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It has been a pleasure to have the best; a leader in the dressing room and an example for his
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May 26 2017
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Luis Enrique is associated, including Leo, Champions League, and goal. Most recently, Luis Enrique has been quoted saying: “He has had a great season, although players need trophies and this year they have been lacking.” in the article Neymar has evolved but he needs trophies, says Luis Enrique.
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We have one game left and clearly the objective is to win that game, to give us a chance to be

I'm not interested in anything other than the match against Las

We are not rushing to announce a coach. We are at a crucial moment of the season and we have to be focused on the team to feel our support. There is no hurry or urgency to establish a

I decided to head off in a new direction and find happiness somewhere

Here, there was the possibility of signing Neymar and there were criticisms because there could not be two stars. Now there are three, which is something to be valued. They are the best in the world. Time will tell if Neymar can mark an era. He has an interpretation of football that is totally different from anyone's, even that of any

We need to win every game to have any hope of winning the league. Primarily it depends on ourselves and what we do. Our first year we won the league in the penultimate game, last year it was the last game. This year it looks like it will go down to the last game. If anybody knows what will happen, please tell me. It's the same story at the end of every season. They've been tight run-ins, one team edges ahead, one edges behind. You need to let these things effect the players as little as possible… [because they are] trying to cope with the

That's a statistic, it shows how strong Real Madrid are as a club. It's a little biased to look just at what they've done in the Champions League. You can look at what Barca have done as well, we have reasons to feel positive. I focus on what I can control, our club, our team. Every club has different main rivals that you focus on more than any others and maybe that's what you're gauged against. Focusing on my own team works well for

I was not worried about Suarez because he brings us many more things than just

He needs to improve on the mental aspect but he is in the best club to do

If my grandmother had wheels, she would be a bicycle. We started very seriously and very well against an opponent who left us little space. Through patience and circulation [of the ball] we created spaces. With Messi it's all simpler and when you have players reinforcing the team it's always positive. Beyond the two goals, Andre has incredible potential. I can say it a thousand times but he is still criticised a lot. He can play in different positions. He is using 30 per cent of his capacity – imagine him at 100 per

I think it was a complete performance. When they got back to 2-1, which was the worst moment because they're back in the game and you never know, we were able to put our foot on the accelerator and close the game out. The way we played, we deserved to win by a large

In my farewell I see the positive side, that is to have been able to train and direct to Leo Messi, not the one that I will not be able to do

My particular opinion is that I would like him to end his career at Barca, but that is something for Leo to decide. The person who can best explain the celebration of the goal in the Clasico is

Do you want us to say sorry because Messi decided the game? Does that not count?feedback

The 92nd minute is their thing normally but we like winning that way

He is the best player in history and I have seen a lot of football and many videos. He has scored 500 goals and it is a great pleasure for all the Barca fans to identify with him as one of them. Barca have been an incredible for many years but an important part of their history is owed to

We think we won because we wanted to reward and highlight that the behaviour of the fans, our fans, in the 85th minute and for supporting the team when we lost to

It explains the height of the season we are in. We needed to fight. There were many chances for both teams and the pace was very high. A great Sant Jordi day for all

No one doubts the potential of Madrid, one of the best teams in the world that continues to win titles. They are very

As a manager [El Clasico] gives me the chance to bring huge joy to the supporters, it's a game people always remember, a special

I think what the club has done is very correct, defending the interests of the club and the players. So in that respect I think it's correct and logical. From a coach's point of view I'm preparing for the game both with and without Neymar. I think [overturning the ban] is something the club is working on as much as possible, whether it's fair or unfair, those aren't terms I like to classify. It makes no difference if I'm optimistic or not. I'm prepared to play with Neymar or without Neymar. End of

I'll remember that for ever and ever. It will be hard to pick them up, but we have the best stimulus a Barcelona fan or player can have: playing our greatest rival at the Bernabéu. It will be easy to motivate

We have the option of getting into the league title race, with a direct duel against the first placed

I could not define our Champions League campaign in one word. A very poor first leg in Turin has put us out. I will remember a lot of moments from that game in Turin. Two teams were playing to attack, one out of necessity, but [Juve] have not just locked themselves in. I will stick with the attitude of my players and of the fans. The fairest outcome would have been a win. Anyway, I love being at a club as ambitious as this. We always prove our label as favourites. It's a night to be proud

It was a good game between two great teams. I tip my hat to Juventus. Can they reach the final? They have a great coach, great players and have everything it takes to win the Champions League. Having said that, there are other sides who are in a similar

