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It's nice to see, as opposed to the rollover ground ball. Balls in the air. That's the big thing right there. I think you're going to see that out of more
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May 24 2017
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Almost none of these guys are hitting up to their potential, and we're still OK. When they do, we'll really take

I think they're all trending in the right

I talked to him afterward, and he was really

That was classic Kyle, right there. He was really good. Velocity was up. You saw the bad takes, the bad swings. Contact wasn't as hard. Well, he smiled, we shook hands, he nodded. And I believe there was a slight chuckle involved. [Jon] Lester has been solid the whole year. [John] Lackey has gotten incrementally better. I think the same thing is happening with Kyle right now. What you saw tonight is what Kyle is supposed to look like, and that is very

I've seen a lot of different methods. I've been taught well, and I really want to say, it's 1,000 wins, other guys have done it, but to the players that have been a part of this, I want to say thank you, because you don't do this without really good players. You don't. His back is still not 100 percent. I just want to be very careful with him, quite

I think face masks should be mandatory for all hitters. And pitchers have been hit in the head by line drives several times so pitchers should be forced to wear

I thought of other ways for protectionism. I think there should be a cage in the on-deck circle so on-deck guys can stand behind the screen and not get

I have some other additions to it. We should eliminate the head-first slide. That is a dangerous slide. Your hand could (get hurt), your eye could get poked out. All these different things can occur on a head first slide. I think there needs to be cup checks as players are running on the field in order to prevent the loss of future

How long is he (Happ) going to stay? I have no idea. It could be short; it could be longer than that. I don't

Go out there, have fun and

In general we have a tendency to micromanage stuff that we have no business attempting to do. Don't give me all this protectionism, injury stuff because I'm not buying into it...It's wrong. It's tough for the umpires. They know it's not part of the game...I'd like to see that rule ejected. I'd like to see the rule at the plate ejected. They have no place in our

When you're sliding on dirt and you have momentum you just keep going. There was no malicious intent there whatsoever. The rule does not belong in the game. There was nothing egregiously dangerous on the part of our runner. Don't give me hyperbole and office created rules because I'm not into those things as you guys well

Do I feel the pressure to repeat this season? I had more pressure on me in spring training after the 2015 season. We hadn't won a game yet, and we were the favorite to win the World Series. The Cubs hadn't even been in the series since 1945. Well, sorta, kinda, I guess. You win once, you want to win every year. Nothing else will satisfy you now. I like to put it this way: A mind once stretched has a difficult time going back to its original

They know what it's all about now, how to get it done. They don't run away from the word expectation. They embrace expectations people have for us. I don't have to motivate them this year. They're more hungry for

He was the right guy for that team. I was a minor league

There's a pause there. If you don't want to pitch to him, the guys coming up behind are pretty interesting. It's formidable, so it's uncomfortable from the other

You feel like you have that hangover without the benefits of actually

We could do a lot of different

It's just hard to go 25-6 on an annual basis, regardless of how much you'd like to. I'm with these guys every day. Conversationally, watching them, looking in their eyes, they're engaged. There's no haziness, no fuzziness, no lack of engagement on their part. Teams have played pretty well against us too. I'm not seeing dramatically a whole bunch of difference to what we saw last year. (They're) pretty patient. These guys have got to get on those one or two nice consecutive good starts in a row, and then all of a sudden it starts morphing into what it's supposed to look

Jonny Lester overall has been throwing the ball really

I love that he's not beaten by it. He gets upset with himself, which I'm good with. It's not anger,

We play that game almost every night. I am certain that is going to go away. Like I said, [the Cubs' starters] stuff is good. I don't have any strong explanation as to why. I really believe it's going to trend in the right

We keep on coming back for more. It's really one of those ugly wins, but you'll take it any day of the week. It is the resiliency. It is the fact that we don't quit. It's on the ring, We Don't Quit' (sic). It's on the ring, man. It's a perfect example today. I want us to move the baseball better in certain situations and not succumb to the strikeout. We were better last year at that. We need to get back to

It's been an emotional week. It's been a nice conclusion to

We did a better job of taking care of the latter part of the

That last inning could have played so differently had we just kept it 4-3. More than anything, we have to get the bullpen guys, get their confidence back. That's going to make the difference in the latter part of the game. Even if it's a deficit, to keep it a small

