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He never pretended that he wasn't kind of an a------ sometimes.” said Kara Swisher on this article: Kara Swisher on what everyone gets wrong about Steve Jobs. This page contains 2 articles quoting Kara Swisher. Main topics on which Kara Swisher is quoted are heart and statement. In addition you’ll find 6 quotes there. All these quotes are mentioned on this page and you can filter them by date and by topics.

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People used to say he was heartless. I think he had too much heart. You know what I mean? He cared too much. He had so much heart that he just couldn't stand it when things weren't right. I think he just had a lot of heart and it was overwhelming to him. And he had a lot of feelings and he never hid them.

He never pretended that he wasn't kind of an a------ sometimes.

He was so passionate and heartfelt about it. And then he hugged us all.

I think they just didn't speak out because they're trying to get along. Which I understand that completely. But these are the leaders of the most important companies, probably in the world at this point. And so, I feel they are important leaders, and they have an important voice and important influence, and didn't really use it here ... there's a way to put your opinion out and be polite at the same time, and that's the point of a democracy.

When you feel like you've made some progress, you make a statement. And none of them made a statement. I find that fascinating.

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