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Jose Socrates has been quoted 33 times. The two most recent articles where Jose Socrates has been quoted are Portuguese bailout pressures and Portugal PM says 'No need for bailout'. Most recently, Jose Socrates was quoted as having said, “Portugal doesn't need a bailout plan, and I will maintain that position in defence of my country because I know what it meant for Ireland and Greece, and I don't want the same thing to happen to my country.”.

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I have always looked at a request for external aid as a solution of last resort, but I think we have reached a point where not taking this decision would carry unacceptable risks for the country.

Portugal doesn't need a bailout plan, and I will maintain that position in defence of my country because I know what it meant for Ireland and Greece, and I don't want the same thing to happen to my country.

The country is doing its work and it is doing it well. This deficit reduction is possibly the first result that the country is presenting to stimulate the confidence of the international markets, confidence in how our economy is financed.

We need to make this effort in order to balance our public finances, after the serious effects of the worst financial crisis in the last 80 years. They are essential to defend our country's international credibility, to assure the funding of our economy, our businesses and families.

State prosecutors, after having studied all the elements gathered over all these years, have concluded that there is no reason to make any accusations against any politician or civil servant in the environment ministry of corruption, abuse of power, or illegal party financing.

I only speak for myself. I have the conscience to be doing my duty. the country needs these measures. They are essential and necessary.

The risk of Portugal failing to keep it commitments in terms of debt is almost zero.

This law corresponds in the best way to the spirit and the words of the Constitution. With this law we'll be respecting individual freedoms, promoting the equality of all citizens and eliminating discrimination.

I never doubted the Treaty of Lisbon would come into force. Sure it took time but that happens with all treaties that have to be ratified by 27 countries. We had obstacles, difficulties, but we had the political determination to go forward. It's very important that the world understand that all this was a concerted effort. It's a difficult treaty but we've made it to the end, and this, without a doubt, represents an indisputable political victory for Europe. I would have been enormously frustrated if the ratification hadn't materialised.

All the other political parties have declared they don't even want to start a dialogue of long lasting commitment that could contribute to reinforcing political instability.

After the president has confirmed the election result, I will start consultations with the parties. I believe that is my duty having won the elections with a relative but not absolute majority.

My friends, tonight the Social Party has had an extraordinary and fabulous victory.

Our party is not sure of victory. We call on everybody to vote for the Socialist Party because we are certain we deserve this electoral victory.

The director of Público has always had great imagination, I have said that before. Now he is accusing the secret services. But the secret services don't do any thing outside the law. At least as far as I know.

I was very happy and I think all the Portuguese share that feeling, because the election of Mr. Barroso is good news for Europe and Portugal.

This year, until August 2009, we have helped 37,000 companies… and you? How many have you helped in 2003 when we also had a crisis and you were the finance minister? You know how many? 1,503.

The results of these European elections mean our task for the general election in October will be that much harder. But it will only make us more determined to work towards victory in the next elections.

These elections are an opportunity for a change similar to that which occured when the United States elected Barak Obama.

The Portuguese government makes itself firmly available to help political and military authorities in the talks they have ahead of them.

We want to increase Portugal's autonomy in terms of energy, so that future generations can make their own decisions and we are not at the mercy of others, as we are today.

She will pursue the reform and modernisation of the health service with the confidence of the public.

I hope that this institutional model will last a long time and that the name 'Treaty of Lisbon' lasts a long time also.

I am ready to handle any problems that might come up during this final phase of negotiations. I know that we can achieve this. One thing is clear: our mandate is not to change the mandate but to transform this mandate into a treaty.

Europe needs more police cooperation to face the threat of terrorism.

I think that the most important thing is to start the intergovernmental conference on the proposed treaty as quickly as possible. We will start it on the 23rd of this month and see if we can complete all the negotiation so the leaders can discuss the text at the next summit. And maybe even approve it!

Germany succeeded in getting what it wanted from the presidency; that is a mandate. And we must transform that mandate into a treaty. We know that getting the final details right is always the most difficult part, that's when tricky areas appear. But we're ready for that.

I was present at the summit and I know what was agreed. The mandate is very clear and precise on what has to be done. I am sure this is all a misunderstanding.

We are ready to work for Europe with all our energy we want the new treaty to be strong and effective.

I hope that at the Council meeting there will be a clear mandate, so that Europe can attain a compromise during the Portuguese presidency, for a treaty that reinforces Europe.

Abortion will be legal in this county within the first 10 weeks of pregnancy, if it is requested by the woman and carried out in a registered clinic.

Termination in the first ten weeks of pregnancy for a healthy, consenting woman will no longer be a crime in our country.

We are at a state of maximum risk and France's help will make it possible to fight the fires more efficiently.

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