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Joe Biden has been quoted 209 times. The one recent article where Joe Biden has been quoted is House intel committee chairman apologizes to Democrats. Most recently, Joe Biden was quoted as having said, “Need select committee!”.
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Your mom is the most fiercely loyal and protective person I know. She was more devoted to your daddy than anyone else in the world. She would do anything for him. And she did do everything for him.

We are all lucky that Hunter and Hallie found each other as they were putting their lives together again after such sadness. They have mine and Jill's full and complete support and we are happy for them. It sounds strange to say, but this is the brightest guy I know. Just like his brother. His brother never made a speech and I never made an important decision without consulting with the other two. We've been a team. I know that sounds strange to say as a father. But it's been one unit. Right to the very end.

When we ignore them, or worse, when we tear them down, we do it at our own peril. I must say these beliefs are so basic and so fundamental that I really think average Americans fully get it. … But when they lose confidence in it, that we're a nation of laws and not men, that courts make a difference, that they're the ultimate arbiter and so on, things begin to crack.

The almost [constant] drumbeat of denigration of the institutional structures that govern us is dangerous. When you delegitimize the courts, you delegitimize the legislative body. It's corrosive. And it makes it almost impossible to reach compromise. We know the court when it rules, that it has the right to overrule a Congress or a president, and it should be adhered to after appeals are had. We know that we have to check the power of the presidents, that the legislature, that Congress is as important.

I've taken my fair share of hits from the press. I've been covered by the very best in the business and some of the worst. Some of you press guys are lousy, just like some senators are lousy, like doctors are lousy, lawyers are lousy. But it doesn't matter.

This is not some left-leaning liberal whatever you want to call it. This guy's a patriot. President Obama risked his entire presidential career on trusting his judgment about Osama bin Laden.

To question the actual legitimacy of a free press is one of the most dangerous things out there. The degree that we depart and denigrate our institutions and the fourth estate, I think we really, honest to God, honest to God, weaken our ability for self-government. We undermine it and become weaker and not stronger.

Simply put, Mr Putin has a different vision of the future. It seeks to return to a world where the strong pulls this world to its military might, corruption and criminality while weaker nations have to fall in line.

The top 1 percent is not carrying their own weight.

Under President Putin, Russia is working with every tool available to them to whittle away at the edges of the European project, test the fault lines of western nations and return to a politics defined by spheres of influence.

With many countries in Europe slated to hold elections this year, we should expect further attempts by Russia to meddle in the democratic process. It will occur again, I promise you. And again the purpose is clear: to collapse the liberal international order.

The international community must continue to stand as one against Russian coercion and aggression.

Together with our EU and G7 partners, we made a clear that sanctions remain in place until Russia fully emphasises, fully implements, its commitments under the Minsk agreement, and that the Crimea-related sanctions against Russia must remain in place until Russia returns full control to the people of Ukraine.

About six months in, the President looks at me, he said, you know, Joe, you know what surprised me? How we've become such good friends. And I said, surprised you?

We've disagreed, and we've argued, and we've raised our voices. We made a deal we'd be completely open, like brothers with one another.

Mr. President, you have more than kept your commitment to me by saying that you wanted me to help govern. Other people don't hear it that often, but when someone would say, Can you get Joe to do such and such?' He says, I don't do his schedule. He doesn't do mine.'.

Harry Truman was right about the buck stopping at the desk. And I've never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never once doubted, on these life and death decisions, I never once doubted that your judgement was flawed. Not once. Not once.

Every single thing you've asked me to do, Mr. President, you have trusted me to do. That's a remarkable thing. I don't think according to the Presidential, Vice Presidential scholars that kind of relationship has existed. I mean, for real.

They know when I speak, I speak for you. And it's been easy, Mr. President.

I get to give you advice. I get to be the last guy in the room and give you advice on the most difficult decisions anyone has to make in the whole world. But I get to walk out, and you make it all by yourself. All by yourself.