We did not get the hit. That's been more of our problem -- not getting a clutch hit and not holding a lead in the latter part of the

The season will teach us a lot of lessons, but I think he's going to be fine there all

It totally deflates the other side, almost like hitting a home run or getting a bases-loaded double [in terms of] the energy it creates in your dugout. We feed off our defense. We absolutely do. We're really into it. I'm not saying everybody else is not, but… I'm enamored with our defensive side of the

I didn't know there was a Billy Goat. That's awesome. Despite being grande [it's] tasty ... I can't even steer my car with that thing. Even in the dugout they were beaming. It's so neat they are involved in this whole thing. I love

My mind started racing when I saw that. I've been wanting to get that photograph and I didn't know it was going to be there as we walked in. That would be the trinket I would like, a nice canvas photograph of

I'm a banner guy. The ring's a ring. I know it's wonderful. I'm not that much into jewelry myself, but I do like banners. They're seen on a daily basis by everybody. I like the idea of when kids come in they get to see that and then they hear about how the team hadn't won in 108 years, and all of a sudden there is one at 5 or 6 years of age and they grow into being a Cubs fan even

Nobody wants anything, which I love. Everybody just wants to say thank you. They don't even want a picture or an autograph. They just want to say thank you, shake your hand, well done. It's just different, the way the whole thing's built, how everybody reacts. Every day is a playoff game. Every day. Every day you feel the same vibe walking in the

It looked like (the eye) was going to start swelling. He said he was all right, but I didn't feel good about it. He insisted he was good, but I wasn't convinced. I'm certain he'll be fine by tomorrow. But I wasn't feeling really strongly about it at that

I don't know if they've come out with Velcro on the protectors or it's just a fuzzy baseball. It was definitely Velcro-ed to his

It's too early to worry about days off; I'm just trying to get people

It's a tribute to the World Series. Those are the guys who were on the field in the seventh game of the World Series, so I wanted to -- as a tribute to them, what they've done for us -- put them on the field

I saw Jim Edmonds before the game, and I said 'Almora reminds me of you'. Jimmy wasn't the fastest guy. Albert's not the fastest guy. They both ran great routes, and both had great instincts for the

This year, I want our guys to be uncomfortable. You really want to avoid the potential for complacency. If you're uncomfortable, growth continues. If you're comfortable, growth diminishes. You walk into a hotel lobby and this is something you would have never done. People are going to stare. I think that has a positive impact when you go out and play a game [and] get in a crucial moment. That uncomfortable situation you went through is going to play out in a positive way at some

I'm like the first one down and he'll be hitting leadoff for the Cardinals so he's going to be right there. And I've thought about that. Because he and I were really – we got along really, really well and he's going to be very, very important for them. So it will be interesting to see that and feel

But I'm happy for him. I'm happy. He took a chance last year coming back to us on the contract that he did. He nailed it and he deserves everything that he's getting right

Everyone gets hung up on numbers. He's definitely better than a No. 5 starter. It just happens we're going to slot him in the 5-hole coming out of camp. It's not a pecking order of ability by any means. We had a nice conversation with Montgomery. He understood. He had a great attitude about all of

I'd like him to be able to take that step. Just a natural progression for

[Hendricks'] ego doesn't force you to attempt to try and do something different. I like it a lot. It sets up really

I could see him starting. Long relief, short relief. All of

It makes great writing or discussion. We don't look at it that

I had a scout sit in my office two days ago and say the opposite. He thinks it's entirely different. He kind of liked it. Regardless of what a scout says in the stands, it doesn't really impact my feelings at all. I know what I'm seeing -- a totally different swing. The guy that says it's the same, I'm totally disappointed in the scout, actually. I think he's hit the ball pretty good. He's been a bad-luck guy this

Like anything else with this guy, he'll work to be very good at that. And I have full faith that he will. Now if it doesn't play right, we might do something differently. But he will get an

What happened already happened. I think that's the past. This is a new year and we have a new goal and right now we're just trying to get ready for the

