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It is a long season and when our timing got better we were unbelievably dangerous. I am really happy about this. I think people deserve this opportunity for us to be able to qualify for the Champions League.feedback
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May 22 2017 Champions League
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Juergen Klopp is associated, including Peter and Chelsea. Most recently, Juergen Klopp has been quoted saying: “The players are really positive and I felt that this year in comparison to last year. They saw our way and they saw the football. That's good.” in the article Job done! Klopp’s revolution roars on as Liverpool finish with a bang.
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For different reasons the Champions League is a wonderful competition. You can earn a lot of money there - that's money we didn't have last year. That is very interesting and is one part of it but we are already in a good position. We are a club without financial problems and we have money to spend but it makes sense to think before we spend and that is what we are doing. We will see what happens afterwards but we are working not only on the pitch because my day is 24 hours and we have some good people around working really hard.feedback

I feel we are already back on track. It should not sound disrespectful to the past. I really feel we are already on the way – we started already. Of course it is important that a club of our power needs to be at the top. The only problem is that England has so many top teams so you can always do a lot of things right and even then you are out. We feel comfortable with the things we can do and things we will do but decisions will be made about transfers in the next few weeks and maybe months. We will be stronger next year, that's good news. Unfortunately the other teams will be too.feedback

The world is not full of players who will make us better immediately, but clearly there are a few out out there and we have spoken to them.feedback

There are no concerns. The only problem was the season was a little bit too short for him to come back.feedback

It's all clear. We have to perform, we have to win and if we have enough points after this matchday then we deserve to go to the Champions League. If not, we don't deserve it. It's pretty easy.feedback

There are different reasons to want to be in the Champions League. It's a wonderful competition, outstanding. Fans love it, players love it, managers love it. It's great.feedback

I don't think we need different kinds of descriptions for this game, so it's a 'cup final' or a 'World Cup final' or that it's the most important game of however many years and everything. It is a football game. If we really–and I know we do–expected from ourselves that in each game we win the game, what is the difference?feedback

It's perfect that we can involve Steven. What a guy, he's fantastic. He was one of the world's best footballers ever. I told him when I leave, or the club sack me, I don't care of course who'll be my successor, but I'd love that he'd be it. I'll do everything I can to make sure he gets all the information he needs. Because when you join a club you have a big responsibility for the future, and the future of this club needs legends like Steven Gerrard in decisive positions.feedback

[Gerrard] gave the club a lot and now we can give him the best education in this specific part he wants to work in, hopefully for the rest of his life.feedback

It's not that difficult the injury. It's difficult to make the rehabilitation because what this injury needs is time. I had situations like this with I don't know how many players and at one point you think it would have been better if he had broken his leg and you know everything about it. That is a little bit the situation but we are not one second without our captain because Hendo is always around. He has an unbelievable important role, not only on the pitch but in the dressing room, here at Melwood. He's always here and we will not be without him on Sunday.feedback

We need to be strong because around us we'll have a lot of quality and they will be stronger so we will be strong - 100 per cent. Yes, different options, we have another tournament to play. So that's clear, we know about everything and still then, you need to be kind of lucky with injuries. Because the injuries we had this year were not injuries from training but in the games it was knocks and ankle and ligament and really, things you have no influence on. It happened in the challenge, we didn't do it on the training ground and problems here and problems there.feedback

So these significant injuries they were all from the pitch, they were all from the games. So can you say, can you sort this problem? One hundred per cent, no. But again we learnt a lot and we will bring in quality. That's the best thing, or being champions, so you have a trophy and the Champions League. Or the FA Cup.feedback

Maybe top four is more important from a financial point of view but there's no alternative to winning trophies. There's no alternative. It's always what we're all playing for. No one goes into a final and thinks it's not that important.feedback

The good thing is to win the Champions League, so you win a trophy and you have Champions League football next season.feedback

The Champions League is a wonderful competition for different reasons. You can earn a lot of money there – that's money we didn't have last year and that is one part of it – but we are already in a good position. We are a club without financial problems and we have money to spend but it makes sense to think before we spend and that is what we are doing.feedback

Yes, it has influence and that's how it is. The players we are talking to are good players and I know they have offers from other clubs.feedback

Inside the club, people see the development which is very positive. We've got 73 points and the chance to move on to 76. This shows that we play a very stable season.feedback

It would not be easy for Bayern to win the Premier League. But their chances to win it are not that low. We would be very disappointed, if we did not qualify for the Champions League. To call the Europa League failure, which we are qualified for already, is not my view.feedback

We [tried] a few different moves, a few different surprising movements and [had] better timing in passing and running. It's easy to say and much more difficult to do but the boys did really brilliant. We scored the goals, controlled the game, could have scored more often but that's completely OK that we didn't. A perfect afternoon.feedback

We were the dominant side, but they had absolutely one of the biggest chances I've ever seen in my life. They didn't score so that was a lucky moment for us. The start of the second half was brilliant, we played really good football and we were more direct and used the information from the first half and from half-time.feedback

Looking back now, it was hard work, and there were a few moments where the game could have changed. I thought we had a real deserved win, it was a really good football game. The start was not that good, we changed system obviously and the one thing that is then new is a little bit of the situation on the wing. The big chance they had at the second post area, we did not do that well in this moment. But they couldn't score, then we controlled the game, then we scored the goal and we had another big chance with the header.feedback

For me, there was not a second of doubt about Daniel Sturridge. For all of us it was unlucky that at important moments he was not available. That was not his fault, it was not my fault, it was only the situation. I only think about now, at this moment, and I trust him 100 per cent. He's an instinctive footballer and a fantastic striker. For us it's good news that he's now available. Three or four weeks ago, I was not sure that it would happen. Now he's there, and that's all good. He looks ready. Him and Adam are two top players. These two are options.feedback

Daniel is a wonderful option to have but it is all about being fit or not. It is not the name we bring on the pitch, it is the player, the human being, in this specific shape.feedback

Roberto and Lucas felt something this week. We will have to see. How it looked [in training], he's ready. But it was difficult. Can you start a player and think about 40 minutes and then change?feedback

It [the match] is as significant as the last few games. If you don't win then this happens and this happens, but it's something we have to learn in life that pressure comes at the end of the season. We only need one big result? Maybe not one result. We will see. You need to be ready for the final moments. It's about being organised and serious defending. It's football. It's a game. We're good at this game.feedback

It was a completely different game when Southampton played Arsenal. It was an open game. [I have] no idea why they did them that favour.feedback

It won't be an easy trip, we know that. It really makes sense that we are really concentrated on West Ham. They are also in a positive season-finishing mood - no pressure anymore, they try to get results somehow. Everyone saw the Tottenham game; Tottenham had the pressure and had to make the game, then they [the Hammers] make the counter-attack and they scored and Tottenham couldn't come back, so that's part of football.feedback

It's not just about Chelsea. You saw how we played against Tottenham. But we will all have a different season next year.feedback

You have to look at the games we played against Chelsea. We were not worse than 14 points, that is for sure, but they are experienced, cold as ice and they get the points. They play very serious and finish when they have to finish. We all know the gap is not that big, but the gap was big enough. Chelsea deserved the title but I've said already they had most luck with injuries. Diego Costa? Did he miss one game? Eden Hazard one game? Pedro could play, Willian could play, their defensive line could play.feedback

You need this luck and then you go through. I don't say we could have gone through but the gap could have been closer.feedback

We don't have a one-for-one replacement.feedback

When we talk about our games it seems they are the most difficult even when some say they the most easy. All the teams have to play tough games and no-one wins all of them. Now we have to win ours and it will be fine.feedback