Failure at some point in your life is inevitable. But giving up is unforgivable.

Focus on your job. That's the job. Once he has the mantle of being president, sitting behind that desk every morning, my hope and expectation is that he will become significantly more informed how they work, how they function, how good they are. Do I regret that my point of view is not going to be reflected in the next administration because we have Mr. Trump? Yeah, I do regret that.

Is the finest first lady in history. The whole world looks at her and she conveys America.

I don't think he's done enough and he may sink in the swamp. If you don't drain it, you sink in it. Are you going to be president or are you going to be a businessman? You don't do both. You ran for the most coveted office in the world.

It's an extremely valuable tool. I think he'll come to understand that. If he doesn't, it would be a tragedy for the interests of the country– I mean a genuine tragedy. The one thing you never want to invoke is Nazi Germany, no matter what the circumstances. It's an overwhelming diversion from the point you're trying to make.

You're president. You've got to do something. Show us what you have.

I hope this bodes well for what will come next year – that we're back working together.

Every day, millions of people are praying, praying for hope, praying for time.

One of the things the president and I are proudest of accomplishing over the last eight years is debunking the myth that America can't grow our economy and bring down emissions at the same time.

Reality has a way of intruding. Whatever uncertainly exists around the near-term policy choices of the next president, I am absolutely confident the United States will continue making progress on this path to a low-carbon future.

We're going to get through this period because we are Americans and Canadians.

The world is going to spend a lot of time looking to you Mr. Prime Minister. Viva la Canada because we need you very, very badly.

No administration is ready on day one. We weren't ready on day one. But I'm confident on day one everything will be in good hands.

When he says to the world listening that 'I know the intelligence agencies don't know what they're talking about,' what does that say about us? That plays directly into the hands of Putin, who is using the propaganda at home to suggest that we're weak, we've fallen, we are not together, we don't know what we're doing.

I'll do anything I can if Hillary's elected to help her, but I don't want to remain in the administration.

No. I wish we were in high school. I could take him behind the gym. That's what I wish.

(Workers) can't reach their true potential without freedom to negotiate for a higher wage with a new company, or to find another job after they've been laid off.

The press always asks me, don't I wish I were debating him? No, I wish we were in high school, and I could take him behind the gym. That's what I wish.

It feels great! I've always loved to drive. I shouldn't say it on [television] – I like speed.

My dad didn't have a lot of money, but he ran the largest Chevrolet dealership in the state for years.

Ladies and gentlemen this guy is far beyond a bad character with women.

The things that Donald Trump is saying and doing is genuinely a threat to the democratic process, which is based on trust.

It's also a report to the American people, sharing the story of the spirit of discovery that defines this country and that gives me every confidence that we can do this.

The vast majority of men don't share the view of Donald Trump…I don't ever remember that kind of locker room talk, never.

There's still a small portion of the population that…just can't understand – and you don't have to be David Dukes. There's people that just don't understand, How did this black man get elected?

She has been so battered and beaten, And we all make mistakes. She's made mistakes, too.

I can't make any excuse for Bill Clinton's conduct, and I wouldn't attempt to make any excuses for the conduct. But he paid a price for it. He paid a price. He was impeached.

What does that make the rest of us? Suckers? I really mean it. Think about it.

Tell that to the janitor in here who's paying taxes! Tell that to your mothers and fathers who are breaking their neck to send you here, they're paying taxes ... It angers me, it angers me.

I know (students) are not overjoyed about the choices. I know they think that Hillary didn't do A, B, C or D, I know, but, my Lord. My lord. What are we going to do?

Every president I have served with, including the Republicans, has had a moral center about what it means to be an American.

Trump "is a guy who said it was good business for him to see the housing market fail.

Sometimes when there's no election to face and people are leaving and others who are staying, they may see the wisdom of TPP. But it's going to be hard. I think it's less than an even chance, but there is a genuine chance. It's possible we can get it passed.

But it's going to be hard. I think it's less than an even chance, but there is a genuine chance. It's possible we can get it passed.

