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Nature has flung her worst at the people of north Queensland. It is now our job to make sure that every agency pulls together ... to provide support to the people of north Queensland who have had a very tough day and night.
NEW Mar 29 2017
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Malcolm Turnbull is associated, including Australians and United States. Most recently, Malcolm Turnbull has been quoted saying: “Nature has flung her worst at the people of north Queensland. It is now our job to make sure that every agency pulls together ... to provide support to the people of north Queensland who have had a very tough day and night.” in the article 'Nature has flung her worst': Cyclone Debbie rips off roofs and flings boats onto land in Australia.
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A very great politician, Winston Churchill, once said that politicians complaining about the newspapers is like a sailor complaining about the sea.

As someone who spent most of his life in the business world before I came into politics, I think that is a very big salary for that job.

The suggestion the president hung up is not correct. The call ended courteously.

He's been very critical of the deal that President Obama did. He clearly wouldn't have done it himself, but we persuaded him to stick with it nonetheless. That was the outcome that we wanted to achieve and that's what I've achieved.

I can assure you the relationship is very strong. The fact we received the assurance that we did, the fact that it was confirmed, the very extensive engagement we have with the new administration underlines the closeness of the alliance. But as Australians know me very well: I stand up for Australia in every forum – public or private.

They must know that the door to Australia is closed to those who seek to come here by boat with a people smuggler, it is closed. Those passengers will never settle in this country.

He is saying that this is not a deal he would have made, but the question is will he honor that commitment? He has already given it. I make Australia's case frankly, powerfully, forthrightly and hopefully persuasively when I deal with other leaders.

I do stand up for Australia. My job is to defend Australian interests.

These conversations are conducted candidly, frankly, privately. If you see reports of them, I'm not going to add to them.

I thank President Trump for his commitment to honor that existing agreement. It's not my job, as prime minister of Australia, to run a commentary on the domestic policies of other countries.

Everyone is entitled to a point of view but I think most Australians accept January 26 as Australia Day.

Losing the United States from the TPP is a big loss, there is no question about that. But we are not about to walk away ... certainly there is potential for China to join the TPP.

We want to have more opportunities with more markets. We already have a China-Australia Free Trade Agreement. Certainly there is the potential for China to join the TPP.

Losing the United States from the TPP is a big loss, there is no question about that. But we are not about to walk away from our commitment to Australian jobs. You have to recognize that his secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, has been a longtime advocate for it. The Republican Party in the Congress have been strong supporters of the TPP. It is possible that U.S. policy could change over time on this, as it has done on other trade deals.

This is our commitment to ensure that you can get back on your feet and get going again, creating great export dollars and defending 700 jobs here, and over 2,000 in the region.

This is not a large reshuffle. We have a very strong team and it is one that is performing outstandingly for the Australian people.

We share their deep disappointment that the plane has not been found. It is an unprecedented search. It's been conducted with the best advice over the areas that were identified as the most likely to find the location of the airplane. It is a shocking tragedy and we grieve and we deeply regret the loss and we deeply regret that the plane has not been found.

It (Christmas) is a time of happiness and joy. These terrorists sought to disrupt it. They have been thwarted. They are in custody. They are no longer a threat to Australians' security.

This is a critically important step in the development of our security, in the assurance of our government in delivering Australians the security and prosperity that they need.

We are getting on with the job, and this airport will be built ... it will become a catalyst for investment and industry in western Sydney. That is where Sydney's growth is.

I do expect to meet Mr Adani and I have got no doubt we will be discussing his proposed substantial investment in Queensland.

John Key is one of the most outstanding national leaders in the world today. He has done an extraordinary job for New Zealand. He is somebody that all of us, right around the world, leaders in countries large and small, draw inspiration from.

What this has done is provide security and assurance to farmers.

We remain optimistic that we can persuade the Senate to change its mind.

This was not a particularly clever attack or some great international assault on the census. IBM had a contract to deal with it and they failed.

I can assure you the lessons will be very carefully learned.

There is very strong support among the other 11 parties to the TPP to ratify it and to seek to bring it into force.

It is manifestly delivering more jobs, better jobs and stronger economic growth in Australia.

The bill will apply to all taken to a regional processing country since the 19th of July, 2013.

If they seek to bring people to Australia those passengers will never settle in this country.

This legal risk posed a major challenge to the effectiveness of our operations. It meant that the [Australian Defence Force's] targeting base in Iraq and Syria was restricted, and we could not operate as freely as our coalition partners.

We have had constructive discussions with all the crossbenchers and we are confident that we can find common ground with them in order to achieve our objectives. Of course there will be negotiation and compromise.

Political divisions in advanced economies - particularly where there is high unemployment or a high risk of unemployment - are feeding on a sense of disenfranchisement among many people who feel the rapid economic changes of our time have left them behind.

The advice we received was absolutely unequivocal. This was not a political decision.

This is not a time to make a protest vote. This is a time to treat your vote as though that is the single vote that will determine the next government.

I'm making that commitment and that prediction and only time will tell.

The opportunities have never been greater, but so is the competition, and so are the uncertainties.

The shockwaves in the past 48 hours from Britain's vote to leave the European Union are a sharp reminder of the volatility in the global economy. This is a time which demands stable majority government.

We all have private views about the merits of individual candidates. I have no doubt that the American people will come to a wise and well thought-out decision when they vote later this year.

Neil Prakash's death is a very, very positive development in the war against Daesh and the war against terror.

The recommendation of our competitive evaluation process of the panel, the department of defence, the experts who oversaw it, was unequivocal, that the French offer represented the capabilities best able to meet Australia's unique needs.

There's no global institution or infrastructure more important to the future prosperity and freedom of our global community than the Internet itself.

His conservative government will function as normal until May 3, when it will deliver its budget.

I can assure Australians that our security system, our border protection, our domestic security arrangements, are much stronger than they are in Europe, where regrettably they allowed them to slip.

It's a pretty shameful episode in Australian political history.

The United States will remain the pre-eminent global military power over the next two decades. It will continue to be Australia's most important strategic partner through our long-standing alliance, and the active presence of the United States will continue to underpin the stability of our region.

There is no doubt if we wish to keep our borders secure, if we wish to stop people drowning at sea, if we want to keep our borders safe, if we want to maintain support for our whole immigration policy, if we want the capacity to bring in refugees from Syria, then we need a strong border protection regime….

We must combat all of Daesh including its financiers and its propagandists. It is why we must give our agencies the powers they need to detect, to disrupt, to arrest and to target. Success requires strong laws, modern powers and importantly it requires social unity.

Australia is very disappointed that Japan has resumed whaling in the Southern Ocean this year. We recognize that is a point of difference of opinion, but we will, as good friends should, we should be upfront and frank.

I can just assure you that everything we do in this area is very carefully determined to ensure that our respective military forces work together as closely as possible in our mutual national interests.

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