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Any operatic contract which I accept in Europe still allows me the possibility to be with my family at least for a day or two each week. This is unfortunately not the case once traveling further away from Europe.

Berlioz never intended to write an opera, not even an entire piece of music, just some sequences. It is really an atypical piece for the stage but at the same time there is an incredible intensity in this music.

He was quite extravagant with the ending, which he completely made up. In Berlioz's fantasy, Faust rides off with Mephisto, into the abyss, into hell, and there they are welcomed with satanic chants.

I find it fascinating. The fundamental question which we have to ask ourselves in this context is: are we talking about an individual named Faust or are we talking about the human being per se and the everlasting temptation of evil?

Bryn is a fantastic singer, a great bass-baritone, who has so many incredible qualities, who can sing Parlando really well, who can push the limits, but who also has this incredible soft and enticing quality to his voice.

The way in which the orchestration is produced, is simply brilliant. It's as if Beethoven takes you by the hand and step by step he leads you down into the prison. It gets darker, wetter and more frightening until you get to the darkest dungeon of them all, Florestan's cell.

This role is extremely beautiful and I think I will perform it a lot in the future. So this means the beginning of a great friendship and a passion for this opera.

You can find a little bit of everything in this opera. You can hear some Verdi but also 'Meistersinger' (Wagner's 'The Master-Singers of Nuremberg').

As soon as Elisabetta is close by he just [acts]... Again, [Don Carlo] a very easy character to find a lot of different things in it; to organise it, and to bring it all to one line, that's another story.

You have to decide now for things that are planned in five or six years' time, which gives you a kind of secure feeling. On the other hand it's insane – this is an art form, and art has to be free, art has to be spontaneous. Go and ask an important painter to choose the colours for a painting he will do in five years' time. Who knows in which phase he might be in five years, maybe he doesn't even need colours any more!

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