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The only numbers we saw in the Tory manifesto were the page numbers. But what has become clear today is the choice at this election – continued austerity and falling living standards under the Tories, or higher wages and increased investment in our public services and infrastructure under
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May 26 2017
John McDonnell has been quoted 118 times. The one recent article where John McDonnell has been quoted is Labour’s finance tax will hit pensioners, warns IFS. Most recently, John McDonnell was quoted as having said, “The only numbers we saw in the Tory manifesto were the page numbers. But what has become clear today is the choice at this election – continued austerity and falling living standards under the Tories, or higher wages and increased investment in our public services and infrastructure under Labour.”.
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We just want to bring back fairness again into our society, so we can have that modern economy that will create that prosperity but where that prosperity will be shared by

We're going to win this election. That's a hypothetical question that doesn't even deserve looking

When he's touring round the country, literally thousands of people are turning up. Meetings are being swamped and also thousands of people waiting outside … wherever he goes. Underneath the surface, I think you are seeing a rumbling now that people want change. They want a different type of leader. They want someone who is a man of the

We have already seen as a result of leaks our policies being extremely popular: bringing rail back into public ownership, ending the cuts in school budgets, properly funding the NHS, making sure we have a fair taxation system. All of those are extremely popular amongst the general public and I think that will be translated into votes on the day of the election. We are asking people to pay little bit more who are the highest

We will seek to negotiate and we'll look at the option of how we bring it back into public ownership. One is, yes, an outright purchase. That could be done and we wouldn't want to set the price for that now because that would affect the negotiations. Also we could offer bonds for shares in [an] exchange scheme. There are different mechanisms that can be used which minimise the overall cost but maximise the advantages of bringing it back into public

The more Jeremy Corbyn gets out there, the more media coverage he gets, the more people realise the sort of decent, honest person he is and the type of leader he is. He brings people together, builds consensus – the sort of leader that we want for the future of our country. I think that will translate itself into people voting in the ballot

We are concerned [about] the way privatisation has operated, particularly in the water industry … In one year, £18bn was given out in dividends to shareholders. All of that could have been used in investment in the water industry and bringing bills down. We believe this is an industry that should be bought back into public ownership for public benefit. It is a significant intervention by the Labour government that will be elected in June because that's what

That means ending the tax giveaways to the corporations and also those in inheritance tax, capital gains tax and the bankers' levy - all of those giveaways under this government. The rich will be above £70,000 to £80,000 a year - and that's roughly defined as what people feel is an earning whereby people feel they can pay

A lot of money invested in the City is done by pension savers. It's very difficult to add a tax like that into the system without ultimately hitting consumers in the pockets, as all of our pensions are invested into the stock

By making those who trade in financial derivatives pay a small fraction of their profits, we can help properly fund our public

When we were in office the tax burden on the British people was 33.9% of GDP, under this government it is currently 34.4%. And they are projecting that by 2020 it will be 37.2%. What we are saying is that we will shift the burden of taxation from ordinary people. It will be levied on the rest of society through corporation tax, through capital gains tax, and inheritance

[We] want to introduce – just as the Attlee government with Nye Bevan introduced the National Health Service – we want to introduce a national education service. Free at the point of need throughout life. And that means ending the cuts in the schools at primary and secondary level. It means free childcare. It means free school training when you need it throughout life. And yes it means scrapping tuition fees once and for all so we don't burden our kids with debt for the

[We] want to introduce – just as the Attlee government with Nye Bevan introduced the National Health Service – we want to introduce a national education

I believe there's a lot to learn from reading Kapital, yes of course there is, and that's been recommended not just by me but many others, mainstream economists as

You will see it'll be a modest increase but it'll go ... to our education services, caring services and our NHS. They're desperately in need. Releasing the resources within our own country is not difficult. It simply requires the introduction of a limited range of redistributive measures which will raise the funds we need from those most able to pay and who have profited most out of the boom years. This redistribution can be achieved through… the restoration of progressive income tax of 60 per cent on incomes above £100,

I believe there's a lot to learn from reading Kapital, yes of course it is. That's been recommended not by me but by many others - mainstream economists as well. I also believe in the long tradition of the Labour Party which involves people like GDH Cole, Tawney and others. You put that all together and you have, I think, a direction for our economy based upon sound principles and fairness. I'm going to be the first socialist in the tradition of the Labour