Sometimes when there's no election to face and people are leaving and others who are staying, they may see the wisdom of TPP.

Right now, less than five percent of cancer patients enroll in a clinical trial, often because patients and doctors don't know what trials are available.

Clinical trials are essential for developing new and more effective cancer diagnostics and treatments.

I don't think the guy is qualified to be President of the United States.

Give us an up-or-down vote, straight, on Zika. I understand attaching controversial issues to important legislation ... but this is a national emergency. People's health, the well-being of unborn children, the health of the country at large, is at stake. Act.

Hillary is really going to need him...because the plate is so full.

I know some of you are mad at Hillary, I know some of you look at her and say – let me tell you something man, she gets it. Hi, I'm Joe Strickland, I work for Ted Strickland!

My biggest problem with Donald Trump, is not his cockamamie policies, it's the way he treats people. The man is totally irresponsible.

I don't think he's a bad guy, but he's totally and completely uninformed.

Let me say it for one last time: The American people stand with you ... Barack Obama was one of the first people you called. But I do apologize. I wish I could have been here earlier.

The United States of America did not have any fore-knowledge of what befell you on the 15th of July.

It's never understood that the wheels of justice move deliberately and slowly. It's totally understandable why the people of Turkey are angry. But there should be no doubt that we will continue to work closely with the Turkish government as this process unfolds.

The United States stands with its ally Turkey. Our support is absolute and it is unwavering.

The United States of America did not, did not have any foreknowledge of what befell you on the 15th. The United State of America, the people of the United States of America abhor what happened.

Our American experts are on the ground, here in Ankara, meeting with your people, closely coordinating with our Turkish counterparts, to evaluate and gather material with regard to Turkish request to extradite Gulen.

We are absolutely, thoroughly, 100 percent committed to our NATO obligations including and especially Article 5. [T]he fact that you occasionally hear something from a presidential candidate in the other party, it's nothing [that] should be taken seriously, because I don't even think he understands what Article 5 is.

Your success is overwhelmingly in the interest of my country. Overwhelmingly. For if you succeed, the region will succeed.

A region of Europe that has never been fully, thoroughly integrated into Europe. And our vision, and the vision of most European leaders and the world, is for a Europe whole, free and united.

I'd like to express my condolences to the families of those whose lives were lost in the wars of the 1990s, including those killed as a consequence of the NATO air strikes.

Hillary has forgotten more about American foreign policy then Trump and his entire team will ever understand. Hillary Clinton is going to write the next chapter in American history.

No major party nominee, in the history of the United States of America, has – now don't cheer, quiet, just listen – has known less or been less prepared to deal with our national security than Donald Trump. And what absolutely amazes me, absolutely amazes me, the he doesn't want to seem to learn it.

No one wants to earn a Purple Heart. But to those who did, you have America's unending gratitude and admiration. Thank you. #PurpleHeart Day.

They were defined by their courage. It matters who they were, and it matters who we are as a country.

When that assassin's bullet targeted our heroes – and he was an assassin – he not only targeted them, he targeted the city. He targeted his country, and it touched the soul of the entire nation.

He's trying to tell us he cares about the middle class, give me a break. That's a bunch of malarkey.

The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places. I've been made strong at the broken places.

This guy doesn't have a clue about the middle class. Not a clue ... He has no clue about what makes America great. Actually he has no clue. Period.

I looked and saw ... an African American on the ground with two police officers over top of him. So the police show up. Because [there's] this heightened tension across the board you have this guy thinking, Uh-oh, these guys are coming for me. I'm gonna' be victimized.' Which it turns out he may have been. And then the other side of the equation is: wait a minute this guy's got a gun, what's gonna' happen here.

What happens is that a woman police officer is sitting in a squad car in a tough neighborhood. They don't know she's a mother of three kids and coaches basketball and is a good person, and conversely the kid on the corner crossing the street with a hoodie – the police officer doesn't know this kid may be a poet instead of a gang banger.

