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We are confronting a natural disaster caused by climate change. We need to prepare because the rains that are coming will be more intense.feedback
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Apr 06 2017 Climate change
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Juan Manuel Santos is associated, including Colombians, FARC, and war. Most recently, Juan Manuel Santos has been quoted saying: “The idea is that Mocoa will be better than it was.” in the article Colombian City Begins Post-Mudslide Recovery.
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Bullets have written our past, education will write our future.feedback

I told ex-president Uribe that we are always ready, as we have said in previous occasions, to continue dialogue, to reach agreement about how the peace accord should be implemented.feedback

We come from a land with immense potential but which is underused precisely because of conflict.feedback

Now I'm happy to announce that we are going to make the most of our potential and turn Colombia into a supplier of food the world needs to combat nutrition and hunger.feedback

Our fields were also victim of the armed conflict, which stripped our rural sector of its productivity, increased the social gap with urban areas.feedback

Peace in our country is a peace that will benefit the whole world on many fronts, one of which is that of food security and agricultural development.feedback

How many deaths will it take 'till he knows that too many people have died? The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind.feedback

The Colombian peace agreement is a ray of hope in a world troubled by so many conflicts and so much intolerance.feedback

The FARC has asked for forgiveness for this atrocity, and Leyner, who is now a community leader, has forgiven them.feedback

It makes no sense to imprison a peasant who grows marijuana, when nowadays, for example, its cultivation and use are legal in eight states of the United States.feedback

The Nobel prize award was announced and it came like a gift from heaven, because it gave us a tremendous push. People in Colombia interpreted it as a mandate from the international community to persevere, to continue striving to achieve a new peace agreement, so it helped very very much.feedback

They will be here in heart and spirit. There should be no misgivings about the FARC leaders not being here.feedback

There is a very high dividend in terms of the war on drugs and the environment.feedback

Fidel Castro recognised at the end of his days that the armed fight was not the way. And so he helped end the Colombian conflict.feedback

This new generation, which will build the Colombia of tomorrow, has asked us to give them a country, a different country from the one we inherited.feedback

After listening to all the alternative proposals, and in agreement with the FARC, it was clear that the most convenient and legitimate way to vote on the new deal was through Congress.feedback

It is very important Colombians understand that the reason for all peace processes in the world is precisely that rebels lay down arms and can participate in legal politics. Our process with the FARC is not and cannot be an exception.feedback

Since the beginning of the negotiations with FARC, the United Kingdom has been a strong supporter of the search for peace in Colombia by sharing its experience with the Northern Ireland peace process, by exercising its leadership in the UN Security Council, or by contributing to planning for implementation of post conflict strategies.feedback

Peace for Colombia will be a reality. We will not betray the hopes of Colombians or the international community, which has accompanied us with such generosity.feedback

For that reason, and at the request of the students, I have taken the decision to extend the ceasefire until 31 December.feedback

The great majority has asked me to find a solution quickly, because uncertainty is the enemy of the process. I will continue to listen and gather doubts so that I can address them and so that they can be discussed at the negotiating table.feedback

On October 27 the government will start public negotiations with the ELN about the agenda released on March 30. For this to happen, it is essential that the release process (of captives) begins so that there will never again be captives of the ELN in Colombia.feedback

The victims don't want more victims in the future. And the victims have given me a great life lesson. They have taught me something that for me has been very important – that the capacity of forgiveness and reconciliation can overcome the ability of hatred and thirst for revenge.feedback

Colombian people, this prize is yours. It's for the victims and it's meant to prevent further victims, even if it's just one more. Because we have to reconcile and unite to bring this process to completion and to start building a stable and long-lasting peace.feedback

This award says to them: You have come too far to turn back now. The peace process should inspire our world.feedback

I hope it leads to a change in the accords that are damaging for our democracy.feedback

Especially the millions of victims that have suffered in this war that we are on the verge of ending. We are very, very close. We just need to push a bit further to persevere.feedback

We'll have to act quickly and put deadlines because the uncertainty and lack of clarity about what's going to happen put at risk all that has been built so far.feedback

I've always believed in a wise Chinese proverb, to look for opportunities in any situation. And here we have an opportunity that's opening up, with the new political reality that has demonstrated itself in the referendum.feedback

I won't give up. I'll continue search for peace until the last moment of my mandate.feedback

