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Spain stands with the British people. I condemn the attack in Westminster. Solidarity with the victims.
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Mariano Rajoy is associated, including Spain, Popular Party, and government. Most recently, Mariano Rajoy has been quoted saying: “Spain stands with the British people. I condemn the attack in Westminster. Solidarity with the victims.” in the article 'Solidarity and support': world leaders send wishes after attack in Westminster. An other article where Mariano Rajoy has been quoted is Spain's Rajoy cements grip on his party ahead of tricky term.
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Given the situation we are in, after two elections and the threat of a third election which you seem to want, I ask you to abstain.

It is difficult to think of something that could cause more damage to Spanish democracy than to tell people that their vote has been useless on two occasions and they have to repeat elections for a third time.

I have understood every part of your 'no,' all this no, no, no, and, what part of 'no' have I not understood? I understand it, so relax, ay?

The consequences would be extremely grave. Among other things, there would be sanctions against our country and a loss of important European funding sources. And a significant loss of credibility gained through the years.

Spain needs an effective (operational) government, and urgently. Spanish (voters) have been clear on their preference of the People's Party. Thirdly, there's no other viable alternative (to our proposal).

One hundred and seventy seats is a lot but it's not enough, so as long as we do not have enough seats we cannot speak of Spain returning to a situation of normality.

If Mister Pedro Sanchez doesn't change his stance, if he doesn't change the 'No' for another answer, the investiture is impossible, completely impossible and you all know that.

I am willing to explore the possibility of a minority government, only with the support of the popular party. It is true that this formula is only possible if the rest of the group guarantees a minimum loyalty in order not to block urgent and important questions that we have in front of us right now.

What I say is that the People's Party has had an increase in votes and seats and in the support of Spaniards. The People's Party should lead this government. I think it's democratic, sensible, reasonable and what has always happened.

I am extremely against it, the treaties are extremely against it and I believe everyone is extremely against it. If the United Kingdom leaves...Scotland leaves.

From tomorrow, we will have to talk with everybody, and we will do it. Spain was "walking in the right direction.

We have won the elections – we claim the right to govern. Now it's about being useful to 100 percent of the Spanish people.

I think I represent the feelings of the vast majority of Spaniards when I defend Spain's commitment to the European integration process, the importance of euro zone stability and continuing the reform of our economic and monetary union.

The day after the elections, I made an offer. The best option was an agreement between the PP and the Socialists. It was obvious that in order to form a government we had to pact. But the Socialists did not even want to talk.

My condolences to the families of the victims and I wish rapid recovery to the injured.

I take the floor to announce on behalf of the Popular Party, our vote against the candidacy of Mr. Sanchez. You haven't moved a finger to form the government and you probably think today someone will give it to you as a gift.

You're trying to make us believe that if Spain doesn't have a government... it will be everyone else's fault.

We are not here to debate, It's imperative that no one blocks the possibility of forming a government and with his.

I will not allow anyone to assume unlimited powers outside the laws of democracy. I will uphold the law and democracy throughout Spain, starting by defending the Spanish sovereignty present inside the people of Spain.

The People's Party, I believe, has a responsibility to start a dialogue and explore the viability of a stable government that can offer the necessary certainty inside and outside Spain.

Obviously a parliament can approve, within its powers, laws and resolutions that it considers to be timely and appropriate. This is an appeal against a resolution that aims to break up the unity of Spain.

These unemployment data are very good. But most important is to carry on at this cruising speed. I've said that, in the next parliament, in four years we can create 500,000 posts each year: two million by the end. And these data from today allow us to say it's perfectly possible.

No one is going to break up Spain in any way. Nobody is going to turn citizens of Catalonia into foreigners in their own country, which is what some people are attempting to do. The state and government will not leave you unprotected.

Spain is entering a virtuous circle – more competitivity, more growth, more jobs, more investment, lower taxes, which in their turn, lead to more growth, more competitivity.

The economic recovery in Spain is not cyclical, but structural.