I must say, we had looked for a different outcome. We would have preferred a different outcome. And I would imagine many of you here felt the same way. I want to assure all of you in this room that America's special bond with the United Kingdom runs deep and it will endure, and our relationship with Ireland and with the European Union will remain the cornerstone of our global engagement.

Some of the rhetoric I'm hearing sounds designed to radicalize all 1.4 billion" Muslims around the world.

Adopting the tactics of our enemies – using torture, threatening to kill innocent family members, indiscriminately bombing civilian populations – not only violates our values, it's deeply, deeply damaging to our security.

Assault weapons and high-capacity magazines should be banned from civilian ownership.

I refuse to give up, we refuse to give up, it took me seven years to get the first ban put in place. There is no reason why we should ever stop. We should not stop.

More than any other specialty oncologists have to explore the unknown with their patients. No single oncologist or cancer researcher can find the answers on their own. It requires open data, open collaboration, and above all open minds.

Increasing the pool of researchers who can access data and decreasing the time it takes for them to review and find new patterns in that data is critical to speeding up development of lifesaving treatments for patients.

Having men and women together in the battlefield is an incredible asset, particularly when they're asked to lead teams in parts of the world with fundamentally different expectations and norms.

More than 4 million workers are either going to be paid more or get time back to raise their family, go to school ? or retrain to get a better job.

I like the idea of saying, We can do much more,' because we can.

May your views begin to once again become the majority opinion in the Knesset.

No matter what legitimate disagreements the Palestinian people have with Israel, there is never justification for terrorism. No leader should fail to condemn as terrorists those who commit such brutalities.

Israel's government's steady and systematic process of expanding settlements, legalizing outposts, seizing land, is eroding in my view the prospect of a two-state solution.

Bibi (Netanyahu) thinks it can be accommodated, and I believe he believes it. I don't.

We've stressed to both parties the need to take meaningful steps to demonstrate their commitment to a two-state solution that extends beyond mere words.

Let me say in no uncertain terms, the United States of America condemns these acts and condemns the failure to condemn these acts.

And I want to reiterate what I know people still doubt here: if in fact they break the deal, we will act.

We may be given a gift from the Lord in the presidential race here.

We're not trying to make incremental change here. We're trying to get to a quantum leap on the path to a cure.

If you do not have the ability to express your own opinion, to criticise policy, offer competing ideas without fear of intimidation or retribution, then your country is being robbed of opportunity.

I'm not naive enough to think or suggest we are going to have a cure for every cancer in the world in the near term.

My hope is that I can be a catalyst, to oversimplify it, to get everybody on the same page.

You're on the cusp of some phenomenal breakthroughs. In my terms - not your medical terms - we are at an inflection point in the fight against cancer.

Even when income inequality wasn't as serious as it is today, it was his drumbeat. She's coming up with some very good ideas but Bernie is pushing the envelope on this.

Hillary's focus has been other things up to now, and that's been Bernie's ? no one questions Bernie's authenticity on those issues.

I'm not here lobbying for any city, though I do love Los Angeles. All kidding aside, Garcetti is my friend and he won't let me back in L.A. unless I say something nice.

Unfortunately, I believe we're out of time, the time necessary to mount a winning campaign for the nomination. But while I will not be a candidate, I will not be silent.

We're committed to making sure that Israel can defend itself against all serious threats, maintain its qualitative edge with a quantity sufficient to maintain that.

When an a assassin's bullet targeted two officers, it targeted this city and it touched the soul of the entire nation. They were a part of New York's finest, and that not an idle phrase. This is probably the finest police department in the world. They earned that praise.

Strengthen the Syrian opposition and ensure a transition away from the regime of President Assad.

Russian behaviour represents a flagrant violation of the bedrock principles of an international system, which is why the international community has responded with one voice. Amplifying your voice, Mr President; the voice of all Ukrainians. Helping Ukrainians defend their sovereignty and security of their nation.

