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We ought to get rid of a lot of the silly regulations. It has become an engineers's championship not a drivers's championship.feedback
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Apr 23 2017
Lewis Hamilton has most recently been quoted in an article called Lewis Hamilton: It's painful when you mess up. Lewis Hamilton said, “If you look at 20 races last year you could say five or maybe more, there's a handful that weren't perfect but then others were awesome. Every year my goal is to increase the number of awesome races so minimize how many dips you have through the year. So we've had two really good... I think the first race was still a high, the second race was still a high and then this one was a little bit of a dip. I plan to bring it back up at the next one.”. Lewis Hamilton has been quoted a grand total of 66 times in 36 articles.
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I'm happy with the job I did and it's great for the team to lockout our first front row. Today we had a bit of a margin over the Ferraris but generally in race trim they seem to be a bit quicker, so we expect them to be closer tomorrow. It's definitely going to be tight. Looking after the tyres is difficult, so whether it is a one or two stop race will be interesting to see. Hopefully we'll have a great battle tomorrow.feedback

The gap to Ferrari looks pretty good here but their drivers were complaining of understeer, so perhaps they have gone with more of a race set-up in mind. And then there's Red Bull. You always have to have them on the radar because they have all the resources they need to be fighting at the front. Tomorrow's race will be all about surviving on the tyres and making the right decisions in terms of strategy. We're starting from the best possible positions and we now need to get the heads down and work hard to convert it into podium finishes tomorrow.feedback

There's not really much to say. When you finish a very fast lap in practice you do a slow lap to get the tyres cool and that's what he was doing. I came up the hill and I was doing easily 100km/h faster than he was but he was right on the racing line. So when I arrived I didn't realise he was going that slow until I got there and I had to take evasive action. But no-one was hurt, so we go on.feedback

Currently Ferrari are quickest. As far as I am aware they are just a little bit quicker than us on the long run, but on the short run it's close.feedback

I never in a million years thought I'd have the opportunity to drive a NASCAR. I don't know what to expect. I know in NASCAR, you blow engines. We very rarely do that nowadays. I just feel like a kid. It's good to feel like a kid again. It's one of the coolest things I've done outside of racing Formula One.feedback

Each one behaves so differently from the others that to learn to drive them is a hell of a challenge. You know, in F1, the cars were unbelievable. Nothing drives like an F1 car. But the racing was terrible, because the cars are so even, and they're so air-dependent that it's not easy to pass.feedback

That's from the driver side, winning the championship, that's the ultimate challenge. When other things start playing bigger roles, whether it's safety car or car mechanical things, that takes away the excitement of racing.feedback

Right now, we're fighting up against a four-time world champion. He is at his best and he is phenomenally quick. Ferrari are at their best in years. So we're at our best as a team, and I feel like I'm at my best. The ultimate fighter always wants to go up against the best battle he can have because then when you come out on top, it's so much more satisfying.feedback

I love this fight. It's going to go right down to the end of the season, and I hope for both of us there's nothing mechanical comes between our sheer battle in ability. I really, really hope it's just an out and out fight through stubborness, through mental stability, through composure and all those things. And at times through just outdriving the person on-track.feedback

I quite like him up here it makes me look younger while I'm up here, it's good to have a younger person around. Max has obviously done a fantastic job since he's been in the sport and a real breath of fresh air for everyone. He's got a great following and he's definitely been in some great situations in some races and really maximised above and beyond, which is why he gets driver of the day. It's a lot harder to do that when you're in the lead of a race obviously because you can't do much overtaking.feedback

Ah nah, I'm good! I honestly hope that Red Bull can improve during the season because I think a third element in the fight for the championship will be more exciting.feedback

I believe that had been previously discussed. I think the one thing that would be nice to come out of it is... because it was obvious what he was trying to do -- get to the drier part of the track which you can understand -- but it would be good to have clarity of does a driver have to start in his grid box or not.feedback

The start was fantastic, I'm so happy with the way starts are going so I'm going to keep that up! And then in the race it was just keeping my composure. It was some really tricky conditions out there, particularly on the intermediate. Then after that, once we had done the pit stop with the Safety Car the speed was very low and being so cold the temperatures in the tires were like they were just not working it was so cold. So it was very, very easy to make mistakes but I'm just grateful I didn't.feedback

Then in the end the last 20-odd laps we were just pounding around as fast as we can, exchanging lap times and I think that's what racing is all about. Perhaps in the future there will be times where we don't have the Safety Car and there won't be that six-second gap, they'll [Ferrari] be right on the tail, either way. So I'm excited for that.feedback

