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The U.S. and China have very, very large banks which have the heft to invest globally, extend their reach, and withstand relatively long periods of low returns. Europe would be well served by having a handful of institutions which could compete on the global
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Nov 17 2017
John Cryan has been quoted 106 times. The one recent article where John Cryan has been quoted is Competition with tech and other sectors is a prime concern for banks, Deutsche Bank CEO says. Most recently, John Cryan was quoted as having said, “Probably the most interesting thing, certainly the one on which we spend most time, would be: can we be competitive against companies that are not banks? Can we, for example, be competitive in payments versus companies that purport to make payments but are not regulated in the art of making payments? Starbucks… takes a huge volume of deposits – it just doesn't look as though they're taking deposits because they're taking pre-payments.”.
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John Cryan quotes

Sep 19 2017

We do see relatively little volume and volatility in the markets so that weighs a little bit on revenues. We are encouraging people to take on more risk. Baby steps, but we are taking on more risk. We want to grow the

Sep 18 2017 - Brexit

The more clarity we have, the earlier the better. That goes without saying. But I think, just on a contingency planning basis, it's right to think the

Sep 18 2017 - London

No I don't think so. Those estimates are difficult to gauge because the scenarios can be different. We're in a happier position because our capital and our bank are already German. So we can designate the London branch to something but only as a booking center. I do think that Frankfurt will benefit the most. I think it will be the clear winner of the other European

Sep 17 2017 - Trump Presidency

I think we've agreed we wouldn't comment on that matter other than to say that if we do receive a request – potentially in the form of a subpoena, but there are other forms of formal request – by which we're bound, then of course we will cooperate fully with any official investigation. But we cannot just share with the public information about any client, whoever that client is, because it's ... illegal but it's also incredibly bad practice. So we will always follow the rules, we will always follow the law, but we can't just compromise our clients' confidential

Sep 17 2017

It's difficult to say where the market moves, but for the whole sector, it will be a lot of people over the next five to 10

Sep 17 2017

It would be inappropriate not to say that's the case – it's not specific to our bank, in fact it's a sector-wide

Sep 17 2017

The opportunity that we always talk about internally is upskilling the job, making jobs more satisfying. People who are just mechanically moving paper and numbers around don't have a very fulfilling job, and the career prospects there are not as attractive as they would be if we were able to automate a lot of that production. Then we can add a bit of thinking and a bit of creativity to the

Sep 06 2017

In our banks we have people behaving like robots doing mechanical things, tomorrow we're going to have robots behaving like

Sep 06 2017

Does it want to become by far the most important financial metropolis in Continental Europe?feedback

Sep 06 2017

We are now seeing signs of bubbles in more and more parts of the capital market where we wouldn't have expected

Sep 06 2017

The interesting thing about the markets today is that obviously they pay some regard to these hotspots but they don't seem to be paying too much regard because we see very high asset prices in almost all asset categories. If you look at the higher risk end of the market, I don't think you get the right reward for the risk you're taking right

Sep 06 2017

I think that's being anticipated a little bit in the market. So it's not a perfect storm but it's two factors coming together. One is more confidence in the economy, the other is more confidence that the currency itself, technically, might be worth a bit

Sep 06 2017

So in some of the riskier credit markets – particularly in the U.S., not just in the U.S. though – I think I would be much more cautious about investing and I wouldn't blanket invest - I'd be much more diligent about picking the right security or the right loan to invest

Sep 06 2017 - Brexit

There is only one European city which can fulfill these requirements and that is

Sep 06 2017

It would help us greatly if Europe were to bring negative rates to an end and a single European financial market were finally to be

Sep 06 2017 - London

If you take an accountant at the bank, a large part of their job is to produce numbers. It takes them three to four weeks to produce an account and then they move to the next one. Wouldn't it be great, if machines could produce those numbers in just a few hours? Then accountants could analyse the numbers, form valid opinions what those numbers mean and not just produce

Sep 06 2017 - London

For months there have been discussions regarding which location is set to profit the most once London is no longer within the European Union. I cannot fully understand this debate because as I see it, the race had already been won before it even began. There is only one European city which can fulfil these requirements and that city is Frankfurt. What determines who gets what piece of the cake?feedback

Sep 06 2017 - London

The sad truth for the banking industry is, we won't need as many people as

Sep 06 2017 - London

These are all arguments in favour of a move to the banks of the Main when faced with relocating from the banks of

Sep 06 2017 - London

In our bank we have people doing work like robots. Tomorrow we will have robots behaving like people. It doesn't matter if we as a bank will participate in these changes or not, it is going to

Sep 06 2017 - Brexit

In truth, it is its infrastructure that makes London unique in Europe. In this respect, this is where Germany needs to catch up if wants to take over a large share of the business performed in

