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I will be candidate for the presidential majority and I wish to join the list (of candidates) of his movement. This Socialist Party is dead, it is behind us. I want Emmanuel Macron to
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We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Manuel Valls is associated, including France Paris and Nobel Prize. Most recently, Manuel Valls has been quoted saying: “I will be a candidate in the presidential majority and I wish to join up to his movement, namely the 'Republic on the Move.” in the article French ex-prime minister Valls plans to back Macron in June elections.
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When you base your whole campaign on this idea you are selling a sandcastle, an illusion, and people will end up

To all those voters who believe in the Left, do not despair,

A new campaign begins this evening. A very clear choice now appears before us and to you, my dear friends, between assured defeat and possible

That's the most important thing. The cards are on the table, now let's all take

The right's program will punish the French people. It is an unbeatable recipe of division worse than this country has ever seen in recent

Things can be reformed, new sources of financing found ... but you can't talk about the public service like that, eliminate 500,000 jobs, privatize social welfare, end reimbursement of healthcare costs for a whole list of

This is what France is about: social welfare, healthcare, aid for the most vulnerable, pensions -- the pillars of the social

I propose a system of general public insurance focused on serious or long-term illnesses, with the rest privately

I have this strength in me, this drive to serve my

In my drive to push my political family to evolve I have sometimes had harsh words, triggered debates, misunderstandings. That's the left. There are debates, controversies. But I have always backed collective decisions. My candidacy is one of conciliation, of

History will, of course, put back into perspective the action carried on over the past five years. We must defend his

I want to tell Francois Hollande my emotion, my respect, my loyalty and my

The French government and investors need to stand by Tunisia's side more than

I will make my decision while examining my conscience...Whatever happens, the best interests of the country will influence my

We need to state that over the last few weeks, the context has changed. The publication of that book created real disarray amongst the

Europe is in danger of falling apart. So Germany and France have a huge

If they are able to have all the advantages of Europe without the inconveniences, then we are opening a window for others to leave the European

We face a historic moment ... perilous for the world, perilous for Europe and perilous for

And this is all the more so as the United States becomes less and less involved in the affairs of the world. Europe can no longer shirk its responsibilities and take refuge behind its American

We have all the resources to resist and all the strength to

I know what our debates are, but in the end, what brings us together? The fact that we governed together with the president and values of the

We must act, act quickly ... act now in order not to die

Russia has chosen an obstructive attitude and from our point of view this stance is

As far as France is concerned, we're worried because negotiations had started, but also for the very concept of European

Poland is a big country, but questions need to be asked to Poland, notably its defence industry after the choices that have just been

French research has once again been celebrated with a Nobel

In light of this (crisis), we need a mobilisation of all actors

Alstom's Belfort site will be "saved" at meeting on

On our own territory we have 1,350 people under investigation, who today are in prison. Two-hundred-and-ninety-three of those have a direct link to terrorist groups. There are about 15,000 people in France who are being monitored, because these people are in the process of

Every day attacks are foiled ... (including) as we

Today the threat is at a maximum, and we are a

She has a naked breast because she is figuratively feeding the people. She is not veiled, she is free. That's the republic and that's who we

We have to wage a determined fight against radical Islam, against these religious symbols which are filtering into public spaces. For me the burkini is a symbol of the enslavement of

It happened in three seconds. Some customers exited on their hands and knees. Some of them tried to use a fire extinguisher, but it was too

The most important challenge is not that of institutions. It is that of our citizens of the Muslim faith who in their families, their neighborhoods, must feel concerned and take their responsibility in

Our country must show the entire world that Islam ... is compatible with

My government will not be the one that creates French-style Guantanamo

We should do anything that leads to better security, but there is a line we can't cross: the rule of law. Detaining people on suspicion alone is morally and legally unacceptable and wouldn't be effective. My government won't be the one that creates French-style Guantanamo

Was everything done? Can we respond, looking at those victims – those men, those women, who have lost their children? But we must raise the debate… because populism is lurking. Those who promise that we can fix everything by waving a magic wand are lying to the French people. Fighting terrorism is a long-term