Labour is now the party of low taxes for middle and lower earnings. As part of the new settlement, a Labour government will be asking business to contribute its fair share, with the largest companies paying a bit more in tax. I'm going to be the first socialist, in the tradition of the Labour

Anyone earning below £80,000, we'll be guaranteeing you will not have increase in income tax or VAT or national insurance contributions. And for those above £80,000, we're asking them to pay a modest bit more. Why? To fund our public services. I think we've got a period of time in which we've not been able to get our policies across. Partly that's the media, I have to say, I have to be straight about that. I'm going to be the first socialist in the tradition of the Labour party. I'm in the strong tradition of the Labor party, which takes into account all of those thinkers, of course they

If Labour is elected next month we will guarantee that for the next five years there will be no tax rises for income taxpayers earning less than £80,000 a year, no hikes in VAT, and no changes in your National Insurance Contributions either. The Labour Party is now the party of low taxes for middle and low earners, while the Tories are the party of tax handouts for the super-rich and big

I'm not saying £70,000. I'm saying on the higher percentage earners you will see that we will be asking people, particularly the corporations as well, to bear a bit more of the burden, because we cannot go on in terms of NHS in crisis, our education cuts happening on a scale we've not seen since the 1970s and the running down of our public

In common parlance people would call what the Tories have published today lies. I'm shocked that the BBC has just taken a Conservative press release and has repeated it all morning. You're the BBC, you have to have some form of analysis before you put something on

I've got a reputation for being a hard-nosed bureaucrat, both in my professional life in the past and also political. Our policies will be fully costed and the funding source will be identified. We will ensure that those priorities are the priorities of the British people. That is about having a fair taxation system. I'm amazed the chancellor of the exchequer can't distinguish between capital and revenue spend. Capital spend does not come out in terms of individual revenue spend. It is just the cost of the borrowing that comes

What's happened in this country over the last 20 odd years is collective bargaining has declined, 80 per cent of our workforce used to be held by collective bargaining, it stands at about 20 per cent now and that's eroded wages

The scandal of six million people earning less than the living wage and four million children growing up in poverty are not inevitable. It only takes a change of government to bring these outrages to an

Growth has fallen back, wages have fallen back, inflation is increasing and you have the IFS announcing poorer working families will lose £2,500. There are pressures on all levels, middle and low earners in particular. I didn't support the mansion tax last time round, but it is an NEC decision. The manifesto is being started afresh.

That's an indication of a direction of travel for us, simple as that. It's an exemplification that we won't be into tax giveaways, we're about making sure there's a fair taxation system, tackling tax evasion and tax avoidance. We will address the level of corporation tax, and others, at that time. We are not going to lose this election. Full

That's why she went to the election, she was listening to

I have real respect for Caroline Lucas, she is a good friend and incredibly talented. I'd like to see her recruited into the Labour party and I'm sure she'd rise through the ranks very

If the Tories can't be straight with the British people, Labour will be. To give an indication, I called on the chancellor at the last Treasury questions to commit himself to no VAT increase and no increase on national insurance contributions in the way he tried to do it at the budget, and also commit to the triple lock [on pensions]. He refused to say that, so that might give you some indication of where I'm going. I don't want to pre-empt anything. But if you want an indication of the direction of travel, look at that question. I've been trying to pin him down all the

I think when Jeremy gets up there, just as he did in the leadership campaign, the first debate, he transformed himself from a 200-1 outsider to someone who could win and did win. That's why she's refusing to debate, he will come across as the honest, decent, principled person he is, a true leader, who builds

The Tories pose a clear threat to working people's living standards. Under Tory proposals cuts to in-work support will leave working families with children an average of £2,500 a year worse

The rich will be above £70,000 to £80,000 a year – and that's roughly defined as what people feel is an earning whereby people feel they can pay

The reality is that relatively few people earn more than £70,000 a year. Data from HMRC shows that just over five percent of taxpayers earned at least this amount in

The economy is going to turn, we are seeing inflation increasing, wages stagnate and people in heavy debt. They know … they'll be deeply