Oh, yeah. I'll be watching that for the rest of my life. Going through what we did last year and winning the whole thing it just makes you want to go through it all over again. Playing in the Game 7, that's the most stressful game you can probably play in in sports. I think all our nerves heading into this year are pretty calm that we played in one of the most stressful games in the history of this game. I think we'll be

The hangover component, I already started talking about it today not using the word hangover, but just addressing the method by which we're going to be able to get back there and do it again. It's important that we, staff, manager, deliver the message but then the peer group delivers the message also that we don't stand or put up with anything less than that same kind of attitude that got us there. Having said all that, one of the main components of us getting there is we have fun here, and I want us to continue to have

Honestly it could be a positive for him and for us. Obviously if you're in that year, you're really wanting to put your best foot forward to attract the best contract the next season. We had our meeting this morning with Jake. Again, I've said it all the time, but I'm always impressed with our guys when they walk out the door. He was just all about winning. He's all about making all of his starts, he's all about winning. He said he wants to make all of his starts for the guys in the other room. That's where his mind is at right

It has nothing to do with curses, superstition. If you want to believe in that kind of stuff, it's going to hold you back for a long time. I love tradition. I think tradition is worth time mentally, and tradition is worth being upheld, but curses and superstitions are

The Marlins were close on signing me, but at the end my wish was to come back to the Yankees. I also wanted to be part of a young team, like the Yankees have now and not go to the Marlins because as you all know from time to time they change their team a lot, and I wanted to have a stable team of young players where I could feel at

Yesterday that was a really clear-cut decision for me how to work that inning. The threat there, was that had we not done it, then Aroldis would have had a more stressful 1 2/3 innings in the eighth or ninth

There's several guys out there right now that everybody would like to have, and the guys that are out there as free agents are obvious. Guys like Wade Davis, ask around the industry, how many people would like to have

Like I said, Aroldis pretty much relies on his fastball. He's got a great slider. Whereas Wade, growing up a starter,

And also, when you win games, when you win a lot of games, win a lot of games in row, that's where you have the tendency to beat somebody up. So by having this kind of depth, you don't have to put the burden on one or two

It's going to mean you can spread it out a little bit more. So having Wade there at end permits us to use these other guys differently and the ability to spread out the

Schwarber is not a bad name. Kyle is not a bad name at

Welcome to Cubstock 2016! This is an incredible moment for all of us. Never have I experienced anything like Wrigley Field on a nightly basis. ... I want to congratulate you fans also. Thank you for being so

Understanding themselves better, understanding what the pitcher's going to try to do against them. Understanding how to make adjustments in the game. Understanding how to utilize the entire field more consistently as they gain

I love tradition. I think tradition is worth being upheld but curses and superstitions are

There's been a lot of burden placed and I think, quite frankly, that it is

Who sets a better example of how to work an at-bat? And who sets a better example of just being a professional than he does?feedback

Of course it's possible. You just have to have the right guy. I mean, it's not as easy as it looks, what they've been

So right now, it's really being glamorized a bit. This isn't Fantasy Baseball. These guys are human. They only have so many abilities to throw a baseball within the

I talked to him before the game once again; he was aware of the scenario. So he went out there and he was outstanding

I think Jake likes to shoulder these kind of

It's correct and apt it will go seven

It helps keeping the body warm, and I like being out there in the field. Being a designated hitter is a bit more complicated. I try to gather advice on how to do it better. I always ask David Ortiz, and he's giving me good pointers, but there's still room to

When I managed in the American League, I always thought it was somewhat of a disadvantage going to the National League, subtracting one offensive player, and probably even more pronounced for different teams that have really profound, legitimate DHs. But for right now, at this moment in time, the fact that Kyle cannot play defense but can still play offense and run the bases, it does work out well for

After that game last night, believe me, man, I was in no mood to get up and travel today. I think it actually is working out pretty well. We're going to get in at a really good hour, grab stuff to eat and go to

I like to believe we're going to catch or gain some momentum from this game going back over there. But momentum's always based on your starting pitcher, too. And again, with these guys you saw how good their bullpen was. Once again, it's really important to grab that lead and hold onto

It's something you can't normally do during the season without beating somebody up too

I like to believe we're going to catch or gain some momentum from this game going back over there. I've never been looking forward to wanting to play the seventh game of a World Series more in my