We must remain united and focused because we must be strong in the face of this threat. Populism stalks us, ready to pounce at any opportunity, to blow on the embers of discord and exacerbate divisions, as every new division makes us more

Whistles, insults are unworthy in a remembrance ceremony. They are unworthy when there is a tribute to the victims at the same time when victims are still struggling for

Authorities "now know that the killer radicalized very

Because the country must move forward, the cabinet has authorised me to act on behalf of the

Terrorism is a threat that weighs heavily upon France and will continue to weigh for a long time. We are facing a war that terrorism has brought to us. The goal of terrorists is to instill fear and panic. And France is a great country, and a great democracy, that will not allow itself to be

Each of our nations has its own characteristics. Only a union can protect

Other innocent people will die. This is a very unpleasant thing to say. People can accuse me, and I completely understand, of making society even more fearful than it is already, given what has happened. But unfortunately, this is the reality. It will take a

I said we were at war, that this war will take a generation, that it will be

This is an action against France and the French

There are some doubts and debate. The European observers on the ground – because these elections were monitored – leveled criticisms on the basis of objective facts. Wisdom would call for a new vote count but our priority today is the safety of the 15,000 French citizens who live and work in

Deep sadness faced with the tragedy which cut short 13 young lives. Compassion and support to the families

When a text (of reform) has been discussed, when it has prompted a compromise with unions, when it has been adopted in the National Assembly, I consider it my responsibility to see this

It's out of the question that the French people find themselves in this situation of shortages, blockades, that our economy is obstructed. The idea of a head-on conflict is old, it's bygone, it's conservative. To take consumers, our economy and our industry hostage like this, to continue actions aimed at having this law revoked is not

I urge the French to not give in to any

We are in close contact with the Egyptian authorities, both civil and military. At this stage, no theory can be ruled out regarding the causes of the

Faced with an event as big as Euro 2016, which has to ensure safety but should also be a party, with packed stadiums and fan zones… when you have big events like these, and I also have in mind the Tour de France, the president, the interior minister and myself thought that the state of emergency should be

Faced with an event this big … which must take place in conditions of security and which at the same time should be a celebration … we have to ensure security. The state of emergency cannot be permanent, but on the occasion of these big events… we have decided to

I see the European PNR as an additional tool which we need in order to be efficient in our fight against

This is a further sign of the very serious threat facing Europe as a whole and of course France in

Thanks to the state and everybody getting involved Alstom's site at Belfort has been

We closed our eyes – everywhere in Europe including France – to the progression of extremist ideas, Salafism, neighbourhoods which through a combination of drug trafficking and radical Islamism perverted, and I'll use this word again, a part of the

It's another war because terrorism, this terrorism, Islamic State, wants to destroy us, wants to destroy men and women, but it also wants to destroy our way of life. The attacks in Paris, like in Brussels, they target people sitting on cafe terraces, catching aeroplanes, getting the

To find the path to peace and of negotiation again, the bombing of civilians has to

We will hold another vote tomorrow. I think approval will be broader and the constitutional reform will go

In the centre region and here in the Ile-de France Paris region, as you can see, the situation remains extremely tense and difficult and the weather forecast calls for us to be

Yes, of course (France is interested in investing in Greece). We are urging more French businesses to look into investment prospects because we want to assist Greece's economic

This is the message I will deliver to (Greek Prime Minister) Alexis

Europe must step up to the mark and show that it is capable of playing its part in the fight against terrorism and in the protection of its citizens. It must therefore organise itself to meet this challenge…. we don't need less Europe we need more Europe This involves all European institutions as well as all member

Tonight there is no relief, no triumphalism, no message of victory. The danger of the far-right has not gone away, far from it. I have not forgotten the results of the first round of elections and I measure my responsibility, our responsibility, the responsibility of my government under the authority of the President of the

