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The negotiations are in deadlock and now a crucial piece of legislation is facing further delay. There is chaos at the heart of Government. Theresa May cannot unite her Cabinet or her party behind this deeply flawed
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NEW Oct 18 2017 Brexit
We found 60 articles in which Keir Starmer said something. The most recent Keir Starmer’s quote is: “Every passing week without progress on transitional arrangements make things worse not better. Only fantastists and fanatics talk up no deal.”. In addition, all sources we refer have quoted Keir Starmer 89 times. On this page, you will find all of Keir Starmer’s quotes organized by date and topic.
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Sep 18 2017 - Brexit

Deep divisions in the Cabinet and a complete lack of leadership are putting the national interest at

Sep 12 2017

This is such a flawed Bill that the Prime Minister should have dropped it and started again. Instead, she has adopted her normal blinkered approach and forced through a Bill that will need extensive amendment and improvement in a whole range of areas. This is likely to cause delays and division in Parliament, and the Prime Minister has nobody to blame but

Sep 12 2017

Labour amendments would give greater control to Parliament and take power back from the hands of Ministers. They would protect key rights and environmental safeguards and ensure that the government does not have a legislative blank

Sep 12 2017

They will go some way to improve what is a deeply flawed

Sep 12 2017 - Brexit

Labour will seek to amend and remove the worst aspects from the bill as it passes through parliament. But the flaws are so fundamental it's hard to see how this bill could ever be made fit for

Sep 11 2017 - Brexit

Even if you're a Labour MP that campaigned and voted for leaving the EU, you still think it's right that Parliament has a say over what the withdrawal looks like. Whether we're leaving is a closed question, but how we're leaving isn'

Sep 07 2017 - Brexit

The delegated legislation can amend the primary act itself. That is as wide as I have seen in my experience. What are the limits? What are the safeguards?feedback

Sep 03 2017 - Brexit

We haven't reached that stage yet but I have been very, very clear: Whilst we accept the result of the referendum we are not giving a blank cheque to the Government to do it in whichever way it wants because it is not in the public

Sep 03 2017 - Brexit

These are very, very wide powers and we can't just give a blank cheque to the

Sep 03 2017 - Brexit

You might say 'well that is consistent with leaving' but it puts the date of extinguishing into the hands of the secretary of state and not

Sep 03 2017 - European Court of Justice

This is not about frustrating the process, it is not giving the Government a blank cheque to pass powers into the hands of ministers. Even when it comes to transitional measures the Bill makes clear that the role, for example, of the European Court of Justice will be

Sep 03 2017 - Single market

We could attempt to have an arrangement which delivered the benefits of the customs union that we now have through a customs union and that is something which we think should be a viable end

Sep 03 2017 - Labour Party

To suggest as some do that you can have as it were bespoke, special arrangements negotiated between now and March 2019 is nonsense and so this is grown-up politics from the Labour party in the public

Sep 03 2017 - Brexit

We haven't reached that stage yet but I have been very, very clear – whilst we accept the result of the referendum we are not giving a blank cheque to the government to do it in whichever way it wants because it is not in the public

Aug 28 2017 - Brexit

We will always put jobs and the economy

Aug 26 2017 - Article 50

That is why a transitional period under Labour will be as short as possible, but as long as

Aug 23 2017 - Brexit

The repeated reference to ending the 'direct jurisdiction' of the ECJ is potentially significant. This appears to contradict the red line laid out ... which stated there could be no future role of the ECJ and that all laws will be interpreted by judges in this

Aug 15 2017 - Brexit

These fantastical and contradictory proposals provide no guidance for negotiators or certainty for

Jul 25 2017 - Brexit

I am grateful to Mishcon de Reya for discussing a possible role advising the Mishcon Academy with me, but, given my other commitments, I have decided not to further the

Jul 19 2017 - Brexit

The clock is ticking and the risks are increasing day by day. David Davis can hardly say this is the time 'to get down to business' and then spend only a few minutes in Brussels before heading back to