You have to look at the games we played against Chelsea. We were not worse than 16 points, or whatever it is at the moment. That is for sure. But they are experienced, cold as ice and they get the points. They play very serious and finish when they have to finish. Now they are in a good run again and difficult to stop at this moment but we will all have a different season next year. It's not just about Chelsea. You saw how we played against Tottenham.feedback

It is good we have him and we have not done that bad. A few weeks ago we spoke about how good we did without him. Everything is still in our hands. It is a hard challenge to become our player of the season. You have Roberto Firmino, Adam Lallana, Phil Coutinho, Gini Wijnaldum and Emre Can who have all played their part. For Sadio it was really nice. He was touched by the fact his team mates (and supporters) selected him. We think we have to win all the time because the rest win. The rest do not win all the time but we always feel under pressure.feedback

We all know the gap is not that big but the gap was big enough. Chelsea deserved the title but I said already they had most luck with injuries. Diego Costa? Did he miss one game? Eden Hazard one game? Pedro could play, Willian could play, their defensive line could play. You need this luck and then you go through. You really can not compare (players). What if Chelsea play all or a lot of the season without Hazard? It makes a difference. To say actually you should have another player like him? It is not that easy, I would say.feedback

There are absolutely no plans. What our owners say is there is the absolute opportunity not to sell anybody if we do not want to. That means we can bring in others players and it is a good situation. We have a stable squad with a good basis. We want to bring a few in with fresh blood but nobody will leave us without our say, so I am completely relaxed about this.feedback

I really don't like it, even after we only drew, to make now a story of it.feedback

We should think about how we can defend, not how dominant we can be. Maybe we can surprise one of the other teams with good organisation, good defending, good counter-attacks. Why not? You saw what happened, so you don't need my say on it. It's not how I understand how you should handle a situation like this. On one hand people will say it was very smart because Milly missed, but on the other people will say it's not how sportsmanship works.feedback

But with this delay and the time play of Southampton - I don't know how long Forster needed altogether for his kicks - four minutes [added time], I have to say that's ambitious. But obviously I have nothing to do with it, I can't decide and whatever we say, you always look then like bad losers or whatever.feedback

They are in a positive season-finishing mood. No pressure anymore.feedback

Everybody saw the Tottenham game. Tottenham had the pressure, Tottenham had to make the game. West Ham scored from counter-attack and Tottenham could not come back.feedback

I really don't like it, even after we only drew, to make a story of it. You saw what they did, why do you need my say on it? I understand how you should handle situations like this. On this side people will say it was very smart because Milly missed afterwards; on the other side people will say that's not how sportsmanship works. I don't know. It is how it is. It took a long time. It's not nice. At the end, two yellow cards for them. Obviously I have nothing to do with it, I can't decide. Whatever we say, we always look then like bad losers or whatever.feedback

It is not what I want. To be successful you have to have a fortress at home. That is very important. We had that here for a long period. Now we have had a few results which are not that good.feedback

It is not nice to drop points at home but now we play away and then we have another home game. We really still enjoy playing at home. It is only a mental issue if you think it is one. We don't see this. The boys like it here, they like playing in front of their crowd. That is all. Today the atmosphere was really good. People were really in the game. Everybody tried everything and it didn't work out finally.feedback

I know nobody wants to hear it but I am brave enough to say it. The pitch was really dry today. We gave it all the water we had but after 15 minutes it was really dry again with the wind. It was difficult. You could see it … a lot passes you thought 'why are they playing this?' But it was difficult. In a possession game you need to have the best circumstances, if possible, in a home game especially, but today we couldn't have this. That is nobody's fault; it is only a description.feedback

It cannot be our job to count points, our job is to get them. There is absolutely no club in the top spots who can waste points in the next match day: not Chelsea, not Tottenham, not Liverpool, City, United or Arsenal. We all have to fight with all we have and that makes this league so exciting.feedback

I really love the atmosphere at home; it's number one. And if you are playing Manchester City, say, and you lose a challenge, or make a chance and don't score, the reaction is not that negative. But if you are playing Crystal Palace and you make a chance and don't score, it's like the end of the world. You can practically feel the stadium going: 'Oh my God, here we go again. Chelsea are not always bothered about excitement in the game. They are a wonderful football-playing side but they can also defend for 90 minutes, score one goal and enjoy it like hell.feedback

Of the last few games we have played against teams lower down the league we have won three and lost one and we still have the image that we lose all the time. If that were the case, how would we have 69 points? You cannot be fighting for a Champions League place without picking up more points than you lose over the course of a season. We might have been doing better against the top sides than those below them but we are in the top four. We must have been doing a lot of things right. We are not talking about winning all three games; our job is simply to win the next one. It's a funny thing.feedback

But what we all have to learn, even in the hard moments, is that creating a chance is always positive; it shows you are playing in the right way. Every team have to learn to build on these moments.feedback

I really forgot a lot of the things I said in the past. What I thought was that, if a Champions League place is the only thing a player is looking for, then I can't. I don't want him.feedback

In Germany, we say 'we have to eat a lot of frogs', . But if it's part of something more, the player has different options. If those other options are in the Champions League and we are the only club that aren't, well then it's all about if he's the right player. We have to take it. Bite the bullet. The better the players, the more other clubs want them. We cannot go for players saying only that Liverpool is a wonderful city. There are a few other things you have to bring in.feedback

We are in good talks and we'll see what happens but it would help to qualify, that's for sure.feedback

Is there ever a moment when you are good enough in these games?feedback

He is in a good moment and is very important for us. The club showed his best side, the best face, when we celebrated his 10 years. I must say, I was never part of something like this; it was a real sign of respect, a real sign of the size of the club and the importance of the player. He likes the club and it's a completely normal situation that we are in talks. You can imagine there is absolutely no pressure, all good, two partners with big respect for each other and in the end everything will be good, but [for now] nothing else to say.feedback

He's always had a fantastic attitude, that's really what I like most. His performances are more stable - we spoke about why, with his calf issues and hopefully they are finally sorted, so he can train without issues for weeks and months, maybe.feedback

To keep good players, I think that makes real sense for development, and he is one of these good players.feedback

We know about the quality of the opponent. I like watching Southampton.feedback

I like this kind of pressure. Fighting for something really special is the best pressure you can have.feedback

Phil was back running yesterday. He was running a bit like John Achterberg. We can't be 100 per cent sure [of his availability], but in this moment it looks positive.feedback

Phil yesterday was running for the first time – he looked a little bit like John Achterberg, but it's good news! We cannot be 100 per cent sure because we always have to wait to see how he improves, but in this moment, it looks rather positive. Mane is doing really well but there is no chance [for him to play]. He is around [Melwood] and everything has really went well so far. Ingsy is doing well, really well. He is enjoying training now for the first time with the ball a little bit and all that stuff. He is on a good way.feedback

Now after a bicycle kick everyone wants him to stay. I am quite positive. Keeping good players makes sense and Emre is a good player. The biggest improvement has been with his bicycle kicks. He's able to train without issues now and that helps the situation. Lucas is in a good moment and is very important for us. The club showed its best face when we celebrated his 10 years.feedback

I would like to say I am used to it, but it's not the truth, especially not from Emre! It's deserved, you need in football a lot of times this kind of luck. [We had a] lovely volley from Adam Lallana that hit the bar, then in the last minute a Prodl stunner on the bar also. We needed some luck, we worked hard for it. He did well in the last few weeks since his calf is sorted. Even he can play better than he did tonight, but I'm not sure he can score nicer goals! We have to be ready again. It's not about what you can lose, but only what you can win.feedback