We in Colombia have to adopt this culture of non-violence. All of us can be protagonists in this historic change taking place in our nation.feedback

All of us can be protagonists in this historic change taking place in our nation.feedback

As head of state of the fatherland we all love, I want to welcome you to democracy.feedback

What we have signed today, (…) goes beyond a simple agreement between a government and a guerilla to put an end to a conflict. What we have signed today is a declaration by the Colombian people in front of the world to say that we are tired of war and that we do not accept any more violence as a mean to defend ideas and that we say loud and clear NO MORE WAR….feedback

What we are signing today is your victory.feedback

I hope that together, and I really hope that all of us together, that those who have backed the 'no' vote and those who are sceptical… that we can all unite once the referendum passes and we can all create a new country together.feedback

We are going to sign with a bullet-pen ... to illustrate the transition of bullets into education and future.feedback

I don't know Mr. Trump. I have not ever exchanged a word with him, so it's very difficult for me to comment about what he's thinking about Colombia.feedback

A Colombia full of hope. A Colombia that, without a war, is ready to reach its highest potential and to be a positive factor in the global context.feedback

That tragedy should never have happened, and we must recognize that the government didn't take sufficient measures to impede and prevent the assassinations, attacks and other violations even though there was evidence the persecution was taking place.feedback

I make the solemn commitment before you today to take all the necessary measures and to give all the guarantees to make sure that never again in Colombia will a political organization have to face what the UP suffered.feedback

The FARC will hand in their weapons to the United Nations – on a timetable that has already been announced – within 6 months' time. All of this, as is well-known, will be verified and monitored by a United Nations commission. This means the FARC will cease to exist and will become a political movement without weapons.feedback

Today is the beginning of the end to the suffering, pain and tragedy of war.feedback

To have a long lasting peace we have to guarantee that those raised as armed insurgents can reintegrate into the social and legal life of our country. Former FARC members, now disarmed, will be able to have access to the political life of our country, in a democratic way. They will have – as any other political organisation – to convince the citizens with proposals and arguments to be elected.feedback

Today I hope to give historic, very important news to the country.feedback

When we finish the agenda points, that is to say, when everything is agreed, that is when we will send the texts to Congress and convene the plebiscite. That moment won't necessarily coincide with the signing of the accords. The signing is a formality, it can be done afterward.feedback

This is what it means to talk peace. They will have to surrender their weapons, abandon violence, and then they can continue with politics, but by democratic means. This is the peace process. We will see if they win any seats in parliament, it may be part of the deal. The goal is for them to continue with their ideals and political struggle but without violence or weapons.feedback

Compatriots, this is an historic day for our country. After more than 50 years of fighting, deaths, attacks and pain we have put an end to the armed conflict with the FARC. Achieving this agreement fills us with faith and hope.feedback

The bilateral and indefinite ceasefire is in place until October 31. I hope that we can advance the deal through dialogue so we can formalise the changes and the agreement which will allow us to move forward and find a solution to this conflict.feedback

This is not a call for legalization of drugs. It is a call for recognition that between total war and legalization there exists a broad range of options worth exploring.feedback

Now we will decide all together which way we will go to achieve the peace that we all want – what will be possible from this situation. I won't surrender, I will keep pursuing peace until the last minute of my mandate.feedback

The decision taken by the Security Council means that we are no longer alone, we have the hand of the United Nations, of the whole world to the end of this war. It's the best guarantee this will happen.feedback

For the first time in its history, the FARC has committed to the contribution of compensation for the victims.feedback

The turning point of this agreement is the fact that there will not be any amnesty for crimes against humanity, the grave crimes of war, genocide and in general, the great violations of human rights.feedback

If we make that effort to advance, just as we've been advancing towards the end of the conflict, and we have the mindset, which at least totally does exist for the government, and the instructions for the negotiators are as they are, we can proceed in that direction.feedback

This is not the time to sound the trumpets of war that some want to hear. It is the time to work firmly but with sensitivity and efficiency to resolve the situation, and above all to defend the lives and dignity of our compatriots.feedback

We demand respect from the Venezuelan government, respect for Colombians.feedback

I promised them, all of those who lost their homes, that we were are going to give them free homes. I promised them [Salgar residents] that we would give free houses to all those families who lost their homes.feedback

