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That remains to be seen if we will open more cases after the Paradise
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Nov 08 2017
Margrethe Vestager has been quoted 125 times. The one recent article where Margrethe Vestager has been quoted is EU's Vestager says seeking details on Apple's recent tax set-up. Most recently, Margrethe Vestager was quoted as having said, “I have been asking for an update on the arrangement made by Apple, the recent way they have been organized, in order to get the feeling whether or not this is in accordance with our European rules but that remains to be seen. We are looking into this of course without any kind of prejudice, just to get the information.”.
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Oct 04 2017 - Amazon

This is an illegal practice under EU state aid rules. Member states may not grant selective tax concessions to multinational groups to which other companies do not have

Sep 27 2017

Today's decision marks the end of our investigation into a very long-lasting cartel – 14 years. This cartel affected very substantial numbers of road hauliers in Europe, since Scania and the other truck manufacturers in the cartel produce more than nine out of every 10 medium and heavy trucks sold in Europe. Instead of colluding on pricing, the truck manufacturers should have been competing against each other – also on environmental

Sep 26 2017

Half of Europeans wear glasses and almost all of us will need vision correction one day. Therefore we need to carefully assess whether the proposed merger would lead to higher prices or reduced choices for opticians and ultimately

Sep 11 2017

What Google has done is illegal under EU antitrust rules. It denied other companies the chance to compete on the merits and to innovate. And most importantly, it denied European consumers a genuine choice of services and the full benefits of

Sep 06 2017 - Brexit

For Britain, it's a question of head and heart, but for us it's become a much smaller

Aug 22 2017 - Monsanto

Seeds and pesticide products are essential for farmers and ultimately consumers. We need to ensure effective competition so that farmers can have access to innovative products, better quality and also purchase products at competitive

Aug 22 2017 - Monsanto

While these concerns are of great importance, they do not form the basis for a merger

Jul 24 2017

Google "denied other companies the chance to compete on the

Jul 19 2017 - Women

Digest the detail and then try to get the full

Jul 19 2017 - Women

First learn the detail and then try to get another perspective because you're going to meet another human being and you have to be present in the

Jul 19 2017 - Women

Our badge is of neutrality, that you can do business in Europe, no matter your nationality, no matter ownership, no matter size, but you have to play by the book. We've been very thorough to say we have no biases, but you cannot have a job like mine without criticism. There will always be people who disagree with you and that you have to learn to live with because otherwise I don't think that you can make it here. Know the case in question and what you're going to discuss also in some level of detail, but not necessarily so that you're just obsessed with the

Jul 04 2017

This capital injection could only be approved after junior bondholders and shareholders have contributed to the costs of restructuring, in line with 'burden-sharing' requirements under EU state aid

Jul 01 2017

The one thing that has sort of changed from yesterday, before the decision was taken, was that now we will consider Google as a dominant

Jun 27 2017

What Google has done is illegal under EU antitrust rules. It denied other companies the chance to compete on the merits and to innovate. Most importantly, it denied European consumers a genuine choice of services and the full benefits of

Jun 27 2017

What we find is these are two different things. On Amazon, you find retailers that want Amazon to do part of their services. Those, you don't find to the same degree on Google Shopping. On Google Shopping, you find sort of the bigger brands, those who want to have the customer relationship themselves – the data, the payment details, the search patterns. These are two different things. We've been very thorough in assessing this to make sure we don't mix up

Jun 27 2017

The fine is a reflection of the abuse and how long the abuse has taken place. And, of course, the importance of the different actors in this market. We find that this abuse has taken place since 2008, but also that it has taken place in every European country where Google Shopping has rolled out.... and that's reflected in the level of the

Jun 27 2017

Advertising is a completely different matter. You find rivals on page 4, on average, on a desktop. You always find the Google Shopping unit right in front of you, where we know that most clicks can take place. This is a union based on the rule of law, just as well of the

Jun 27 2017

As a result, competitors were much less likely to be clicked on. We will monitor Google's compliance

Jun 27 2017

We congratulate you for being successful. But the applause stops when you stop competing on the merits. You will never get a free pass to stop competing on the merits, neither in the market you dominate nor in other

Jun 25 2017

Italy considers that state aid is necessary to avoid an economic disturbance in the Veneto

Jun 25 2017

The commission decision allows Italy to take measures to facilitate the liquidation of the two

Jun 14 2017 - Nike

We are going to examine whether the licensing and distribution practices of these three companies may be denying consumers access to wider choice and better deals in the single

Jun 06 2017

We are going to investigate Guess's practices further to ensure that it is playing by the rules and not preventing consumers from buying products across

Jun 01 2017

This solution is a positive step forward for M.P.S. and the Italian banking sector. It would allow Italy to inject capital into M.P.S. as a precaution, in line with E.U. rules, whilst limiting the burden on Italian

May 18 2017

I haven't seen any evidence of that. It is too early to

May 18 2017 - WhatsApp

The Commission must be able to take decisions about mergers' effects on competition in full knowledge of accurate