It was a good game between two great teams. I tip my hat to

If we score the first, the Camp Nou will add the second and the third will come all on its own. The ball didn't want to go in - not for us or for them. We played a very poor first half in Turin and that is why we are

This is a bit similar to the PSG match but in theory we need to score fewer goals - instead of four, just three to square

If we score the first goal, the Camp Nou will score the second and the third will come all by

Those who experienced the night against PSG at Camp Nou will have another chance to enjoy a historic

With the first leg result that we already have, this is a knockout stage in which we have nothing to lose. That liberates us from any sort of pressure. We only have a single choice. And that is to attack, to attack and to

We needed to stay calm against PSG, but also go for it. We need fewer goals, only three, but our objective is to score five goals in case they score as well. We have to be effective and put pressure on them. We know what we have to do and how we want to do it. I have no doubt that at some moment we will be close on aggregate. Tomorrow will produce circumstances similar to the PSG game. If they score, we'll need

Don't go in the 80th minute. Last time [against PSG] some people missed goals. We will try until the very end. Everyone together, until the 95th minute. We have another chance to do something

There is no need to score four, only three. But our opponents will have chances and goals can arrive at any time so our objective will be to score

I would have preferred a month off, a holiday in the Maldives with the players to show them the

Iniesta is unique and absolutely indisputable. I have always admired and appreciated him. It is ridiculous to think someone can take his

Losing in the Champions League hurts us. But we are in the process of improving things, of changing them. We need the points [on Saturday] to boost our morale and also to be able to keep fighting for La

It's obvious that I'm most responsible. It's my mistake. I get angry when objectives are not achieved. The maximum responsibility for each defeat always lies with the coach. I've never had doubts about the system, about how we hurt the opposition. I wasn't wrong in terms of my

A coach does everything to help the team and prepare them, but evidently I did

It was a difficult first half, very similar to the one in Paris, and the second was much

There are a few different players compared to the Berlin final. Juve are still a great team, but I cannot say if they are better or worse than two years ago. I have great memories of that final, but this game is completely different. Both sides are definitely confident about their chances. We need to play good football. Juventus' defensive numbers in the Champions League this season are spectacular - up to the level of their history and worthy of a team in the

But our target is the same as ever - play well, regardless of the venue and be better than a very strong opponent. Of course that is going to be very

It was the craziest game. Even in my dreams, I would never have thought that it could happen like

I believe the interpretation of what is worth a yellow card is very special. We have to be very careful in some games because there have been strong tackles from behind that did not result in a yellow even though they were clearly worth a booking. And then tying your laces gets you a yellow. It is very curious that a team that does not play rough gets some incomprehensible yellow cards. Especially when the opponent makes numerous fouls, but does not get a yellow card for it. It is curious, but we are used to

We have always had problems against Malaga and for us it will be a good

If I don't take a nap I'll watch it. Maybe where it's played could be important but away wins do happen in these games. It will be an interesting game for sure. We'll try to win 11, 12, 13 games straight but it's very difficult. And since it's so easy to be distracted the best thing is to focus on the next game and that's Malaga and approach it completely motivated as we're going to have to play well to

The onus is on Eldense and has nothing to do with Barcelona. [The subject of match-fixing] is a delicate one and one which must be treated with appropriate seriousness. It seems right to me that it is followed up, as we must rid soccer of incidents like this, at the professional level, amateur level or whatever

I think Luis Suarez, not just with the physical side of his game but his capacity to shoot with one touch in the box, knowing where the goal is is great. It is clear his potential is big due to his physique, but it is not just about his physical skills. His quality, his quick shots and his movement are amazing and make him the best number nine in the

I have a great time when we win and play like this. But I know that when we lose, the cannibal holocaust will come and I'll be in the middle of

This might be the best first-half performance of the season. They're so relieved to see the back of me that now they're flying. Andrés is not just important for Barcelona, he is important for football, he has the ability to turn football, which is rough, into something subtle. He's the ideal player, perfect. He's a genius, an artist. He's like a painter, covering the canvas with a delicate

Everyone has highlighted this, but it's just wonderful to see him play, his movements, he knows where the opposition players are. He is a football artist, a genius, he turns a sometimes rough sport into something subtle, like a painter. An example for all children in the world, for all people. Never a bad gesture, never bad attitude. And I know that he wants to play more minutes, I know, but I also want him to acknowledge what it means to grow older at a club like