Aug 07 2017 - UBS

Despite the significant improvement, this level of profitability falls short of our longer term

Jul 27 2017

The revenues are a bit lower than I think the market was expecting but then the costs are even lower, so the profits are higher so I think the results are a bit mixed. The lower level of revenues does reflect a lot of the restructuring work that we've done over the past year or two. We have shrunk the business a little bit, we've sold off some businesses, our non-core unit is completely gone. But I wouldn't want to suggest that this is the level of revenues that we're happy with because we do want to grow the business but if you look at the quarter client activity levels really were

Jul 27 2017

Client activity levels were low, volatility - which is a factor which does affect trading revenues was historically low - and then there were the negative interest rates which really impact a number of our other banking

Jul 27 2017

Macro-economically, it's good to be in

Jul 27 2017

Despite the significant improvement, this level of profitability falls short of our longer term aspirations. Revenues were not as universally strong as we would have liked, in large measure because of muted client activity in many of the capital markets. As we modernize our bank we are turning our focus onto building profitable

Jul 20 2017 - London

We build replicate infrastructure in Frankfurt, and over time if we end up, because of the actual Brexit, rebooking everything into Germany, Frankfurt, then there will be roles in London that get eliminated or moved. People may not, but the role would move to

Jul 20 2017 - Brexit

It's important not to wait until the 11th hour and 59th

Jul 05 2017 - Trump Presidency

You can be sure: I have no plans to go elsewhere, not for a long

May 18 2017

In the past few years, we've done a lot of planting and a lot of

Apr 27 2017 - Deutsche Bank

I am pleased with the start we have made to 2017. Client engagement is strong, asset flows are returning across the bank and activity is picking up. Our cost-cutting efforts are starting to pay off, while we have reduced complexity

Apr 27 2017

We can and should look forward to the rest of 2017 with a good degree of

Apr 16 2017 - Deutsche Bank

Thanks to a stronger balance sheet, we have the ability to increase

Apr 07 2017

It is clear that we will not succeed by shrinking further. They have seen first-hand how well banks are recovering in their home market and how profitable they can be. They expect us to turn the corner

Mar 06 2017

We are very positive over prospects of banking in

Mar 06 2017

We feel confident we've done the right

Mar 06 2017

There will be a difficult integration process in Germany but it's only in Germany that that

Mar 05 2017 - Deutsche Bank

We're aware that some observers are currently skeptical about a combination of Postbank and Deutsche Bank – especially as it represents another change of course in our domestic private client business. However, market conditions and the regulatory environment are more favorable now. That makes retaining Postbank more attractive than might have been expected two years

Mar 05 2017

Our decisions are a significant step forward on the path to creating a simpler, stronger and growing

Mar 05 2017

The overall mix of businesses becomes a little more stable ... A bit more

Feb 02 2017

For us, 2017 began with a lot of promise. In key areas, our business is operating distinctly better than in the previous year, for example in our capital markets business. We are gaining additional momentum from the fact that we were able to put additional litigation matters behind

Feb 02 2017

The effect has been seen in asset prices, market activity and volatility - all of those generally have been good for us. The three most important drivers of revenues of our markets business would be asset prices, volatility levels and customer activity. Particularly with the latter we have been very pleased. We don't expect the wheel to be

Feb 02 2017

We are only beginning to see these achievements reflected in the financial

Feb 02 2017 - Deutsche Bank

Our results for the year 2016 were heavily impacted by decisive management action taken to improve and modernize the bank, as well as by market turbulence for Deutsche Bank. We proved our resilience in a particularly tough year. We finished 2016 with pleasingly strong capital and liquidity ratios and we are optimistic after a promising start to this

Jan 26 2017

We are competing on a global basis. If we don't act, financial hubs in the European Union will not benefit from the chances that Brexit offers. The answer to this global competition has to be a more integrated capital market in the EU, and as quickly as

Jan 26 2017

At a basic neuroscience level, all the key mechanisms of the brain have been shown to be regulated by the

Jan 26 2017

Bacteria could eventually be used in lieu of chemical

Jan 25 2017

People forget how big it is and it's a very lovely steady stream of predictable profits and revenues for us, so we like it very much, so we'll keep

Jan 18 2017 - Deutsche Bank

The core is really to continue to be this company anchored in Germany with a universal bank there, which is focused on international markets. We've largely withdrawn from Latin America. ... It's that arc from USA through Western Europe and all the way to the Far

Jan 18 2017

We do have a number of other, smaller business that we intend to offer for

Jan 18 2017

I have been in a CFO role before, so I know never to say 'never'. It remains to be seen what those (regulatory) uncertainties hold for

Jan 18 2017

Once we have assessed, particularly our capital position from a regulatory perspective. Once we have assessed that we will always consider how we best manage the company's