We have five or six days to prepare for Southampton. Anyone who sees Southampton this season knows that's tough.feedback

It makes sense only to think about the next game.feedback

I saw a lot of centre-halves, that is how it is. We cannot go for a centre-half from Bayern Munich, for example – they have similar problems to us – but you have to imagine how a defender will react in different situations. All clubs defend in some moments high. It is about being football smart and they have to make the right decision in the right moment, stepping back and all that stuff.feedback

I said to the players after the game, if they want to kill me, that's a good way to try it. I thought I felt something in this area [his chest]. Five hundred million grey hairs ... We'd already defended this situation so often. They tried everything over 97 minutes but one mistake could have led to the goal. That's how football at this level is. We didn't play perfectly tonight but conceding in the last second would not have been deserved.feedback

We need to stay focused, to stay concentrated. We have pressure until the end of the season but at least it's a positive pressure. That is better. It means we are fighting for something.feedback

If we go for a centre half we need to know how he acts in big spaces.feedback

I'm not sure if it was the worst game but it was very bad. Watford are different since then – different manager, different players – and we are different since then too. You can't compare. It's not about the place, Watford, but they are a physical team with a lot of tall players so we have to deal with throw-ins and all that. We know about their football in this moment. We have had a lot of physical games in the last few weeks with a lot of challenges and we know we need to be ready for this game.feedback

We have to fight for what we can & that's a place in the Champions League. It's a very important game.feedback

Toni Kroos is an exceptional player, a genius. He's so subtle with the ball.feedback

Busquets is only 28, right? What a player! And it seems that he's been playing 16 years in that position. And what about David Silva? There are others - Pedro is playing well. But yeah, it's a coincidence that I have not signed many Spaniards. Dortmund had no money to buy them. Gonzalo Castro was, but only half Spanish. A fantastic player, by the way.feedback

Even for the great Spanish teams, it would be difficult to win the Premier League. Of course, Madrid and Barca would be fighting for everything, but it would be very difficult. Of course. It's always possible. Is it likely? I don't know, but it's possible and that's enough for me. There are several teams that fight for the title each season and maybe, at this moment, some have more chances than us, but I'm not interested in that.feedback

I don't try to be nice every minute of the day. I tell them things when it's necessary. I like to be their friend, but not their best friend. A friend tells you things clearly at the right time.feedback

He is doing a real job at the academy at the moment with his presence and everything, being around and giving advice and leading little or bigger sessions and all that stuff. They all enjoy it a lot. He especially enjoys it a lot.feedback

It's not 100 per cent that Lucas cannot play, it's not 100 per cent that Joel cannot play, it's not 100 per cent that Ragnar cannot play. But they are not in training in the moment, so that's not too cool. Joe Gomez played on Monday for the Under-23s again, did well, made big steps in the last few weeks, so maybe we have to try this. We will see, I don't know in the moment.feedback

When the ball is in the air, he is the main threat. We felt it a lot of times here when we trained together. He is in a good run. Like it is always when you play against Zlatan (Ibrahimovic) and these kind of strikers – tall, good with their back to the goal – you have to avoid the crosses and you have to avoid the passes. That's how it works. If we let them cross 50 balls it's pretty likely Christian will have a few dangerous headers. That's not his only strength, of course, but that's a real strength.feedback

You have to avoid passes in this area, but it's not only for him. If you are only concentrated on Christian then (Wilfried) Zaha and (Andros) Townsend are around you. That's really one of the best offensive lines in the Premier League. Then they have all the experience and size in their backline. We respect this. We know how to play against it, but nevertheless we have to show it.feedback

I think that Liverpool at this moment is a really interesting project for players. It's a fantastic club, it's a good situation where we really can see the progress of the team. The talks we've had so far are very positive. That doesn't mean it will all work out, but they are really positive, and they all see the progress. That's good. We cannot say 100 percent that we will play Champions League football next year. I'm not sure, but I would say together with Tottenham, the average age of the team is such that there's still a lot to come.feedback

We feel in a good way, and if a player wants to be part of this way, then it's easier to make this decision this year than last year.feedback

I think we all agree that if we could have played our first 12 or 13 for the whole season, we are only six, seven, eight points away from the very interesting region of the table. Look at the injuries we've had – not a lot of muscle injuries. It is not because of intensity. If it happens in the game, it is different. Lucas got a knock, not serious, played until the end, a few problems, similar with Joel [Matip].feedback

That's the situation; Adam [Lallana], Daniel [Sturridge] and so on, lots of different things. A lot of problems, Ragnar [Klavan] was because of contact in training. Sadio Mané is a long-term injury because you saw what happened – it's not about day-to-day training. The best word to describe this is 'unlucky.feedback

Crystal Palace are really strong with unbelievable skills in offensive lines. [Wilfried] Zaha, [Andros] Townsend, Christian, [Jason] Puncheon, they are really good footballers. When the ball is in the air Christian is a major threat and he is another player with confidence on a good run. If we let them cross 50 balls it's pretty likely he will have some dangerous headers.feedback

When balls are in the air he's the main threat. He has 14 goals for Palace [in all competitions]. He has confidence and is in a good run. That is one of the best offensive lines in the Premier League. We know how to play against them but nevertheless we have to show it. Having one or two chances, being involved in two or three more offensive situations, that's what a striker's life is, somehow. You cannot always be only the guy who makes the last touch for an easy goal.feedback

So that's what I thought was a really big step for him. But we all know he was in shape like this last year around the Everton game, before the Everton game, and then [he was] done with the injury. He needed this time to get the level again, but we have to do everything to help him get consistency in this. In this moment, how it looks in training and everything, he's obviously in a good way.feedback

He had these moments when he kept the ball for us really physically - against the defensive line of West Brom, that's really difficult and that helped us so much.feedback

We always think about the squad, and that includes the goalkeepers. Is it about Joe Hart? Usually we don't talk about things like this, but in this specific case we can. So he is not for us, not in the moment and hopefully not in the future. That's not because of Joe, it's because we have two strong goalkeepers and Wardy is at Huddersfield, playing a brilliant season, he's ours so we will bring him back next season and then there is more competition.feedback

The young ones have made really big steps with Kamil [Grabara] and Caoimhin [Kelleher] and the situation around our goalkeepers is really good.feedback

I will not have been in charge of 10 different clubs once my managerial career is over. There is a not insignificant chance I will have coached three clubs. I would say it is very unlikely I will become a club-hopper all of a sudden. On the contrary, it is always quite easy for me to fully commit to what I am doing because they are often long-term projects. I could be in an uncomfortable situation if we do not win anything. People expect Liverpool to win trophies.feedback

If I fulfil my contract with Liverpool, then there is a good chance I will have won something here.feedback

You can always do better, but we learned in the game and I liked it a lot that the second half looked better tuned than the first. We knew what to do, but in the first half it looked a little bit static in a few moments and in the second half it looked much better. I am really happy about the performance.feedback

He made an important save and in the end, it doesn't look that spectacular, but he was really present around the set-pieces.feedback

It is one of the most difficult places to come because in no game can you feel comfortable. Somebody asked me which result would have kept me a little bit calmer in the last few minutes and I said only 4-0 after 86 minutes! Maybe then I would have felt OK, but now it's done. It was very, very important because showing this concentration level until the end didn't work each week in the last few months – but today, it was really good and I am happy about this. I really thought that the boys were in a really difficult game in not the easiest situation, but they did really well.feedback

If somebody speaks to me about plan A or plan B, I don't really understand this. It was never the case – actually I lose a bit of respect if people say things like this. In this season we had a lot of possession and won games against teams like Hull and Leicester. Brilliant football, was not the highest intensity, pressing or whatever. It was football at its best or whatever.feedback

