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I know all about those. I haven't talked to my agents and stuff like that. I don't know if I have to talk about an extension and all that because so much more you can get later down the road and what's at stake. I just sit back with my family, my team and see what we want to talk about and see if there's anything to discuss this summer or just
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May 18 2017 NBA
John Wall has been quoted in 31 different articles. Most recently, John Wall has been quoted saying, “It's tough. We came out here Game 7 and gave everything we had. Just came up short. Our goal was to get to Eastern Conference finals and we came up one game short. So it's a not a satisfied season to me.” in an article called Celtics power past Wizards in Game 7, 115-105. This is only one of 113 quotes from John Wall. To see more examples John Wall’s views and opinions, check out the section below. You can filter John Wall's quotes by date and by topic to see, for example, what John Wall said about platform recently and in the past.
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We told [Oubre] what to expect from the crowd. We didn't think it would be those type of words. But all you can do is go out there and play basketball. We're his brothers, we stick behind him. Um, I still hear my name ringing in my head because that's all I heard when I was on the court, but I was just going out there to

We have a lot of confidence, understanding that we had a chance to win all four

We feel like we're in control. We feel like we can win there, we know we can. We've just got to do a better job of taking those leads we get and just playing smart basketball down the

It's just been a lot of hard fouls that you're used to seeing back in the old days' playoffs. As long as guys are not out there trying to hurt each other, it comes with the basketball of somebody getting fouled hard, trash-talking. That's what goes on with

I guess just two teams that really don't like each other. We're two teams that's trying to compete and trying to win this

We came here with that focus and determination that we wanted to do the same thing those guys did to us two years ago. Me and Brad led the way. We locked in. Our teammates understood what we had (to do). We didn't want to have a Game

When he's playing as well as he did today for us, we're

This is my house. I play with a lot of energy, a lot of intensity. When I'm not being aggressive like that and into it, I'm not a great player. But when I'm into it like that, if I'm scoring or my teammates are scoring, I'm always going to be hyped. I won't be finishing first. I've still got some climbing to

Could I have done this three, four years ago? No, not then. For one thing, I wasn't healthy. I was playing through all these nagging problems with my knees and other things. It was limiting me. I wasn't as confident in my shot as I am now. Plus, I know so much more about the game, and my teammates – how good all those guys are, how they've elevated their games, the roster we have now – have helped me elevate my game,

If you're not winning and averaging 20 and 10, it doesn't really mean nothing. Your ultimate goal as a point guard and floor general and a leader is to get guys into the playoffs and go as far as you can go. I didn't do that. It was a failure. It was tough to take, but it was a failure. Forget about the numbers. I had to do

I feel like, if I average 18 [points] and 12 [assists], that's not good enough. The game is different, and if you have the skills to attack and play downhill, you have to do more. Coach Brooks really understands that. They're looking at so many point guards to average over 22, 25, 26 points. My job is to get everybody involved, but also to be aggressive and be a scorer at the same time. I understand everything involved so much better

I feel like the year I made the all-star team and started [during the 2014-15 season], I feel like I was going to be on the all-NBA team that year, and it didn't happen. … This year, I think it's turned around. We're winning more games, the most games I've ever won going into an all-star break. Like I said, [when] you're winning, your team's doing well, you get the

It's not like I'm resting. I have an injury. If something is going to stop me from being where I want to be, like running-wise or playing, then I won't (play).feedback

I see it as this: When we're making shots, we're one of the funnest teams to play with. Everybody's happy; we're locking in defensively. And I told Coach Brooks and I talked to the guys about it: Even when we're not makings shots, I still want to see that spirit. There's gonna be games in the playoffs where we're not making shots, but we still have to defend at a high

It's getting out of hand. If you want us to compete at a high level like we've been doing – we didn't lose this game. The refs made us lose this game. We fought hard, we gave ourselves a chance but you don't shoot no 31 free throws to 16 the way we attack the basket as a team. That's how I feel about it. I tried to get some (technical fouls) rescinded before, it never works for my favor. Other players have and they got it. So, all I can do is just keep my mouth shut like I've been doing. I could see if I would've got a flagrant-1 but a technical off of that? That's

The refs made us lose this game. For one, I haven't been saying nothing to the refs lately because I know what situation I've been in but the way they've been officiating today doesn't make no sense. To shoot 31 free throws to 16. We're an aggressive team that attacks the basket, that don't make no

I'll give you a prime example. Look at the last play. Shelvin Mack drove and just threw the ball to somebody. That's a foul? It's plenty of times guys jump straight up and I never get that call. So I mean, they're saying slick stuff to me but if I go tell people about it, they're not going to believe my word over their word. If you're going to hold the players accountable, you need to hold the refs accountable. If we're talking to them in a respectful manner, they need to talk to you in the same