I guess all she could talk about with my sister is the car ride from the airport with the

They've been getting more and more that way over the last couple

I think a lot of it has to do with

So what's really exciting to me is that we're in this position right now, two years in a

So we made mistakes. Absolutely, we made mistakes tonight. That was part of it. But then again, we just have to do more offensively to give ourselves a

The guys got to see him, so there won't be as much of a surprise the next time he

The one component of our team that's going to blossom over the next couple years is the offensive side. I think what you're seeing on defense and arm strengths and baserunning abilities, that's going to be pretty much static. But the part that's going to keep getting better is what we're doing at the plate. So this is a great experience for

We've got to get our strike zones organized offensively, and if we do, we'll be

From our perspective, we got out of our zone way too

This is so enveloping. The fact that the bleachers come all the way around. I drive down Clark every day from downtown, and as you get closer, you see all the venues that support all this, and also the people milling around. Anyplace I've been, I haven't seen that with any ballpark to that level. So its enormity in its entirety, it's just

That's something I'm waiting to hear from our guys, from our medical side, because obviously he looks good. He looks good at the plate. Running the bases he looks pretty good so

I have no concerns. It's the first game. I'm fine, we're

Regardless of how much you practice and attempt to simulate a game in practice, you cannot. That quick movement, that sudden burst that you derive in a game, you cannot simulate that in practice. It's

Everybody's got an assignment per pitch, what we want to do. What Jon does as good as anybody in major league baseball is throw the ball from the mound to the plate, that's it. I wanted Jon to focus on what he does well

I think we all have a tremendous amount of respect for history and what's happened before us or not happened before us. But, you know, you go in that room right now, they're very young. Really not impacted by a lot of the

He's swinging the bat well. He's running really

I'm that guy. I cry easily, so the connection to the past is very important, very

Air conditioning is popular right now. So is color TV. You've just got to change with the

You should not change what you're doing regardless of the time of the year. You want to come out in the middle of October and play the same game we've been playing all

Kershaw's pitching, so I wanted to get one more right-handed bat in the lineup, and also with Albert I don't feel like we're losing anything on defense. I know Jason's a Gold Glover, but I think Albert, given an opportunity to play often enough would be considered a Gold Glove-caliber outfielder,

I don't know to what extent we would be able to use him or not, but right now we're just trying to explore all the

It's within our reach right now. But I do want us to go after it as though it's, again, hate to say it, but Saturday. Let's just go play our Saturday game and see how it

The city of Chicago has got to be buzzing pretty much right

When you start hitting, it's contagious, defense, this whole game really follows

If he just gets his glove out of the way, he gets out of the

It's about confidence, and I want to believe they're going to show up tomorrow with a lot more confidence than they showed up with

I just thought rearranging the chairs a little bit might

He threw strikes like he normally does. So despite not having rest, his command and velocity were still

You look for situations. You're looking for the right matchups. But you don't know what he's going to do. ... You have to be able to

Because it didn't work out doesn't mean it was

I mean, from what I've seen, he's had a couple hiccups, which everybody does. But, man, he's been pretty much right on the last couple months, including the first game of the playoffs for

I know his family really well. His mom's a trip. I really enjoy the whole group. So Andrew and I are very

It's pretty easy when you want to have kids act like kids. Listen, but you see them on the field, they play. We play hard. I think we play it

Pressure, expectations – I want our guys to thrive on those two words for the years to come. I want the organization to. In the end that means there's a lot expected of you. Good. There should be. We should all have a lot expected of us. So all those things I want to have us channel in a positive

Expectations is a good word. Because normally it means that you have something good attached to it at the other

He did it a couple days ago. He got an elevated fastball and hit it to the far part of the ballpark. I think it surprised a lot of

We played it hard, we played it right – and they beat

It was just fitting that David would hit a home run, isn't it? I mean it had to have happened

He is just a different human being. That's like the window to the world up there, just sitting in his booth. He is really kind and gracious. You have to be all of that to survive that many years and you have to be

His swing has gotten shorter. It's more contact oriented, he is not chasing as much. He is able to put the ball in play with two strikes. That for me is the biggest difference over last

Travis, star of the game, between his pitching and that catch he made at the wall. Not many guys play a brick wall like he just did. That was a great

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