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They are now story 1A, and (fiscal) policy will take the day because policy is so much more unpredictable now than the Fed.
Mar 16 2017
JJ Kinahan has been quoted 67 times. The one recent article where JJ Kinahan has been quoted is The big S&P 500 leap that followed Trump's speech was boosted by buyers of one fund. Most recently, JJ Kinahan was quoted as having said, “I think one of the things the president did in that speech was act like a president. The message of unity and hope is one people have been dying to hear from him. I think it was a vote of confidence. When details on the tax plan hit, it might be difficult for the market to sustain this.”.
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Everything about it is telling me people are kind of apathetic about what's going to happen for the rest of the year.

Next week, you may see people suddenly starting to hedge themselves. The real question starts to become, as we get closer to earnings, [do] people start to hedge themselves for an overall market sell-off?

This 2,219 level [on the S&P] was on where a lot of people were expecting to see some resistance, and we went through it like a hot knife through butter. A lot of people have been saying 'this is the end' and have ended up with very little money in their hands.

A lot of people have been saying 'this is the end' and have ended up with very little money in their hands.

I can't see them surprising the market be not raising rates because of the Fed funds futures and because of they're credibility. They came into the year saying four rate hikes; we're looking at one.

We have the jobs report due tomorrow, but I think people are trying to figure out what to do with it. Everything is baked in.

It's getting harder to sell their things and getting more expensive to pay for things.

The sectors that have done well all week are coming back a bit now, but have been under pressure all day.

Clearly, the market is more comfortable with a Clinton win, only because they feel like they know her policies a little bit better. With (Donald) Trump, it's a little bit more of a guessing game, perhaps, as to what his policies will be.

The difference in this quarter is that you're seeing CEOs talk positively about the future. A trend to watch going forward is expectations being raised down the road.

Overall, it's been a very, very good earnings season.

I think it has a lot to do with the notes coming this afternoon.

Many people thought crude would use its momentum to make a run at its recent highs and it completely faded.

It's just a bad tone to get us started. We've also been in a really low-volatility environment. This is the first day we've seen some heavier trade in a while.

You hate to see companies missing on sales. It's just a bad tone to get us started.

I think the market declared it a draw and has no more clue after debate then before, at least not in watching the S&P futures.

All in all, ... it's almost like we're seeing the last two months being repeated.

That's going to keep us busy because everybody's going to hang on every word for something that's not going to happen for three months.

It will get tested [in two weeks] when we get the jobs report.

There doesn't seem to be a threat to values, so it continues to be a healthy market.

Wall Street starts taking the elections seriously on Tuesday.

As you hit all-time highs, financials were the leaders and you need financials to continue along with tech for us to go higher.

We're in a time of 'wait and see' to see what to do with risk.

This might be the weekend when people go out to stores, because last night was the most excitement I've had so far.

Wells Fargo is more reliant on mortgages than JPMorgan is for a lot of their earnings. It will be interesting to see how the loan market has done. Loans will be a very positive sign for the economy because (it means) people still believe their jobs are going well, they have more confidence in the economy.

In the short term, I think it's going to help, but in the long term, we'll see. I feel like a lot of people are getting themselves into situations that they can't get out of.

What are management going to say in their statements about an uncertain future?

Clearly there is still an underlying sense of nervousness. No reasonable economic theory would be telling you to buy bonds with this kind of yield. It's more 'I don't care if I don't make yield, I want my money back.

A lot of the expectations about what these financial stocks would be worth have changed. This sort of takes Fed rate raises off the table for a while, maybe through the end of 2016.

When you get major news like this that is unexpected, as the 'Brexit' vote was, it often takes about five trading days to kind of work through the system.

Well-run companies are still well-run companies ... This is the ultimate opportunity to say, If I like a company, I can nibble. Think about an average price you want to own that company for. In times like this, that's the best advice you can give anybody.

We're going to be more sick of talking about the Brexit than we were about the Fed move.

It was a loss and a little bit bigger loss than maybe some had expected. We keep hearing the consumer is coming back, yet at the end of the day [it's] still not what we want to see of consumers. If stocks decline Wednesday, FedEx will likely be a contributing factor.

Goldman might be the most interesting one to me tomorrow morning, because trading has taken such a hit at some of these financials, and they're really reliant on it.

It's pretty amazing we're back to the levels we're at. The encouraging thing to me is we're getting strength from somewhere different every day.

What's most important in my eyes is people are looking forward to employment next week. As long as we hold above 2,000 (in the S&P) there's no reason to panic.

That's an encouraging sign to me because we're seeing improvement across all sectors. This has been a broad-based rally.

I think it coming in flat, that would be huge.

I think (the recovery from session lows in stocks) has to do with the short squeeze hangover from .

It's disappointing to see them miss on an already downward adjusted sales number and the fact is that with their iPhone growth slowing what was needed was a product to be excited about. Pressure on the shares will continue without a well-defined plan to grow sales or a new product.

Again it comes back to our high correlation to oil. I would say there's some short-covering to this rally and there's a little bit of expectation that Apple can help things with earnings tonight.

The bonds have also stayed in check. ? The signals that show concern are starting to turn around. Even if we have a bit of a bounce we're going to have very tentative buyers. We have a very high correlation to crude, so what crude does is what the market is taking its clues from. Because we traded near 1,800 today, we may go back and test that again. People are not anxious to step in front of a train.

I think it means we can continue to go lower. ... Crude continues to struggle as we continue to get mixed signals from China.

The fact that financials are leading it after positing good earnings is troubling.

It started with crude just weakening a little bit. Everyone's so afraid of this earnings season they're pre-selling it.

The positive is we're still near the 2,000 level and if we can hold that level all is not lost.

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