Their story will always be our story.feedback

When you go back and look at my teams with [Borussia] Dortmund in 2012 or 2013 it was not all pressing and counter-pressing, we played football and won games and all that stuff. This season [we lost] not because we didn't have a plan B but it was about having difficulties in different games. We will mark the occasion as a team. I know, at the wish of the families, this is the first year where the service doesn't take place at Anfield. There is a memorial at Melwood with the names of the 96 people who lost their lives. We, as a team, will pause, show our respect and remember them.feedback

The thing is that it was not an easy season so far but there are still six games to go and he is back. I'm happy about this. He had an impact when he came on against Stoke. We have to decide always after the few sessions he made, like I said after the game, how long should we force it or try to use his freshness when he is coming on?' That is my decision at the end. I don't think a second with the actual squad about the next season. We are in the season and around this we plan different things like transfers, as you can imagine, but who will leave we have never thought about it.feedback

In the moment when we have to say something we will say something. I see a lot of Premier League games so I see Crystal Palace too and I see how he is playing there and all this stuff.feedback

I will only be satisfied if we reach the Champions League. You are always under pressure. In every game there is pressure. You need to win all the time. I'm only satisfied when the team wins.feedback

I don't think about [points]. If we win all the rest of the games it's pretty sure we'll be in the Champions League.feedback

They are better but not good enough for the weekend. Adam will train the week after Crystal Palace. West Brom have all our respect and all our concentration. We will try to be at our best, West Brom are having an outstanding season.feedback

There's no announcement to do at this moment... but what I can say probably is... yes. No announcement, but he's doing a really good job at the Academy.feedback

Everybody can imagine it was a difficult moment for me because I don't know how often I was in the team hotel with Dortmund. I know exactly the road. A lot of my friends were in the bus. I was really concerned, scared for them.feedback

Simon Mignolet saved our life. Job done, feels good. Nice weather, 63 points and I couldn't feel any better.feedback

My life is making decisions, and some of them are good, after the game you can see it obviously worked, and some of them are not. So if we lose today 1-0 then the whole world probably would have said: 'what have you done'. I understand completely when I make a decision like that then if it goes wrong then I will get the criticism. That is my life - the life of a coach!feedback

Yes, we don't have this experience. Probably you need things that to get more experience than this, even though (the result) was not that good... We have to get more experience in this, for sure.feedback

The situation is not dramatic, we still have a lot to play for. We knew that the race would be tight but, as you've seen, other teams that go for the top four can drop points as well.feedback

I have no idea how. That was genius and I am really happy for him. He saved our life. The first half was not the players, it was the way we play football. It was obvious that Stoke were better tuned but they didn't create a lot of chances, other than the goal. But, it's job done, it feels good. Nice weather, 63 points and I couldn't feel any better.feedback

The second half was really good but we played a big gamble bringing on Firmino and Coutinho. Phil [Coutinho] lost three kilos in the last three days.feedback

It could have been the perfect result but unfortunately between perfect and difficult to accept – sometimes it is only a second. That's how it was in this game.feedback

Again, around the second goal, Sadio would not have been too much involved in defending so the influence of missing Sadio was not too big. That's why it felt like it did at the end. It could have been good. It could have been the perfect game in terms of the result, a bad start, coming back at this stage of the season with a sick Phil [Coutinho] and a tired Roberto [Firminio], all that stuff.feedback

Adam Lallana is better, much better, but is of course no option for the weekend because he is not in training. He feels nothing in the moment, but we will need a few more days for sure before we can have him back on the pitch. It is similar to Hendo. Hendo is also in a good way but we don't know exactly when he can be part of training again. Phil is still ill and was not at Melwood yesterday and he will not be here today. He had a conversation with the doc and he feels much better, but it doesn't look too good. We will have to see if we [can] bring him in tomorrow.feedback

Sadio will, we're pretty sure, need surgery. We're not 100 per cent sure when it will happen, but then it is clear his season is over. That's what I expected, actually, when I saw the video after the game. I thought he was lucky in this situation that not more happened, but now we are close to the end of the season and that means it will be pretty much impossible that he will play again this season. But then he'll have a long break and be ready for next season, so that's the only good news.feedback

Stoke is not too far away so we will give him all the time he needs, but it will be really close.feedback

You don't get to 60 points now through nothing. Being in this position is good but the season is not over.feedback

The only thing we have to forget, if you want, is that we are Liverpool and have to play like Liverpool. We have to be a real challenge for Stoke. That is what we have to be. We can be this. That is how most of the teams are playing against us – to defend as good as possible and then use the situations to create with this. That is how we will play, 100 per cent. You can win football games with each line-up. That is the nice thing about this game. That is what I know, I feel and for sure will say in different ways for the next 24 or more hours.feedback

Phil is still ill. He was not at Melwood Thursday and he will not be here Friday. He feels much better but we will have to see if we can bring him. Friday's session will be only his third and it will be a high intensity game at Stoke so it's difficult. It is a risk and he's no chance of playing 90 minutes and if he starts then you would have to change. That's the situation – it is better than when he is not in training but it is still early.feedback

I feel confidence in this moment because I know about football and I know what is possible and I know what it's not about.feedback

We all know about his quality, there is no doubt about that, and it's good to have him back but difficult to put him straight back.feedback

I love giving these boys an opportunity but it has to be the right situation and the game against Bournemouth didn't look like the perfect moment to give them the responsibility for the rest of the game. Everybody saw it. It was not perfect and I made the decision. The young boys give us a few options – it's about Ben, Trent, Harry, Marko Grujic – and these are the boys we have to think about but also about the position, who can help us where and can we create a situation where they can really perform?feedback

Phil is still ill. He was not at Melwood yesterday and he will not be here today. He feels much better but we will have to see if we can bring him tomorrow.feedback

We only thought it made sense to give one more defensive protection in the centre. We are usually really brave in situations like this when we really try to win and that's what we did – we only tried to win.feedback

Usually you close the game in one moment, we didn't, we left it open. Then it's a second ball after a set piece and that made me nearly vomit. That's of course not nice. We have to take it. It's my responsibility, all of this, and I have to be clear in this situations. I will find a solution for this.feedback

It's not 100 per cent clear. We made an assessment and scan but we have to wait a little but until the knee is not that swollen anymore. The only thing what I can say for sure, is he will not be available for tomorrow [the hosting of Bournemouth]. All the rest, we have to see. The more difficult the situation seems to be, the more difficult it is to handle, the better it feels afterwards when you look back.feedback

We left him out [of training] on Monday because he had back pain, knee pain. Nothing serious, thank God. Really, he has knocks everywhere. I hope he will be fit.feedback

Emre has kind of a full-body bruise.feedback

Joel had a little bit of a back problem or two. He saw the doc before training so we will see. He should be okay.feedback

We have the possibility to change the system. We have one session to do this, but it's still possible, absolutely. I'm not sure we can have a similar line-up to the last game, but we have different options, we can bring in young boys, experience up front, on the wing, James Milner could play a wing position offensively. There's a lot of different things we could do.feedback

We should stop thinking about this idea of weaker teams. Football is a game, as I understand it, with no weaker team.feedback

The line-up we will choose is to make them as strong, as compact and as ugly to play as possible. The best plan in the world is only as good as the players. We should think about how we can defend, not how dominant we can be. Maybe we can surprise one of the other teams with good organisation, good defending, good counter-attacks. Why not? Unfortunately, that is possible. The knee is swollen and we have to wait for the final assessment. It was such a hard moment in January. We had these games, it was not the freshest moment of the season.feedback

