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We want him to be forever. He's our kind of guy -- shoots, plays hard defensively, great in the locker room. We call him Swaggy Swag. High swag level, low volume level. Those kind of guys are good. Swaggy Swag's a keeper.
Mar 05 2017
This page is completely dedicated to what Mark Cuban has to say. All of Mark Cuban’s quotes are organized here by date and topic. The most recent quote attributed to Mark Cuban came from an article called Suddenly, Mavs seem to have 'real potential' for future: “I like our squad right now. We basically went from 4-17 to, all right, this squad has got some real potential. We did it on the back of undrafted free agents and one trade. There's a lot to be said for that.”.
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You don't condemn an entire country based on the mistakes of a few. We're a country of hopes and dreams and the American Way. The wider we take that, the safer I believe we'll be. It's not that I don't understand. We're all terrified of terrorism. We're all terrified the next event could be near us or someone close to us. But it's the old sports analogy: Character isn't revealed when things are going well. Character is revealed when you're under stress and being challenged. We'll see what the character of this country is.

The Donald Trump I know, when he gets confidence, he's confident. And when he is confident he works based off his instincts and so I think that's what's happening.

It's horrible! Look, let's just be real clear. The ban was half-assed and half-baked. If the goal was security, why do you leave off any other countries that hosted terrorism? That's like locking your front door and leaving all your windows open. It was half-baked, it wasn't thought out, it was rushed and it was ridiculous. And when something like that happens it calls into question the management skills of the guy in charge.

He did the exact opposite. And so now, every time there is an executive order, you have to ask yourself where did it come from. Who did the work? How was it vetted? Do we have to question it further? In my mind, a good leader would say, Okay, I need to sit down and talk to the guys who oppose me. Let me let them voice their opinions, let me get their thought process.'.

Now I have to say to myself, OK, what is the ethnicity of this person? What about their parents? What about their relatives? That is bad for business across the board.

In the campaign, it was different because there was so much hate for Obama and Hillary Clinton. I [also] like a lot of the economic steps he's taking. I've had conversations with different people around [Trump]. I've tried to influence him with my thought process. And tried to learn about theirs. I don't think he's done anything as a leader yet at all. Right now, he's a deal-maker. It's not about picking on Donald Trump. It's about doing what I think is right.

I think the communication is the biggest issue right now. When you plan out how you are going to invest, when you plan out whether that's investing in companies, start-ups, or your own company, do you add that level of uncertainty of what might happen if he [Trump] tweets, of what might happen if he comes out with a new executive order, because everything seems rushed. That type of uncertainty is not good for anybody.

I think we're going to go through the biggest technological revolution we've ever seen over the next 10 years. You want the CEO that is going to do what's right for his company and his shareholders. That type of uncertainty is not good for anybody.

Technological change always accelerates. It never stagnates over time. Which means we are going to face the fact that, if nothing in the States changes, we will find ourselves dependent on other countries for almost everything that can and will be manufactured in a quickly approaching future.

If it was me spending the money, I would take $100 billion of the proposed $1 trillion in infrastructure investment and invest it in Robotics. I would invest it in the companies that do R&D, software, and design for robots and every other facet of the Robotics Industry. We have to win the robotics race. We are not even close right now.

We have to face the fact that countries are going to lose jobs to robotics. The only question that needs to be answered is which country will create and own the best robotic technology and have the infrastructure necessary to enable it.

Makes perfect sense. It's an image driven app that can overwhelm lower end devices. But that's fixable.

Ask yourself, What do I have that makes it a no-brainer for people to buy from me?' If your answer is, I'm passionate,' you're in trouble.

I'm not Mr. Mentor. A lot of people looking for mentors think, Here's the magic dust.' Just get out there and sell something.

I was the best. I crushed it. Knowing what my sales skills are and the products that I am able to sell, I think I could find a job selling a product that had enough commissions or rewards for me.

I would get a job as a bartender at night and a sales job during the day, and I would start working. To be a billionaire, you have got to get lucky.

His father installed upholstery in cars and his mom worked a rotation of odd jobs.

I had quit or been fired from three straight jobs, so I figured it was time to start my own company.

I love entrepreneurship because that's what makes this country grow and if I can help companies grow, I am creating jobs, I am setting foundations for future generations. It sends the message that the American Dream is alive and well.

People thought I might go work at a mill. My mom wanted me to learn how to lay carpet because she was concerned about my future.

I have always been selling. I always had something going on. That was just my nature.

It was just a dream come true. Since then, we have never had a losing record.

Unfortunately, none of the companies that actually make the robotics are based here in the USA, Dear Mr President, My Suggestion for Infrastructure Spending . That's a problem that needs to be solved. We need to help develop domestic companies much like we did the electric car and wind and solar industries. Even if it means trying to help pick winners.

He's who we put our hopes and dream with. Now it is easier because we haven't played a game yet. No reason to rush to judgment or come to any conclusions now. Let's see what happens starting January 21st and we'll go from there. I hope he's a superstar.

So, the question isn't what the president-elect tweets or anybody tweets that's high profile. It's how the media handles that. We've kind of fallen into the literals and the serious nerves. And the literals will, you know, read about the tweets and the Times and elsewhere. And the serious-ers will read it in Breitbart and other places.

If I have 6 million followers, probably 40 percent of those are bots, probably another 20 percent are overseas, and another 80 percent aren't going to see any given tweet anyways.

The reality that – whether it is me tweeting or anybody is tweeting, it is a way to reach other celebs, other verified users, and reach the media.

Alone, it will be very difficult, if not impossible for either AT&T or Time Warner to compete.

No meetings or phone calls unless I'm picking up a check. Everything is email.

Do a better job and have a compelling differentiation that you always build on.

You need to turn over every rock and open every door to learn your industry. This process never ends.

Leaders don't change their positions mid-debate. They welcome scorn from the masses because it creates the opportunity for dialogue. Leaders don't look backwards to condemn what has already been done, they look forward to create a better future.

Leaders are not dogmatic. They are principled and know that change is never easy, but when it's necessary, they must lead.

While it may seem counterintuitive to ban someone from covering us as a way of stopping automation, it really was my only option. As is evident by the AP partnership with Automated Insights, it's not if but when.

Maybe I will be wrong but I see a direct path from the trends in coverage of games we are seeing over the last couple years to the automation of reporting on games and the curation of related content. This isn't a knock on wire services or their reporters. They are valued and valuable in sports coverage.

I don't see him as a reflection of a CEO or a reflection of an entrepreneur.

That's not unusual for a start-up. It doesn't help the people in those states, obviously, it's very painful for them ... but (Trump has) made no effort to learn those things.

He's demonstrated again and again he doesn't even understand what Obamacare really is or how it works.

I don't agree with her in all of her positions, but I think that she understands how government works enough that I can lobby against her.

The thought that once he was elected or if he's elected that all the sudden now with all this potential power he's just going to keep quiet and stay scripted. There's no chance that happens. ... The levels to which he would be corrupted by that power are just beyond conception right now.

I've heard a lot of stupid stuff, too, but nothing like that.

Leadership is not yelling and screaming and intimidating. You know what we call a person like that in Pittsburgh? A jagoff!

S marketing is 'straight out of 1995. Hillary Clinton marketing of herself is awful. It's straight out of 1995. It's not newsfeed or social media literate at all.

Donald is the Ted Cruz of business His biz partners are no where to be found Which partner has supported him?

I'm proud to be able to help the City of Dallas. It was the right thing to do and I will do more of it in a future.

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