[The subject of match-fixing] is a delicate one and one which must be treated with appropriate seriousness. It seems right to me that it is followed up, as we must rid football of incidents like this, at the professional level, amateur level or whatever level. We have already seen situations like this in other

I need to recover. I'm not thinking about other teams. It will be a year to recover, but now what's left to do is to end the season with all our objectives

In Messi's case, he missed a game due to suspension. But with the busy schedule in mind, I would say this mini-break was a positive thing. There is so much more to Suarez than just his goals. The greatness of our attackers is that they adapt their qualities to what the team needs. He contributes so much with his character, desire and competitiveness. It is not just what he does, but also the way he does

It seems incredible to me. He has only been booked seven times [in all competitions] this season and, with Barcelona, he is super respectful to the referees. In footballing terms, his absence does not affect anything because we will use the same system – all our players adapt to what we ask. I would like to have Leo in all games but it is not possible. He can enjoy a rest – he is loaded with minutes and can

We learn a lot from defeats. The Barcelona match was a huge disappointment. From a personal point of view, it's one of the worst nights of my life. But it made me understand that it was always necessary to give

Suarez is not a biter any more, he's a diver. Not a very good one, way too dramatic. Such blatant cheating with this hand on the throat, look of agony, bullshit. This is football porn. Kids should not be allowed to

Valencia are a team who always makes it difficult for us but we have been patient and it was not until the end that we were able to kill the game

It is amazing. He has broken every record and will continue to break more. How marvellous it is to enjoy Messi. No one can touch his numbers and it is impossible for anyone to do what he has done apart from him. We will miss him when he is gone. It was a complete performance that had a bit of everything. We did well against a side who sit back, getting players into the box and we created a lot of chances, especially in the first

I am sure that Andre Gomes will be a very important player in the coming years in

It is football. You enter into a dynamic. You can go one hundred corners without conceding, and then you concede three. Mangala's goal is entirely to his credit. It was an entertaining game for all of us, with chances for both of us until the last minute. We played a good game. Valencia made us work hard, but we generated many chances and it could have been a better result. We got three points against a difficult opponent. I'm triply happy for him. There's nothing better than your stadium applauding

I think we saw the best version of Iniesta at the start of the season but he has suffered two big injuries. Now he looks to be on that same path again and he's going to bring us a lot. Munir needs to have minutes. He is very young and has a lot of potential. I'm sure he will

We're still involved in deciding this LaLiga and, as in previous seasons, it'll be decided at the end. I believe that it will finish in a very similar way to other

I'm feeling great and I'm not suffering from any nostalgia. When I left Real Madrid I already said that I would not train Barca or Atletico

It wasn't hard to come back to reality [after PSG]. Only someone who has experienced what we did this week knows what it

All we're aware of is that everything still has to be decided. There will be eight teams left in the Champions League, the league is us against probably two other teams, and we're in a cup [Copa del Rey] final. That could mean no titles, or it could mean three. We can't evaluate our success until the end of the season. All we can do is focus on what we do against

The tie is extremely complicated, but it's only half way. There's another half to come at another stadium, in different circumstances. I won't lose hope that we can turn this around. Why not dream that we can do this ourselves? I have spent more hours analysing this than any other match

We got over the trauma of what happened on Valentine's Day in Paris and we had nothing to lose because we'd already lost everything in

We made tactical changes and proved we had the quality to turn the situation around. We always had two players open to play the ball to and the players executed the game plan to perfection, performing with huge

I said six goals in the pre-match press conference because Paris are a quality team and capable of scoring. We had the evening we all wanted and we are still in the competition. This is a crazy, unique sport. Children, and adults, here will never forget what happened here. I dedicate this win to all Barca fans who kept faith in us. We were massively criticised after the first

It is hard to explain with words because it was like a horror film. There was a spectacular start; there was only one match with more tension that I've been involved in, and that was when I was a player. This was a victory for our faith and belief. We took risks and we assumed those risks. At half-time we spoke about scoring a third and we did. But then Cavani scored. Again the players showed their belief, the Camp Nou fans did too. Usually people leave 10 minutes before the final whistle. Nobody left

No one will ever forget this. Football is for crazy people,

With three goals needed in five minutes, we continued to

It was an incredible night. We won a game that I thought was impossible. When they made it 3-1, it looked over but the end of the game was spectacular. We are very

