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I think that is unavoidable until we can come up with a technology that you can just walk through and is
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NEW May 24 2017
John Kelly has most recently been quoted in an article called 59, 000 Haitians Displaced by Earthquake Get Extra 6 Months in U.S. John Kelly said, “Haiti has made progress across several fronts since the devastating earthquake in 2010, and I'm proud of the role the United States has played during this time in helping our Haitian friends. The Haitian economy continues to recover and grow, and 96 percent of people displaced by the earthquake and living in internally displaced person camps have left those camps. Even more encouraging is that over 98 percent of these camps have closed.”. John Kelly has been quoted a grand total of 85 times in 67 articles.
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We're not targeting them. But, I just wish these kind of issues were dealt with legally by the United States

Ideally the best place for us to pick up these illegal criminals is in jails and prisons. If they don't do that, then we have to go into neighbourhoods. We have to go into courthouses. We have to go wherever we can find them and apprehend

They are utterly without laws, conscience or respect for human

Let me be clear about marijuana. It is a potentially dangerous gateway drug that frequently leads to the use of harder drugs. Its use and possession is against federal law and until the law is changed by the United States Congress, we in DHS, along with the rest of the federal government, are sworn to uphold all the laws that are on the books. Marijuana is not a factor in the drug

When marijuana is found at aviation checkpoints and baggage screening, TSA personnel will also take appropriate action. Finally, ICE will continue to use marijuana possession, distribution and convictions as essential elements as they build their deportation, removal apprehension packages for targeted operations against illegal

We have taken some decisions about that that we will likely expand,'' he said. He did not say how or when such changes might happen. That restriction, which was put in place a month ago, was based on intelligence reports indicating further effort by terrorists to develop homemade explosives that could be hidden in electronics and then manually detonated aboard a plane, according to people familiar with the

It is fair to say that the definition of criminal has not changed, but where on the spectrum of criminality we operate has

It's unlikely that we will build a wall or physical barrier from sea to shining

The suggestion that such allegations even merit investigation is deeply offensive and has caused a great deal of upset and distress to the

He's definitely a character. He has this persona that he comes off as a sadist that's out to torture people and watch them fail, but he loves nothing more than to watch people succeed. My family farm has been there for 200 years. That's really why this particular race means so much to

Really what Barkley's about is discovering what your limits are. There's an extreme joy that comes with high probability of failure. If you're going out expected to win, that's cool, but when you accomplish something where the chances are very low that you'll succeed, it's really

This was without a doubt the toughest event I've ever done and I don't expect that I'll do any that are any tougher. It's designed to push you to your mental and physical limits and it definitely did

The vast majority of people will not be questioned in that way. We will do it when we think there's a reason to do

It's a visual deterrent ... a slow-down, which gives the security guards on the inside a chance to respond. They say, Oh, it's OK for all these people to walk through Jim Chilton's ranch. I mean, they have no skin in the

I believe the defense of the southwest border really starts about 1,500 miles

If the election were tomorrow in Mexico, you would probably get a left-wing, anti-American president of Mexico. That can't be good for America. It would not be good for America or for

The start point is illegal status and then go to the priorities. They can go after an individual, under the law, if they are on the list because they are illegal. We're changing that; it's already changed. It won't last ... unless we do something, again, to secure the border. The wall. A physical barrier. All we know is that physical barriers do work if they are put in the right

We've seen an absolutely amazing drop in the number of migrants coming out of Central America taking that terribly dangerous route from Central America into the United States. It won't last unless we do something, again, to secure the border. The wall, or physical barrier, something to secure our

There is no way I can give the committee an estimate of how much it will cost. I don't know what it will be made of, I don't know how high it will be, I don't know if it's going to have solar panels on its side and what the one side is going to look like and how's it's going to be painted. It's unlikely that we will build a wall or physical barrier from sea to shining sea. But it is very likely, I'm committed, to putting it where the men and women say we should put

These are the things we're going to think about. No one should take this as this is what we're going to do right

As a result, ICE officers and agents are required to locate and arrest these aliens in public places, rather than in secure jail

Many immigrants who had been thoroughly vetted and cleared by a variety of federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies were detained for extended periods of time, denied access to legal counsel and in some cases forced to abandon their lawful status and return to their respective countries of

I have known him for a long time. Yes he was a member of the IRA, but he turned that around and became a man of

The early results show that enforcement matters, deterrence

Preventing and responding to terrorism at home encompasses thousands of national security personnel across the federal government – in effect, we admit individuals at risk for terrorism and then try to identify and stop them from carrying out their terrorist activities. This places unacceptable stress on our law enforcement resources, which could be better spent on other efforts to weaken those terrorist organizations, protect the homeland, and safeguard our national

At present, more than 300 persons who came to the United States as refugees are under FBI investigation for potential terrorism-related

The early results show that enforcement matters, deterrence matters, and that comprehensive immigration enforcement can make an impact. We will remain vigilant to respond to any changes in these trends, as numbers of illegal crossings typically increase between March and

It could be, I think you could draw that conclusion. I'm undecided. It's something I don't quite understand, but it could be. When someone is stopped at the border and turned back, there's a reason why. What they say to the press is their