May 18 2017

I think the work done by Cecilia is a model of how modern trade agreements can look. It is about trusting the other part to do something that you find sufficient, not necessarily the same, but something that one way or another matches your own way of looking at things so that you do not import things that would not accept in your own jurisdictions. We have to allow any proposal to enter the debate, without saying beforehand, This can never happen, this is a bad

May 18 2017

It is more of interest that this global coalition actually exist to make sure profits are being taxed, where they are

May 18 2017

We would like to have a different take on globalisation to make sure we don't just consider it a tsunami, but something we would also like to

May 18 2017

One saying this is the worst thing that has ever happened … [the] other saying you can never do anything and that is the way that history goes. If you want to change that shouting competition between the two camps, then you have to open the debate to be more

May 15 2017

Companies should be rewarded for producing these pharmaceuticals to ensure that they keep making them into the future. But when the price of a drug suddenly goes up by several hundred percent, this is something the Commission may look

May 10 2017

Certain practices by companies in e-commerce markets may restrict competition by unduly limiting how products are distributed throughout the

May 04 2017 - Amazon

Today's decision will open the way for publishers and competitors to develop innovative services for e-books, increasing choice and competition to the benefit of European consumers. We want to ensure fair competition in Europe's e-books market worth more than 1 billion

Apr 05 2017 - Pesticides

It is important for European farmers and ultimately consumers that there will be effective competition in pesticide markets, also after ChemChina's acquisition of Syngenta. ChemChina has offered significant remedies, which fully address our competition

Apr 05 2017

We had clear evidence that this takeover would have led to price increases in Croatia, which could have adversely affected the construction sector. HeidelbergCement and Schwenk failed to offer appropriate remedies to address these

Apr 04 2017 - Scottish independence

RBS is the leading bank in the UK SME banking market and received significant state support during the financial crisis. The Commission is now seeking the views of all interested parties on an alternative package proposed by the UK to replace RBS's commitment to divest Williams & Glyn. We can only accept this proposal if it has the same positive effect on competition as the divestment of Williams & Glyn would have had. This is important for fair

Mar 29 2017 - European economy

As the parties failed to offer the remedies required to address our competition concerns, the Commission has decided to prohibit the

Mar 27 2017

We need effective competition in this sector so companies are pushed to develop products that are ever safer for people and better for the environment. Our decision today ensures that the merger between Dow and DuPont does not reduce price competition for existing pesticides or innovation for safer and better products in the

Mar 27 2017

This is literally a question about our daily bread and the ability for farmers to choose different seeds and different pesticides, in order to secure their crops. It is the heart of human life, so we take it very

Mar 22 2017 - WhatsApp

We have now got the reply from Facebook and we are now analysing

Mar 22 2017

I would not have said it, and I think it's

Mar 17 2017 - Air France

Working together in a cartel rather than competing to offer better services to customers does not fly with the

Mar 13 2017

On the legal side of things, it has become very clear that the Commission does not find that the Nord Stream 2 project will be a project of common

Mar 13 2017 - Luxembourg

It is important when people tell if they find that something is not the way it should be – then authorities, law enforcers can do their job and do it in a better

Mar 13 2017

We believe that Gazprom's commitments will enable the free flow of gas in Central and Eastern Europe at competitive prices. We now want to hear the views of customers and other stakeholders and will carefully consider them before taking any

Jan 31 2017 - Microsoft

It's a tricky thing to do because it's a large sum so of course you have to figure out how to do that. It's not like an escrow account in some of the other cases where it's maybe 25 or 30 million euros or something like that and therefore of course I do respect that it's a complicated matter and it may take a little more time that being within the

Jan 31 2017

We still have some exchanges with Gazprom before we are ready to market test the commitments but I do hope we will be able to do that soon and we're exchanging that with Gazprom more or less as we

Jan 25 2017

Doctors and patients worldwide rely on fast and accurate tests to detect and monitor medical conditions. Today's decision ensures that they will continue to benefit from choice and competitive prices in the fast developing market for small and portable test

Jan 10 2017

Today's decision paves the way for a viable future for Areva based on a sustainable restructuring

Dec 27 2016 - Luxembourg

The general, forward-looking change of approach announced by Luxembourg is very

Dec 07 2016 - HSBC Bank

Today's final decision sends a clear message: banks, like all companies, have to respect EU competition

Dec 06 2016 - LinkedIn

These networks are important for professionals to connect and interact and to find new career opportunities. Today's decision ensures that Europeans will continue to enjoy a freedom of choice between professional social

Nov 21 2016

Before we know more, we have no

Oct 14 2016

We are not taking any decisions

Oct 14 2016

And our rules on state aid have the same goal: they make sure public support doesn't take the place of private investment and that it does not give unfair benefits to

Sep 28 2016

Financial markets provide an essential function for the European economy. We must ensure that market participants continue to have access to financial market infrastructure on competitive