This has always happened throughout history. When there is a social and economic crisis like the one we've been going through, governments suffer. That had an impact on us, without any doubt. Also having an impact were the corruption cases that happened or that were recently unveiled, even if they happened a long time ago.

We are going to work together and. We are up to the task in such difficult and complex circumstances, that have affected so many.

We were sinking and we are now growing and we will continue to do so. It has cost us two years to recover. In the third year we have seen the first signs of growth and the creation of jobs.

Just after taking-off on the runway, I noticed the plane turned right and hit the ground. It then exploded.

If what he wanted was to create tension, divide the society, go above the law, we need to recognise that those objectives were reached. If what he wanted was to show a pro-independence Catalonia he failed.

The Parliament of Catalonia is authorised to start the process of a Constitutional reform. This is what they should have done from the beginning. This is the only legal and responsible path to go forward with its proposals. Both me and my party will be against any Constitutional reform that leads to the end of the national sovereignty.

National sovereignty will be safe as long as I am prime minister and no one will break Spain's unity as long as I am prime minister.

We have witnessed, well I don't know what to call it, the intention to celebrate something akin to, I'm not sure if it even has a name, to a pseudo-consultation which has not been called for, as you all know, which does not fulfil any democratic conditions and everyone knows it does not fulfil them because it does not make any sense, is not supported legally, and is not backed by a body to oversee its neutrality.

We always said the vote was not going to happen because it is totally against the constitution. Today, we fulfil our obligation to lodge an appeal against a decision which seriously jeopardises the rights of all Spaniards.

As prime minister, I have taken the decision that is the most sensible. We will continue working for cohesion, and what we can not have is a law that, when the next government takes office, is going to be repealed.

These processes are a torpedo on the waterline of the European spirit because the EU was created to integrate states, not break them up. And that's the sign of the times, integration, not division. We need strong countries and unions to face the global challenges worldwide.

Botin was a man capable of making Santander our country's most important bank. He has been a great ambassador for Spain. I am so sorry and I embrace his family.

The King is convinced that this is the best moment for change in the leadership of the state to happen in a normal manner and to transfer the Crown to the Prince of Asturias.

I defend the permanence of Catalonia in Spain because I can't think of Spain without Catalonia and I can't think of Catalonia outside Spain and outside Europe.

And not through taking decisions unilaterally, then putting them in front of the rest of us afterwards.

It is unconstitutional and it will not happen. What the Catalan parties decided is in perfect opposition to the constitution and the law.

I can say that 2014 will be a better year, with more economic activity and growth. Next year, when I stand before you again, less people will be jobless in Spain and more will be working.

I want to thank the Spanish people because I know many of them are living through difficult times. We have been forced to make difficult decisions. As well as the 'thank you' I want to tell everyone that things are a little better and you can have total and absolute certainty we will overcome this situation.

The only mistakes I want to tell the Chamber about today can be summed up in a few words – I made an error. I'm sorry but I trusted someone whom we now know didn't deserve that trust.

In Spain… what happens is that sometimes we have a certain tendency to talk about the things that aren't the best and sometimes we should be talking about the things that are important.

The things I've been accused of are false, so I'm repeating today what I already said last Saturday: I still want the same things and I have the same enthusiasm, the same strength, the same courage and the same determination as I had when I became head of the government.

I have never, ever received or handed out black money, either in the party or anywhere else. Never. I'll say it again: it's false.

We are ready and we are willing to organise an important event such as the Olympic games. We would proudly do it and with the absolute conviction that with the support of the people it would be a enormous success for Madrid, for Spain and for all the Olympic movement in general. Thank you very much, I leave you because it is extremely cold. Thanks.

Precisely those who don't give up, the most dynamic, those who we really need to preserve. Every effort to regain that talent will not be enough.

The economic and social reality of our country is terribly tough and based on that we will act. We start now and the road left to achieve our great objective for this legislation – job creation – is still a long one.

All corruption is unbearable, it corrodes our civic spirit, it damages democracy and discredits Spain.

The government is stable, the Popular party has a majority and clear goals; economic and jobs growth.