Then missing Sadio in the shape he was, plus missing Phil (Coutinho), was not perfect. My job is to find solutions. This is a good situation: we have 59 points, we are in a nice position - yes a few teams have played less games than we have but they cannot win them all because they have to play each other. The whole season is to prepare the finish and this is the finishing part of the season. Eight games to go. We expect results from ourselves, we want to fight for everything.feedback

That's what we've done all the time, even if maybe sometimes it didn't look like this, but I thought more often [than not] everybody could see that we are really fighting. That will still be like this and for this we need not only an atmosphere in the stadium, we also need a positive mood within the club and around the club because the situation is positive.feedback

Yes, a few teams have played less than we have, but they cannot win them all, that's for sure because a few of them play against each other. We are in a good position and I really want to use this position. This is the finishing part of the season, there are eight games for us and nobody asks for your problems, everybody only wants results. We want the same, we expect results from ourselves and we want to fight for everything.feedback

So, the only job to do is to play the best you are able to and not think about who you miss and all that stuff. Now, let's go.feedback

We are responsible for all the results. You learn the hard way. Bournemouth also played a derby [at the weekend, against Southampton] and now they have to play at Anfield. That's not the best thing I could imagine.feedback

We'll fight for each point of these last 24 [available] for us.feedback

His mistake is to say both sides made bad challenges, I can't remember one from our side. But it's not a problem, we are emotional, not only myself. It's not worth saying, it's not too serious, it's already done. My boys are emotional, [but] they never ask for something they are not sure about. It wasn't a big issue during the game so we shouldn't make it bigger than it actually was. They have no points to waste, we have no points to waste. We will fight for every last point. We learned a lot [from that 4-3 defeat]. One situation changed the game. We felt too confident in a specific moment.feedback

Everyone would miss Sadio. Southampton probably still miss him, Salzburg still miss him.feedback

It is not 100 per cent clear. We have to wait a bit.feedback

We won't make any decisions now. Probably he can be in the squad. Daniel is in team training and it's good to have him back. It's actually a perfect moment, a lot of good news, we have to use these boys. They have all the support from my side they can get. Sometimes the players are in a good shape, but cannot be in the line-up. It's good to have Divock. The season is long. He's a very important option for us now.feedback

I really believe it. I'm not just an option for the future, I'm an option for now. I hope I can play a big part in the end of the season.feedback

It is not about thinking 'How can we play perfect football?' now. We need to get results and the first thing I will think about is how we can defend against Bournemouth, not how can we create 27 chances? If we are strong and perfectly organised in defence then Bournemouth cannot get confidence in the game. We don't think what we miss, we only think what we can do to win this football game.feedback

Today we played a really good game. Nearly everything was perfect, we win it, the performance was good [but] then we lose Sadio Mane.feedback

It was a world-class goal, another fantastic finish and he made the pass for Div's goal.feedback

I don't like creating stories. Our responsibility is to cool things down as much as possible. It's not so easy in the game when we shout at each other. If you saw two harsh challenges then say it, don't use me to say it. It's the third game we leave with an injured player – Sadio [Mane] was unlucky. Lucas is a very experienced player and we used him a lot this season at centre-back, but everyone knows he's a six. We needed him there [in central midfield] and he did the job. His challenges, he was very aggressive – legal aggressive. Ronald Koeman spoke about me? Then say about it what you want.feedback

Tite obviously likes the way we play - we had a lot contact and I am not 100 per cent sure but I think he wants to do something similar. We had a few conversations, not with him personally because we have language issues, but there is a guy in his staff who speaks English and he likes the way we play. I know your thoughts when we started playing Roberto as number nine. Now he is playing for Brazil as a nine and that is maybe not the worst idea.feedback

[But] he needs passes, support from other players. My main thing is how can we avoid this?feedback

I am not skilled in many parts of life but maybe I am a genius in understanding derbies because I didn't need a second to understand this. The world stops for 90 minutes in a city. Football is not the most important thing in the world but in a few moments we love to think it is. There are not too many other cities around the world with two clubs of this size and importance. These are the games you look forward to. [We need to] be aggressive, but not too aggressive and fight for everything to try to make our supporters happy.feedback

I didn't need a second to understand how important this game is. Tomorrow the world stops for 90 minutes in a city. I like him, he is a very good striker, he has our respect.feedback

I don't remember one game that wasn't important this season and last year I remember Everton was under a little pressure. My colleague was sacked a few weeks later.feedback

Would anyone miss international friendlies? I'm not sure. Maybe we should try. There is a guy on his staff who speaks English and we had a lot contact and he likes the way we play and I am not 100 per cent sure but I think he wants to do something similar. It makes no sense that I run in the derby and celebrate in the opposite corner in front of the Everton fans. I saw after we won the last two games the Evertonians were still around.feedback

I think so. The team is stronger and has a different mentality, more aggression and more of the intensity that you need to play against Liverpool, but you need to show it. It's not a case of being afraid exactly, but not being afraid to play in a certain way. You know they will press and be aggressive and maybe Everton were not prepared in the best way for a game with that type of football. At home we went face-to-face and maybe 98 minutes was too long but that was a good impression of how I like to play and how we need to play against Liverpool.feedback

It is not that they hide themselves in the corner and this is the first time they come out. I would really prefer that we win it then life is a bit better but since the last game we played Everton have made a big step. Everyone knows it is very important. Now we have to show it and not talk about it.feedback

It is opportunity not pressure. What I have learned is that it helps if you don't think too much about the pressure in games like this. We all know how important it is for everybody. The pressure is always there. We need positive aggression. Not that we want to show that we are really ready to make crazy challenges or whatever but we are ready to hurt ourselves. That is how I understand it. The hype around a derby is 100 per cent right and OK.feedback

He misses in this moment - which is pretty normal after a long injury - this kind of consistency. There are always steps in this direction. Sometimes it works. It's about, in this moment, consistency but he is in a really good way.feedback

It's a sad day. I had the honour of meeting him last year around the League Cup final. Obviously I am not from Liverpool, I am not from England, and so I needed a little bit of help but when I heard about this very special story then it was really nice to meet him. It was a big honour for me. Today is a very sad day for all of us. All of our thoughts and all of our love are with the family. We tried to pay our respects like a football club should do for a real member of the club, a real figure of the club, with a minute of silence.feedback

I am sure nobody can, or will, forget him. It's a sad day, but on the other hand it is a day where everybody thinks about him and thinks about his very, very special story.feedback

It was impressive because the players were immediately in the mood; all of them have heard about him and that shows how special his relationship with this great club was. You will not have this a lot of times. It's nice and it shows what a big value this is because it's so rare. Maybe more of us should try to be like him – and in him we had the perfect role model.feedback

He has to learn, he has to develop, he has to improve, all of this. That's why I said there are now two managers responsible for him. Until now, it was only my job.feedback

Actually, I was surprised about this. I don't know exactly how it's normal here. This should not be a criticism. But usually when you call up a player, a 17-year-old player, I thought it would be possible to call me. I'm not sure if he knows him well. He didn't play in the team so far for Coleman I think. Because of the age, it would be better?feedback

If he stopped learning now, that would make no sense at 17. I'm not in doubt about this. We didn't hide him. We used him all the time. He's a fixed part of training. He can deal with nomination for Wales 100 per cent. It's a little bit like my situation. As long as you give me the time, as long as we give him the time, everything will be good.feedback

The next game is against Everton, they have come from behind [in the table] and it is quite impressive, so it is not only a derby, it's another very important game.feedback