And more teams are coming to support long-term improvements, so that no nation, let me be precise – so that Russia – can no longer use energy as a political weapon against Ukraine in Europe.

We refuse to bend, refuse to change, refuse to yield to fear. That is what makes us so proud of this city and this state, what makes me be so proud to be an American. It's that we have never, ever yielded to fear. Never.

Wholesome competition and strong competition is fundamentally different than conflict. In fact, we see considerable common interest on the security side. A secure and peaceful Asia Pacific enables economic growth for the entire region.

We've had many disagreements, and some profound disagreements on some of those issues right now, the treatment of US journalists, but I believe China will be stronger and more stable and more innovative if it respects universal human rights.

You are their worst nightmare: all the things these perverted jihadis – self-made or organised – all the things they fear.

Europe is the cornerstone of US engagement with the rest of the world.

These people are my mum and dad, the people that I grew up with and my neighbours. They pay more effective tax than Governor Romney pays in his federal income tax.

War should always be the absolute last resort. There is no weapon that the Iranians have at this point.

We kept our promises to withdraw our troops from Iraqi cities in 2009, we kept our promises to end our combat mission in the summer of 2010 and now we are keeping our promise we made back in 2008 to remove our troops from Iraq by the end of the year.

I am absolutely confident that the economic stability of the world rests in no small part on cooperation between the United States and China.

Operation Iraqi Freedom is over but American engagement with Iraq will continue with the mission that began today, Operation New Dawn.

Let me be clear, it wasn't my idea to send her back.

We believe that it is absolutely essential to American prosperity and long term security. So have no doubt about that!

The United States will continue to hold both sides accountable for any statements or any actions that inflame tension or prejudice the outcome of these talks. The most important thing is for these talks to go forward and go forward promptly and go forward in good faith.

The decision by the Israeli government to advance planning for new housing units in East Jerusalem undermined that very trust that we need right now in order to begin, as well as produce, a profitable negotiation.

It is incumbent on both parties to build an atmosphere of support for negotiations.

Bibi you have heard me say this before. Progress occurs in the Middle East when everyone knows there is simply no space between the United States and Israel. There is no space between the United States and Israel when it comes to Israel's security.

A high-level defence team will come to Prague in early November to discuss this, as well as defence cooperation in a range of areas. The new missile programme is designed to meet existing threats in Europe.

That is why, in America, we no longer think in terms of what we can do for central Europe but rather in terms of what we can do with central Europe.

We will not recognise Abkhazia and South Ossetia as independent states and we urge the world not to.

We are confident about your future and you should be confident about our willingness to stand with you.

You know as corny as it sounds, damn I'm proud to be an American. It's a wonderful thing. Thanks for choosing us. You are the reason why America is strong. We're all immigrants.

The United States does not, I emphasise, does not, expect Serbia to recognise the independence of Kosovo. It is not a precondition for our relationship or support for Serbia becoming part of the European Union.

The only real path, in our administration's view, to a secure and prosperous future for this country, is to join Europe as Bosnia-Herzegovina. Right now you are off that path. When you get back on that path you need to work across ethnic and party lines, so that your country functions like a real country.

The deteriorating situation in the region poses a security threat not just to the United States but to every single nation around this table. It was from that remote area of the world that al-Qaeda plotted 9/11. It was from that very same area that extremists planned virtually every major terrorist attack in Europe.

John McCain and Sarah Palin are wrong for the country, out of touch as the continuation of George Bush's policies.

I thought she had a very skilfully written and very skilfully delivered political speech. I was impressed with her. I was also impressed with what I didn't hear. I didn't hear a word mentioned about the middle class, or health care, or how people are going to fill up their gas tanks. I didn't hear a single word about how you're going to get our kids to college. So, I was impressed with the speech but I was also impressed with what I didn't hear spoken.

The choice in this election is clear. These times require more than a good soldier, they require a wise leader. A leader who can change, the change that everybody knows we need. Barack Obama is going to deliver that change.

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