If at any point I am aware of irregular or inappropriate conduct related to members of our party, I will not waiver, I will not waiver.

This is something more than a simple railway. We are in front of one of the biggest and most ambitious infrastructure projects ever undertaken in our country. This is strategic infrastructure which is going to be a new hub of prosperity for Catalonia, the rest of Spain and the whole Europe.

I want a Catalonia in Spain, in Europe, and I want a Spain in Europe like I want Galicia. That is our place, co-existing with democracy, freedom and progress in Catalonia.

At the moment the Spanish Government hasn't asked for a bailout and that is because we think that it is not essential for the general interest of the Spanish people.

The regional presidents have made a commitment to fiscal consolidation. This is very important as it helps to build confidence in our country. We are committed to fiscal consolidation and, therefore, reducing the budget deficit.

We can't see them but they are there. They are the vast majority of the 47 million people who live in Spain. The Spanish who are hard at work, who are giving their very best to achieve, as soon as possible, the national goal that concerns us all – getting out of this economic crisis.

I want you to know that what we are doing, which is not easy, takes a long time and doesn't provide immediate results; it is what needs to be done. It is exactly the opposite of what was done in the past – which brought us to where we are today.

More than 900 billion euros, that's what we owe abroad. That's forced all the administrations… to reduce their spending and try to increase revenue. I reiterate that this is not a choice, we can't do otherwise, we can't spend if we have no revenue and also we can't spend if they won't lend us money. That's what pushes us to make lots of difficult decisions.

In Spain, we will continue to work to fulfil our commitments with regard to the public deficit, to reduce future public debt, and continue to carry out structural reforms.

The government is going to respect its big electoral commitments, and bring pensioners' purchasing power up to date as of January 2012.

The increase in VAT is the bad government stealing from Spaniards when they are already so sorely punished by the crisis.

This situation is extraordinarily serious and we have to act urgently.

We can't keep funding ourselves at this rate for much longer.

The common currency must be irreversible. And in the next European council we must find the way to gradually move to integration. That is why we need to set a pre-established calendar with concrete phases and qualification criteria to get over those phases. The political message must be strong and the integration calendar must be clear to re-establish confidence in the euro's stability.

Today from the plane I talked with with Mrs. Merkel, Mr. Hollande, Mr. Monti, Mr Van Rompuy, Mr Barroso and Mr. Cameron, and I think that we are going to deliver a message of confidence in the euro. It is clear that Spain will continue trying to reduce public debt because we cannot spend what we do not have, not an administration or anyone else. So, we will continue with reforms.

I think that Europe should have wider fiscal and banking integration. I am also hoping for a resolution of all financial and liquidity problems which are, at this time, strangling a lot of economies. I would like to see a debate and for decisions to be taken quickly.

Throughout Europe and USA, in 2008 and 2009, large injections of public money were made to financial institutions. We did not do it then and that is why today we are in this difficult situation. But, mark my words with total and absolute certainty, that like others who have overcome that situation, Spain will also overcome this situation.

I am waiting for the IMF and independent valuers to give a figure they think is needed to recapitalise Spain's financial system. Then I'll produce my own numbers, and the government will decide what sum is needed.

We are not at the edge of a precipice. That is not the reality. Spain will come through this storm by its own efforts and with the support of our communal partners.

That means a compromise, to create a new European fiscal authority which would guide fiscal policy in the euro zone, harmonise the fiscal policy of member states and enable a centralised control of public finances.

There will not be any (European) rescue for the Spanish banking system.

If it were necessary to get the credit to save the Spanish financial system I would not hold back from doing what other European Union countries have done – loan them public money – but it would only be as a last resort.

The situation is difficult, very complicated and the government is aware of that, so that is why we are taking those decisions to overcome this grave situation.

Spain urgently needs to reduce the public deficit in order to meet its targets with the European Union and in order to boost economic growth and job creation. Therefore we have to reduce the public deficit. So, instead of borrowing 90 billion euros, as we did in 2011, this year we will have to ask for 60 billion and we will also have to reduce the deficit from 8.5 to 5.3 and the only way to do this is by reducing expenditure or increasing income.