I think the only summary we can come up with is that [we won]. It is very, very close and I think there were times where Sebastian put laps in and it was very hard to even match the time. The last 10 laps or 12 laps or so [Vettel] was doing a 35.6 and I was doing a 35.8 and it was very hard to get to where he was, but then there were other times in the race where I was quicker.feedback

No I'm actually excited about it to be honest, because it's a new experience and I'm sure it's not a huge, huge difference to what we've had in the past, perhaps a little bit, but no, I'm kind of excited about it. It's great to have some excitement, to be faced with a new challenge where you have to be the most proactive and reactive tomorrow if it is wet. I just hope that even if it is raining, I hope the clouds stay high so the helicopter can take off so we can do the race. We've got an amazing turnout here, so we want to make sure we put on a good race.feedback

It might be hard for you to believe, but every pole position has been so unique in its own way. There's always been a different journey to taking that pole, there have been different things that happened on that lap. It's still today and I'm sure it will never change, it's still surreal I have that amount of poles.feedback

I had a fantastic fight the last few years and obviously last year was the closest that I had. I want to win the world championship more than ever before, and while that hunger last year you would think the hunger could not be anymore, it has frickin' doubled.feedback

I have been touring. I have been out enjoying myself. This is what I always do. I think people judge off things they see and if you look at previous years I arrived at the first race just as fit. I was pole position the last four years here [in Australia]. I always arrive fit and ready so none of those I do are a distraction and I have done just as much this year. I have got a job to make sure I am fit, the fitness levels are even higher than before. So for sure I have applied myself better.feedback

When I went to Asia [after Australia] before, I trained. The only difference is now I am deciding to be home. Definitely my discipline has gone up in terms of my training and how specific I am with my diet. Sleep all of these different things. Every year you try to improve but I would say I have taken a good step this year.feedback

This year you are seeing the best drivers at the top. It would be great if we had Fernando [Alonso] up there but that doesn't look like it will happen anytime soon. At least we have a great driver in Sebastian [Vettel]. Four titles and an incredible surge into Formula One and he continues to be a force and will continue to be for many years to come. I am very grateful that I am able to have that fight with him. He grew up with Ferrari which is the next best team. I think it is great.feedback

I don't lie. And I'm not really good at bluffing or playing poker. I didn't know how quick they were going to be in the race. The pace they showed in testing was true and today their speed in that first stint on ultra soft tires was fantastic. My real strength wasn't until right at the end of the race but it was far too late by then.feedback

As you can see it is close between us [and Ferrari] so I think it is going to be a tight race this year. I will make sure that I get a good night's sleep and come back tomorrow stronger than ever.feedback

We have done a lot of work [on our race starts] over winter, particular knowing that the rules have changed this year. We feel we have prepared as best we possibly can.feedback

It is incredible, the best I have ever experienced here. The grip is fantastic, you can really push into these corners. I have not had the car skating around on low grip tyres like we have had in the past. I am incredibly proud of my team. This rule change has been huge and such a massive challenge for everyone and the guys have just worked so hard to make this card what it is today.feedback

That was a tough one today. I don't crash into the barriers often and the last place I want to do that is at home. But I feel I crashed for the right reason, as I was basically pushing and trying to find the limit and these things happen. So let's say I'm not disappointed by the approach, it was just more of a frustrating outcome, starting 10th instead of being under the top five. I feel for the mechanics, because they've had a long week and now they've got a long night ahead of them.feedback

I think Ferrari are obviously still very, very fast and stronger than they have ever been. We'll have to keep a close eye on them, they might not have the power turned up or whatever it may be. And Red Bull have taken a big step into this weekend and it seems that we are currently as strong, if not a little bit stronger than them.feedback

Honestly I feel great, I'm really, really happy and proud with all the hard work everyone has done to get the car ready for this weekend. When you get out there and you feel it right underneath you and you feel a strong car and the times come, it's kind of overwhelming a little bit. I'm happy to see that we are there, still in the fight and that means we are going to be fighting whoever it is this year.feedback

Coming into today I had no idea where we would stand, obviously I was optimistic we would be at the front, but to go out there and to feel a night-and-day difference from the last days of testing was a relief for all of us. The car is feeling good, I got through all my running and got a good understanding of the tyres on low and high fuel and it puts us in good stead for [qualifying] tomorrow.feedback