The decision of a bilateral ceasefire can not be taken as a given, I repeat cannot be a given nor will it be, but as a result of a serious, permanent and verifiable agreement to the end of the conflict.feedback

The hardest points remain unresolved. The hardest by far is linked to the victims and what we call 'transitional justice', or the way we apply justice during this period to ensure a peaceful transition. This is the heart of the problem in every armed conflict.feedback

If I'm being realistic then, no, we won't finish the negotiations this year, but I have the hope it will be as soon as possible.feedback

At the moment it won't be to the government, but that doesn't matter. There are many cases of a third party participating in disarmament and ensuring weapons will never be used again We cannot have armed politics, it's impossible and must not happen.feedback

We are having secret talks to see if we can, as we have done with the FARC, identify points in an agenda around which we could find an agreement to end the conflict.feedback

It's impossible to tell, I hope at the earliest possible date. The sooner we end the talks the more lives we'll save and the more suffering we'll avoid.feedback

The main purpose of this visit is to seek political support that will speed up the conclusion of the peace talks. There are two main sticking points, the most complex and difficult, where we need international support. This international support is very important. The other support I'm looking for on this visit is for the creation of an EU institutional fund to finance peacetime projects. The sum is yet to be established, and I'm not yet looking for specific guarantees of financial resources.feedback

We had some success because the big old mafias that once pressured Colombian democracy are no more. All the bosses are in jail or in a tomb. But the trade continues because as long as there's demand in Europe, America, or internationally, someone will supply cocaine.feedback

It's part of the negotiations. What is completely clear is that there is no possibility of the guerrillas remaining armed. Continuing in politics while still armed is crossing a red line; we cannot accept that and they know it.feedback

Of course, but that's already a policy we are pursuing . In the last four years the country that has reduced poverty by the greatest percentage in Latin America is Colombia. We still have much to do but it is a fundamental objective because my vision for Colombia is a country at peace, more equal, and with better education.feedback

Very significant economic and social benefits. We estimate that it could add an average 2 percent annual growth. We have Latin America's highest growth rate, and in the first half of this year we hit 5 percent. With peace we could reach 7.2 percent if we add the 'peace dividend'. But above all it's everything that concerns development in the Colombian countryside. Social development is vital as we have six million internally displaced people, victims, and it's hard for them to survive out of their environment.feedback

An integrated peace process that includes both the FARC and the ELN is the best guarantee for the victims and for the country so that this conflict is finished forever and will never be repeated.feedback

With regards to the peace talks. We've reached a level never before seen in negotiations with FARC. We've accomplished more in four years than anybody else had in the previous 46.feedback

I will investigate and get to the bottom of this situation, to see how far the illicit use of intelligence has gone and who is behind it.feedback

The guerrillas in Havana said, We are leaving the table in order to study this proposal, this procedure.' It's perfectly legitimate and valid that they want to study it, but time is passing and the patience of the Colombian people has its limits.feedback

It's a big loss for the Venezuelan people and for the region – for Columbia and for me in particular.feedback

This agreement is different because it doesn't cede territory and because military operations will not stop. It is different because the discussions will be held outside Colombia. It is different because the discussions will not have an unlimited timetable.feedback

Be absolutely assured that the government will not be deterred by these terrorist acts. We will continue on this path. We will complete all necessary investigations to find those responsible. We will not be intimidated in any way by terrorism.feedback

We salute those released with real emotion and we congratulate their families from our hearts. We share their happiness. This liberation, and above all, the FARC's promise not to return to kidnapping, is a gesture that we value and appreciate.feedback

Violence is not the path and I want to send a message to each and every one of the members of this organisation: demobilise, because, on the contrary, as we've said so many times, and as we've proven, you will end up in jail or in a grave.feedback

If there is a problem in Latin America and in Colombia, it is the problem of inequality regarding the division of wealth and the development of different regions. This restricts countries' chances of success. So we want to reduce these inequalities. But we also want to launch a reconciliation process to heal the wounds of violence which has damaged us for such a long time. This violence has not finished.feedback

This is an act of terrorism and we mustn't fall into the trap. Things must take their normal legal course. The authorities will investigate and I tell the Colombian people to carry on with their lives. They're not going to spoil the party.feedback

He practically looked like a dog, practically like a dog. He had his arms around a palm tree, and had been there for two days.feedback

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