We've done what is right and reasonable, even though it has meant a very big effort on our part, and what has happened is because others didn't abide by the same guidelines.

The most important aim of our country for the next year is to create jobs and assure economic growth, that's the basis of prosperity in Spain and also for the perpetuation of public services like education and pensions.

I wanted to give a signal in Spain and abroad that here is a prime minister who is going to step up to the mark and is not going to hide.

I know that things are not easy and will be hard, but I have dreams for Spain, and I have the determination to move this country forward.

I ask you to continue helping me. I ask you to continue to support me. We will face difficult moments, but we have desire, courage, will, strength and support to form a government that will represent every Spaniard.

We can now say we have a substantial majority in both houses, that of deputies, the lower house and the Senate. I want you to know that the task before us will not be easy, but I also want you to know that I am convinced that with everyone's help we will go forward and Spain will be, indeed the country must be, at the head of Europe.

The message we want to get across is there can't be any negotiations with terrorists. Neither will we pay a high political price. The oldest country in Europe, with a population of 44 million, and the eighth power in the world is not going to be defeated by a gang of criminals.

The situation has become unsustainable because there are more than five million people in Spain who cannot work; because of all the accumulated debt; because of the damage to the economy. But more than anything else, the situation has become unsustainable because of the government's incapacity to correct the situation.

What we have to do is to choose between continuing on the same path, getting worse and worse, or change the direction to find the light at the end of the tunnel.

Spain needs another prime minister and another government that is supported by the Spanish people with a clear mandate: to tackle the crisis.

In this electoral campaign, nothing is settled and nothing is decided in advance. We must do something very important: convince millions of Spaniards to give us back their confidence.

This party will govern for everyone, in all the local institutions where it holds responsibility to govern, and if the Spanish want it, also in the national government for everyone.

Today is a beautiful day for our party. We have recorded the best results in the history of our party in a regional election….the best.

This law has been cobbled together, it's insufficient and unjust.

You said yourself in this house that the yardstick to measure the effectiveness of your economic policies is job creation. By that token, your economic polices are quite simply a mess.

The Popular Party will act and demand accountability.

Justice must be impartial, and must be seen to be impartial. Things have happened during the regional election campaign which no-one wants to see.

There is no doubt we are facing a terrible event for the families of those lost. It is terrible also for those hurt. I want to express my condolences to everyone, in the name of the Popular Party, especially to the families of those killed.

I believe that the government's position on terrorism is finally valid. My party will support it.

Why can't we talk to everyone? It's one thing to talk to everybody, but another to arrive at an agreement by selling out our principles, and we're not going to do that. We've always been a party who've talked to everyone. We've even allied ourselves with other political forces.

We will introduce a further tax reduction, worth up to 1000 euros a year, which will apply to more than 3-million women.

The Prime Minister should make a firm statement against restarting negotiations with a terrorist organisation.

Batasuna has always been the political wing of ETA, in fact, a number of court cases have ruled that the two groups are one and the same, so its obvious that Batasuna cannot stand at the elections.

Now, ETA know there's a weak government which gives in, and they know that all they have to is put pressure on. It's the least intelligent decision I've ever seen.

Negotiations are not possible in a context of threats and blackmail. If you do not fulfil your part of the deal, then bomb attacks are the result. And if no bombs are planted, then that means you have given in.

It must be made clear that there would be no negotiations with people who are obviously not ready to talk.

I heard of no new development that makes me more optimistic. Nobody confirmed to me there was a meeting with ETA. I do not think that ETA renounced anything either. And while the street violence continues, there should be no contact made with the terrorist group.

ETA tells the government what to do, says it must live up to its commitments. I hope the government has not made any deal the ETA terrorists.

Faced with a text that meets none of the required conditions- it's neither a reform nor a statute and it's unconstitutional- we must send it back so its authors can correct it, in accordance with the constitution.

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