The goalie [Willy Caballero] was quite impressive for City today and maybe he made a good movement or whatever, or he [Lallana] was surprised that we played football like this because we hadn't 20 times before that. It was good, but that really can happen. Immediately after the game, Adam said 'sorry' to me and I thought 'why?' - but now I know why he thought he had to say sorry. But he didn't have to, because his performance was outstanding again.feedback

It's difficult to make an assessment. A point at City is absolutely okay and there were a few situations when we couldn't defend their quality, but we could have won this game. Their goalkeeper [Willy Caballero] made a few outstanding saves and then we had this phase around the second half, 50 to 70 minutes, when we had them but didn't close the game in this moment. We let them a little bit recover on the pitch so they came back with their quality and they deserved to score. We could have scored more.feedback

Our attitude was outstanding, and there was a lot of good football from two highly motivated sides, with chances until the last second. It was good and we can build on the performance. Tomorrow I'll be happy but now I'm a bit disappointed, but not a lot.feedback

We are still in a battle, that's how it is. It's a really important sign that we can already do this. We have to improve - in a game like today, we have to improve and in all of the other games, we have to improve. I know a lot of reasons why we couldn't and, as I said, it's a long-term project and if I wake up every morning and think, Oh my god, we lost the points there and there' it wouldn't make it better, so I don't do it.feedback

The icing on the cake is that Divock Origi was off yesterday because he felt a little bit ill - probably not serious but in our situation we have to be really sensitive. That's what we did. We will see if he can be involved today or tomorrow, but it's not 100 per cent.feedback

Maybe Spanish are more emotional than Germans. Obviously he is one of the best technical players I have ever worked with.feedback

But it was not again. It was the first time for us and that is different.feedback

When you reach a target, it is fantastic. If you don't get it, it doesn't mean you are bad or not the right person. Come on, let's try it again. I feel supporters still think I'm the right person in the right place so we feel that trust and faith. We have to use it but around us is a lot of quality. We need to respect this. I am manager of Liverpool football team and I really enjoy this job. Maybe there are easier jobs out there but it is really good. I would say this season, going to the Champions League would be an outstanding success because of all the quality around us.feedback

This season is a good example for how close and how tight it is. I am really convinced about the circumstances and the basis we have. How long it will take? I have no idea but everybody should see we tried every day really hard. It is not only because we want it more or have wanted it for longer, it doesn't make it more likely. We have to do it better and that is what we are working on. I said at the beginning we cannot have the history of this fantastic club in our backpack. It makes no sense to carry it around.feedback

The influence of him on the game is really big. If he is not at 100 per cent you miss something, that's how it is. But two weeks ago we played Arsenal and he did really well. Yes, Burnley again was not the best game, but he misses in this moment - which is pretty normal after a long injury - this kind of consistency. But the training week so far was perfect, he presented himself really well; it was fluent, confident and looked really well. There are always steps in this direction. Sometimes it works. It's about, in this moment, consistency but he is in a really good way.feedback

I said at the beginning we cannot have the history of this fantastic club in our backpack. It makes no sense to carry it around. There is pressure and sometimes we are still not patient enough. In January and February you could feel everybody thought, It slips away again.feedback

In Spain there's always Madrid, and I don't know, Valencia had a good year, Sevilla, Atletico of course, all that stuff. But the rest are not as good or not good enough to challenge Barcelona.feedback

Could he have won a few games more? Yes. Thank God they didn't so obviously we are still around them.feedback

We really have to compare the squads. A team without [Lionel] Messi or with Messi? Come on. A team with [Andres] Iniesta or without Iniesta? A team with Xavi at his best or without? That's the difference. It's the same situation we had. We played a few outstanding games, but we obviously get judged by the games where we are not very good. We work really hard on it all week to bring this on the pitch but I'm sure he does the same. In England it's the difficulty of this league and the quality of the players around.feedback

You can't compare one with the other. You can see what he wants. That is probably the most important thing if you judge a manager.feedback

It is all about using the experience you have and when you think of experience I heard what Jose Mourinho said and what the pundits think about it. Last season we had the same experience. It was really hard. We played Villarreal and then Swansea at 12. If you want to help you should not do that. I know it is contracted, but 12 or 4pm? Don't play then.feedback

They are good because Emre likes to be here. We really like him as a person and as a player. So there are talks, there is nothing else to say. It actually makes no sense to talk about it, but because I obviously heard there was a story out there [I will]. Until the final year starts – there are a few months still – no problems, absolutely no problems. Completely good talks [have been] held with a lot of other players and if there is something to say about it we will be the first.feedback

To be active, you need to be brave. Monaco couldn't do it two halves. Second half [City] missed chance after chance. We cannot hope Aguero misses these chances.feedback

But which mood are [City in] now? No idea! I'm more interested in what mood we are in.feedback

Hopefully it is a good time to play them - no idea. Could I change the time? Would I have been disappointed after going out of the Champions League? Yes. But they can learn, that's all you can do.feedback

We know we can be difficult to play in games like this, but we must be at our best.feedback

It was two spectacular games. Monaco are flying in the league and in the Champions League, too. I thought the changes City made in the game were really good.feedback

I would say Pep Guardiola's Barcelona squad was the perfect role model for a winning situation. It was an outstanding combination. It was also another really good generation at Bayern Munich, there was not a second team in Germany, we tried to be it but it didn't happen. In other countries it is difficult. Here a win is everything, in other countries if you played with other styles you would have an empty stadium. Everything is legal, the culture is different. I am not in doubt about his qualities. I respect him a lot. I have played him a lot and it is difficult to play his teams.feedback

I don't think we are the favourites. That's not too bad.feedback

These games are always important. I can't remember a game that was not important in the Premier League. We all know the quality of Manchester City. I thought the way they played against Monaco was quite impressive. City could have won the game easily but because they are human beings they are out. But their quality is really high. I know their image in this country is different, the Pep Guardiola style... but it's real football. It's difficult to defend against them. We know what we have to do but if we can do it, I don't know.feedback

Would I have been disappointed going out of the Champions League like this? Yes. Pep was disappointed too but what he said was right, they have to learn from it.feedback

If you can win the ball there are maybe a few spaces you can use. We know what we have to do there. We will try everything to do the right things and then it could be a fantastic game to watch. What it meant to them or what mood they are in I have no idea. I am more interested in what mood we go there and what we can do. We should concentrate on the football side. I don't think they will still be disappointed, more they want to bounce back. It makes no difference to us.feedback

If you are passive against City you have no chance. You have to be active and to be active you need to brave. Monaco couldn't do it for two halves: in the first half they were good, second half it was chance after chance (for City) and we cannot hope Aguero misses these chances again. In the first half it was really brave of Monaco.feedback

For me City is the most difficult team to play. I know their image at this moment in this country is a little bit different. I've heard about Pep Guardiola's style and all that stuff but it is real football and it is difficult to defend against them and a lot of teams have failed already.feedback

Emre has an outstanding attitude, he always wants [the ball]. I like to speak positively about a player. The second half Emre was very good but first half it was a challenge he should have had before [Burnley's] goal. But things like that happen in football, it does not make you a bad person.feedback

It doesn't make you a worse person or player or whatever. You have to react and he reacted well in the second half. In his position there were a lot of high balls and you can imagine how important it is to have this player around. The problem is then about protection, you have nobody for the second ball when Emre wins the ball. You have then the big space that only really Adam [Lallana] and Gini were in and we suffered in these situations a little bit. But second half we did better and he did better - nice goal after a long period with calf problems, well deserved.feedback