Personally, I don't think we can fight for the win at the moment.feedback

The more of a fight you have the more satisfying it is when you are victorious. We are up for a challenge, up for a fight and that is what I have prepared for.feedback

I've not had a lot of battles with Sebastian on track so of course I would love to have that. I think the fans want to see that, but even between all of us, we need this guy [Alonso] to have a good car so he can get up there and fight with us as well before his time's up. I'm very, very keen to see what Red Bull bring because they were quite far behind through testing -- at least compared to Ferrari -- and I didn't see them bring many upgrades, or any upgrades as far as I could see. So I'm assuming they're bringing something here so I'm excited to see what they do bring.feedback

Having more teams and more drivers at the front fighting for wins is what racing is all about, so I'm hoping that is the case.feedback

Part of me, wearing a Mercedes hat, wants to be ultracompetitive and to crush the opposition. But on the other hand, there is the fan in me that wants to see competitive racing. For Formula One, that would be very exciting.feedback

Maybe there is something wrong with me as I don't feel any pressure or fear. I know what level my skills are and what I am capable of and what I am still yet to be capable of by getting better.feedback

There is no racing achievement [that will get me to do a shoey], that is disgusting. I wouldn't even drink sweat from my own shoe. We've got these hydraulic fluids going down there, they're running at 300 degrees or something crazy, so it's bleeding hot. My dad would call it 'toe jam' - he's just drinking toe jam.feedback

It is kind of cool that [Ricciardo] has got his own little thing and I admire him for having his own little thing. It is totally cool if he wants to drink the sweat off his own foot, but I definitely don't want to.feedback

Driving today, the time you saw was the time we could do. I didn't feel when I got out that I could have gone faster. But of course there are all sort of things that come into play to bring the time down, such as fuel loads, engine modes, those kind of things. The great thing is no one really knows. It looks very positive for Ferrari, that's for sure, and I don't think that's a bluff. I think that's true. They've done a great job.feedback

They [Ferrari] have been doing a fantastic job and I think there's more to come from them. I think their pace this week has been spectacular. I think Red Bull are still there, I don't know if they brought their upgrade package here this week but usually they bring it for the first race, so I expect us to be having a real serious battle with both these teams.feedback

I don't know if there are mind games going on. Every year in testing the goal is not necessarily to go as quick as you can, it's to find out what you have in the car. And sometimes there have been potentially some teams sandbagging in the past, but I don't really see that as being a benefit to any team.feedback

It was the best game I've ever seen. I just feel really lucky to have been there, I've been talking to [Neymar] about going to watch him play now for a while and finally, being here, it worked out perfect. Some of my best friends flew over from the UK. And what a fight it was!feedback

When you go to Monaco, you can't keep just doing the same race format because no-one can overtake there. Maybe they need to spice it up, do something different. Maybe have a sprint race. I don't know. But Monaco race should be different to the others. I don't know. There's lots of ideas.feedback

That doesn't sound like a terrible idea. I think a new format is definitely needed for Formula One. Thursday to Sunday has been the same for the last 11 years. The 10 years I've been here it's been the same. I think the way these cars are, with the continued direction and design they go which makes it difficult for us to overtake and then people complain that we don't overtake, we've got to come up with some unique and different races. Maybe every other race there's going to be a different scenario.feedback

In actual fact we are slower on the straights but it's how late and deep you can brake into the corners, it's how quick you can get back to the gas, how you are able to take the corners flat out easily. It's quite unreal. It's amazing. I'm coming through some of these corners...and I'm like a kid on a roller-coaster ride because it's so much better than it was before. But following is not good. Following is not easy. It's worse to follow another car. I don't know how that's going to play out in an actual race when there's lots of cars.feedback

I hope that it splits the men from the boys.feedback

I was behind a couple of cars out there and it was harder to follow, as we expected.feedback

I don't feel I did anything unfair. We're fighting for a championship, I was in the lead, I control the pace. That's the rules.feedback

I don't want to take anything away from that, he did everything he had to do this season and I hope we both have cars as his was this season so we can fight again next year.feedback

It's an unusual scenario to be in -- fighting for something and not knowing for sure that what you do will guarantee you're able to make it.feedback

It's just really amazing to see that Mexico has now become one of the top grands prix on the calendar, usually it takes some time for a country to really grow as being one of the best.feedback

Today is about all of you guys. I am so proud of everyone.feedback

Definitely things have happened in the right way in that second quarter of the season and to go into the break 19 points ahead and now only lose 10 today… I'll take it.feedback

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