Jul 17 2017 - Brexit

David Davis can hardly say this is the time to 'get down to business' and then spend only a few minutes in Brussels before heading back to

Jul 17 2017

We will continue to listen to and work with members to take policy forward and to take on this reckless Tory

Jul 13 2017 - Labour Party

They are clear that regulatory alignment is really important and that is an issue that has got to be addressed if we are to have a meaningful relationship. They are clear about the dangers of free trade agreements that don't have the sort of frameworks around them that they would

Jul 13 2017 - Labour Party

It was an opportunity for us to have a pretty frank exchange of positions. And an opportunity to dive into some of the issues that arise out of that. Hopefully, it is the first of a number of meetings, so we will be able to continue that process. If you say upfront that we won't be in the Customs Union without having a discussion about what possibilities there are around the edges of that, then you make it more difficult. That's why we've said to government, reset the

Jul 13 2017 - Immigration

Chancellor Philip Hammond [is] adopting language very close to ours. We say putting jobs and the economy first, he says putting jobs and prosperity first. We say no over the cliff, he says transitional measures. We say no arbitrary cap on immigration, and he says don't cut off

Jul 12 2017 - Brexit

We have very serious issues with the government's approach, and unless the government addresses those issues, we will not be supporting the

Jul 12 2017 - British elections 2017

These issues are serious, they're reasonable, and we're very firm about them. So we're really putting the government on notice. I haven't seen any evidence that the prime minister has reflected on the outcome of the general election and indicated a willingness to change her approach to Brexit. On the contrary, she has reinforced the approach that she took to the

Jul 12 2017 - Brexit

Nobody is seeking to frustrate the process; we are determined to ensure that the right approach is taken; and this is all about protecting the rights of citizens in

Jul 10 2017 - European Court of Justice

It's increasingly clear that the government acted recklessly by giving up on membership of Euratom. As with so many aspects of the prime minister's Brexit strategy, she has let ideological obsessions – in this case preventing any future role for the European court of justice – take priority over safeguarding jobs and the

Jun 30 2017 - Labour Party

If we are to get good access to single market we will have to pay in. The public would certainly want to see the sum we currently pay in come down. I think everybody would negotiate from that basis. It is inevitable we will have to pay in something and any country negotiating, and that would include the UK, will want to keep that to a minimum but there is a balance to be struck between the level of access and the amount we might have to pay

Jun 19 2017 - Article 50

Talks about Britain’s exit from the EU began today. But after the costly election, the prime minister must make changes to get the best deal for Britain. A year after the EU referendum and 12 weeks after article 50 was triggered, formal negotiations over Britain’s exit from the EU opened

Jun 16 2017 - Brexit

I would like to see the prime minister accept that her version of extreme Brexit has been

Jun 16 2017 - Brexit

What we've criticized the government for is simply sweeping options off the table before they even started the

Jun 13 2017 - Single market

David Davis said this morning is it's not that the Government doesn't want membership of the single market, it's that they've been told you can't have that without freedom of movement. It seems to me that would be a good place to start a discussion and a

Jun 13 2017 - Brexit

These are difficult things to negotiate. Sometimes I think that in the campaign we got far too down in the weeds of the difference between access, full access and membership. Let's focus on what the real outcomes are. It can be done. I'm confident it can be done. We need to send a message to our EU partners that we want collaboration, we want cooperation, and we're going to do this in a grown-up, mature

Jun 07 2017 - Terrorism

The prime minister’s kneejerk proposal to rip up laws to fight the growing terrorist threat is a dangerous distraction. There is nothing quite like working on a counter-terrorism case in real time. When I was director of public prosecutions, from 2008 to 2013, I had a first-rate counter-terrorism team, who worked closely with the police and the security and intelligence services to defeat and disrupt

Jun 07 2017 - Human Rights

There is nothing in the Human Rights Act that gets in the way of effectively tackling terrorism. I can say that with this authority. I was director of public prosecutions for five years. I've worked very closely with the security and intelligence services and we've prosecuted very, very serious criminals and the Human Rights Act did not get in the way of what we were