Labour "will be looking to the corporations and to the rich to pay their share. We believe we are talking about the rich will be above £70-80,000 a year and that's roughly defined as what people feel is an earning whereby people feel they can pay

We believe … the rich will be above £70,000 to £80,000 a year and that's roughly defined as what people feel is an earning whereby people feel they can pay

Continuing official silence from the chancellor is not acceptable when confronted with this scale of rigging. It is essential that we clarify who took the decisions to rig the Libor index, and when, so that the schools, NHS hospitals and local councils that lost out can be paid the compensation that is rightfully due and public confidence in our banking system and official institutions can be

Tax avoidance is a scourge on society that company secrecy laws help facilitate, and the Tories have done nothing to tackle it. Labour will pour the disinfectant of sunlight on large company accounts, helping close down the loopholes and the scams that the tax dodgers rely on. The Tories are running a rigged economy for the super-rich and giant corporate tax dodgers. Only Labour will stand up for workers and small businesses to make our tax system fair and our public services like education and the NHS

I don't begrudge anyone a break every now and again, but you've got to either recognise the seriousness of the situation and put your full attention to it – and I think that's what the prime minister should be doing – or you've got to have confidence in the person that you send out to deal with the

The idea of going along to the G7 to try and put together a coalition around sanctions was never going to succeed. It was a bad policy decision by Mr Johnson. It should never have

The idea of going along to the G7 to try and put together a coalition around sanctions was never going to succeed. It was a bad policy decision by Mr Johnson. It should never have happened. He should have gone to Moscow. When he went to Moscow he should have been clear with the Russians just how much we condemn what Assad has done, and what they've done in support of Assad, but try to get them back to the negotiating table. I'm hoping the initiative now by the Trump regime and others is going to enable that to happen. It's a pity Mr Johnson made such a poor judgment of this

This is an extremely serious revelation that contradicts past assurances about the role of the Bank of England in the Libor scandal. It goes to the very heart of whether our financial institutions can be trusted. Therefore it warrants an immediate high-level investigation, and the Chancellor must act straight away to ensure this

Theresa May promised to be a champion of working people; she has failed. The Tories are taking the country backwards; Labour will stand up for working families, making them £2,500 a year better off in 2020. Only Labour will take the action needed to end the Tories' economic failure and introduce a real living wage of £10 an hour by

What Jeremy was saying was the media should now report us accurately and report us fairly. What's interesting is when you poll the issues and our policies, they are extremely popular, so what's preventing people translating that into strength in the polls? It is partly because they see us as divided so if we unite, which I think we are doing now on a number of issues, particularly around Brexit, you'll see us rise in the

I think he should be there now, saying to the Russians just how appalling the situation is and the role that they should play. We should be frank with them and we shouldn't just allow the Americans to go off and do that – we should be doing that

It was their party. It's a tragedy, an absolute tragedy. I could weep about it, I really could. The other (part of the) tragedy is we are now led by someone who is possibly one of the foremost anti-racist campaigners that we have had in our political

Can the minister give us some more specific details about what steps are being taken to address this scandal and can we have the assurance there will be the potential of opening up criminal proceedings to break up what is effectively a criminal network? And can the government also undertake it will not as it has in the past with HSBC attempt to intervene with criminal or other investigations taking place elsewhere in the world?feedback

We'll wait and see what the nature of the Section 30 is. We'd have to see what the detail of that

There is nothing progressive about cutting taxes for companies and the very wealthiest while hitting the self-employed. This week’s budget revealed the government’s true priorities. It’s not about supporting workers or small businesses. It’s a government for tax avoiders and giant corporations. Phillip Hammond was boasting about the continuing cuts to taxes for corporations and the super-rich, now totalling £70bn over the next few years, even as he hammered the self-employed with a £2bn national insurance tax

The fact the prime minister won't fully support her own chancellor's budget measure, and has been forced by Labour to row back on it just 24 hours after he delivered his speech in parliament, shows the level of disarray that exists at the top of

I'm hoping there will be a number of Conservative MPs and other parties in the House that say to the government 'you've got this wrong, you need to think

If you took Greg Philo's idea of a wealth tax, where you put 20 per cent tax on the highest- the wealthiest 10 per cent of this country - the wealthiest 10 per cent own £4,000 billion. If you took 20 per cent of that you would then have £800 million and we could tackle our deficit - we could tackle our debt - four fifths of our debt would then be wiped out. So we're saying just collect the money and make those who created the crisis pay for the crisis and that way you overcome

