providing a financial envelope which has been reduced to 10 billion

My main goals are to make sure there is stability in the eurozone and that there is a new sustainable growth path possible for Cyprus again and those are the boundaries in which we have to find a

I think we all agreed that a solution has to be reached on Cyprus and I think we should use the time that we have in view of the elections this month to work out the best possible solution. I'm sure that German government will agree on

Solidarity is at the top of my priority list and I'm convinced that working towards a sustainable budget, a balanced budget in different countries, doesn't conflict with holding on to that

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