Sep 09 2016 - Facebook

But as our German colleagues rightly point out, even if Facebook has broken those rules, that doesn't automatically mean that it has also broken the competition rules as

Sep 09 2016 - Facebook

The German authority is concerned that Facebook may have forced its users to accept privacy terms that aren't in line with the data protection

Sep 02 2016

I don't think the courts will hear any kind of political opinions or feelings or what's in your stomach or whatever. They want the facts of the

Sep 01 2016

If the U.S. tax authority found that the monies paid due to the cost-sharing agreement were too few ... so that they should pay more in the cost-sharing agreement, that would transfer more money to the States and that may change the books and the accounts in the

Sep 01 2016

Taxes have been paid nowhere due to the Irish tax

Sep 01 2016

I'm particularly happy about the solution because it structurally ... solves all the concerns we have. It allows Iliad to come in, in a transition period, while they start to invest. So you have a merger, you have a new entrant, and you have investment in networks that everyone

Sep 01 2016

No, I will not. This is a decision based on the facts of the

Sep 01 2016

This is a decision based on the facts of the

Aug 30 2016

Ireland granted illegal tax benefits to Apple, which enabled it to pay substantially less tax than other businesses over many

Aug 30 2016

This is not a penalty, this is unpaid taxes being

Aug 30 2016

Retroactivity would imply that we have changed rules. No rules have changed. This is a question of unpaid taxes and that is a completely different thing. And I think it is important for us to do what we are obliged to do, to make sure that we have fair competition in Europe and that no individual company can have selective

Aug 11 2016

The livelihood of farmers depends on access to seeds and crop protection at competitive prices. We need to make sure that the proposed merger does not lead to higher prices or less innovation for these

Jul 19 2016 - Renault

The prodcuers discussed their envisaged gross list prices increases for medium and heavy trucks. Simply speaking, these gross list prices are the basis for the prices in the truck industry. what the truck producers did was to coordinate with each other on increasing this gross list price of

Jul 14 2016

The rules say if there is risk (to) financial stability, then there are exceptions for burden sharing and

Jul 14 2016

Dominance is not a problem on the EU law, you can be big, but however it is illegal to abuse a powerful market position by restricting competition either in the market where the company is dominant or in any neighbouring

May 24 2016 - Anheuser-Busch

It was therefore very important that AB InBev's takeover of SABMiller did not reduce competition on European beer

May 02 2016

In this case, based on the Commission's in-depth analysis, the transaction raised competition concerns on a very large number of markets related to oilfield services provided to oil and gas exploration and production companies in the EEA. In this regard, a number of customers contacted us to raise issues with the proposed

Apr 20 2016

Based on our investigation thus far, we believe that Google's behaviour denies consumers a wider choice of mobile apps and services and stands in the way of innovation by other

Feb 05 2016

It paves the way for a privatised, viable business to emerge from the sale

Feb 05 2016

The split and sale solution, as I already outlined in agreement with the German authorities in October, created an opportunity to sell an important part of the

Nov 01 2015

I don't really know what is a tax haven is. To me a tax haven is a place where everyone pay their share. In that respect I am not quite sure we are in a tax haven yet, but we are trying, actually we are doing our

Nov 01 2015

National tax authorities cannot give any company, however large, however powerful an unfair competitive advantage compared to others. This scheme puts smaller competitors at an unfair

Oct 21 2015 - Starbucks

So there are not only some companies, but all companies actually contribute. And looking forward and working with the parliament and with the member states I think we can achieve

Oct 03 2015

This is the first analysis and then maybe we will look into opening

Jul 16 2015

Many customers use electronic devices such as a mobile phone or a tablet and we want to ensure that they ultimately get value for

Apr 23 2015

And hopefully the one thing that they have in common is that they are competition cases, built on fact, interpretation of facts, and

Apr 22 2015

Gazprom has used its dominance in (the) supply of gas to obtain unrelated commitments from customers concerning the gas

Apr 22 2015

We find that it (Gazprom) may have built artificial barriers preventing gas from flowing from certain Central Eastern European countries to others, hindering cross-border

Apr 22 2015

Keeping national gas markets separate also allowed Gazprom to charge prices that we at this stage consider to be

Apr 15 2015

I am concerned that the company has given an unfair advantage to its own comparison shopping service, in breach of EU antitrust

Apr 15 2015

I want to make sure the markets in this area can flourish without anticompetitive constraints imposed by any

Apr 15 2015 - European Commission

On the basis of our initial investigation the (European) Commission also today have launched a formal in-depth investigation of Google's conduct as regards to mobile operating system Android, apps and services. My goal is to ensure that consumers and innovative companies can benefit from a competitive environment in

Mar 12 2015

The purpose of double taxation treaties between countries is to avoid double taxation – not to justify double

Feb 03 2015

Certain multinationals end up paying taxes only a part of their taxable profits in Belgium without being justified under taxation

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