I take responsibility. This is the main difference between us and Nicolas Sarkozy, between me and Sarkozy. When you're a public person, you have to take responsibility and make a choice. When you love a country, you don't hesitate, we go straight ahead and we call for a vote for the

We can't exclude anything today, and I say this with all necessary caution, but we know, we keep in mind, that there could be the risk of chemical and biological

They will inevitably be exceeded because the resources we're going to put into the security forces will not be at the expense of other budgets, we need to accept that and Europe must understand it. It's also time for the European Union, for the Commission to understand today that it's a combat which concerns France but which concerns Europe as

We live and we will live for a long time with this terrorist threat and there's no doubt that we have to prepare for new

We are showing, and we've been doing this for several months, not only our commitment to fighting terrorism, but to fighting all those who are linked to terrorism – radical Islam, Salafist groups, those who incite hatred against the

The challenge is Air France's survival in the end. And the government which as shareholder has a 17 percent stake is playing a full role in supporting the management and in supporting the really necessary reforms within Air France. Several weeks remain before we will be forced to implement plan B from January 2016 which foresees numerous departures at Air France, not compulsory layoffs but numerous

Nothing can justify such acts. These are the acts of thugs and those who perpetrate such acts should be severely

We alone will choose which targets to hit but of course it is out of the question that these air strikes will help to reinforce Bashar al-Assad's

It must get its act together. There must be close cooperation between the European Commission and member states as well as candidate

They're not just trying to score points against rivals, that's politics, but it hurts the country,

Asylum is a right, attributed according to international criteria, applied by all EU member states. This is why quotas can not be imposed on recipients. Either you are an asylum seeker or you are not. And of you are not, you are escorted back to the

Concerning the freedom of information: the terrorist threat – need I remind you – is today the most daunting challenge we will have to face for a very long time. Each of us must realise that. We're not fear-mongering but we need to be clear-headed and to tell our fellow citizens

The left, too spread out, too divided in the first round, experienced a clear setback in spite of the good records of local council

There is a second round and we have to call on those who abstained. We have to unify the left which has been too dispersed, to divided in the first round. We have to do this in order to keep as many counties and as many departments as possible. All counting and analysis will take place in the evening of the second

Taxis need to reform too, to contribute to our country's

We will carry on with all the means given to us by the constitution. We will continue our reforms without giving

This terrible shock that we suffered has reminded us of the intensity of the threat weighing on our country and which today remains at a very high level. Action against terrorism, jihadism, radical Islamism will be a long term

What an insult to see a recidivist of hatred having his show in a theatre full of people while at the same time on Saturday evening, at Porte de Vincennes, the whole country was in mourning. We cannot just leave this, justice must be served on this preacher of hatred. I say this emphatically here in the General

France is not at war against a religion. France is not at war against Islam and Muslims. As it has always done, France will protect all its citizens, those who have a faith and those who don'

Let's not be afraid to be a journalist. Let's not be afraid to be a policeman. Let's not be afraid to be a Jew. Let's not be afraid to be a citizen. Today we're all

We need to be mobilised. It will be the case through many cities of France and in Paris. It will be an incredible rally that, no doubt, will be remembered throughout time, and which needs to be strong and dignified. It must show the power, the dignity of the French people who will be screaming for their love of freedom and tolerance. Come in

If 17 people died, then (intelligence) mistakes have been

We salute the French people, through the entire mobilisation of the state, and also our fellow citizens' rallying together yesterday and today and this weekend. We salute this standing up to fight for our freedoms, our democracy and our principle of

We want to protect and reassure French citizens and tell them that state services are mobilized. In an already fragile society, people suffering from psychological illness, unbalanced people, can

Everyone has to accept that if something is not working well and has a negative effect on economic activity and on employment, then it has to be changed, even if that upsets some special interest

The members of Parliament have decided we will carry our plan to term because this is what the French people want: that we get back to work and that we rise to meet the challenges ahead of us. I thank you for your trust; I will not disappoint you, but will serve France and the French

France will never give in, France does not give into intimidation, that's the reaction we owe our fellow citizen who was