Jun 07 2017 - Human Rights

This is a diversion … We've had three terrible attacks in three months. The problem is people just coming on to the radar, then the question of how they are risk assessed, and what resource we're putting in. And the prime minister, because she was facing searing questions about that yesterday, about resources, she has now brought up the Human Rights Act as if that stands in the way of the current

Jun 07 2017 - Wiretapping

Well I mean I don't know. You know better than I do. I haven't gone through the voting

Jun 07 2017 - Brexit

I don't think we should introduce a state of emergency … we have to keep our feet on the ground. The question is that these suspects are not being identified early enough in the process for us to take effective action. What people want I think is preventative action and that's why, in fairness to everyone this has affected, let's concentrate on the issue at

Jun 07 2017 - Terrorism

I absolutely empathise with victims of terrorism. What we need to do is take action that is effective. We need to ask searching questions about the prime minister's record over the past seven years and why we have got to a stage where three attacks in three months have taken place and what's the relationship between that and some of the cutbacks that have been

Jun 07 2017 - Human Rights

If we start throwing away our adherence to human rights in response to what has happened in the last three months, we are throwing away the values at the heart of the democracy, everything that we say we believe

May 02 2017

We need to be flexible, we need to be smart and we need to understand how negotiations

May 02 2017 - Brexit

This is...evidence that May's rigid and complacent approach to Brexit negotiations risks leading Britain over a cliff

Apr 25 2017 - Immigration

We accept that immigration rules are going to have to change when we leave the EU. But we don't accept that immigration should be the only overarching priority, the only red line. Nor do we believe that leaving the EU means that we have to sever all of our ties with Europe. We have a very different

Apr 25 2017 - Immigration

I am not prepared now for the Labour Party not to accept the result. The Labour party cannot spend all its time trying to rub out yesterday and not accept the result. We accept it, we respect it. We recognise that immigration rules will have to change as we exit the EU, but we do not believe that immigration should be the overarching priority. We do not believe that leaving the EU means severing our ties with Europe. We do not believe that Brexit means weakening workers' rights and environmental protections or slashing corporate tax

Apr 25 2017 - Immigration

NHS staff have been taken for granted for too long by the Conservatives. Cuts to pay and training mean hardworking staff are being forced from NHS professions and young people are being put off before they have even started. Now Brexit threatens the ability of health employers to recruit from

Apr 25 2017 - Immigration

Freedom of movement has to go and therefore it will have to change but we must have immigration that works for our communities and for our economy. And that means there has to be movement of people to come and work in this country. How that's managed will have to be resolved but the last thing we want is for our businesses to go

Apr 25 2017 - Immigration

Obviously if there were significant reforms that came out of these negotiations which addressed the concerns that led people to vote in the way they did last year, that's a whole new ball game, isn't it? But in the scenario we're facing, we're respecting the outcome of the

Apr 24 2017 - Brexit

A Labour approach to Brexit also means a new approach to how we treat EU nationals in the

Apr 24 2017 - Brexit

EU nationals do not just contribute to our society: they are our society. And they should not be used as bargaining

Apr 24 2017 - Single market

We will work with trade unions, businesses and stakeholders to ensure there is a consensus on this vital issue. A Labour approach to Brexit will ensure there can be no rolling back of key rights and protections. A Labour Government will set out a new Brexit strategy. We will scrap the Government's Brexit White Paper and replace it with fresh negotiating priorities that reflect Labour values and our six tests. The White Paper will have a strong emphasis on retaining the benefits of the Single Market and the Customs Union as Labour know that is vital to protecting jobs and the

Apr 24 2017 - Article 50

And we will approach negotiations in a completely different way to a Tory Brexit: negotiating for the many, not the few. It is shameful that the Prime Minister rejected repeated attempts by Labour to resolve this before Article 50 was triggered. As a result three million EU nationals have suffered unnecessary uncertainty, as well as the 1.2 million UK citizens living in the