We have a lot of specialists around to try and find out, but the situation was like this, that we could not say 'go on holiday for four weeks and maybe it's better then' - that's not the situation. So it looks like we've found the solution now and he doesn't have these problems any more. I really like to speak positively about the player. Emre's second half was really good, but first half, around the [Burnley] goal, that's the challenge you need to have before the cross, but things like this happen.feedback

The [international] break, these two weeks, hopefully is what can bring him back, but there's no game possible in this time. That's how it is. He cannot train, he for sure cannot play against City and it makes sense that he is doing the rehab. Hopefully he can run in the second week of the international break and then we have to see. Emre is a boy with an outstanding attitude. He's had a few problems with his calf in the last few months, which we couldn't sort quickly enough - not because of our medical department but because sometimes he had it, sometimes not.feedback

The result is massive for us. I think it's the first ugly game we've won. Normally when we're not that good, we lose. At the end, I like it because it's these type of games that we haven't won until now. We are not used to it. It feels strange. I'm happy about the three points and that's the most important thing.feedback

He is a boy with an outstanding attitude. He had a problem with his calf for a few months, we used a lot of specialists to find out what exactly was wrong.feedback

We were obviously not dominant enough to avoid their gameplan. We found a solution and he doesn't have those problems now. Second half he was really good, but he could have been better around the goal. These things happen, but he reacted very well and scored a nice goal.feedback

Are we close to signing them? No, nothing to say about that but that's how it is. It's not that we say we want exactly four players or five players. But we know what we want and we are working really hard, as you can imagine, at the things we want which will work.feedback

Yes I have a plan but look it's March. The plan is different things. It's still the improvement of the players who are here. And it's important that these players could improve.feedback

But Phil came back, Sturridge came back and all of a sudden our base is really good. Now we need to build on it.feedback

So that is one thing that I think is very important. Another thing of course are transfers. Are we looking for transfers? Yes. For players? Yes.feedback

They have the perfect players and the perfect manager. It is the perfect fit. First they created the momentum. Then they used the momentum. Then they stayed consistent. When you look back it looks like the squad wasn't big enough at the start of the season. But back then Danny Ings was involved in our plans and Daniel Sturridge was involved, too. Plus, Ingsy could play on the wing like he's done in former times. But Ingsy got the injury early in the season and Daniel has had a few problems. And in the end, Phil Coutinho was injured and we didn't have enough options.feedback

We didn't do the transfers last year to have a positive transfer record. But we are in a good situation, so the base is really good to improve and of course we will spend money.feedback

My job is to produce the right mood, and I feel especially responsible after not so good performances, [so] we work on it.feedback

There will be moments when we play like this [against Arsenal] and win again – and it is what we did this season already, in fact – and it will be against a team not in the top six. But we have to work on it, first of all we have to feel like it is possible. The whole week is different. When the week starts after Leicester everybody was angry, then we produce this performance against Arsenal. But then the question is immediately about Burnley and it starts already: 'Oh, how can we do this?' The legs feel already very heavy for the next game.feedback

Of course it is in our hands. In this moment I think we should only think about how we can do it. Is it possible that we don't qualify? Yes because of the league, because of the opponents and all that stuff. It would be because of us and we have to take that situation like it is. It is our big target of course. We want to do everything to get it. For nobody it is already decided. As long as we have the opportunity I think we should try everything. It is wonderful to play there and it would be important for the club.feedback

The top six or seven teams can't be sure that they will be in the top four. Last week they were already in, then they are already out. There are a lot of games to play.feedback

We have these really, really good goalkeepers. We have with Mr (Alex) Manninger - a wonderful professional player in the squad which helps the squad a lot. One day when a goalkeeper is involved in a goal which happens quite a few times. It is the life of a goalkeeper that you are the last man standing. Then you are not too happy but I am happy with our goalkeepers, yes.feedback

Burnley have the clearest plan of all these teams. They are happy with their comfortable position in the table.feedback

If you don't score a goal early it can be difficult. Burnley's away record is not good but it is not that they have had no chances. We just have to be ready for hard work.feedback

Daniel Sturridge and Jordan Henderson are not available. Roberto Firmino struggles a little, he felt something after the game [against Arsenal] and this week he couldn't train, so we need to wait a little bit more and see. We will see what we do with Dejan Lovren – there is no decision yet. Ragnar Klavan has had some wonderful games. We have struggled in moments when we have had a lot of injuries. But the atmosphere within the club is fantastic and we are ready to fight. There is no time to think, Oh my God' when a player is injured, it is about finding a solution.feedback

We need to feel free for playing football and we have had good sessions this week.feedback

I was not frustrated. Consistency in the line-up is always good, the things you learn from each other, about each other, is important. But we will see what we will do. Burnley is special. With them it is clear - they defend, counter-attack, long balls in behind, set-pieces. It can't be easy against them. Even when they have lost, they have been close games. We need to be ready. We need to create an atmosphere and use advantage of Anfield.feedback

They defend well, are ready for the counter-attack, long balls, run in behind, and are a danger from set-pieces. It can't be easy against them.feedback

If we judge the players after the best game of the season, then we sign a contract for another six seasons. If we do it after Leicester then you change the whole squad. But the truth is always in between. That is what we are working on, really working on. I don't want to make it too philosophical, it is obviously the case we are inconsistent. I know we don't have to doubt their attitude in the way we usually think about it – 'do they really want it? Are they really motivated?' We cannot play as we did [against Arsenal] if we have any issues like this.feedback

Usually, you win games and you lose against the big teams because at the beginning, when they are at a higher level, they are smarter and more experienced and you lose the games. We've chosen another way but it's still part of the deal and we know that we have to keep on going – and we will.feedback

Directly after that game, I found a few words and it was not asking for friendships. It was pretty clear. But you are really silly then if you let the bad things have more influence on you than the good things. We have to remind ourselves of the good things and we are ready to go again, if you want. The boys showed again what they are capable of. I've said a few times now, I don't like the fact that inconsistency is part of the deal in development.feedback

I have been a coach for 17 years and I have never really been surprised about any line-ups in my coaching career. We always make the analysis without knowing who is playing. You can imagine, we did it with Alexis Sanchez in the line-up, but then when [Olivier] Giroud is on the pitch, it is a different game because they cross more often. For us, it was not a big advantage. Alexis had a big impact on the game, but because we had to adapt to it. If he starts, then we could have already a better solution from the beginning.feedback

We knew Arsenal would bounce back in the second half. Alexis Sanchez is the highest quality player and plays different to Danny Welbeck. Simon Mignolet saved our lives.feedback

It was one of the best games we have played so far because the strength and the line-up of opponent. We did really well. All of them played a fantastic game. When we are compact it is fantastic. Being compact and stable is the basis of each good display. We really felt bad last week, we needed a few days to understand what happened. We had hard words after the defeat at Leicester. We analysed it and that was not enjoyable. We had another opportunity and we took it. It is the roller coaster of the Premier League. It is not always going up.feedback

We all know what we did last week and how we played. It is not usual to come back like this. We know what we need to work on.feedback

It is important to go back to fourth above Arsenal.feedback

It was a tough challenge, but we have seen it many times before and if I talk it will be all over the newspapers.feedback

I have been 17 years a manager, and trying to get over the defeat at Leicester led to one of the worst training experiences in my life. We had a bad defeat, so many bad performances, and there were a few hard words at the training ground, but I said to the boys that at some point we had to finish the Leicester game, put it behind us and start to go again, and hopefully we have done that with this win.feedback