What defines this victory is faith, the faith of my players, the faith of our fans. No child or adult here at Camp Nou will forget this night. I have never seen a better communion between team and supporters. We overran them, they didn't cross

If they can score four goals against us, we can score six. We have nothing to lose and a lot to

I've been convinced for a couple of weeks that there will be a stage in the game where we will be close to achieving what we need, . If a team can score four against us then we can score six against them. The result in the first leg was very clear but this is a knockout tie and we're only at half-time. Over 95 minutes, an infinite number of things can happen. Hopefully they will all be positive for

We need to create situations that will make us superior. That is our main goal. We need to score many goals. We need to do things very well both in attack and defence. But this gets more difficult when you play against a rival of this

The message to the dressing room and to the squad is clear, we still have 90 minutes to go. We know we will suffer in Barcelona, we know it will be a long 90

Against PSG we will have the chance to get back into the tie, and we'll keep going until the very last breath. Our challenge is to show that we can be better than PSG. It will be difficult, but I have indestructible faith that we can play great and get right back into contention. I couldn't have scripted two better games for the build-up to PSG [6-1 and 5-0 league wins]. Not just because of the goals but because of how we got

I have unbreakable faith we can win the tie. We're going to risk everything, we want to create an atmosphere in which the fans will help us even more than they normally do. I think we've hit top form before a really difficult game but we're going to have a chance to go through. It looks like a lost cause but if we do things well who knows what could happen? We'll keep trying until the last

I've never seen a lack of attitude in my players and that's why the club is faithful and confident that we can have a comeback [against PSG] – why not?feedback

He has numbers [which show he is] a beast of a footballer. He's one of the most unbalancing players in the world [for opposition defences] and his signing by this club was a great decision. I hope he scores another 900 goals, so we can keep seeing him at Barcelona for many more years. Paco is always ready to help the team. Even when he doesn't have a chance to start. He scored a goal, he got an assist and he played a very complete

The people in Barcelona say how beautiful they are with me now, but they are nice with me because we won. In that job if you don't win nobody

When I arrived in Barcelona the expectation was not high - 95 per cent of the people didn't want me. And I know what happened in the beginning was tough, the people killed me, they didn't give me a chance to show what was

No, I think it does not change the idea of the game or the game. I respect his

Maybe she'll now accept the British weather if that's the alternative, because she won't be happy with me being at home for three years, for

It's been three unforgettable years. We have three thrilling months left and we will continue to give our

I would like to thank the club for all the confidence that it had in me throughout my years here, both as a player and as a

Even if he has played against us, he has tried to complicate our lives from the pressure. So it will be an attractive match. We have the same objectives, which are to try to remove the ball and generate through our game more situations of

I'm more radical than Pique it's best if I don't reveal my thoughts. Interpret that as you

It's always good to finish the season on the right foot and I think we've hit the right notes and are on the right track. 2017 is set to be a good year for us and we have the challenge of trying to retain the league title. I like what I've been seeing recently and this team is built for challenges like

Three points were lost. Three points that I believe we deserved to win but football is like this. This sport is very capricious and it allows you to win even without attacking, as was the case today and you have to accept it. You have to accept defeat. We have five matches to go. If we win these five matches then we will be champions. It all depends on us as we have no more breathing space – no room for error. We are conscious of the challenge and we are going to face it as Barcelona's players usually do, with our heads held

From what I read in Germany I know that if we don't win the Champions League final it is an incomplete job for our supporters, I know that, we coaches are here to win titles, to win as many victories as possible. The numbers in the last few years I have never reached in my life and I don't think I will reach them again as a

We have two competitions ahead of us where we obviously have to improve our performance if we want to have options. In my opinion they are two very attractive goals to give them the value they have. As a matter of fact any coach in any league in the world would consider winning these two titles a successful season and that is what I hope. However all of us have to improve, starting with

There is only one ball on the pitch and we want to take advantage of that. We want to keep the ball as long as possible so the rival's attacking players don't get it. That won't be easy. We are doing it, often better than our rivals, and that helps us achieve our

I saw him very well. (It's) Great news for all the 'culers' (Barca fans) and for all the team mates and for all those that make up Barca, to see the best (player) back on the field, training and playing, and now all he needs is to charge his legs with minutes, with batteries and (then we can) enjoy Leo

Well I think if I analyse it right from the start, it began perfectly for us. We scored the first goal at the first opportunity and I think we dominated the first half with more opportunities to score goals but I think (GiGi) Buffon was at his absolutely best as

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