Apr 22 2017 - British elections 2017

Guy Verhofstadt asks, what is the purpose of this general election'? The answer is simple. The prime minister is attempting to crush all challenge to her hard Tory Brexit approach at home and to negotiate by threat and demand abroad. As Guy Verhofstadt rightly points out, far from helping negotiations with the EU, the prime minister's stance is eroding the chances of achieving the best deal for

Apr 15 2017

It is deeply concerning that the prime minister is now so isolated from our EU partners. I have emphasised in parliament on a number of occasions that the tone adopted so far by the government is unlikely to get the talks off to a good start. The prime minister should have spent the last nine months building alliances across Europe, not pandering to those in her cabinet and her party who want to sever all links with the EU and retreat from our closest allies and most important trading

Mar 30 2017

I ask the minister to look again at

Mar 29 2017 - Labour Party

It is a sad day because I campaigned to stay in the EU, but I and the Labour Party have accepted the result and therefore we are resolute to get the best deal for our country and to shape the future. So we're not looking back, we're looking forward but of course it's tinged with sadness, I wanted to stay in the

Mar 26 2017 - Immigration

Freedom of movement is an EU rule, therefore when we leave, those rules fall away and we have to decide what immigration rules and policy go in its place. What I'm arguing for in the speech is new rules that reflect both economic demands and those of the

Mar 26 2017 - Single market

All these tests are tests that at one stage or the other the government has said it is prepared to meet, and therefore it's impossible for them that they cannot be met, including the single market test – those are David Davis' words. They are tough tests, but we are talking about the future of the UK in the EU and the

Mar 21 2017

Under this view, not having a full collaborative and co-operative relationship with social Europe is a positive, not a

Mar 12 2017

You absolutely have to have a vote in parliament before this could

Mar 11 2017 - World Trade Organization

It is a reminder of the stark choices we face over Brexit and the huge risks of the PM failing to get a good deal. Labour is clear that no deal is the worst possible deal and would not be in the national interest. The PM should be fighting for a close, collaborative future relationship with the EU and rule out the danger of reverting to WTO terms, as this would be disastrous for British jobs and

Mar 04 2017

This just emphasises how isolated the prime minister is now on this. Whether you campaigned to remain or leave, there's a growing consensus – including now the House of Lords and the cross-party Brexit select committee – that EU nationals should not be used as bargaining chips. The prime minister needs to listen to this, and act

Mar 02 2017

It is a source of real frustration that so far the [Brexit] debate has been focused too much on parliament and process, and not enough on the principles and priorities that will shape the Brexit deal and our future relationship with the

Feb 02 2017

For months we've been calling for a plan ... now there's a White Paper too late in the day to ask meaningful questions ... That is completely

Jan 31 2017

Had the outcome been to remain, we would expect the result to have been honored, and that cuts both

Dec 07 2016 - Article 50

Labour have consistently said that we will not frustrate or delay the process of triggering Article 50. Therefore Labour will accept the government's

Dec 07 2016

The terms upon which we leave the EU will define us and our country for many

Dec 06 2016

Parliament and the public need to know the basic terms the government is seeking to achieve from Brexit. This issue is too important to be left mired in uncertainty any

Nov 07 2016

The government has approached its task in the wrong way and its approach is now unraveling, and I am afraid to say it's unraveling in a most ... ugly way. Only parliament can make and repeal

Oct 13 2016

I have stood here and accepted that there is a mandate for exit. There is no mandate for the terms. It has never been put to the country; it has not even been put to the Secretary of State's political party; and it has not been put to this House. Where is the mandate on the terms?feedback

Oct 12 2016

It's frankly astonishing that the government proposes to devise the negotiating terms of our exit from the EU, then to negotiate and then to reach a deal without a vote in this

Feb 03 2012

We have concluded that there is sufficient evidence to bring criminal charges against both Mr Huhne and Ms Pryce for perverting the course of

Feb 03 2012

I am innocent of these charges and I intend to fight this in the courts and I am confident that a jury will agree. So as to avoid any distraction to either my official duties or my trial defence, I am standing down and resigning as Energy and Climate Change

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