On economic policy in terms of the Bank of England you install people like Graham Turner [...] you must make him the Governor of the Bank of England. You then move on in terms of taxation - you put Richard Murphy and John Christensen at the head of HMRC to introduce Financial Transaction Tax, the wealth tax, the land value tax - all done in the first 100

I think now we have got to really engage in the Labour parties policies process, it's structures, and working with those outside the Labour Party. I am working on the basis now that this Labour leadership is like a blank sheet of paper. They have grown up under New Labour. The most important ambition for them is to get into office. We have got a create a climate of opinion which on individual issues and our overall analysis of society is so well understood that they recognise to get elected they have to espouse those

You launch that council house building programme. You bring rail back into public ownership. We should be writing that

From the left now [...] we should now be mapping out not in manifesto form but in a manual form the first 100 days of a Labour Government going into power. The issues around energy, you immediately announce no more nuclear power. On foreign policy, you immediately say we are coming out of Afghanistan now, we're scrapping nuclear weapons. We would have built up popular support for those policies. This is the most exciting period of my political life. We have a Tory Government waging class war against us. That's exactly what's

There's got to be an element of fairness about our taxation system. He cannot cut the taxes to the rich and the corporations and increase the taxes on the lower

The Tories talk of being a 'workers' party', but they have betrayed millions of people today, by breaking another manifesto

Philip Hammond's first budget comes at a crossroads for our country ahead of the triggering of Article 50. It cannot be a budget, where like his predecessor, he over claims on the government's economic record, and under delivers on its

The crisis is here now. We should prepare for Brexit but some of that money now needs to deal with the crisis in the NHS and social

Of course we are building up a succession for the long term future and we have got some really great young talent coming through but they need more experience before eventually they will

There must have been people on the end of [Mandelson's] line and the end of that email chain to receive it. Of course. I am willing to talk to anybody. We need advice from

So one way of re-establishing some element of openness and transparency would be, why not – over a million, you publish your tax

Jeremy Corbyn is trying to transform our society so that it is radically more equal, radically more fair, radically more democratic. The whole media establishment [is] owned by people whose power is entrenched. They are trying to destroy a socialist who is trying to transfer power from the establishment to the people. That is their job to do. The oligarchs are protecting their power

That's been a distraction. The various elements that have been coming at us, both in terms of the media, the briefings against us, that sort of

In the real world, all of a sudden, NHS in crisis, patients on trolleys, social care nightmare, school budgets cut for the first time since the 1970s, prisons in riots. You look across the whole of the public sector and it's

These figures are mostly seasonal or the result of the lapsing of members who joined last summer and were unable to vote in the leadership election. But Labour is now the largest party in western Europe and that is because people have joined Labour in record numbers under Jeremy Corbyn's leadership, which is something other parties can only dream of

Peter and I worked for the TUC in our youth. Though perhaps we learned different lessons from the

Sneaking out an announcement asking departments to model cuts of 3% and 6% for 2019/20 is no way to manage public

There is no way that this honour should be awarded to someone who has abused women, who has abused members of the Muslim faith, who has abused

Tory (Conservative) cabinet members are looking to cook up special deals for their friends in the City of London. They want a 'Bankers' Brexit', in the interests of an elite few, not the

What happened was with the leak of the Panama Papers, we discovered just how the integral links between companies and the City of London and tax evasion, and that's unacceptable. So what we want to do is make sure there's proper enforcement and actually make sure we have a proper legislative base. What's interesting in the City now is that's what a lot of people are saying as well. The good do not want to be brought down by the

What we want to do is make sure we have an economy that's prosperous, but it's got to be fair as

There's a new atmosphere now abroad both in terms of business and in terms of the general public that there needs to be more openness and

A lot of people's grievances are coming out and we have got to start listening to

There needs to be care about how they arrive at levels of pay and bonuses

I just caution people within the banking sector that never again should they want to endure the opprobrium that they had after

Nothing substantive has changed, the same failed institutions we had before the crash, I believe are all set to fail again. Labour will take a different approach … We will look at ways to break up these failing monopolies and promote alternative sources of

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