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I see a lot of dark shadows. The markets are probably ahead of themselves. We're living in a bipolar world right now. In my conversations with CEOs in Europe and CEOs in the United States they may be very bullish about what may come but most business people are not investing today.
Feb 08 2017
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Larry Fink is associated, including U.S. and U.K.. Most recently, Larry Fink has been quoted saying: “These clients, the vast majority of whom are investing for long-term goals like retirement or a child's education, are the true owners of these companies. As a fiduciary, I write on their behalf to advocate governance practices that BlackRock believes will maximize long-term value creation for their investments. At the root of many of these changes is a growing backlash against the impact globalization and technological change are having on many workers and communities.” in the article BlackRock's Larry Fink warns CEOs to consider shareholders' long-term interests.
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We all should be aware right now that we are going to be living in a world of a strong dollar.

I don't believe the concept that repatriation is going to stimulate our economy - I've never believed in that.

The market has rallied quite considerably. We have high expectations with ... [the] Trump administration [on] tax policy or infrastructure. It always take longer. If the rollout of some of these growth initiative programs by President-elect Trump are slower, if they are less ambitious, then I think the market is ahead of itself.

Within the U.S. alone, markets are anticipating up to $1 trillion of domestic infrastructure investments over the next few years. We all know we desperately need those investments.

Not just in the U.S. but globally we've built a large presence in infrastructure. We're very excited about our team.

Even in these hostile headwinds that we see as an industry, I think we will benefit over the long run.

Most people have panicked over time. They overinvest in bonds, overinvest in cash, [and] underinvest in equities.

Statistically now, if you're 60 and in good health you're going to live to 90.

Our $55 billion of long-term net inflows were positive across both active and index strategies, and positive across every asset class and region.

In the third quarter, even as investor preferences continued to migrate from equity to fixed income and cash, and away from active strategies, the diversity of our platform drove nearly $70 billion of total net inflows.

The whole industry is facing what I would call turmoil. It's really tough for our clients.

Since Brexit, we've seen ETF flows almost at record levels. However, in the mutual fund area, we're continuing to see outflows.

Our policies have not changed in years - we've been as consistent as anybody. Where we have excess capital, we redistribute that back.

Our whole focus is in investing in our future. The stock repurchase component of that is a remainder. As we've gotten larger as an organization we have increased our stock repurchases.

I would not be surprised – I'm not predicting it – if somebody told me the 10-year Treasury is at 75 basis points, I would not be surprised. At some point, we are going to see the end of the 30- [or] 40-year bull cycle in [bond prices].

I don't think we have enough evidence to justify these levels in the equity market at this moment.

Equity markets have rebounded a lot. We have a lot of wind at our back today.

The U.K. has to begin a major fiscal policy expansion, especially in infrastructure.

If the U.K. votes to stay, I do believe there has to be policy responses.

The Street was anticipating higher performance fees. That's where the miss was.

I believe that after we who know the Republican candidate is and who the Democratic candidate is, you're going to hear great commentary about fiscal reform.

China does represent maybe more global risk than anything in the world today.

One other thing that was a huge difference between our 2014 and 2015 year was our tax rate; our tax rate was up 5 points. When you have a mix of business worldwide and your business is depreciated because of rising dollar your mix actually shifts more to the U.S. and your tax rate goes up.

We have the most resilient capital markets in the world, the most robust banking in the loan market and were quickest to resolve the banking crisis.

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