It is not our (military) intervention which exposes us to terrorism. This threat is here, it has existed for a long time, and that is why we are taking action and why we are

In the face of terrorism, which plays on terror and fear, we have to be especially determined, as France is, fighting against terrorism everywhere. Because terrorism is an affront against our freedoms and fundamental

I want to tell the Germans that we will implement our reforms. It is in the interests of France. Despite our difficulties, we will do it also in the interests of

Along with the president we made the decision to ask parliament to confirm its trust in our plan to get the French economy back on track. Had we not, we would have been unable to carry out our work in an environment of

Let's stop systematically bringing into conflict the state and businesses, company bosses and employees, business organisations and unions… Let's rather look to

We continue to agree on the fact that we must help companies – big companies which represent France throughout the world, but also small and medium sized firms, tradesmen, the social economy, start-ups: places where the overwhelming majority of our fellow citizens work and where wealth is created. Without our companies' wealth there is no job

As head of government I have to remind you about the principles: firstly judicial independence, which must do its job without interference; nobody is above the law. Secondly, and obviously, it is important to remember the presumption of innocence that applies to

There is no need for this strike, we have been having negotiations with the unions for 18 months. It's not a responsible thing to do given the situation in the country particularly at a time of exams. It's time for it to

The time of impunity is over for these kind of ideas. We will act with strong

The Republic has won tonight and has emerged stronger. The values of our country have been strengthened and that is what we have to take

Today we do not see a direct or indirect on our respective countries, our interests, our fellow citizens, nor against those people or interests of our

Everything seems to show that he tried to commit suicide. However, he did not kill himself, which is very important so that we can find out all the facts, and the truth about his motives which we obviously don't know yet. To understand why he wanted to attack the newsroom of BFM and Liberation newspaper, and fire on Societe

I am on the left because I believe we need policies that uphold the rule of law, human rights and humanity, but also a strong and clear policy to regulate migratory

When an asylum request is turned down and when there is no longer any reason for a person to be on our soil, then the law applies and the law means being taken back to the

Paris is a safe city, but we are aware of this phenomenon – pickpockets, there is violence because forms of delinquency have developed in France and

The death toll is evolving constantly at this point and unfortunately it will probably rise. At this stage there are seven people dead, several dozen wounded and some of them are

There is no room in the Republic for those who deny its values. And we are very determined, and will act firmly, to tackle those who spoil its values. We owe it to the memory of the young boy killed in a heinous act driven by

The event took place in a climate of worry and threats, terrorist threats that our country has lived with for a few months now. So we have to be

Notre Dame is the cathedral of Paris, one of the capital's and the country's most beautiful monuments, so we realise how symbolic this event truly

I can only imagine how shocking it was for those faithful, those

I hear from some in the opposition and far-right the police didn't do their job. A few weeks ago, these same deputies blamed the police for an over-zealous response during protests against the same-sex marriage bill. It's therefore the police that are being accused, not the Interior Minister, and this is

Parisians had been waiting for this victory, but it is obvious that football is still sick. It's the case for Paris Saint-Germain. It's also the case for numerous other clubs. Let me remind you that we regularly forbid supporters at a certain number of

There is no doubt sometimes a feeling of powerlessness and fatalism about these killings. But the murders mustn't detract from the background work we are doing to reclaim territories, to bring security to

It was a dangerous group or cell, which needed to be neutralized. Other targets were probably planned; investigations will allow us to determine that. Maybe some in this group wanted to take part in Jihad abroad. So we remain

Given the current international context, every individual must be aware of the consequences of their actions. That's why the government will be extremely vigilant about any incident that might affect public

France has a policy, we evacuate the illegal camps, we send people back to the frontier, we fight against organised crime and at the same time we make efforts to integrate them in

We'll restructure the country by making the French make an effort, but fairly, particularly with fiscal reforms. Yes, it will be difficult but it's the task that has fallen upon

I am one of the large majority of members of parliament who has, for months, considered that the niqab and the head-to-toe veil have nothing to do with the values of the Republic and it has to be

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