I would argue that the fact that they're spending huge amounts of money to tunnel underneath the wall tells you that they can't get through

This trend is encouraging because it means many fewer people are putting themselves and their families at risk of exploitation, assault and injury by human traffickers and the physical dangers of the treacherous journey

Since the administration's implementation of Executive Orders to enforce immigration laws, apprehensions and inadmissible activity is trending toward the lowest monthly total in at least the last five

We will add to the ranks of the ICE and border protection people as fast as we can, but we will not lower standards and we will not lower

Stopping them somewhere well away from our

We must undertake a rigorous review of our visa and refugee vetting programs to increase our confidence in the entry decisions we make for visitors and immigrants to the United States. We cannot risk the prospect of malevolent actors using our immigration system to take American

Yes, I am considering - in order to deter more movement along this terribly dangerous network - I am considering exactly that. We have tremendous experience in dealing with unaccompanied minors. They will be well cared for as we deal with their parents. Let me start by saying I would do almost anything to deter the people from Central America from getting on this very, very dangerous network that brings them up through Mexico into the United

If you have a current valid visa to travel, we welcome

I would do almost anything to deter the people from Central America getting on this very, very dangerous network ... going through

We cannot risk the prospect of malevolent actors using our immigration system to take American

Unregulated, unvetted travel is not a universal privilege, especially when national security is at

I believe that the travel pause from all of those countries will give us time to evaluate those countries and the information they can provide us, which will ultimately lead to safety for the American

There will be no mass

Let me be very, very clear. There will be no, repeat, no mass deportations. And again listen to this no, repeat, no use of military force in immigration

The surge of illegal immigration at the southern border has overwhelmed federal agencies and resources and has created a significant national security vulnerability to the United

We've asked for the U.S. for a review. We want Iraq to be removed from that list. And I have received positive messages from President Trump and

The president is contemplating releasing a tighter, more streamlined version of the first (order). And I will have opportunity to work (on) a rollout plan, in particular to make sure that there's no one in a sense caught in the system of moving from overseas to our airports. It's a good assumption and, as far as the visas go, ... if they're in motion from some distant land to the United States, when they arrive they will be allowed

I think their morale has suffered because of the job they were hired to do, and then in their sense, they're ... kind of hobbled or, you know, hands tied behind their back, that kind of thing. And now, they feel more positive about things. I bet if you watch the morale issue, you'll ... be surprised going

Every time so much as a white guy with a clipboard is walking around, everyone runs into their apartments and locks the

I don't have a clue. I'm stunned when people say, Well, we're not going to cooperate with you even in the event of convicted criminals. I promise you we'll work with you and will make no Draconian moves until I fully understand what a given locale might be doing or not doing. I am concerned in that we are unable to vet these folks who coming here in a more meaningful

We can follow the money, so to speak. How are you living, who's sending you money? It applies under certain circumstances, to individuals who may be involved in on the payroll of terrorist

We want to get on their social media, with passwords: What do you do, what do you say? If they don't want to cooperate then you don't come in. When someone says, I'm from this town and this was my occupation,' [officials] essentially have to take the word of the individual. I frankly don't think that's enough, certainly President Trump doesn't think that's enough. So we've got to maybe add some additional

Going forward I would have certainly taken some time to inform the Congress and that's something I'll certainly do in the

In retrospect, I should have – this is all on me, by the way – I should have delayed it just a bit so that I could talk to members of Congress, particularly to the leadership of committees like this, to prepare them for what was coming. Until the boom. We won't know until

Part of the reason I went down there, first and foremost, was to ask the people that know more about this than anyone else on the planet. There are walls there, parts of walls in strategic places in McAllen on the border. But do we need more wall? And they said, well, you know, secretary, we need ... to extend some walls; we need to fill in some places with physical

In retrospect, I should have, and this is all on me by the way, I should have delayed it just a bit in order to talk to members of Congress, particularly leadership of committees like this to prepare them. Lesson learned on me. I should have slowed it down by a day, maybe two, and probably should not have put it out on a Friday as we did. My feeling is the vetting on the other end in those seven countries are suspect, and it is Mr. Trump's view, and my view, that we need to do a pause. It's entirely possible. Not until the

The wall will be built where it's needed first, and then it will be filled in. That's the way I look at it. I really hope to have it done within the next two

I repeat, this is not a ban on Muslims. The homeland security mission is to safeguard the American people, our homeland, our values and religious liberty is one of our most fundamental and treasured values. It is important to understand that there are terrorists and other bad actors who are seeking to infiltrate our homeland every single

I am confident that he will continue to serve as a strong, effective leader for the men and women of

I don't agree with registering people based on ethnic or religion or anything like

There has to be really a layered defense. If you are to build a wall from the Pacific to the Gulf of Mexico, you'd still have to back that wall up with patrolling by human beings, by sensors, by observation

I'm not familiar right now where the upcoming administration is

These courts who violated their (the children's) constitutional rights weren't even inquired into. And because of that this inquiry is deeply flawed, it's incomplete, and many might call it a

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