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I don't think we can give up, but it's clear it needs to be done on a bipartisan basis.
NEW Mar 27 2017 Trump Presidency
John Cornyn has been quoted 57 times. The one recent article where John Cornyn has been quoted is Finger-pointing on Hill as GOP assesses health bill loss. Most recently, John Cornyn was quoted as having said, “I don't think we can give up, but it's clear it needs to be done on a bipartisan basis.”.
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The hard reality is the border tax is on life support, and given the imperative of 51 senators and 218 House members and one president, I think we need to look for other options.

We have standing committees in the Senate that have all the appropriate clearances to do the investigations. We'll follow the investigation wherever it leads.

They know we're going to be successful, so stunts like staying up all night and making speeches, I'm not sure who they're trying to impress other than their dysfunctional base by stopping and slowing down these confirmations which will be successful eventually. Everybody just needs to get a good night's sleep.

I have zero concerns about his independence being compromised.

The question is, who is going to pay the tax? Is it going to be our citizens?

They're putting office numbers on the internet and social media. In some part this is a protest against the Trump administration and confirmation of some of the nominees.

Our country is no longer respected by many of our friends around the world because we have withdrawn from international leadership. We are no longer feared by our adversaries, who are all too quick to fill the leadership vacuum around the world … Russia being perhaps the most obvious example, not only in Crimea and Ukraine but obviously, in Syria and now in Libya. And it's dangerous, it's destabilising.

So I'm really pleased that we'll have a new secretary of state, and a new national security leadership team. If there's one thing that I think President Trump has done right is select good people.

I'm not going to re-litigate that. It's time to move on.

Today's news is a breath of fresh air, and proof that President Trump won't let radical special-interest groups stand in the way of doing what's best for American workers.

They thought that was an area maybe to find common ground, and then Sen McConnell made the important point it needs to be paid for because we've got $20 trillion in debt.

Tax reform is the one that I hear mentioned most often, but that hasn't been finally decided.

Senator McConnell made clear that people needed to delay their trip home in order to be here in case there was a need to vote. That's why we were all in town.

The Senate operating at warp speed is still nothing compared to what the House can do.

We're not going to let anybody fall through the cracks.

Working all night and into the weekend won't change the inevitable outcome.

They're not going to get what they want. They ought to actually be grateful for what they got.

And right now, we've got a lot on our plate.

Paul Ryan, who I admire tremendously, he's a big thinker. He's a big idea guy. I'm actually trying to figure out, How do we get it passed? The first test would be, Can it pass the House?

This is a failed piece of legislation and it's coming apart at the seams, but it's going to take us a while to make that transition from the repeal to actually replacing it with more affordable coverage.

The question is whether we do it now or whether we send it to our kids and grandkids and make them pay for it. So that's an important point that we need to achieve some consensus on.

AG Lynch has authority to unravel Clinton email mess by appointing a special counsel who can convene an impartial grand jury.

An attorney cannot represent two parties in a dispute and must avoid even the appearance of conflict.

I wonder what the senators who voted against this bipartisan Zika funding bill would tell the mother of this child.

Any time you are denying an American citizen their constitutional rights it ought to be with evidence.

I think you will see people unifying behind the nominee ... people don't want four more years of this administration under Hillary Clinton.

The issue of tone did come up. he gave some advice to Trump on "the importance of the Hispanic vote and the whole idea of distinguishing between illegal immigration and legal immigration.

We should use every means available to prevent the funding of terrorism, and the victims of terrorism in our country should be able to seek justice from people who do fund that terrorist attack.

You will find candidates who will have to separate themselves from the party's nominee if somebody like him is the nominee. Some of the controversial statement he's made, for example, not disavowing David Duke when he had the opportunity to do so, he seems like he would be a lightning rod.

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