It doesn't make no sense. Certain guys are getting calls that don't deserve it and it's the second time me saying this. Fans can say I'm being rude or being disrespectful. I'm not. I'm just being bold with what I feel like our team should be getting credit for because we're an aggressive team. We're a good team and we're not a sorry team. We're a good team that come out and play hard every night and we deserve certain

I had to get this bandaged up because I'm bleeding and the ref told me 'that's not a

I just think we missed some easy shots around the rim. Couldn't get into a rhythm but other than that, we had chances. We just gave it

It's great. A great accomplishment. Something that hasn't been done in a long time. It's something we can cherish. It's great for coach to get it in his first year but we have bigger goals and our mind-set on bigger

It's great, man. I've been here for seven years; it feels like I've been here my whole life. We haven't accomplished a lot of things. This is something that's exciting for the city, just the start to where we want to be. Hopefully they can enjoy it. Hopefully we put a banner up for it, because it hasn't happened in so long. But we've got bigger goals that we're trying to

When you get going to those warm cities, you feel better than you do in the cold cities. Your bones don't ache as

You don't want to go into the playoffs knowing you have to face those guys and you never won against them in the regular season. To come here and win in a tough place, it's definitely a

… My job for this team is to be aggressive offensively and defensively, to pass the ball and be a

It's a part of the game. We ain't going to be miraculous and make shots all the

When you're not making shots, you got to do a better job defending. When we're making shots, we're a great defensive team. When we're not making shots, we got to play with that same defensive intensity. I think we have to figure it out and do that. There are going to be games in the playoffs … when you're not making shots but you still have to defend at a high level and that's what we have problems with at

They need to stop showing favoritism to certain players. If you're going to give techs out, be consistent both ways with

I'm just tired of these B.S. technical fouls that I'm getting. It was just a back-and-forth talk. Just a common talk you

I see guys cussing refs out, taking the ball from refs, they don't get technical fouls. I say one little, simple thing, it's always a technical foul. They always jumping the gun. Like, my 12th technical I got for saying 'Don't let the guy hold my jersey.' If those are technical fouls, this league need to do something about

You drive to the basket and get contact the whole game and try to make up for those calls the last two or three minutes of the game. It gets

It's just like this, you ever look at two young stars trying to get their name known in this league, and we both want to be great, we both want to take the last shot, we both want to be the man. I think this year we just kind of balanced out. … We have a great relationship, that's like my little brother. We talk all the time. Even when that was going on, we didn't call each other and have a sit down and be like, we've got to figure it out. We just laughed at it and moved

Two times with the Cavs and won one last year, so they're defending champs and it's like nobody really gave them a big test. I feel like the East has got stronger this year. … When you get the opportunity, if you do meet up with him, wherever you meet him up – first round, second round, Eastern Conference finals – you have to have that mind-set throughout one through 15 guys and the coaching staff have to believe, you've got to feel like you can win, give them a fight. I mean, anybody can be thrown at any time. It's about staying healthy and having heart and

I've accomplished a lot of things in my career, but I just want to be great. I want to be remembered as one of the greats, not just, Oh, he was a good basketball player, or a good point guard in this league.' I want to be great. I know I want to win an NBA championship for the city of D.C., and I know I have a lot of things I want to accomplish. I'm nowhere near that, and I want to keep pushing until I get

I think I'm starting to. I feel like the year I made the all-star team and started [during the 2014-15 season], I feel like I was going to be on the all-NBA team that year, and it didn't happen. I think I averaged like 19 and 10, or something. This year, I think it's turned around. We're winning more games, the most games I've ever won going into an all-star break. Like I said, [when] you're winning, your team's doing well, you get the recognition. Without my coaches and the other 14 guys I wouldn't be the player in the position I am

It can't do nothing but fuel you, give you motivation, because LeBron's been to six straight

They still don't respect me. But I mean, that's something that comes with the games. I'm gonna let people know this season. That same hunger you have when you're trying to go reach the number one spot, or whatever spot you're trying to get to, you've got to have that same hunger when you get it. How you went and got it when you were hunting people, they're coming to hunt you. Do you want somebody to come and take your spot? So that's how I focus on

[Jennings] plays with a lot of energy, plays with a lot of heart. I'm the same type of player. You might not like a guy or get along with a guy while you're playing against him and competing but [when] you always add that person to your team, it changes

We have a good system we like to run. It's not too much you have to understand and figure it out, just move the ball from side to side, if you have an open shot take it but compete on both ends and play defense and everything else will take care of

It's always going to be like that when you play against somebody on another team. You're like 'Damn, I don't like going against this guy'. But when he's on your team, you love it because he does all the dirty work and the little things that go unnoticed and it helps your team out. Yeah, they talked to me about it. If he can help us,

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