We were spot-on from the first second of the game and that was pleasing. We were much better than Arsenal in the first half and we could have scored more. I don't like the fact that inconsistency seems to be part of the deal at the moment, but usually with that you lose games against the bigger teams. We seem to have chosen another way.feedback

I think we are usually clean - not ugly challenges - but physical. It is not a general problem for us. Sometimes you need tactical fouls but being harder than allowed I don't think it makes sense. I never force my players to make fouls. We are always a pretty fair team as even in a challenge we want to keep the ball and not break a leg. Being physical means being ready to hurt yourself not the other player.feedback

We could have done with one or two players in January, when we had injury problems and the Africa Cup, but the transfer window didn't give us any opportunity. We will be prepared for the summer window, for sure. We are working on it already – we might need between two and six players.feedback

We need to make the right transfers. It is not about money – we can go for the players we want – but at the very top level you might be competing with Barcelona or someone. Some players would rather live in London or Manchester instead of Liverpool, so we have to make a decision and try and make it happen. It might not be possible to break even again; that just happened last season, it was not a target. There will be a few new faces in summer, that is how it is always.feedback

Am I surprised that things like this can happen? No. It is not only football. For me there have been a few strange decisions in 16/17: Brexit, Trump, Ranieri. Do I have to understand it all the time – no, obviously not. It happens still. I have no idea why Leicester did this.feedback

This is fantastic news for the club because Adam is a great player and an even better person. I am so pleased that we will spend more time together now and have this common future with LFC trying to be successful here.feedback

Today the pressure was on us but we dealt with it. We had a really bad period. We are still around, not with Chelsea but with the rest.feedback

We have pressure, yes – but pressure in the end of the season, in this period, means you fight for something. It's a positive pressure, so we want to keep this – we want to keep this pressure high, we want to stay focused, we want to work hard and do everything for the points we can get. We don't expect for a second that it will be easy. If anybody here thinks we already have the three points against Southampton then you could not have seen Southampton this season because they are a really strong side. It will be another hard game for us, but it is like it is.feedback

Tonight, nobody can take these points away from us, so that's the best news and now we have time to work and prepare for the Southampton game.feedback

He has a dead leg. Hopefully it's not too serious but of course it's really painful and there was no chance [he could continue].feedback

Everybody could see he tried hard, but no chance.feedback

The crowd can do what they want but I thought in this moment, I don't know why, the game is still five, six minutes to go, so how can they start now singing this? Actually it's difficult for me to understand and I really think it's important. For me it's kind of a sign that we think it's done and the game is done. It's done at the final whistle not a minute earlier.feedback

In all three derbies we played until now we were exactly like this. I know people from other clubs think I'm crazy because I look like I look, I'm sorry for this.feedback

If you defend deep then you have a lot of legs and help around, that's how it is. The first goal last week, this is not an excuse, but it can happen with a misjudgement and a counter-attack. A centre-half for a top team is playing with a lot of space at the back. That's how Tottenham act, how [Manchester] City act and sometimes how Arsenal act. Manchester United are for sure a bit different.feedback

For example, Palace's second goal was after a set-piece but it came after we lost the ball in the build-up. If the defender steps back in this moment then for a few seconds there could be help from somewhere. It was two wrong decisions in one situation. But defending high is not a problem, it is only a different job.feedback

You have to involve a lot of players in offensive things usually, you cannot be offensive with just two players in a counter-attack when there are already eight from the other team in their own half or box. So of course it is more difficult. If we go for a centre-half we need to know how he acts in big spaces, but on the other side centre-halves can feel pretty alone in certain moments if we don't react the right way after losing the ball. That is why counter-pressing is a pretty useful skill.feedback

I would like to pass on my regards and best wishes to Seamus Coleman, who due to very unfortunate circumstances is not available to play today. I don't not know him personally, but as a football supporter I love his character, his positive approach to the game and his commitment to his club.feedback

There is a lot to admire about this player and it is his personal qualities that will help him as he recovers from this setback and returns to the game.feedback

The difference in this derby is that I really like the respect we have for each other in the city. In the game there is nothing more important than the result - but it is not more than that. That is how sport should be. When I get in a taxi, if the driver is an Evertonian, he never asks me to get out. When I go to pubs where I live there are a lot of Everton fans around me and they accept me - that could be different in Germany with Schalke and Dortmund.feedback

I love these kind of games. The good thing about derbies is that you don't have to think about the situation in the league because these games stand for themselves. Everybody is 100 per cent focused on winning. You can decide a game on your own emotion and feeling towards something. The world will not change after this game but for all of us it can. They should have made it 4-0 just after the break - but they didn't, and we came back to draw 3-3 and it was the start of a great story.feedback

[In 2008] it was the fourth game of the season and we had already played Bayern, Leverkusen and someone else, but all everyone kept saying was, You have to beat Schalke' - we were 3-0 down at half-time!feedback

When I saw them I thought they would actually look tired, but they weren't. There was a really big smile on their face. From the mental side it was a big thing.feedback

It was good for him and it was especially good for Phil. He scored a wonderful goal. In the second game it looked good, fluent, hopefully it is good for us on Saturday. If you saw the games then Roberto didn't score, but he opened nearly all the situations. It is unbelievable. You think how did they have that much space in and around the box and it was Roberto all over the pitch. He did a really good job.feedback

We are not the only team that suffered. No club coaches are happy. I really think we could handle these situations better if we work together. I was never part of the meeting [for fixtures]. As long as we don't work together we will have these situations all the time. It's just a question of time, unfortunately. There's nothing we can do. We have to be careful and not take a risk. It's always too long with injuries. No chance [of playing on Saturday]. I heard he was back in training but I don't know who gave this information. He is working with the rehab coach. No chance this weekend.feedback

Obviously I was not happy. Somebody said I was relaxed about it, I could not be less relaxed about this - but it is not about blaming Southgate. I was not happy he played on the Wednesday but it was not my decision. I respect decisions of other managers. Adam loves football so much he didn't say that he should wait another day. You can not only play on Wednesday. You have to train again.feedback

He's had a little setback. I can't say how long it will be.feedback

We scored a wonderful goal and then the second one. We regrouped again and told the players that the movement was not as good as it could be and we (then) controlled the game. It was pretty clear Stoke could not play the same (sort of) half again. It was intense for them, they pressed high and were aggressive. We did better with the ball and deserved this result.feedback

It was a very difficult game. The result doesn't show it but it was difficult because it was the third or fourth time we've played Stoke with (ex-Liverpool striker Peter) Crouch on the pitch and that is a sign of how they want to play.feedback

We watch football and know the results but this is not when the season will be decided. If Chelsea win all the games they will be champions and they will deserve it.feedback

If somebody is a character and wants to celebrate position one in November then he will not play in December anymore because I see it pretty quick. But these things usually don't happen. The players are here in this situation because their character is really good. It is a long way to get here. It is not like they are surprised about success whether it is individual or as a team.feedback

If I went to the players and said 'Don't think we are first' or 'We are first but nothing has been reached' they would think I'm silly because they know this already. Stay cool, play football and see what happens.feedback

When I came here (in October 2015) I asked for time and patience and belief. And after 11 match days everyone's asking for guarantees and they are not there. The only thing we have is a pretty good football team.feedback

St Petersburg are a very talented team and follow their own plan too. They stuck solidly to this plan and this was the key to the game. I haven't really thought about the pros and cons.feedback

I think at this moment we have so many good players, young players in Germany. The reason for this is that 10, 12 years ago we started to give money for youth development.feedback

Nothing is decided, it's only the first half of the tie. We are not so experienced in this tournament and things like this but experienced enough to know that we have to work unbelievably hard in Madrid.feedback

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