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We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Joseph Muscat is associated, including Malta, Libya, and border. Most recently, Joseph Muscat has been quoted saying: “There was a sense that we need to engage with the U.S. just the same. But we need to show that we cannot stay silent where there are principles involved.” in the article Divided on Trump, EU insists on European unity. An other article where Joseph Muscat has been quoted is EU pledges cash and help to stem migrants from Libyan coast.

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They don't want to sacrifice President Tusk because of that, because they think he has done a good job.

There was a sense that we need to engage with the U.S. just the same. But we need to show that we cannot stay silent where there are principles involved.

The Libyan authorities are asking for assistance in monitoring their borders, not only maritime borders, but also land borders. They are asking for assistance in managing the camps where refugees, potential refugees and migrants are kept.

I understand that Theresa May would want to position herself in that way at the start of negotiations; when you're negotiating you definitely have to convey the message that it is not a do or die sort of negotiation.

And British expats don't have to go through that awful bother of mastering a foreign tongue. That's because English is also an official language here.

Well, I think that once the British Prime Minister said in one way or another that she is ready to walk away, walking away from a deal means reverting to WTO rules.

I am saying that it is not about the EU or European countries breaking international rules, it's about helping if they request so, the Libyan government which is right now very weak, protect its own borders and manage its own borders. There is an issue on controlling migration, economic migration. We cannot just live in a world where people can… you have to wait to get into Europe. You either apply and get your visa refused or you can cross the sea and then you get allowed in. It's dysfunctional.

I think that the way that this is being interpreted is not right. What I believe is being discussed is how to help the Libyan government and other governments protect their own borders and manage their own borders.

Well, maybe all those who wish the UK well and consider themselves to be friends of the United Kingdom, and would like the UK to remain part of the European Union, are still wishing that this is not happening. But I think that reality has hit us hard on the nose. It is happening.

Reading the British press this morning, I did not see in the Prime Minister's words when I heard her first hand, the sort of declaration of war that some media are depicting it was. I saw this as a statement of clarity.

Things are getting complicated. I would rather face the music now.

We want a fair deal for the United Kingdom, but that fair deal needs to be inferior to membership. It cannot end up better than the current situation.

It has been established that Afriqiyah flight has 111 passengers on board. 82 males, 28 females, 1 infant.

Informed of potential hijack situation of a #Libya internal flight diverted to #Malta. Security and emergency operations standing by -JM.

We don't say there's isn't a need to improve the infrastructure. But we are also saying that there is the need for detention. If someone comes into our country without documentation you cannot just let him or her go. We can't just close our eyes to further people smuggling. What are we saying if we don't have detention? That we should just close our eyes and instead of making just one trip between Libya and Malta, we should also close our eyes to another trip between Malta and Italy? We don't do that!

I know I might sound hard on this but that is how it works. My point is that if the situation right now is that all those who get their application refused stay in Europe, that's not on. That is something that we want to solve.

I believe it is Europe's job to do that. I believe it is an important step forward. I do believe that the Commission is proposing something similar, so that is something that offers relief. Then there are other points which are contentious. It is a thorny issue.

Most important is that the Council agreed that there should be a timeline, a clearly inscribed deadline. The Council agreed that by next December Europe will decide and will take the operational decisions to face this crisis.

People who apply for asylum but get their application refused need to go back. That should be part of the Frontex terms of reference and work.

Yes, but there should not be a situation where the message that goes out to the smugglers who are abusing these people is: 'Well send more boats, we will rescue them and they will get in'. So, I do think that we need to rethink our visa system, our asylum system and to make legal migration in Europe more possible and more plausible.

My feeling is that Europe is just playing for time and the European Council this week will just say some words, hoping that the bad weather in winter will discourage the crossings and hoping that people will just forget. Until we get to next May or June, more people will start crossing, more people will die.

We will never risk the life of any person but rules have to change and there needs to be a more European approach to safe patrols. We have to discuss in a very sensible manner whether we need to tighten the rules or loosen them.

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