Jan 18 2017

We are, however, nearing our objective of being able to concentrate primarily on the future instead of repeatedly having to look over our shoulders at past

Jan 17 2017

Our conduct in this matter, which occurred from 2005 to 2007, falls short of our standards and is unacceptable. We apologize unreservedly for it. We have subsequently exited many of the underlying activities and comprehensively improved our standards. As we enter 2017, we are pleased to have resolved this

Jan 17 2017

We're not sure that the fundamental nature of products will change much, although regulation tends to impact that. We don't think the demands of our clients and counterparts will change much, it's the delivery

Jan 17 2017

We can use technology to improve our own controls. We can use technology to improve our efficiency and then we can use technology to improve the customer

Dec 05 2016

The result of the constitutional referendum in Italy is a harbinger of renewed turbulence that could spill over from the political arena to the economy - with Europe particular

Nov 18 2016

We have a set of forces operating against the banking system at the moment which militate against its strength and undermine its ability to foster economic

Oct 27 2016

The results for the quarter demonstrate well the strengths of our operating businesses and the outstanding work of our people. We continued to make good progress on restructuring the

Oct 27 2016

Unfortunately, we have to assume that the situation will stay difficult for a

Sep 30 2016

There is therefore no basis for this

Sep 30 2016

Our job now is to ensure that this distorted perception does not more strongly influence our day-to-day

Sep 30 2016

The reported actions related to a few of our 800-plus clients representing a minimal proportion of our overall

Sep 30 2016

We are confident that the vast majority of them have a full understanding of our stable financial position. We never comment on specific client activity and respect our client's position. It is common to see fluctuations in balances among hedge fund clients with aggregate ebbs and inflows and this week is no different and hedge funds often deal with several banks at a time and moves balance between them in the normal course of

Sep 29 2016 - Deutsche Bank

We are and remain a strong Deutsche

Sep 29 2016

We should look at the complete

Sep 26 2016 - Deutsche Bank

At no point did I ask the chancellor for support. Neither did I suggest anything like

Aug 25 2016

Monetary policy is thwarting goals to strengthen the economy and to make banks safer by

Jul 29 2016

We come out of the 2016 stress test stronger than in 2014, although this year's exercise was more demanding. The bank would focus on further strengthening its

Jul 27 2016

Further cuts may be needed. If the current weak economic environment persists, we will need to be yet more ambitious in the timing and intensity of our

Jun 24 2016

I'm afraid that this is not such a good day for Europe. At this stage, we cannot fully foresee the consequences, but there's no doubt that they will be negative on all sides. As a bank headquartered in Germany and with a strong presence in the U.K., we are well prepared. However, there's no doubt that the uncertainty created by the referendum's results will be a

Jun 22 2016

It's taken an awful long time to get to agreement. And we're still not quite there yet, but I am pretty confident that within the next month or two, we'll have an

May 24 2016

Litigation expenses of this magnitude are completely

Apr 28 2016

At the moment, it is unclear to us whether we will make a small loss or a small profit but at the moment it's looking as though we are on the

Apr 28 2016

2016 will be the peak year for our restructuring

Apr 18 2016

Quintin's treatment plan is still being finalised, but it will necessitate his full-time focus for the foreseeable future as he undergoes further tests and

Mar 16 2016 - UBS

Q1 is normally our strongest quarter and it hasn't been very strong. February was pretty tough. an end of quarter rush would not make up for a slow

Mar 11 2016 - Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank is no exception to this. Nonetheless, in this period of market turbulence, Deutsche Bank remains very

Feb 25 2016

We have taken many steps to improve our controls and processes and to strengthen the Bank's

Feb 19 2016

Unfortunately, there are lots of things I wish for that are not going to come

Feb 03 2016

We have some monster companies in the

Feb 03 2016

I think the combination makes a great deal of

Feb 03 2016

To afford to invest to remain absolutely state of the art, one does need

Feb 03 2016

Our core business will be international banking, international capital markets, rooted in

Feb 03 2016 - Deutsche Bank

It feels on the inside that our absolute core business – the backbone of Deutsche Bank – is GTB, global transaction banking – this is not solely focused on

Feb 03 2016

I am still very confident that by the middle or the third quarter of this year, the main ones – you can never promise it – but hopefully they're behind

Jan 20 2016

This is the first full-year loss since 2008, which is

Jan 20 2016

Cash I think in ten years time probably won't (exist). There is no need for it, it is terribly inefficient and

Dec 28 2015

As we execute on Deutsche Bank's strategic agenda, now is the right time for us to sell this

Sep 02 2015

The market also expressed some concern about the adequacy of our legal provisions but I don't share that concern. We will almost certainly have to add to our legal provisions this year but this is already accounted for in our financial

Sep 02 2015 - Deutsche Bank

We do not worry too much about a possible takeover of Deutsche

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